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Flower size correlates with pollinator size, evolved independently among mountains
The morphological compatibility between flowers and insects was given in the famous textbook example of Darwin's orchids and hawkmoths. As in this example, many studies have shown that geographical variations in flower size match the size of insects in each region. In other words, studies have shown "flower-sized regional adaptation" in which large flowers evolve in areas pollinated by large insec
Watch a Jet Suit Pilot Fly onto a Ship to Trial the Tech for Fighting Pirates
Last year, a guy in a jet suit glided up a mountain to trial whether jet suits could be a useful tool for emergency responders in wilderness areas. It went pretty well; the jet suit-clad pilot reached the mountainside location in 90 seconds, as compared to the 25 minutes it would have taken an emergency responder on foot. Now the same suit is being trialed by the British Royal Marines as a possib
The burdens of informal leadership
Ambitious employees in informal leadership roles can get burned out when they don't receive support from their bosses, according to new research from the University at Buffalo School of Management.
Chemical analysis of rare earth elements used to learn about prehistoric human activity
The research group led by Gianni Gallello, from the Department of Prehistory, Archaeology and Ancient History of the University of Valencia, has used the analysis of rare earth elements for the first time to find human activity in a prehistoric cave. Through the analysis of the archaeological strata, with chemical methods, it has been possible to interpret the occupation and uses of the Cocina Cav
Intersection of 2D materials results in entirely New materials
Physics researchers discover that assembling 2D materials into a 3D arrangement does not just result in 'thicker' 2D materials but instead produces entirely new materials. The nanomesh technologically is simple to produce and offers tunable material properties to meet the demands of future applications. The team's next goal is to use the nanomesh on Silicon (Si) waveguides to develop quantum optic
Blocking lipoxygenase leads to impaired cardiac repair in acute heart failure
Blocking the fat-busting enzyme lipoxygenase with a synthetic inhibitor throws the immune system's innate inflammatory response out of whack, compromising cardiac repair during acute heart failure. The preclinical study by University of South Florida Health researchers helps explain one more piece of the puzzle about the important role of immune-mediated acute inflammation and its clearance – both
Brain cancer breakthrough provides hope for new treatments
A novel approach to immunotherapy design could pave the way for new treatments for people with an aggressive form of brain cancer called glioblastoma. Using specifically designed receptors, researchers were able to completely clear brain cancer tumours in preclinical models, using chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy. Published today in Clinical & Translational Immunology and led by Asso
Sequestering Carbon
The climate and environment are always changing, but this statement is not that meaningful unless you put it into the perspective of timescale. Over very short timescales, a few years, climate is extremely stable. Over very long timescales, millions of years, climate can change dramatically, turning lush rainforests into deserts. Over hundreds of years the climate has been relatively stable, exce
Inner ear holds clues to how dinosaurs flew
The inner ear of an ancient reptile offers a promising entry point to two particular phenomena: how dinosaurs interacted with each other and how they began to fly. According to a new study, the shape of the inner ear offers reliable signs as to whether an animal soared gracefully through the air, flew only fitfully, walked on the ground, or sometimes went swimming. In some cases, the inner ear ev
USTC realizes coherent storage of light over one-hour
A research team led by Prof. LI Chuanfeng and Prof. ZHOU Zongquan from University of Science and Technology of China extended the storage time of the optical memories to over one hour. It broke the record of one minute achieved by German researchers in 2013, and made a great stride towards the application of quantum memories.
This system helps robots better navigate emergency rooms
Computer scientists at the University of California San Diego have developed a more accurate navigation system that will allow robots to better negotiate busy clinical environments in general and emergency departments more specifically. The researchers have also developed a dataset of open source videos to help train robotic navigation systems in the future. The team detail their findings in a pap
Clue to killer whale cluster
A Flinders University researcher has finally fathomed why large numbers of killer whales gather at a single main location off the Western Australian southern coastline every summer. In a new paper published in Deep Sea Research, physical oceanographer Associate Professor Jochen Kampf describes the conditions which have produced this ecological natural wonder of orcas migrating to the continental s
Study: Dunbar’s number is wrong. You can have more than 150 friends
A team of researchers recalculated Dunbar's number using his original methods and better data. Their estimates were as high as 520 and were stretched over a wide enough range as to be nearly useless. The authors suggest that the method used to calculate the number of friends a person can have is also theoretically unsound. Since 1992, people have been talking about "Dunbar's number," the supposed
Magnetic microbead mixing to speed up molecular testing
Currently, we are striving to curb the spread of COVID-19. While large-scale restrictions can hinder the virus, accurate and rapid diagnostic testing can help health services to better monitor and contain the virus. For this, suitable test devices are needed, such as those based on lab-on-chip technologies where test samples are mixed with detection molecules that bind to the virus and then emit a
Rapid lifestyle changes in Japan during early COVID-19 pandemic had no impact on climate change
Despite the rapid and significant changes in consumption patterns witnessed during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Japanese households maintained their normal levels of greenhouse gas emissions. The "anthropause"—reduction of human activity due to the pandemic—made headlines last summer, but factory shutdowns and broken global supply chains did not translate into the adoption of eco-f
Volcanic eruptions, hurricanes affect rainfall on Hawai'i Island
To better understand how and where groundwater is recharged on Hawaiʻi Island, a team of earth and atmospheric scientists from the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa looked to the source—rainfall. In a published study, the team reported a time-series of rainfall data which highlights that extreme events, such as volcanic eruptions and hurricanes, can affect the chemistry of precipitation.
Research prompts increase to recommended mouse bait rates
ZnP-coated wheat bait is the only registered in-crop rodenticide for the management of mice damage in broad-scale agriculture in Australia. The new Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Authority (APVMA) emergency use permit increases the concentration of zinc phosphide active per wheat grain from 25 mg/kilogram to 50 mg/kg.
Scientists find a way to make pultrusion faster
A research team from the Skoltech Center for Design, Manufacturing and Materials (CDMM) has studied the effects of processing additives—aluminum hydroxide and zinc stearate—on the polymerization kinetics of thermosets used in pultrusion. The research was published in the Journal of Composite Materials.
Worldwide network develops SARS-CoV-2 protocols for research laboratories
When the SARS-CoV-2 virus mutates, this initially only means that there is a change in its genetic blueprint. The mutation may lead, for example, to an amino acid being exchanged at a particular site in a viral protein. In order to quickly assess the effect of this change, a three-dimensional image of the viral protein is extremely helpful. This is because it shows whether the switch in amino acid
För okunnig att inse sin egen begränsning Socialpsykologerna David Dunning och Justin Kruger publicerade 1999 en uppmärksammad studie kallad “Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One’s Own … Continued Inlägget dök först upp på Vetenskap och Folkbildning .
Olika hundraser påverkas olika mycket av stressade ägare
Det finns ett samband mellan ägarens personlighet och stressnivån hos hunden. Olika hundraser påverkas dock olika mycket. Raser av urhundstyp påverkas minst medan vallande hundar påverkas mest. Någonstans i mitten hamnar jakthundarna. Forskare vid Linköpings universitet har undersökt om hundars stressnivåer påverkas av människorna som hundarna bor ihop med. Stressnivåerna över flera månader kan a
Flytt av elever ingen framgång för skolresultat och integration
Kan det leda till ökad integration och bättre studieresultat att sprida ut elever från en stadsdel på flera olika skolor? Den idén låg bakom beslutet att stänga en högstadieskola i Örebro 2017. Nu har forskare studerat effekterna. Forskare vid Örebro universitet är klara med sin rapport om hur det gått för högstadieelever från stadsdelen Vivalla i Örebro som flyttats till andra skolor i kommunen.
This Minimalist Floor Lamp Gives You Control Of The Light In Any Space
The light-emitting diode (LED) has been quietly leading a revolution in how we spend our days and nights by offering cheap, easily controllable light. They’re so cost-efficient and powerful, they’ve even been forcing other lightbulbs out of the market . And there’s no better demonstration of why than with this minimalist corner floor lamp . Older lamps generally use either electrical resistance o
Mobbning och fetma påverkar flickors och pojkars psykiska hälsa
Pojkar med fetma löper större risk att drabbas av depressiva symtom, men inte flickor. Däremot är mobbning en stor riskfaktor för depressiva symtom hos både pojkar och flickor. – Syftet med vår studie var att undersöka kopplingen mellan kroppsmasseindex, det vill säga BMI, och depressiva symtom och titta närmare på om utsatthet för mobbning påverkar det här sambandet över tid. Vi ville också unde
“The War on Nostalgia”
For so many Americans, “history isn’t the story of what happened; it is just the story they want to believe. It is not a public story we all share, but an intimate one, passed down like an heirloom, that shapes their sense of who they are. Confederate history is family history, history as a eulogy, in which loyalty takes precedence over truth.” In “ The War on Nostalgia ,” published online today
When the Line Between Life and Death Is ‘a Little Bit Fuzzy’
Over the past few years, highly publicized lawsuits have raised a potent question: When, precisely, can someone be considered brain dead? Even among physicians there is disagreement about what constitutes brain death, and hospitals across the country have different protocols in place for making a diagnosis.
Discontinuous epidemic transition due to limited testing
Nature Communications, Published online: 10 May 2021; doi:10.1038/s41467-021-22725-9 Common mitigation measures gradually inhibit the spread of infectious diseases, yielding smooth transitions to large-scale epidemics. As Scarselli et al. show, limited testing may radically change the transition to include jumps, potentially resulting in unforseen, accelerated growth of case numbers.
Magnetization control by angular momentum transfer from surface acoustic wave to ferromagnetic spin moments
Nature Communications, Published online: 10 May 2021; doi:10.1038/s41467-021-22728-6 Conversion of an external angular momentum, for example, from mechanical rotation or light into ferromagnetic moment has a long history. Here, Sasaki et al. demonstrate the conversion of phonon angular momentum, in ferromagnetic moment, potentially allowing for new types of control for spintronics.
3D mechanical characterization of single cells and small organisms using acoustic manipulation and force microscopy
Nature Communications, Published online: 10 May 2021; doi:10.1038/s41467-021-22718-8 It is currently challenging to mechanically assess 3D specimens without manual handling. Here the authors combine a micro-force sensor and an acoustically controlled manipulation device to enable rotation of samples while assessing mechanical properties at the chosen region.
Lung cancer organoids analyzed on microwell arrays predict drug responses of patients within a week
Nature Communications, Published online: 10 May 2021; doi:10.1038/s41467-021-22676-1 The lengthy time in establishing patient-derived organoids(PDOs) hampers the implementation of PDO-based drug sensitivity tests in clinics. Here, the authors show a microwell array-based method to predict patient’s responses to anti-cancer therapies in a week using lung cancer organoids.
High-frequency head impact causes chronic synaptic adaptation and long-term cognitive impairment in mice
Nature Communications, Published online: 10 May 2021; doi:10.1038/s41467-021-22744-6 Repeated head impact exposure can cause memory and behavioural impairments but the physiological changes in the brain are not well understood. Here, the authors reveal synaptic adaptations as a potential mechanism for early abnormal behavioural events observed after mild and high-frequency head impact.
Dipolar-stabilized first and second-order antiskyrmions in ferrimagnetic multilayers
Nature Communications, Published online: 10 May 2021; doi:10.1038/s41467-021-22600-7 Antiskyrmions are topological spin textures with negative vorticity. Like skyrmions, they have considerable technological promise, but have only been stabilised in Heusler compounds. Here, Heigl et al. succeed in stabilising first and second order antiskyrmions in a new class of materials.
Predictive performance of international COVID-19 mortality forecasting models
Nature Communications, Published online: 10 May 2021; doi:10.1038/s41467-021-22457-w Forecasts of COVID-19 mortality have been critical inputs into a range of policies, and decision-makers need information about their predictive performance. Here, the authors gather a panel of global epidemiological models and assess their predictive performance across time and space.
Male infertility scoring using AI-assisted image classification requiring no programming
A research group led by Dr. Hideyuki Kobayashi at Toho University Omori Medical Center in Tokyo developed an AI-assisted image classifier that provides scores for histological testis images of patients with azoospermia. The objective of Dr. Kobayashi, a urologist, was to create an easy-to-use method of pathological examination for the daily clinical practice setting. With it, testis images could b
Smashing the Covid curve
Researchers at the IST Austria led by Björn Hof reports that a small difference in epidemic mitigation levels can cause a discontinuous jump in infection numbers. The researchers show that limits in testing and contact tracing are responsible for this sudden change in the epidemic outcome. Testing followed up by contact tracing is extremely efficient in slowing down epidemics, however, once their
Serotonin transporters increase when depression fades, study shows
Low levels of serotonin in the brain are seen as a possible cause of depression and many antidepressants act by blocking a protein that transports serotonin away from the nerve cells. A brain imaging study at Karolinska Institutet now shows that the average level of the serotonin transporter increased in a group of 17 individuals who recovered from depression after cognitive behavioural therapy. T
Allergilik reaktion kan ligga bakom IBS
Sjukdomen irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, ger magsmärtor och avvikande avföringsvanor (se ruta). Uppåt var tionde person i västvärlden beräknas vara drabbad, men varför sjukdomen uppstår är oklart. – Vi tror att det delvis handlar om vad som sker i mikromiljön i tarmen, ett samspel mellan mat, tarmbakterier och immunförsvaret, säger Magnus Simrén, professor vid Göteborgs universitet och läkare vid
Parallel universes cross in Flatland
Physics researchers at the University of Bath discover that assembling 2D materials into a 3D arrangement does not just result in 'thicker' 2D materials but instead produces entirely new materials. The nanomesh technologically pioneered at Bath is simple to produce and offers tunable material properties to meet the demands of future applications. The team's next goal is to use the nanomesh on Sili
Is it true that we could have cyborgs/cybernetics today if money and ethics werent a problem?
I had a discussion about human enhancement some months ago, and this one guy explained to me about how we could potentially already have scifi level technology if the demand for cybernetics was higher? Is all of this true; " Human enhancement? You mean, like improved vision, 24/7 on-person access to the web, cybernetic limb replacements (mind controlled and with a sense of touch), stuff like that
Molecular tweezers that attack antibiotic resistant bacteria developed by Ben-Gurion U.
Prof. Jelinek, who is also BGUs vice president of Research & Development and a member of the Ilse Katz Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology explained, "The tweezers are just like your home tweezers but a million times smaller, and instead of plucking hairs they attack fibers of the bacteria's biofilm." By doing that they break the biofilm, making it more vulnerable to human immune defens
Cyberattack Forces a Shutdown of a Top U.S. Pipeline
The operator, Colonial Pipeline, said it had halted systems for its 5,500 miles of pipeline after being hit by a ransomware attack. ​ submitted by /u/Double_Snow2314 [link] [comments]
I’m Rob Thomas, and I lead Cloud Software and AI at IBM. Ask me about AI and automation – let’s discuss what everyone gets wrong and why data is so difficult to get right!
I’m Rob Thomas, and I lead Cloud Software and AI at IBM. Ask me about AI and automation. Let’s discuss what everyone gets wrong. Why is data so difficult to get right? How should leaders leverage automation and artificial intelligence to change the way that work gets done in an organization? I am exploring this subject at Think 2021 with our customers on May 11 and invite you to hear their experi
Which countries are best suited to widely embrace future technologies?
I don't have the answer to this question but I thought it would make for some really interesting discussion. I saw a statistic a while back which indicated that in the U.S. significantly more people were afraid of job loss due to automation, and Andrew Yang based much of his presidential campaign on that concern. But in some other countries, Sweden was cited specifically, people are much less sca
Philosophical theories concerning knowing tested
Hey all, I am new to the whole cog sci endeavour so I am not aware of any efforts of seeing whether some theories concerning knowing have any empirical evidence. I have in mind concepts like reflection, activity of thinking, spontaneity and so on. Would you guys have anything to recommend that tries to establish a link between what these concepts predict and evidence? submitted by /u/philolover7
The Arrow Paradox
Zeno sent his arrow flying endlessly from point to point along its arc to make a point about eternity: getting there is tricky. That’s what I think anyway, as snowflakes stall in the morning’s freezing air like seed fluff reluctant to drop anchor in the ice. I’m watching that tentative descent though I’m in motion and counter-motion even as I follow my pen’s blue notes and think I’m not— not doin
The ‘Blurred Existence’ of Motherhood
Photo Illustrations by Tabitha Soren Tabitha Soren documented the months following the birth of her third child, in 2006, with the help of a digital camera mounted in her bedroom and operated by remote. In her new series, Motherload, Soren layers together the resulting images. This article was published online on May 9, 2021. I was excited about having a third child, but dreading the first year.
Pay What You Want To Master The Adobe Creative Cloud With This Training
Photoshop is so ubiquitous, and so good at subtly changing photos in the right hands, that Adobe is training computers to spot Photoshopped faces . That’s just one piece of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, however, which offers a suite for editing video, designing documents, creating visual effects, and much, much more. Learning how to use them can give your career a boost or open the door to an entirely
Recommendation of the book Microtrends
I did not write the book Microtrends , by Mark Penn, and I am in no way affiliated, but I would like to recommend it as a way of seeing into the future. True, the book is from 2007, but it does not seem to be dated in any way. The book looks at all sorts of different data over a period of time to see if the see any trends that might reach into the future. Examples: The average number of hours we
Learning by Deconstruction
Hi all, I was wondering is someone could help point me to academic literature on learning based on 'deconstruction of problems into smaller, mutually exclusive parts, to understand the entire system". This might sound esoteric, but I believe its kind of similar to PBL.. my queries on google are not working well. Anyone have any idea for this pedology? submitted by /u/PhiloSophia2020 [link] [comme
Cognitive Neuroscience Master's in Germany vs. Italy?
Hello! I am an aspiring cognitive neuroscientist (hopefully working up to PhD) and have recently applied and been admitted to Master's programs in both Germany and Italy. I am having difficulty deciding which to attend, so I was hoping for some advice! In Germany, the program is "Neuro-cognitive Psychology" at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. It is a very prestigious and selective prog
What are Senotherapeutics?
Therapeutics strategies that target cellular senescence. Thread 🧵 ⬇️ 1) What they do? They can work by killing senescent cells 2) How so? By Inhibiting the proinflammatory secretory phenotype of senescent cells (senomorphics) or by activating our endogenous senolytic systems (immune surveillance). 3) But what even are senescent cells? Senescent cells are cells which have suffered from – -Stress
Damage to white matter is linked to worse cognitive outcomes after brain injury
A new study challenges the idea that gray matter (the neurons that form the cerebral cortex) is more important than white matter (the myelin covered axons that physically connect neuronal regions) when it comes to cognitive health and function. The findings may help neurologists better predict the long-term effects of strokes and other forms of traumatic brain injury.
Breaching the blood-brain barrier to deliver precious payloads
RNA-based drugs may change the standard of care for many diseases, making personalized medicine a reality. So far these cost-effective, easy-to-manufacture drugs haven't been very useful in treating brain tumors and other brain disease. But a team has shown that a combination of ultrasound and RNA-loaded nanoparticles can temporarily open the protective blood-brain barrier, allowing the delivery o
Distinct cell-to-cell communication processes controlled differently
Cells talk to each other to coordinate nutrition, waste removal, energy use, and, in some cases, disease progression. The cells that line the surfaces of organs or specific tissues, called epithelial cells, appear to speak two different languages – one for either side of the cell, according to a new study.
Protecting coral from heat stress and coral bleaching
Coral bleaching, which is becoming stronger and more frequent due to heat stress, has already wiped out corals at many locations globally. With the help of a microbiome-targeting strategy, it could become feasible to help protect corals from heat stress.
What should I do my Master's in?
Currently I'm doing my bachelors in computer science but have an interest in artificial intelligence/neural networks and cognitive neuroscience I'm confused as to what field should i choose for my Master's as i want to pursue something that relates artificial intelligence and cognitive neuroscience if that makes any sense submitted by /u/substance_99 [link] [comments]

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