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Researchers have found a way for green fuel energy by using proton conducting. The findings can be used in biological devices. [A proton conductor is an electrolyte in which H+ are the primary charge carriers]. Researchers explored how proton conduction was affected in styrene-based polymers at diffirent concentrations of carboxylic acid, a proton-donating organic acid found commonly in biomaterials. The research team synthesized polymers with different concentrations of carboxylic acid and prepared them as thin films and investigated the interfacial transport properties. In the polymers free COOH groups were more abundant at higher concentrations, and cyclic dimer COOH groups were more abundant at low concentrations. High COOH concentrations were more conducive to internal proton transport while lower concentrations favored interfacial transport. At high concentrations the free COOH groups generated more hydrogen bonding networks, facilitating conduction. A higher number of free COOH groups on the interface led to higher interfacial . The  research may contribute to developing bio-conductive materials for biological devices involved with  and eco-friendly fuel cells.
Starwatch: track down the large but overlooked Boötes, the herdsman
Stars in this constellation were mentioned by the ancient Babylonians and later by Ptolemy This week it’s time to track down a large but easily overlooked constellation. Boötes, the herdsman, is an ancient constellation that was catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the second century. References to the stars in this constellation date back even further, however, to the ancient Babylonian


Gender stereotypes still hold true for youth and types of political participation
Gender roles absorbed early on have shaped today's youth regarding their involvement in politics, in line with traditional stereotypes, concludes a new study, conducted amongst adolescents and young adults aged between 15 and 30 in Italy. The researchers report that young males are more likely to engage directly with politics and take part in protests, while their female counterparts would rather
Beer byproduct mixed with manure proves an excellent pesticide
A new study published by the open access publisher Frontiers has demonstrated that beer bagasse and rapeseed cake can be used as effective biodisinfestation treatments to reduce populations of soil parasites and increase crop yields. Researchers demonstrated that using these organic treatments in soils significantly reduced root-knot nematodes and boosted beneficial soil populations, as well as re
What is stopping the internet from becoming a free service paid by tax?
In the modern world, internet is just as important as a library. I never had access to the internet when I was in school (back in 2007-2012) and I found my work noticeably harder as a result. If I wanted to use the internet, I had to either go to the library or stay back at school. Libraries are already funded by taxes, why not the internet? submitted by /u/ToesyToeNails [link] [comments]
What do you think the early period of Mars colonization will look like?
It could go so many different ways. I recently found this awesome time lapse video of the first 10,000 days on Mars starting with SpaceX launching 5 cargo Starships to Mars in 2024. So basically, it should look like this: cargo and robotic crew arrive, with robots collecting resources and landscaping the terrain for future landings The first batch of astronauts arrive – architects, scientists, en
The Real Twist of Mare of Easttown
This article contains spoilers through the entirety of Mare of Easttown. Mare of Easttown is a strange name for a prestige television show: clunky, nondescriptive, homonymic. (“So she’s the mayor?” people might ask if you recommend the series, and in a way, she is.) “Mare” is short for “Marianne,” the latter of which befits Kate Winslet’s scruffy, vape-slurping Delaware County detective about as
Is the universe infinite?
The question of whether the universe is finite or infinite has not yet been resolved. The size of the universe is linked to understanding its shape and the limits of our observations. New studies and going deeper into space will help us answer if the universe is infinite. Does the universe keep extending endlessly into the abyss of space, or does it have a defined end? Of all the scientific quest
Has anyone used Psytoolkit?
Hello, I am a graduate student and I am using Psytoolkit to create an experiment. Basically, I would like to show my participants one of the three visual stimuli groups (neutral, positive, and negative) randomly. And also, the stimuli should be randomized within the groups as well. I have a code like this. When I compile it, it does not give me an error, but, it is not showing stimuli, just black
Egypt bets on ancient finds to pull tourism out of pandemic
Workers dig and ferry wheelbarrows laden with sand to open a new shaft at a bustling archaeological site outside of Cairo, while a handful of Egyptian archaeologists supervise from garden chairs. The dig is at the foot of the Step Pyramid of Djoser, arguably the world's oldest pyramid, and is one of many recent excavations that are yielding troves of ancient artifacts from the country's largest ar
John Latham obituary
Climate physicist and expert on thunderstorm electrification who was also a published poet How thunderstorms are generated in clouds is still not fully understood. But John Latham, who has died aged 83, did much to explain the physical processes of cloud electrification, cloud lightning and precipitation – how water falls from clouds in various forms. Later he proposed a way in which clouds could
I’m Not Scared to Reenter Society. I’m Just Not Sure I Want To.
This post-pandemic summer is evidently expected to be one long orgiastic reunion, after which, once that’s out of our system, it’s back to work, back to school, to what we used to call “normal.” And if the pandemic had ended, say, last June, after a couple months of lockdown, we probably would’ve returned to our lives with relief and jubilation. But after a year in isolation, I, at least, have go
Sperm may play bigger role in pregnancy than we thought
The following article was originally published on our sister site, Freethink. New research suggests that sperm play a bigger role in pregnancy than previously believed, not only fertilizing the egg, but also "persuading" the female body to accept it. Revisiting sex ed: Human reproduction typically starts with sperm traveling via seminal fluid to an egg and fertilizing it. That creates a zygote, w
John Hodge obituary
British aeronautical engineer who played a key role in Nasa and America’s space race At 11am on 20 February 1959, the Canadian prime minister John Diefenbaker announced the axing of the revolutionary Avro Arrow aircraft project. The fighter was enormously expensive, but had sustained 25,000 hi-tech Canadian jobs. By 3pm on that day Avro was telling employees (via its PA system) that they were bein
The bizarro “future” which isn’t the future (from a ‘90s perspective)
“location when relevant”. United States. So… it’s 2021. Is this what you expected 2021 to be like 10+ years ago, or 20+ years ago, or 30+ years ago?? Probably not. 2021 was predicted to be very tech-savvy with all these futuristic looking devices, and such devices actually do exist now! But… is the public embracing them, or rather rejecting, ignoring, and suppressing them in favor of opting o
Japan Wants to Build Intercontinental Passenger Spaceships by the Early 2040s
A booming space industry is making it easier than ever to get into orbit, but Japan is b ett ing that it could revolutioni z e terrestrial travel, too. The country’s science ministry has unveiled a plan to develop intercontinental passenger spaceships by the early 2040s. The idea of using spaceships to travel from one point on the Earth’s surface to another has been around since at least the 1960
How to live an intellectual life
When you picture an intellectual, who do you see? Professor Zena Hitz says that somewhere along the way, the idea of what an intellectual is and does became distorted. "The real thing is something more extraordinary but also more available to us," Hitz adds, differentiating between an intellectual life constantly in pursuit of something else, and one that enjoys ordinary activities like reading a
Some long Covid sufferers in England waiting months for treatment
MPs call on Matt Hancock to explain ‘postcode lottery’ despite assertion that clinic network is operational Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage People who remain chronically ill after Covid infections in England have had to wait months for appointments and treatment at specialist clinics set up to handle the surge in patients with long Covid. MPs called on Matt Hancock,
Nature Isn’t Really Healing
As the coronavirus pandemic took hold last spring and people around the world went into lockdown, a certain type of news story started to spring up—the idea that, in the absence of people, nature was returning to a healthier, more pristine state. There were viral (and fake) reports of dolphins in the canals of Venice, Italy, and pumas in the streets in Santiago, Chile. But new research shows that
Give Your Computer Some Love With Our Memorial Day App Sale
Your laptop, phone, or tablet are more than just work equipment or a device you watch Netflix on. With the right app, you can transform these pieces of tech into informational multitools, and we have several Memorial Day deals on apps that will expand what they’re capable of. These deals end June 2nd, so grab them while you can! SurfShark VPN: 2-Yr Subscription SurfShark is designed to do away wi
Bees give me a sense of calm: discovering nature in my back garden
Their busy buzzing supplies the soundtrack to our summer – and by spotting them I’ve found a fresh sense of inner peace Lockdown started, or reignited, a love of nature in many people. The RSPB reported a 70% increase in visitors to its website during the first lockdown. This came as no surprise to me; stuck at home, without the usual distraction of social engagement, my interest in nature grew.
Thoughts on which metaverse will come out on top?
Been half-obsessed with the concept of the Metaverse ever since I read Snow Crash five years ago. Turns out that there’s already a lot of work being done by companies building up their digital ecosystems and vying for users, but it’s hard to tell who will come out as the clear leader. My initial thoughts are with Facebook and Oculus because of the hardware advantage, but maybe it’s Roblox, Minecr
90 Seconds Together
D uring Operation Desert Storm , after Iraq’s Republican Guard had been forced out of Kuwait, my brigade set up a checkpoint on the only highway from Kuwait to Baghdad. We established a medical treatment facility and raised the American flag. It was a signal to the oppressed population of southern Iraq. Dozens of Iraqis came to the facility each day, assured by the flag that they would be safe. I
Covid investigators must interview Wuhan stall owners, says virologist
Efforts to find origin of coronavirus ‘must look at what animals were in the market in late 2019’ Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A leading scientist has called for stallholders at the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan to be interviewed in any further investigation of the Covid-19 pandemic. Prof Eddie Holmes has joined a growing chorus of voices calling for increased ef
Så gror ett frö
I varje nummer av Forskning & Framsteg förklarar vi hur något fenomen i vår vardag fungerar. Vad vill du veta nästa gång? Skriv till oss och berätta: Prenumerera på Forskning & Framsteg! Tidskriften med faktakollade och ögonöppnande reportage och vetenskapsnyheter utkommer med 10 nummer per år. Prenumerera
China forces pace of vaccinations with persuasion … and some cash
Two months ago, few had been inoculated. Now hundreds of millions have, after health warnings – and gifts Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Early in March, when the Covid vaccination rate in the UK had reached 30% of the population, China’s top respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan revealed in a webinar that the figure in China was barely 3.56%. The low vaccination rate was
Why is the new Covid variant spreading? | David Spiegelhalter and Anthony Masters
The virus is now in a race with the vaccines and the victor is increasingly uncertain The UK’s fine performance in sequencing Sars-CoV-2 genomes allows Public Health England to publish detailed analyses on the progress of variants and the latest report represents the changing of the guard. The B.1.1.7 lineage, first identified in Kent, had been dominant in the UK, but the B.1.617.2 lineage, first
I just read in a single sitting The Life Cycle of Software objects and is a hidden gem on the subject of AI.
Seriously been a while since I found some science fiction that got me to read it in a single sitting, not only an easy and smooth ride, but is super complex at the back, fully recommend and I wanted to share how prescient it seems, (small spoiler: althought not an integral part of the plot it even mentions a global recession due to a global flu pandemic, seriously awesome). It echoes my worries a
How can i be more in the present?
hello everyone, i was wondering how can i be more focused in the present moment rather than being in my head? i feel like i spend more time in my head rather than focusing on whats happening. fyi i have adhd and im 28 years old. i prefer to go a route without medication. submitted by /u/slidelock808 [link] [comments]
Things to do This Summer
In-person events are returning. You can attend a rodeo, watch the Perseid meteor shower or immerse yourself in the art of Vincent van Gogh. Here are suggestions for three months of fun.
Chinese cargo craft docks with future space station in orbit
Mission comes after China was rebuked for uncontrolled crash of rocket that launched the station itself A Chinese cargo spacecraft carrying equipment and supplies has successfully docked with the core module of the country’s future space station , according to state media. A Long March 7 rocket carrying the Tianzhou-2 cargo craft – loaded with essentials such as food, equipment and fuel – blasted
Ways to Improve the Planet After Covid
As the pandemic and lockdowns dragged on and on over the past year, most of us longed only for the day when the world would return to what it was before Covid-19 entered our vocabulary. For others, though, the months of seclusion led them to search for ways they might be able to make the world just a little better place than it was before. Here are a few ideas on improving your little part of the
Outdoor Science Activities
Don’t worry: No final exams, or hefty student loans are involved. All you need are a few simple items, and an abiding interest in the wonders of nature.
Waterloo's University new evolutionary approach retains >99% accuracy with 48X less synapses. 98% with 125 times less. Rush for Ultra-Efficient Artificial Intelligence
99% accuracy with 48X less synapses. 98% with 125 times less. Rush for Ultra-Efficient Artificial Intelligence" title="" src=""> submitted by /u/abbumm [link] [comments]
Walden review – Gemma Arterton’s sister act reaches for the stars
Harold Pinter theatre, London Arterton plays a former Nasa employee whose astronaut twin descends on her wilderness retreat in Amy Berryman’s intelligent, soulful drama Twin sisters with a fractious history are planning a reunion at the start of Amy Berryman’s play. “We have to act happy,” says Stella to her fiance before her twin has arrived, and the anxious statement prepares us for the unfoldi
New NASA Picture Shows Milky Way’s Violent, Energetic “Downtown”
Go Downtown While most of us dabbled in sourdough starters during the pandemic year, one astronomer spent his time at home capturing a stunning photo of the Milky Way’s “downtown.” Daniel Wang, an astronomer at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, spent the past year compositing a photo of the center of the Milky Way, according to the Associated Press . His hard work paid off with a dazzling
Keir Starmer: Boris Johnson’s chaos could hit June plan to lift lockdown
Labour leader slams Tory ‘civil war’ and says prime minister is ‘unfit for office after errors’ Opinion: Thousands of second-wave Covid deaths were avoidable and unforgivable | Keir Starmer Labour leader Keir Starmer today warns that plans to lift almost all Covid-19 restrictions on 21 June are at risk because of serial incompetence and “civil war” inside Boris Johnson’s government. In his strong
The Department of Homeland Security Is Investigating Microwave Weapon Attacks
Unexplained Health Incidents The US Department of Homeland Security is taking a closer look at the alleged incidents of microwave weapon attacks that have plagued US diplomats abroad. The department released a memo encouraging personnel to report any “unexplained health incidents” to government officials, according to The Intercept . “[The DHS] is partnering with our interagency colleagues to ens
China’s “Artificial Sun” Fusion Reactor Just Set a World Record
Is it hot in here, or is it just the fusion reactor? China broke a record with its Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) fusion reactor on Friday when it sustained a plasma temperature of 120 million degrees Celsius for 101 seconds, according to the state-run outlet Global Times . The reactor was also able to sustain a temperature of 160 million degrees Celsius for 20 seconds. For
What Ancient Rome Tells Us About Today’s Senate
The U.S. Senate’s abdication of duty at the start of this Memorial Day weekend, when 11 senators (nine of them Republican) did not even show up to vote on authorizing an investigation of the January 6 insurrection, makes the item below particularly timely. Fifty-four senators (including six Republicans) voted to approve the investigative commission. Only 35 opposed it. But in the institutionalize
Every Single Stingray at This Zoo Just Died
A Dozen Mysterious Deaths A zoo in Tampa Bay, Florida discovered that 12 of its stingrays had died under mysterious circumstances on Thursday morning. The staff at ZooTampa announced that they were investigating the deaths of the aquatic creatures after they were discovered dead in their Stingray Bay exhibit, according to Creative Loafing Tampa Bay . “It’s with heavy hearts we share that today Zo

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