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Some SNL Cast Members Seem, Um, Unhappy with Elon Musk Hosting
While there was a wide range of reactions to the announcement that Elon Musk was going to host an episode of “Saturday Night Live,” perhaps some of the more interesting responses came from the cast members of the show themselves. After all, the show’s hosting duties are typically given to athletes, film and TV stars, and politicians — not meme-ified billionaires. So it was bound to garner some st
Forced Responses: May 2021
A bimonthly open thread on climate solutions. Perhaps unsurprisingly this is always the most contentious comment thread on the site, but please try and be constructive and avoid going off on wild tangents. The post first appeared on RealClimate .
Eye Drops for Dry Eyes
Dry eyes can have many causes: disease, medications, environmental irritants, or just age. Tear production tends to decrease as we get older. My husband (age 80) and I (age 75) were both diagnosed with dry eyes by an ophthalmologist and he instructed us to use lubricant eye drops as often as every hour if needed to maintain comfort. This helps, but it’s […] The post first appeared on Science-Bas
‘We are ecstatic!’: a taste of post-Covid freedom at Liverpool pilot gig
Event at Sefton Park attended by 5,000 people with no distancing or masks as part of research programme Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The first “near-normal” concert since Covid began is taking place in Liverpool on Sunday, with 5,000 giddy music lovers crowding into a festival tent with no masks and no social distancing. All had agreed to act as guinea pigs for sc
Guy Fieri Blasts Jeff Bezos for Not Helping Struggling Restaurant Workers
Restaurant Relief Beef The Mayor of Flavortown served up a heaping helping of shade at Jeff Bezos recently for not doing more to help struggling restaurant workers. Guy Fieri said that he had solicited donations from CEOs from many major companies to donate to a fund he started to help restaurant workers in the beginning months of the pandemic, according to The Hollywood Reporter . He planned to
This Deep Sleep Aid Helps Provide Rest and Revitalization for Your Body and Mind
You don’t need to be a doctor to understand the importance of a good night’s sleep . All you really have to do is pull an unexpected all-nighter and then try to function the next day. But despite the importance of proper rest, it seems like most people aren’t getting the kind of deep sleep we really need. Luckily, Crash and Reboot from Bright Brain is here to help. Crash and Reboot is the industr
The Guardian view on the G7 and the pandemic: pay up, to protect us all | Editorial
A campaign for rich countries to do their part, spearheaded by former prime minister Gordon Brown, must be heeded “Don’t treat this as our problem alone … Sooner or later, if it doesn’t touch the world’s conscience, it will touch the world’s security,” warned the formidable Indian reporter Barkha Dutt last week, speaking hours after losing her father to Covid. Though Narendra Modi’s government
AATS Foundation scholarships shown to support success in academic surgery
A new study, presented today at the AATS 101st Annual Meeting, finds that AATS Foundation fellowships support success in academic surgery career tracks. The AATS Foundation has two primary grant funding mechanisms: the AATS Foundation Scholarship and the Surgical Investigator Award. The study looked at publications, citations, NIH funding, and leadership position of awardees, among other factors.
Addiction Researcher Says It’s Okay to Do a Little Heroin, as a Treat
A tenured Ivy League professor and addiction researcher says he believes that using drugs like heroin and crack can be no more harmful than drinking alcohol. Carl Hart, a psychologist at Columbia and author of the book High Price , argues that destigmatizing and decriminalizing “hard” drugs is key to harm reduction, according to The New Yorker . He argues that using drugs like heroin recreational
Free will debate rages on, or is it all an illusion? | Letters
Readers reflect on the role of chance, randomness and responsibility in their own lives What high-quality letters (29 April) on free will. My A-level psychology students always found this fascinating and usually thought that free will was obvious until they had examined their own lives and realised that “soft determinism”, well-expounded by Robert Dimmick, was the likely answer. However, there is
330-Ton Disgusting Blob of Garbage, Fat Clogs City’s Sewers
Half-a-Mile Long Fatberg Get ready to be haunted by some truly disgusting intrusive thoughts because a city in England says that they’ve discovered a more than 300-ton “fatberg” that’s clogged the city’s sewers. “Fatbergs” are large masses of solid waste that result from kitchen grease, wet wipes, and other personal hygiene products being flushed into the sewer. Like those alligators in New York
Question: How important is advanced robotics/AI to a successful future for humanity?
It seems to me that as long as there are low-paying, dirty jobs, society will either consciously or "subconsciously" ("unseen hand") contrive to force people to do such job. This includes limiting educational opportunities, perhaps even childhood nutrition. But once jobs like washing dishes and cleaning hotel rooms can be done by robots, society will be able to dispense with such jobs. As scary a
Indian Police Accused of Taking Dying Mother’s Oxygen for “VIP”
A man in India has accused police officers of taking away his mother’s oxygen cylinder in order to give it to a “VIP.” In a now viral video taken last Tuesday, Anmol Goyal, 22, can be seen on his hands and knees begging police officers outside of Upadhyay Hospital in Agra, India for his mother’s oxygen cylinder, according to The Independent . “My mother will die if you take away her oxygen cylind


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