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Därför fungerar cannabis annorlunda på unga
Under tonåren är nivåerna av det ämne som tar upp cannabis i kroppen som högst. Tonåringen Angel har rökt på minst en gång i veckan under ett år och medverkar i ett forskningsprojekt som undersöker hur hans hjärna har påverkats: – Du får aldrig se hur substanserna du tar påverkar hjärnan, säger han.


End mass jabs and live with Covid, says ex-head of vaccine taskforce
Dr Clive Dix says we should treat the virus like flu Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Covid should be treated as an endemic virus similar to flu, and ministers should end mass-vaccination after the booster campaign , the former chairman of the UK’s vaccine taskforce has said. With health chiefs and senior Tories also lobbying for a post-pandemic plan for a straining N
Nasa engineers complete the unfolding of the James Webb space telescope
‘Time machine’ will allow astronomers to study the beginning of the universe shortly after the Big Bang Nasa engineers yesterday completed the final unfolding of the huge primary mirror of the agency’s James Webb space telescope . The manoeuvre was the final step of the $10bn observatory’s two-week deployment phase that began with its launch on Christmas Day. The telescope, which has already trav
Even NASA Seems Surprised by Its New Space Telescope
To the world, the new telescope that NASA recently launched to space is one of the most ambitious scientific endeavors in history. It is the next Hubble, designed to observe nearly everything from here to the most distant edges of the cosmos, to the very first galaxies . To Jane Rigby’s son, it’s “mama’s telescope.” Rigby, an astrophysicist, used to bring her young son to the NASA center in Maryl
Data Scientists Say They’ve Developed Algorithms to Predict the Next Coup Attempt
Data scientists who have already been tracking political violence around the world are retooling their efforts to predict American insurrection — but the same tech could also be used for nefarious ends. As The Washington Post reports , a cottage industry has sprung up around predicting political violence on American soil ever since supporters of then-outgoing President Donald Trump stormed the US
Farmer Puts VR Headsets on Cows to Simulate Green Pastures
A farmer in Turkey says he’s purchased VR headsets for his cows so they’ll produce more milk and be less anxious. On its face, a giant barn full of cows with headsets strapped to their furry faces to increase profitability seems pretty dystopian — but as Turkish news outlet Anadolu Ajansi reported this week, it does seem to be working. “We get an average of 22 liters of milk per day from the cows
The James Webb Space Telescope Has Officially Started Unfolding Its Huge Golden Mirror
Loading… The James Webb Space Telescope is the largest, most powerful, and most complex space science telescope ever built — so its deployment and eventual operation has taken weeks. Following its Christmas Day launch , NASA announced yesterday that the Webb’s primary mirror wings , or side panels, deployed and latched successfully. “Webb’s iconic primary mirror is taking its final shape,” NASA o
3D Artists Create Better Models of Black Hairstyles for Video Games
Representation Matters The Open Source Afro Hair Library was designed to improve the way digital artists and video game developers better portray Black hairstyles. In a new interview with VICE published this week, UC Santa Cruz assistant professor A.M. Darke explains the intentions behind the feminist digital asset project. “All of us can be caretakers, all of us can be stewards, all of us can lo
Animation shows unfolding of James Webb telescope mirrors in real time – video
The final set of mirrors on the revolutionary James Webb Space Telescope were unfolded on 8 January. Animation based on real-time telemetry from the telescope showed a column of hexagonal mirrors unfolding and then latching into the main section of the telescope's mirrored surface. The telescope, built to give the world its first glimpse of the universe as it existed when the earliest galaxies fo
Anxiety and PTSD linked to increased myelin in brain's gray matter
Scientists have shown in both anxious rats and military veterans with PTSD that acute stress is associated with increased myelination of axons in areas of the brain associated with memory and emotions. These areas in the brain's gray matter are normally only lightly myelinated. Since myelin speeds communication in the brain, the increased myelination may be making some neural circuits hyperrespons

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