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….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>z2 ….. Smartphone video makes super accurate 3D face models Researchers have created an accurate 3D model of someone’s face using video recorded on an ordinary smartphone. Normally, it takes pricey equipment and expertise to create an accurate 3D reconstruction of a face that’s realistic and doesn’t look creepy. Using a smartphone to shoot a continuous video of the front and sides of the face generates a dense cloud of data. The two-step process uses that

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>z ….. Immune-system cells of fish are ingesting plastic—and then dying It's become an all-too-common variety of news story: Dead whales whose digestive systems are clogged with plastic. Increasing numbers of seabirds eating plastic, often with dire consequences. Ditto with turtles and fish.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>z ….. Research uncovers microbial life in radioactive waste storage sites Two new research papers from The University of Manchester, working with colleagues at Sellafield Limited and the National Nuclear Laboratory show that microbes can actively colonize some of the most intensively radioactive waste storage sites in Europe.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>z ….. Software recreates a 3D model of your face from a smartphone video A program that combines artificial intelligence and geometrical modelling can create an accurate 3D model of your face from a single 20-second video

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>z ….. No driver needed: Self-driving trucks are starting to move cargo on the nation's highways 8799 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. It looks like Elon Musk delivered some actual ventilators–delivered-some-actual-ventilators/ Not just BPAP machines this time. 8798 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Studying Coronaviruses: Vectors to Vaccines Infectious disease researchers Dr. Tracey Goldstein and Dr. Koen Van Rompay discuss the process of detecting and identifying a new coronavirus, and the steps needed to develop a vaccine. When an infectious disease outbreak happens, medical workers and public health officials mobilize, but there are also teams of researchers that snap into actio 8797 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why Does Covid-19 Make Some People So Sick? Ask Their DNA Consumer genomics company 23andMe wants to mine its database of millions of customers for clues to why the virus hits some people harder than others. 8796 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. We Need a Covid-19 Vaccine—Let’s Get It Right the First Time The flu shot campaigns of 1976 and 2009 offer key lessons for how (and how not) to distribute, monitor, and communicate about vaccines. But will anyone listen? 8795 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Trump’s Coronavirus ‘Experts’: A Field Guide Here are the brave men who aren’t letting a lack of relevant training stop them from weighing in on how to solve the crisis. 8794 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. To Beat Covid-19, Scientists Try to 'See' the Invisible Enemy Using beams of X-rays and electrons, researchers are creating a moving model of the coronavirus in order to discover its weaknesses. 8793 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Face Mask Debate Reveals a Scientific Double Standard No one complained about the lack of evidence for 20-second hand-washing. So why did we treat face masks differently? 8792 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. A Meme Account About a Mall Is Now a Lifeline The parody Twitter account devoted to The Americana at Brand is absurd. But now that LA residents are stuck at home, it's a strange source of comfort. 8791 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Gig Workers' New Unemployment Benefits Won't Come Quickly The $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill makes contractors eligible for unemployment insurance. But states want pay stubs that ride-hail drivers don't have. 8790 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 'Desus & Mero' Adapt to Life in Quarantine The show is built around the joy of hanging out with its hosts—even more so than on other late-night TV programs. Here’s how it's surviving a moment when hanging out is impossible. 8789 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Clever Cryptography Could Protect Privacy in Covid-19 Contact-Tracing Apps Researchers are racing to achieve the benefits of location-tracking without the surveillance. 8788 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Video-møde-giganten Zoom forsøger at løse sikkerhedsproblemer Zoom vil løse sikkerhedsproblemer med hjælp fra dusørjægere og tredjeparts-eksperter 8787 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Politiet stoppede falsk håndsprit-salg: Kører videre på udenlandsk domæne Politiet anholdt i slutningen af marts en mand på Amager i forbindelse med en falsk hjemmeside, der reklamerede for salg af håndsprit. Men en identisk side kører ufortrødent videre på et udenlandsk domæne. 8786 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Study Questions if School Closures Limit the Spread of COVID-19 School shutdowns might have a relatively small effect on preventing the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, a new meta-analysis suggests, though the preliminary data point to the need for more studies. 8785 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Lipid Expert and Babraham Institute Director Michael Wakelam Dies Wakelam, who died of a suspected COVID-19 infection, is remembered for his research on the physiological function of lipids. 8784 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK coronavirus: London has enough intensive care beds to deal with crisis, says Sadiq Khan–enough-intensive-care-beds-says-sadiq-khan-live-news-boris-johnson Mayor says capital has ‘capacity to deal with our needs’, as Cambridge University sets up new testing lab Johnson to stay in hospital amid concerns about political vacuum At a glance: latest developments See all of our coronavirus coverage 8.57am BST Sadiq Khan on BBC Breakfast says that Tottenham Hotspur should lead by example after images showed players training during lockdown. He said: “Ask y 8783 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus live news: Trump threatens to stop WHO funding as global cases pass 1.4 million Boris Johnson still in intensive care; top EU scientist resigns over bloc’s response to virus; cases in Africa pass 10,000; Follow the latest updates. Boris Johnson ‘stable’ in intensive care and not on ventilator, says No 10 US coronavirus updates – live Australia coronavirus updates – live At a glance: latest developments See all of our coronavirus coverage 1.14am BST The disruption to the worl 8782 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Veterinary scientist hailed for Faroe Islands' lack of Covid-19 deaths Debes Christiansen adapted his salmon-testing lab to test for disease among humans Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A scientist who adapted his veterinary lab to test for disease among humans rather than salmon is being celebrated for helping the Faroe Islands avoid coronavirus deaths, where a larger proportion of the population has been tested than anywhere in the wo 8781 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Jakarta to start shutdown as burials, and fears, rise amid coronavirus outbreak President Joko Widodo had resisted lockdown measures, but an increase in burials has sparked concerns about undetected cases Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Schools and workplaces will be closed in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, as greater restrictions are imposed to slow the spread of coronavirus in the city, where a sudden rise in burials has raised concerns over 8780 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. EU trades barbs with top scientist forced out in Covid-19 row Brussels agency accuses Mauro Ferrari of being ‘at best economical with truth’ in resignation statement Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The EU’s former top scientist has been accused by the Brussels agency he led of being “at best economical with the truth” over claims in his resignation statement that he had been blocked from funding treatments and vaccines to tackl 8779 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus UK: how many confirmed cases are in your area? Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many cases have been reported near you Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How to protect yourself from infection Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested, and are not in 8778 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should I see a doctor? What are the symptoms caused by the Covid-19 virus, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor? Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself and others from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has transferred to humans from animals. The World Health Or 8777 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Cat lovers crash national vets' website after coronavirus fears Owners concerned at prospect of lockdown for 10.9m pets over concerns they may transmit Covid-19 Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Confusion about whether millions of cats should be placed on lockdown has created alarm among pet owners and raised the prospect of Larry the Downing Street cat having to go into self-isolation. Cat owners crashed the website of the British 8776 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Canada nursing home reels from death of almost half its residents Facility in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, emerges as one of most tragic stories in country’s struggle against Covid-19 Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A retirement home in Canada that lost nearly half its residents to coronavirus is scrambling to protect the remaining healthy inhabitants who lived alongside infected neighbours for nearly two weeks. Pinecrest nursing home, a p 8775 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK records highest daily death toll from coronavirus at 854 Data likely to raise concerns as figure approaches deadliest days so far in Italy and Spain Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The UK has experienced its highest daily number of recorded coronavirus deaths – 854 – a figure beginning to approach the toll on the deadliest days so far in Italy and Spain. NHS England reported on Tuesday that a further 758 people who had tes 8774 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The long road to recovery for Covid-19 patients From muscle wastage to PTSD, patients discharged from critical care face tough convalescence Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage For Covid-19 patients who respond successfully to intensive care treatment and are able to be discharged from hospital, the road to recovery can still be a lengthy one. The latest report into patients admitted into critical care for coronavirus 8773 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Saliva spray during speech could transmit coronavirus – study US scientists say findings add to case for wearing masks in public to control outbreak Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Tiny droplets of saliva that are sprayed into the air when people speak may be sufficient to spread coronavirus, according to US government scientists who say the finding could help control the outbreak. Researchers at the US National Institutes of H 8772 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Face masks cannot stop healthy people getting Covid-19, says WHO Organisation’s evidence review shows wearing mask outside does not prevent infection Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The World Health Organization has held off from recommending people wear face masks in public after assessing fresh evidence that suggested the items may help to contain the pandemic. The WHO reviewed its position on masks in light of data from Hong Ko 8771 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How can coronavirus models get it so wrong? Analysis depends on data – so predictions for Italy and Spain, where peak has passed, are more reliable than for UK UK will have Europe’s worst death toll Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle , based at the University of Washington, is the best organisation in the world at collecting data on diseases and mapping ou 8770 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. BAME groups hit harder by Covid-19 than white people, UK study suggests Research indicates virus has disproportionate impact on non-white critically ill patients Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Early research into the first patients critically ill with Covid-19 in UK hospitals indicates that black and Asian people are more likely to be badly affected by coronavirus than white people. The Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre 8769 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Trump order encourages US to mine the moon Executive order says US will oppose any international effort to bar it from removing chunks of moon, Mars or elsewhere in space The world may be racked by the coronavirus, but Donald Trump has less earthly concerns on his mind, too, after signing an executive order encouraging the US to mine the moon for minerals. The executive order makes clear that the US doesn’t view space as a “global commons 8768 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 'People want to help you. Let them': how to be compassionate in a crisis Acting compassionately isn’t just about kindness, but about wanting to halt suffering. Right now, we must be wise – and set a template for the future Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage In times of tragedy and trauma, we need compassion to get us through. But what do we mean by compassion? It is different from kindness and empathy, although these are ways of being compas 8767 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Forget lockdown goals: trying to learn a language or get fit in a crisis won't make you happier Limiting news consumption, calling friends and forgiving a little laziness are all ways to negotiate this most testing of times We are sad because of loss: of our normal lives, the comforting presence of our families, our hopes for the coming months (I should have been visiting old friends in the US this summer), and for some of us, our livelihoods and those we love. The sadness of lockdown has s 8766 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Human impact on wildlife to blame for spread of viruses, says study Increased contact with animals likely cause of outbreaks such as Covid-19, say experts, as conservationists call for global ban on wildlife markets Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Hunting, farming and the global move of people to cities has led to massive declines in biodiversity and increased the risk of dangerous viruses like Covid-19 spilling over from animals to 8765 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Air pollution linked to far higher Covid-19 death rates, study finds Dirty air increases risk of respiratory problems that can be fatal for coronavirus patients Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Air pollution is linked to significantly higher rates of death in people with Covid-19, according to analysis. The work shows that even a tiny, single-unit increase in particle pollution levels in the years before the pandemic is associated with 8764 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The coronavirus crisis could end in one of these four ways | Devi Sridhar Global cooperation, intermittent lockdowns and contact-tracing could all play a role in the race to stop the pandemic Devi Sridhar is chair of global public health at the University of Edinburgh Coronavirus latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage In an alternative universe, a new virus emerges in China. The country quickly identifies the pathogen, closes its borders, launches an unprecede 8763 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus hits men harder. Here's what scientists know about it | Philip Ball The early evidence leaves little doubt that Covid-19 poses a greater risk to men – but are the reasons biological or cultural? Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The coronavirus crisis seems to be placing everything under a harsh, unforgiving spotlight: economic inequality , the vulnerabilities of healthcare systems , the fragility of globalisation and the challenges of 8762 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus is creating a hole at the heart of government | Gaby Hinsliff Beyond this private and very understandable distress lies a grave new political reality Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Once in a generation – and only then if it’s unlucky – a nation finds itself living through events so dramatic they almost defy belief. Not Boris Johnson , surely. Not that most bouncy and irrepressible of men, who always seemed the definition of a 8761 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What Happens When a Joke Is Followed by Silence Imagine sitting down at a grand piano to play, I don’t know, a Chopin ballade —something that requires technical skill and emotional engagement, an understanding of rhythm, stress, and volume. Now imagine that when you press the keys, you hear absolutely nothing. That’s what performing comedy without an audience is like. Over the past month, comedians have been relearning how to generate laughs w 8760 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Coronavirus Has Not Halted Trump’s Power Grab A n hour or so into Monday’s daily presidential briefing on the coronavirus pandemic, Trump declared that his political opponents should “not be allowed” to win the 2020 presidential election. Democrats “want to make Trump look as bad as they can, because they want to try and win an election that they shouldn't be allowed to win based on the fact that we have done a great job. We built the greate 8759 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Supreme Court Has Chosen Reckless Partisanship Updated at 12:20 p.m. ET on April 8, 2020. In this grim pandemic spring, as a worried nation has shut down, political leaders such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and (belatedly) President Donald Trump have signaled that the government is still open. Letter carriers, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention scientists, health-care workers, and law-enforcement personnel are among the governmen 8758 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Social Distance: You’re Doing Great Over the weekend, the surgeon general warned the public that, due to the rising death toll from the coronavirus pandemic, this week would be “the hardest and saddest week of most Americans’ lives,” comparing it to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. And President Donald Trump himself, who has often sought to downplay the danger of the virus, said on Saturday that there will be “a lot of death.” With the numbe 8757 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. It’s Okay to Be a Different Kind of Parent During the Pandemic From a series of portraits on the topic of “home.” (Jonas Bendiksen / Magnum) Editor’s note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . What if you woke up one day, and had to be an entirely different parent from the one you were the day before? For much of America, that day arrived last month. With the spread of COVID-19, million 8756 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How health workers are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic | Esther Choo The coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything we've ever seen in health care, says emergency physician Esther Choo. Sharing insights into how health workers are responding to the outbreak, she explains what makes this public health emergency different from others — and provides a few simple things you can do to help. Watch to the end to hear about Choo's work deploying mobile ICUs across the United 8755 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Blood plasma taken from covid-19 survivors might help patients fight off the disease Transfusions of blood serum from people who’ve recovered from covid-19 could help severe cases recover, according to a new study from China. Plasma donation: The concept of using blood from survivors—or “convalescent plasma”—isn’t new, but it’s now being tried against covid-19 because there aren’t any drugs known to work. A survivor’s blood is charged up with antibodies against the virus. Give th 8754 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The pandemic has messed up global supply chains. Blockchains could help. The novel coronavirus sweeping the globe has exposed how vulnerable international supply chains are to disruption. The World Economic Forum has a pitch for how to make them more resilient: blockchains. Covid-19 chaos: Quarantines, lockdowns, and reduced air travel have disrupted normal business operations all over the world and made it difficult for buyers to keep track of what’s happening with t 8753 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why the coronavirus lockdown is making the internet stronger than ever Just like that, our internet connection has become an umbilical to the outside world. We now depend on it to do our jobs, to go to school, and to see other people. It is our primary source of entertainment. And we’re using it a lot. Between January and late March, internet traffic increased by around a quarter in many major cities, according to Cloudflare, a US company that provides network infra 8752 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Here are the states that will have the worst hospital bed shortages We all know by now that flattening the curve is one of the most important things we can do to mitigate the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic. China and Italy provided a grim picture of what happens when you’re unsuccessful: overwhelmed hospitals are forced to choose which patients receive life-saving resources, overworked doctors are more likely to get sick, and the death rate, by consequen 8751 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. WhatsApp is limiting message forwarding to combat coronavirus misinformation The news: WhatsApp has said it will implement new limits on message forwarding amid growing concerns that it is being used to spread misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic. From today, messages identified as “highly forwarded” can be forwarded to only a single person as opposed to five, the company, which is owned by Facebook, said in a blog post . The idea is to slow the spread of viral i 8750 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why some covid-19 tests in the US take more than a week Jason Bae, an urgent-care physician in Northern California, has been seeing covid-19 patients for almost a month. When he first started ordering coronavirus tests, around the week of March 9, his health-care system was quoting a 48- to 72-hour turnaround time from their third-party laboratory. But “even from the very beginning, a lot of tests would take five to six to seven days to come back,” he 8749 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How to make sense of all the information about coronavirus Update: this episode has ended. You can watch here . To register, click this link just before 4 p.m. ET. We also recommend you download or enable the Zoom application . You will be muted when you enter the Q&A. In this episode of Radio Corona, Gideon Lichfield, editor in chief of MIT Technology Review, speaks with Tomas Pueyo, whose Medium post “Coronavirus: Why You Should Act Now” has become one 8748 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why does it suddenly feel like 1999 on the internet? Every few days, tens of thousands of people on Instagram join a virtual dance party hosted by DJ D-Nice. The blowout live-stream events, branded under the name Club Quarantine, have attracted celebrities from all corners of the internet, including Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Zuckerberg. Some nights the crowd pushes past 150,000 viewers, and for a few hours, teens dance to the same mus 8747 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Lockdown was supposed to be an introvert’s paradise. It’s not. This was supposed to be the moment for introverts—the disaster preppers of our new, covid-ravaged social lives. Those who cherished their time alone at home were already experts at voluntary self-isolation. Once, backing out of happy hour at a bar to read a book made you a bad friend. Now it’s patriotic. In a TikTok from early March with 1.8 million views, an introvert watches the news , singing 8746 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Bebisar blir lugnare av kramar Närhet är en nödvändig del för bebisars utveckling och stärker bandet till föräldern. En ny studie visar att bebisar reagerar annorlunda på olika typer av kramar och beroende på vem det är som kramar om dem . 8745 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Misinformation Is Its Own Deadly Condition Pulitzer-winning Laurie Garrett, author of The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance, talks about the dangers of politicians offering coronavirus misinformation. 8744 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Not Just Ventilators: Staff Trained to Run Them Are in Short Supply Each patient on a breathing machine requires multiple doctors and nurses to care for that person 8743 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. New Coronavirus Drug Shows Promise in Animal Tests Slated for human trials, EIDD-2801 could become the first pill for COVID-19 8742 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. As CO2 Emissions Drop During Pandemic, Methane May Rise With oil revenues down, companies may not prioritize fixing leaks and could vent more unwanted gas 8741 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Are Smokers or Vapers More at Risk for COVID-19? Here's What We know Investigating the potential danger to those who use tobacco products or e-cigarettes calls for a look at the lungs 8740 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Unprecedented nationwide blood studies seek to track U.S. coronavirus spread A Q&A with veteran transfusion researcher Michael Busch 8739 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Trials of drugs to prevent coronavirus infection begin in health care workers Prophylactic treatments could prevent fragile health systems from collapsing during the pandemic 8738 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. For survivors of severe COVID-19, beating the virus is just the beginning Illness and disability loom after weeks on a ventilator 8737 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. South Africa hopes its battle with HIV and TB helped prepare it for COVID-19 Existing infrastructure and tactics are aiding the coronavirus fight 8736 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Former FDA leaders decry emergency authorization of malaria drugs for coronavirus Widespread use of unproven drugs could hurt clinical trials 8735 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Common coronaviruses are highly seasonal, with most cases peaking in winter months Of the seven coronaviruses known to infect people, four cause common respiratory infections that are sharply seasonal and appear to transmit similarly to influenza, according to a new study. 8734 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Statement on chest imaging and COVID-19 A multinational consensus statement on the role of chest imaging in the management of patients with COVID-19 has just been published. 8733 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What type of cells does the novel coronavirus attack? Scientists have examined samples from non-virus infected patients to determine which cells of the lungs and bronchi are targets for novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) infection. 8732 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Chemists working on drugs to treat COVID-19 In the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, chemists have focused on searching for drugs to treat COVID-19. One group identified the antiviral drug remdesivir as a viable medicine to treat COVID-19 in a research study published in late January. The drug was originally developed in response to the 2014 Ebola pandemic. 8731 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 will herald an automation boom 8730 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Jack Dorsey donated $1B. Once the Covid-19 pandemic has been "disarmed", the funds will go toward girls health and education and research into universal basic income. 8729 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Twitter/Square CEO Jack Dorsey is donating $1 billion to COVID-19 relief and other charities. The amount represents 28% of his net worth. If money remains after Covid is disarmed the remainder will go towards health, education and UBI 8728 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Grocery stores turn to robots during the coronavirus 8727 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. CFOs looking to make remote work, telecommuting more permanent following COVID-19, says Gartner survey | ZDNet 8726 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What If We Collapsed Like Rome? 8725 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Stimulating UBI Debate 8724 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Renewable energy wins over oil and gas in post-coronavirus world 8723 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Having UBI may lead to better overall health of people. “Scaling a direct cash payment program nationwide during a pandemic could end up having broader public health benefits, beyond just preventing the spread of the virus, Baker said.” 8722 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Can Universal Basic Income fix the coronavirus crisis?Andrew Yang's idea that we should give everyone in the USA free money is back in vogue in the age of Covid-19. Here's why 8721 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. A guide to buying (or making) a face mask for COVID-19 View this post on Instagram 😷 The #COVID19 face mask basics, in one graphic. Please pass it on. 😷 Hit the #linkinbio for @rafeltman's deeper breakdown of important mask topics, including: the truth about balaclavas and scarves (likely too breathable for COVID-19 prevention), DIY mask options, and tips for properly cleaning and removing your mask. 📊: @sarachodoshviz A post shared by Popular Sci 8720 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Tigers can get coronavirus—but you won’t catch COVID-19 from your cat Rare cases of cats, including a Malayan tiger at NYC's Bronx Zoo, becoming infected with the coronavirus has panicked pet owners, but right now, there's no cause for concern. (Pexels/) From tigers to house cats, the novel coronavirus is affecting animals, too. This week, New York City’s Bronx Zoo confirmed that a 4-year-old Malayan tiger tested positive for the virus. Other recent reports of anim 8719 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How to start your own survival garden Now is the perfect time to plant a survival garden. (National Park Service/) This story originally featured on Outdoor Life . Looking for something to do while you’re stuck at home during the COVID-19 quarantine? Planning ahead for the day that the food pantry is bare? Gardening is a great activity in the springtime and anyone can grow food, even if you’re stuck in an apartment. You’ll just need 8718 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus endoribonuclease targets viral polyuridine sequences to evade activating host sensors [Microbiology] Coronaviruses (CoVs) are positive-sense RNA viruses that can emerge from endemic reservoirs and infect zoonotically, causing significant morbidity and mortality. CoVs encode an endoribonuclease designated EndoU that facilitates evasion of host pattern recognition receptor MDA5, but the target of EndoU activity was not known. Here, we report that EndoU cleaves… 8717 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Virion-incorporated PSGL-1 and CD43 inhibit both cell-free infection and transinfection of HIV-1 by preventing virus-cell binding [Microbiology] HIV-1 particles incorporate various host transmembrane proteins in addition to viral Env glycoprotein during assembly at the plasma membrane. In polarized T cells, HIV-1 structural protein Gag localizes to the plasma membrane of uropod, a rear-end protrusion. Notably, uropod transmembrane proteins PSGL-1 and CD43 cocluster specifically with Gag assembling at… 8716 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. European Finance Ministers Can’t Agree on Coronavirus Bailout: Live Coverage Prime Minister Boris Johnson spent a second night in intensive care, and China ended its lockdown of Wuhan, the city where the pandemic began, after 11 weeks. 8715 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Trump Slammed the W.H.O. Over Coronavirus. He’s Not Alone. Critics say the World Health Organization was too trusting of China and did not push it on its early missteps. But supporters say the agency’s powers over any government are limited. 8714 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. China’s Coronavirus Battle Is Waning. Its Propaganda Fight Is Not. After the pandemic subsides, whether Beijing is praised or pilloried could determine the fate of its ambitions for global leadership. 8713 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Virus Kills More in New York Than 9/11 Did President Trump sidelined the top official monitoring how the administration spends the $2 trillion relief package. Gov. Gavin Newsom of California said the state had secured nearly 200 million masks for health care workers. 8712 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: N.Y. Posts Its Largest Daily Death Toll, and Trump Effectively Ousts Relief Funds’ Watchdog The acting Navy secretary quit after an uproar over his response to a shipboard outbreak. Boris Johnson, Britain’s prime minister, remains in intensive care. China ended the lockdown in Wuhan. 8711 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. In N.Y.C., the Coronavirus Is Killing Men at Twice the Rate of Women More men also are infected than women, and they are hospitalized more frequently, new data show. A similar pattern was seen in China. 8710 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Families With Food Allergies Struggle With Bare Shelves As the coronavirus spreads and locked-down communities stock up, products needed by allergy sufferers are increasingly hard to come by. 8709 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Questions About Hydroxychloroquine, Touted As A COVID-19 Treatment Dr. Jinoos Yazdany, a rheumatologist from the University of California, San Francisco, and NPR science correspondent Joe Palca answer questions about the drug hydroxychloroquine. 8708 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What Happened Today: Racial Disparities In COVID-19 Deaths, Economic Relief Details NPR science and economics correspondents answer questions about the federal government's efforts to confront the virus. 8707 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus exit strategies: How do we get out of lockdown? There are three main strategies for leaving coronavirus lockdown, but each risks a dangerous second wave and further lockdowns if things don't go as planned 8706 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Does the ACE2 protein explain covid-19 risk for underlying conditions? Does a cell surface protein explain why the coronavirus is more likely to kill people with diabetes or heart disease? Researchers are trying to find out 8705 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Covid-19: We can ward off some of the negative impacts on children Children will face many hidden negative effects from the new coronavirus, but it's not too late to avert them, says Paul Ramchandani 8704 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Australia seems to be keeping a lid on covid-19 – how is it doing it? The rate of new coronavirus cases is dropping in Australia, largely due to strict travel restrictions, but complacency could cause the virus to get out of hand 8703 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus latest: No new deaths in China and hopes of plateau in NYC The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 8702 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Ten work–life balance tips for researchers based at home during the pandemic Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01059-4 If you struggle with home working but are having to do it because of the coronavirus, Lucy Taylor has some advice. 8701 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Daily briefing: The evidence is not stacking up for hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 Nature, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01053-w Examine the shaky evidence for the efficacy of a decades-old antimalarial against coronavirus. Plus: Canada begins the world’s largest clinical trial of survivors’ blood to treat COVID-19, and celebrating the life of astrophysicist Margaret Burbidge, who traced the origin of everything to the hearts of stars. 8700 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The pandemic in pictures: how coronavirus is changing the world Nature, Published online: 07 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01048-7 Nature’s pick of science images this month focuses on the COVID-19 outbreak. 8699 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Can the world’s most influential climate report carry on? Nature, Published online: 07 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01047-8 For the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, COVID-19 has forced a new way of doing business. 8698 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why measles deaths are surging — and coronavirus could make it worse Nature, Published online: 07 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01011-6 The world’s most contagious virus has killed thousands in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and 23 countries have suspended measles vaccination campaigns as they cope with SARS-CoV-2. 8697 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus in cats, climate cancellation and missing African trials Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00993-7 The latest science news, in brief. 8696 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Low-cost ventilator may help handle coronavirus peak Researchers have designed a simple, low-cost ventilator based on the resuscitation bags carried in ambulances and widely available in hospitals. The device,powered by a 12-volt motor, could help meet peak medical demands in the industrialized world and serve resource-constrained countries that don’t have supplies of conventional ventilators. “The high transmission rate and debilitating respirator 8695 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Wi-Fi peeks into buildings to check social distancing A new tool lets college administrators estimate how many people are in campus buildings to make sure people are social distancing to fight COVID-19, researchers report. The tool , which went live on April 3, lets decision makers identify places on campus where concentrations of people are high. Like an eye in the sky, it allows leaders to make principled choices about what actions to take to redu 8694 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Republican governors stalled on social distancing for COVID-19 States led by Republican governors and with a significant share of Trump supporters were an average of nearly three days later than other states to enact social distancing measures, a paper finds. The finding is part of new research examining factors that contributed to decision-making by governors in all 50 states to combat the novel coronavirus. The research explores whether the adoption of sta 8693 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Nurses face ‘unprecedented challenges’ during COVID-19 As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases accelerates, nurses on the front lines of the health care response find themselves making high-stakes decisions for patients and their own personal lives. “We are in uncharted territory in response to the magnitude of the pandemic,” says Cynda Rushton, a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and Berman Institute of Bioethics. “It’s a time of gr 8692 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Hypothesis: Is COVID-19 severity tied to hair loss? Researchers hypothesize that the same male hormones that cause hair loss may be linked to the vulnerability of patients to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. As novel coronavirus continues its sweep across the globe, among the most confounding aspects of the pandemic has been why symptoms are so severe for some patients yet milder for many others. Undoubtedly, age and underlying health c 8691 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Antiviral drug for COVID-19 heads to clinical trial Researchers are hopeful that a new drug could change the way doctors treat COVID-19. The drug, called EIDD-2801, shows promise in reducing lung damage and has finished testing in mice. It will soon move to human clinical trials. As of today, the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has infected more than 1.3 million people with COVID-19 and caused nearly 74,000 deaths in a worldwide pandemic. Currently, 8690 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Closed schools pose risks to children’s health Closing schools for the rest of the year could have long-term health implications for children, experts warn. Julia Wolfson , an assistant professor of health management and policy at the University of Michigan, studies food literacy/food agency, implementation of cooking skills education, and nutrition assistance programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Roshanak Meh 8689 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Anesthesia machines can become COVID-19 ventilators In order to compensate for lack of ventilators, hospitals have started to convert anesthesia machines into breathing machines. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, concern at hospitals about a shortage of personal protective equipment and ventilators that help critically ill patients breathe is on the rise. Michael McLaughlin , an assistant professor and assistant program director of the Rutgers U 8688 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: how satellite images show global lockdown Before and after satellite images and drone footage reveal empty city streets 8687 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Big data shows Covid-19 reshaping ESG; UN PRI’s long-term crisis plan; sustainable funds stand tall Your guide to the investment and business revolution you can’t afford to ignore 8686 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. EU science chief resigns with blast at coronavirus response European Research Council’s Mauro Ferrari hits out at lack of co-ordinated action on Covid-19 8685 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Companies scrap currency hedges as they seek to preserve cash Virus shutdowns have brought revenues to a halt, prompting groups to cancel contracts 8684 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. US stimulus, WeWork v SoftBank, Carnival bonds US debates an additional $250bn to fun loans for small businesses hit by the Covid-19 pandemic 8683 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. New York luxury towers quake as coronavirus hits property market Highly leveraged developers struggle to sell units that can be priced above $50m 8682 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Supply chains need love during the pandemic Companies should pull out the stops to support critical suppliers now and prepare to resume production 8681 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Junk bonds: the rise of ‘fallen angels’ The bond market is being flooded with junk-rated companies and there’s probably more to come 8680 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Munich officials resist scientists’ calls to cancel Oktoberfest Hotels continue to take bookings for two-week beer festival that draws more than 6m visitors 8679 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Shock within Westminster at Johnson’s rapid deterioration Prime minister had still been working from his Downing St flat on Saturday 8678 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Tui/travel: a relief boat Beyond today’s grim reality, the sun could still shine on operator thanks to state backing 8677 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. US stocks rise on hopes coronavirus cases could be nearing peak European equities slip after ministers fail to reach a deal on response to pandemic 8676 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. FT’s Beijing correspondent answers your questions on China’s coronavirus response What can we learn from how China responded to the crisis? You asked, we responded. Here are the highlights 8675 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Johnson’s illness makes government unity vital Prime minister’s health emergency is an anxious time for his family and his country 8674 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Expats in Dubai call for cut in their children’s school fees Struggling parents demand help as work dries up due to coronavirus crisis 8673 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Jeremy Farrar: How to get to Covid-Zero with just $8bn Business can play a powerful role in funding the pandemic’s only viable exit strategy 8672 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Defining productivity in a pandemic is revealing How should we measure the contribution of a teacher or a health worker during this crisis? 8671 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Singapore fights third wave of coronavirus infections New outbreaks in city-state and Hong Kong show difficulty of returning to normality 8670 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Wishing this Passover night was more like other nights Coronavirus lockdown limits celebration of one of Judaism’s most festive occasions 8669 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Trump’s risky fixation on unproven therapies US president’s focus on anti-malaria drugs is no cure for the coronavirus pandemic 8668 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus latest: French GDP forecast to fall by most since WWII 8667 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Boris Johnson ‘improving’ and ‘sitting up in bed’, chancellor says UK prime minister remains in intensive care as UK coronavirus deaths surge by more than 900 in a day 8666 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. EU warns of global bidding war for medical equipment Top official says countries are scrambling for essential supplies to fight coronavirus 8665 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Europe watches as countries slowly emerge from lockdown Czech Republic, Austria and Denmark benefited from rapid response, experts say 8664 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK sellers offer private antibody tests despite accuracy concerns Scientist calls for ‘going back to drawing board’ after government admission of failure 8663 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Tech’s wild Covid-19 earnings season Samsung profits dip, WeWork sues SoftBank, DreamLab and Folding@home tackle virus 8662 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. ExxonMobil/Chevron: imprisoned by dividends Now would be a good time to start snapping up weaker rivals 8661 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Tesco urged to pay dividend despite coronavirus Some investors suggest supermarket chain should defer payout to avoid potential backlash 8660 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Zoom in on your virtual meeting techniques It is hard to project authority online — but pretending you are on TV will help 8659 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Tracking coronavirus: big data and the challenge to privacy European demands for information from smartphones are raising fears over the reach of state surveillance 8658 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Dairy farmers seek government help as lockdown forces milk dumping About 5m litres a week at risk of being discarded after closure of UK’s cafés and restaurants 8657 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Wealthy seek inheritance tax rebates Advisers say families could reduce IHT bills in wake of coronavirus market rout 8656 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Asos raises £240m in share placing to deal with coronavirus Online retailer adds to credit facility and applies to access BoE’s Covid-19 finance facility 8655 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Bitter dispute rages over departure of top EU scientist Mauro Ferrari blasts bloc’s handling of coronavirus but former colleagues accuse him of ‘lack of engagement’ 8654 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What can Boris Johnson expect in intensive care? Protocols for treatment are adapting as doctors learn more about Covid-19 8653 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. HMRC chief warns job retention scheme a target for organised crime Measures aim to counter fraudsters eyeing payment of huge sums in a very short period 8652 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Brussels seeks EU budget overhaul to boost post-pandemic recovery Commission debates proposals that could unlock €1.5tn of spending and investment over 3 years 8651 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Swiss group says its machines can conduct 30m virus antibody tests this year Quotient warns global shortages of critical components could hamper efforts 8650 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Bolsonaro clashes with Brazil’s state governors over lockdown Flashpoint between populist leader and political establishment over response to virus 8649 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. EU carbon emissions tumble during lockdowns Measures to curb spread of coronavirus are sharply reducing humans’ environmental impact 8648 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK looks to learn from German mass tests in quest to end lockdown Raab suggests delay to review of coronavirus restrictions as Johnson reported ‘stable’ in hospital 8647 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Lufthansa decommissions 40 jets and axes Germanwings Airline warns it will take years for industry to return to pre-virus peak 8646 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs Michael Osterholm’s persuasive blueprint demands a rethink for the post-coronavirus era 8645 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Dominic Raab steps into UK’s constitutional breach Foreign secretary’s authority in spotlight after being asked to deputise for ailing PM 8644 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Live Q&A: How are your spending habits changing under lockdown? Join a live discussion with our FT Money editor at 12pm and 5pm UK time on Wednesday April 8 8643 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Hospitality workers hit by service charge exclusion in support scheme Tens of thousands face 50% pay cut during coronavirus crisis due to HMRC’s decision 8642 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. FCA plan focuses on consumer protection long after coronavirus UK watchdog commits to shielding customers from effects of pandemic for next 3 years 8641 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Marshalling a crowd to launch a moonshot against Covid-19 To source an antiviral, we must first know the shape of the foe 8640 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The UK economic fallout from coronavirus in numbers Myriad data sets suggest contraction is set to be one of the deepest recessions since 1900 8639 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The looming demand-side crisis at US ports Slowdown in cargo shipping seems like bad news for global trade prospects 8638 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Trump threatens to freeze funding for WHO US president accuses global body of being ‘wrong’ about coronavirus outbreak in China 8637 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Rent non-payments shoot up in April as US families struggle Apartment industry survey offers latest evidence of economic toll from coronavirus pandemic 8636 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Wuhan’s liberation greeted with anger and anxiety Locals fear a second wave of infections as parts of the city remain locked down 8635 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What the first world war tells us about battling coronavirus As in 1914, Britain’s economy is badly prepared for such a seismic event 8634 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Small businesses still eager to take up UK emergency loan scheme Survey shows a fifth will seek help despite slow rollout and penalising conditions 8633 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Eurogroup fails to land deal on coronavirus economic response Ministers will reconvene on Thursday after marathon all-night talks fail to shift red lines 8632 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Modell för virusspridning i Sverige ska visa effekt av olika åtgärder Forskare vid Uppsala universitet arbetar på en modell över hur spridningen av det nya coronaviruset kan komma att se ut i Sverige. Modellen ska visa vilken effekt olika nivåer av åtgärder har på spridningen, som hur viktigt det är att hålla fysisk distans. I vanliga fall forskar Jasmine Gardner, postdoktor vid institutionen för kemi vid Uppsala universitet, om proteiner. Men sedan två veckor till 8631 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Massarbetslöshet ökar risken att dö i förtid Coronavirusets framfart över världen har en stark påverkan på den globala ekonomin och arbetslösheten ökar kraftigt. Studier från tidigare ekonomiska kriser i Sverige visar att ett stort antal arbetslösa riskerar att dö i förtid. – Vi har funnit att massarbetslöshet leder till ökad dödlighet i befolkningen, säger professor Denny Vågerö vid Institutionen för folkhälsovetenskap, Stockholms universi 8630 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Konsten att jobba hemma Rör på dig då och då och lägg inte för många digitala möten på samma dag. Att arbeta hemifrån kan vara bra för att kunna fokusera på vissa arbetsuppgifter, men det finns en risk för att arbete och fritid flyter ihop och att arbetsmiljön blir sämre. En kollega sitter i sovrummet och jobbar, strax intill sängen, en annan vid köksbordet – så länge resten av hushållet inte ska äta eller laga mat. Med 8629 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Maingear Will Build Ventilators for the Fight Against COVID-19 The boutique PC manufacturer Maingear has announced that it has retrofitted its factories to build ventilators rather than high-end PCs. The newly announced Maingear LIV is intended to be produced at scale at roughly a quarter of the cost of an emergency ventilator. Given that Maingear is headquartered 15 miles from New York City, the ongoing pandemic is a major concern. Here’s how Maingear self- 8628 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. First study on the health conditions of adults one month into COVID-19 lockdown A new preliminary study provides some of the earliest pieces of evidence that the COVID-19 outbreak affected people mentally as well as physically. 8627 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The link between virus spillover, wildlife extinction and the environment–tlb040320.php As COVID-19 spreads across the globe, a common question is, can infectious diseases be connected to environmental change? Yes, indicates a study published today from the University of California, Davis' One Health Institute. Exploitation of wildlife by humans through hunting, trade, habitat degradation and urbanization facilitates close contact between wildlife and humans, which increases the risk 8626 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Protecting the elderly in long-term care facilities from the risks of COVID-19 A new report calls for measures to protect elderly people in long-term care facilities and their caregivers who are particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic. 8625 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Stanford researchers show how forest loss leads to spread of disease In Uganda, loss of forested habitat increases the likelihood of interactions between disease-carrying wild primates and humans. The findings suggest the emergence and spread of viruses, such as the one that causes COVID-19, will become more common as the conversion of natural habitats into farmland continues worldwide. 8624 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Risk based approach will optimize socioeconomic recovery COVID-19 is not the only public health crisis in the United States. There is a danger that extreme mitigation could result in a disastrous socio-economic situation which could potentially case a greater public health crisis. 8623 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. RSNA publishes Fleischner Society statement on chest imaging and COVID-19 A multinational consensus statement from the Fleischner Society on the role of chest imaging in the management of patients with COVID-19 was jointly published today in the journals Radiology and Chest. 8622 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. KIST develops foldable and washable luminescent film Infrared radiation, which is invisible yet highly utilizable, is used in various fields and for various purposes, such as for coronavirus detection (i.e. through thermal imaging cameras and biosensors). A Korean research team has developed a technology that visualizes infrared radiation and expands its application range. 8621 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Successful online management of COVID-19 infection A team of researchers in Wuhan, China have developed a multidisciplinary self-managed home quarantine method that was effective in controlling the source of COVID-19 infection and was useful in alleviating the shortage of medical resources. 8620 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: Measures relevant to health The German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina has published a second ad-hoc-statement entitled 'Coronavirus Pandemic — Measures Relevant to Health'. The paper focuses on measures, which can contribute to a gradual normalisation of public life. 8619 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 54.8% of COVID-19 cases imported to Brazil by March 5 came from Italy In contrast with China and other countries where the disease spread slowly, in Brazil more than 300 people started the epidemic. Most were passengers flying in from Italy. 8618 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Seeking COVID cures: Scientists find promising first step in antiviral treatment Researchers from Cornell University have identified a possible target for antiviral treatment for COVID-19. 8617 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Study demonstrates the need for immediate ICU care for severe COVID-19 pneumonia Researchers have identified the most common clinical characteristics of 109 patients with COVID-19 related pneumonia who died in Wuhan, China in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new study published online in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society. 8616 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Researchers share perspectives on coronavirus pandemic As COVID-19 ravages the globe, researchers are working tirelessly to develop new diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics. The question on the minds of scientists in many diverse fields is how they can help. Now, some researchers are publishing their thoughts on this topic in the form of editorials, perspectives and viewpoints in various ACS journals. 8615 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Locally informed simulation model predicts hospital capacity needs during COVID-19 CHIME includes a user-friendly interface so that hospital leaders can, at any time, independently estimate the time until their hospitals' capacities would likely be exceeded. The model also predicts the intensity of the surge, including need for ward and ICU beds and ventilators, and the duration of time that each hospital would experience a demand in excess of capacity, enabling users to plan fo 8614 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Business this week 8613 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Should the public wear masks to slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2? Yes, but not at the expense of those worn by medical staff 8612 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How important is “silent spreading” in the covid-19 epidemic? Possibly, very 8611 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Spørgsmål til førende forskere: Er klimakrisen mere alvorlig end corona? Faldende CO2-udledning under coronakrisen er ikke nødvendigvis ensbetydende med klimaforandringer. 8610 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 Forces Earth's Largest Telescopes to Close. But a Few Isolated Astronomers Are Still Watching Over the Cosmos More than 100 of Earth's largest telescopes are now closed, and astronomers are worried about the pandemic’s long-term impacts on their field. 8609 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Inside One Company’s Quest to Develop a COVID-19 Antibody Treatment: A Q&A with Regeneron’s George Yancopoulos While teams race to develop a vaccine, Regeneron’s treatment would use antibodies to give patients short-term immunity. 8608 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Why more rats are being spotted during quarantine Hungry rats unable to feed off restaurant leftovers are coming on to the streets and nearer homes. 8607 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: EU top scientist forced out in political row Mauro Ferrari says he lost faith in the system, but EU science officials say he was asked to leave. 8606 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Covid-19 detecting apps face teething problems Researchers at two leading universities take different approaches to creating cough-analysing tools. 8605 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Exploiting nature 'drives outbreaks of new diseases' New evidence has emerged of a link between our impact on nature and pandemics sweeping the world. 8604 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: 'Pets no risk to owners' vets stress Vets stress that pets pose little to no risk to their owners but recommend keeping cats indoors to prevent spread among animals. 8603 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. More Pseudoscience for COVID-19 The science and pseudoscience of COVID-19 are being tested in the real world. 8602 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How the world's biggest radio telescope could be used to search for aliens In 2016, China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope—the largest single-aperture radio telescope in the world—gathered its first light. Since then, the telescope has undergone extensive testing and commissioning and officially went online in Jan of 2020. In all that time, it has also been responsible for multiple discoveries, including close to 100 new pulsars. 8601 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Where the wild things are: How nature might respond as coronavirus keeps humans indoors Intriguing things sometimes happen in places deserted by people. Plants creep back, animals return and, slowly, birdsong fills the air. 8600 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Researchers urge extra support for homeschooling vulnerable children As Australia's teachers strive to shift education online, parents everywhere are bracing for change, but no more so than parents of children with additional needs such as autism, who fear their kids may be left behind in the race to adjust. 8599 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. We need stronger global efforts to protect human rights online As millions of people are moving work and social interactions online to protect themselves from COVID-19, existing online safety measures may not be enough to deal with a surge in harassment and abuse. 8598 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The spikes of the crown: Analyzing the proteins coronaviruses use to infect cells The spike glycoproteins give the coronavirus its name. The molecules protrude from the viral envelope like the spikes of a crown. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics in Frankfurt are now analyzing the structure of this protein. They hope to identify potential targets for antibodies and inhibitors—an important prerequisite for developing new vaccines and drugs against the SARS CoV 8597 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Rents can and should be reduced or suspended for the coronavirus pandemic The National Cabinet announced a moratorium on evictions just over a week ago in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As government ministers and commentators have tried to make clear, it's intended only to stop evictions—not rent payments. But the sudden losses of jobs and incomes mean many households cannot continue to pay pre-crisis rents. 8596 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Are populist leaders a liability during COVID-19? The rise of populism around the world—such as in the United States, Brazil and Indonesia—has partly contributed to the global failure to adequately respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and has led the world into a recession faster than anticipated. 8595 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Are people willing to share risks together within a financial market? Economic anthropologist Erik Bähre does research on the morality of insurance. In his latest ethnography "Ironies of Solidarity' Bähre explores how the South African insurance market expanded. His book asks questions about boundaries of solidarity; to what extent are people able and willing to share risks together within a financial market? These questions have become ever more urgent with the out 8594 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Pandemic policing needs to be done with the public's trust, not confusion The law on what we can and can't do during the coronavirus outbreak is changing on an almost hourly basis. Some of what is written now might be overtaken by the shifts in the pandemic powers of control. 8593 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Pandemic deals blow to plastic bag bans, plastic reduction Just weeks ago, cities and even states across the U.S. were busy banning straws, limiting takeout containers and mandating that shoppers bring reusable bags or pay a small fee as the movement to eliminate single-use plastics took hold in mainstream America. 8592 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Report: Outbreak triggers drop in climate-changing emissions Despite mocking the idea of climate change, President Donald Trump will preside over one of the country's sharpest drops in climate-damaging emissions on record, as the economic paralysis from the coronavirus tamps down energy use, according to an Energy Department projection on Tuesday. 8591 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Opinion: Australian courts move to video, but it's hard to get a fair trial remotely In the past, the courts were ideal breeding grounds for spreading disease. In what became known as the "Black Assize", a deadly fever that swept through prisons and courts in England in 1586, 11 of 12 jurors in one trial died. So did a number of judges and constables. 8590 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Monkeys, elephants and dogs reclaim India's streets in virus lockdown Hundreds of monkeys have taken over the streets around India's presidential palace, leading an animal offensive taking advantage of deserted streets as the country remains under a coronavirus lockdown. 8589 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Lockdown can be stressful for pets too – here's how to keep your dog entertained Many of us have been adjusting to new routines these past few weeks. Working from home comes with positives, like being nearer the biscuits and working in pajamas. But it also has challenges, like communicating with colleagues and keeping the children entertained. 8588 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. No press, no family: Space crew set for launch during pandemic A three-man space crew finished preparations on Wednesday for a mission to the International Space Station, which is going ahead despite the coronavirus pandemic. 8587 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Ease up on e-learning expectations for kids You may have seen the Israeli mom's video rant about the intensity of the workload of her four children during online learning: "If we don't die of Corona, we'll die of distance learning!" 8586 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. After COVID-19: Recalibrating the American educational system The closure of schools mid-semester and the transition to online learning have forced a great reckoning in American education. As with the health care sector, the education system stands to be profoundly transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 8585 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. From coronavirus to a greener society? Winston Churchill famously remarked "Never let a good crisis go to waste." It's hard to argue that the coronavirus pandemic is a "good" crisis, but it is certainly monumental. 8584 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Consumers react to coronavirus crisis, increasingly move online Consumers with family obligations, people older than 35, business owners and Democrats were more likely to be extremely concerned about Coronavirus in mid March, just as the U.S. response and news about the virus was ramping up, according to an analysis of consumer survey responses. The data also suggest the virus has accelerated the move to online, and particularly mobile, shopping. 8583 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. CERN physics lab developing basic COVID-19 ventilator Physics experts are working at Europe's CERN lab to create a basic ventilator for mild coronavirus sufferers and recovering patients, the facility said on Wednesday. 8582 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Learning about artificial intelligence: A hub of MIT resources for K-12 students In light of the recent events surrounding Covid-19, learning for grades K-12 looks very different than it did a month ago. Parents and educators may be feeling overwhelmed about turning their homes into classrooms. 8581 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Producenter: Dyre råvarer – ikke profitmagere – sender prisen på håndsprit i vejret Stigende global efterspørgsel påvirker priserne på desinficerende midler i Danmark. Prisstigningerne rammer både kunder og producenter. 8580 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Her er scenarierne: Forsigtig beslutning ligger bag åbning af skoler og institutioner Regeringens beslutning om at åbne institutioner og små klassetrin efter påske ligner det mest forsigtige af tre beregnede scenarier. Men hvis vi ikke holder afstand kan intensivpladserne stadig blive fyldt. 8579 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Blodtransfusion hjælper coronaofre i nye ministudier En ny behandlingsmetode mod corona kan vise sig i form af transfusion af blod fra patienter, der er kommet sig af sygdommen til alvorligt syge. To studier udført i Kina viser gode resultater, skriver The Guardian. 8578 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Antistoftest på bloddonorer opdager langt fra alle corona-tilfælde PLUS. Blodbankernes nye antistoftest har en falsk negativ-andel på 23 pct., men var det bedste, der var tilgængeligt på markedet. 8577 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. This Site Lets a Barber Tell You How to Cut Your Hair via Webcam Haircut Needed In the age of coronavirus, we’re left to our own devices when it comes to styling, grooming, or cutting hair. The leaves an opening for entrepreneurs, who’ve created a site that pairs you “with a world-class barber” to “get your hair through these hard times,” as the descriptively-named website puts it. “You know, p a jama bottoms are fine and everything 8576 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Pandemic Stranded Them in the Worst Place: Antarctica Homeward Bound As the coronavirus pandemic made it difficult — and ill-advised — to travel, one group found itself trapped in a particularly inhospitable environment: Antarctica. The members of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) staff were working at research stations when the pandemic hit. And while plans have been made to bring just about everyone stationed there home, BBC News reports , it was 8575 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. There’s No Good Evidence That Hydroxychloroquine Fights COVID-19 Even though there’s no robust, convincing evidence to suggest that it does any good, President Trump continues to tout the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19. The evidence Trump cites is particularly flimsy, Vox reports . There has yet to be a large enough randomized and double-blinded clinical trial for hydroxychloroquine to definitively conclude what impact the dr 8574 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Many COVID-19 Patients Are Dying from Cardiac Arrest A recent study by Chinese researchers found that as many as one in five COVID-19 patients experienced cardiac damage, heart failure — and, in some instances, death. Out of 416 hospitalized patients, 19 percent showed signs of heart damage. About half of those with heart damage succumbed to the disease while only 4.5 percent of those without didn’t. A report by Italian physicians found similarly s 8573 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Covid-19: how are African countries coping? Sarah Boseley speaks to Prof Trudie Lang about the outbreak on the continent and explores how a history of responding to Ebola and other public health emergencies could help. Help support our independent journalism at 8572 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Praktiserende læger: Videokonsultationer har både fordele og ulemper Videokonsultationer er ifølge to praktiserende læger kommet for at blive. Men med de digitale konsultationer kommer både fordele og udfordringer, siger de. 8571 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Wildlife exploitation = infectious disease risk Global study links human activities to virus spillover from animals. 8570 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What the COVID-19 Pandemic Means for Black Americans The bias built into the health system means they will have worse outcomes on average if they get sick 8569 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Harnessing Social Media for the COVID-19 Pandemic Campaigns such as #See10Do10 can make a sometimes frivolous way of communicating socially useful 8568 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Covid-19 Antibody Update for April 8 Let’s do an update on the antibody situation in this epidemic (a bit of antibody/immunology background here if you would like some). The word is today that the CDC is starting several efforts to do antibody testing. One of these is to look at people (from areas that showed widespread cases of coronavirus) who never showed any symptoms themselves. How many of these folks will turn out to have had 8567 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Expand your knowledge while you social distance with this app bundle Learning a new language is a great way to expand your cultural boundaries while training your brain. One of the best ways to stave off dementia is to continue learning new skills throughout life. While social distancing is tough, take advantage of this time by continuing to learn new skills. Streaming services are rushing to provide new content as more people practice social distancing. For the n 8566 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Global Hack is calling for help to address COVID-19 with innovative ideas The Global Hack is a 48-hour online brainstorming marathon beginning on Thursday, April 9. The event is open to anyone with a solution to address the COVID-19 pandemic and socioeconomic problems caused by it. The prize pool is estimated at 120,000 euros, or about $130,000 U.S. dollars. A worldwide event to rapidly combat the coronavirus by linking together brilliant ideas from around the globe be 8565 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 5 skills to learn while in self-isolation During times of crisis an opportunity for learning exists. Given that many of us are stressed, finding ways to alleviate anxiety is important. While the skills you can learn from home are endless, this list offers five timely options. Everyone is processing this moment differently. For the 10 million-plus Americans that have lost their jobs in the past few weeks due to coronavirus-related closure 8564 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 4 mood-boosting activities to keep your mind happy during COVID-19 lockdown Expressing your artistic self has profound positive impacts on your mental health and wellbeing during times of stress. "Knitting and other forms of textile crafting such as sewing, weaving or crocheting have quite a lot in common with mindfulness and meditation," according to neuroscientist Dr. Sarah McKay. Spending quality time with your pets can also have beneficial impacts, including lowered 8563 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How to tailor various 'anxiety-reducing' techniques to better suit your own needs Mindfulness is typically described as the ability to become more aware of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being at the present moment, without any negative perceptions. In a 2019 UK-based study, participants who tailored various self-help practices to fit their individual circumstances and anxieties found them much more beneficial after as little as 5 minutes per day. Different mindfuln 8562 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How to Care for Your Car While Sheltering in Place Being completely sedentary isn't just bad for people—it's bad for vehicles, too. 8561 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Pandas Kept Together For 10 Years Have Finally Mated During The Coronavirus Lockdown All it took was a pandemic to heat things up. 8560 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Our Exploitation of Wildlife Is Directly Causing More Viruses to Spread to Humans, Study Shows It's not just exotic market, we all play a role. 8559 ….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. No, 5G Radiation Doesn't Spread The Coronavirus. Here's How We Know Please read and share.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. We're Thinking about Climate Change the Wrong Way Rather than convince other nations to “do their part,” the U.S. should develop clean energy technologies and make them cheap enough for everyone to adopt

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Carbon emission scheme 'succeeding despite low prices' A European Union (EU) programme aimed at reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions has made significant progress despite low prices in carbon markets, according to a study at the Universities of Strathclyde and Pittsburgh.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Climate change could cause sudden biodiversity losses worldwide A warming global climate could cause sudden, potentially catastrophic losses of biodiversity in regions across the globe throughout the 21st century, finds a new UCL-led study.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Shelf sediments, freshwater runoff from rivers brings more carbon, nutrients to North Pole A new study by researchers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and their international colleagues found that freshwater runoff from rivers and continental shelf sediments are bringing significant quantities of carbon and trace elements into parts of the Arctic Ocean via the Transpolar Drift—a major surface current that moves water from Siberia across the North Pole to the North Atlantic

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Uganda: 20% decline in economic output without climate action There is evidence that climate change affects both the quantity and quality of food production, reducing food security, and nutrition intake. In developing countries, where the agricultural sector dominates the economy, the impacts of the changing climate on the agricultural supply chain will substantially hinder economic growth and well-being of the local communities.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Uganda: 20% decline in economic output without climate action Less nutrition, less productivity, less development: the changing climate hinders poor rural areas of developing countries. A new study with contribution from the CMCC Foundation shows the impacts of climate change on the labor supply in 21st century, and how decision makers should act today to prevent the potential negative outcomes.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Tracking Southern Hemisphere black carbon to Antarctic snow Biomass burning represents around 80% of all BC emitted to the atmosphere in the Southern Hemisphere, which means that the fires happening in Australia, New Zealand and South America ultimately leave a mark in Antarctic snow.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Rains bring drought relief and hope to Australian farmers Agriculture targets A$100bn sales as it sets its sights on becoming Asia’s ‘food bowl’

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Climate change may spark more Pacific Northwest wildfires A new study takes a big-picture look at what climate change could mean for wildfires in the Northwest. Many have questioned what the fires—including the Carlton Complex Fire in 2014, the largest in Washington’s history; the 2017 fire season in Oregon; and the 2018 Maple Fire on the Olympic Peninsula—will mean for the region’s future. For the study in Fire Ecology , researchers considered wildfire

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Mature forest shows little increase in carbon uptake in a CO2-enriched atmosphere Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00962-0 Will mature forests absorb enough carbon from the atmosphere to mitigate climate change as levels of carbon dioxide increase? An experiment in a eucalyptus forest provides fresh evidence.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. The pace of biodiversity change in a warming climate Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00975-9 The timing of disruptions to biodiversity associated with global warming is a key, but little-explored, dimension of change. Will losses in biodiversity occur all at once, or be spread out over time?

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. The fate of carbon in a mature forest under carbon dioxide enrichment Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2128-9 Carbon dioxide enrichment of a mature forest resulted in the emission of the excess carbon back into the atmosphere via enhanced ecosystem respiration, suggesting that mature forests may be limited in their capacity to mitigate climate change.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Rare herb devastated by Australian bush fires saved by seed bank One of the largely unnoticed victims of the Australian bushfires earlier this year was clover glycine (Glycine latrobeana), a rare pea endemic to South Australia that has now been restored thanks to seeds kept at Kew Gardens

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. The Great Barrier Reef has suffered its most widespread bleaching yet Australia's record-breaking heatwave early this year bleached 60 per cent of the Great Barrier Reef, affecting all three of its regions for the first time

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. The changing physical and ecological meanings of North Pacific Ocean climate indices [Environmental Sciences] Climate change is likely to change the relationships between commonly used climate indices and underlying patterns of climate variability, but this complexity is rarely considered in studies using climate indices. Here, we show that the physical and ecological conditions mapping onto the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) index and North Pacific…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Carbon declines along tropical forest edges correspond to heterogeneous effects on canopy structure and function [Ecology] Nearly 20% of tropical forests are within 100 m of a nonforest edge, a consequence of rapid deforestation for agriculture. Despite widespread conversion, roughly 1.2 billion ha of tropical forest remain, constituting the largest terrestrial component of the global carbon budget. Effects of deforestation on carbon dynamics in remnant forests,…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. The ocean captures twice as much carbon dioxide as previously thought. Phytoplankton on the surface of the ocean absorb carbon dioxide, and are eaten by zooplankton, carrying the CO2 deeper into the ocean. Levels of CO2 in the atmosphere would be much higher if not for the biological carbon pump.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Great Barrier Reef's third mass bleaching in five years the most widespread yet. Government’s chief marine scientist says he fears people will lose hope for the future of the reef but it is a clear signal for action

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Climate change to affect fish sizes and complex food webs Global climate change will affect fish sizes in unpredictable ways and, consequently, impact complex food webs in our oceans, a new study has shown. The study analyzed three decades of data from 30,000 surveys of rocky and coral reefs around Australia.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Climate change encouraged colonization of South Pacific Islands earlier than first thought New research has found settlers arrived in East Polynesia around 200 years earlier than previously thought.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Indigenous knowledge could reveal ways to weather climate change on islands Some islands have such low elevation, that mere inches of sea-level rise will flood them, but higher, larger islands will also be affected by changes in climate and an understanding of ancient practices in times of climate change might help populations survive, according to researchers.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. New study helps improve accuracy of future climate change predictions New research has shone light on the impact of clouds on climate change. The study has raised serious doubts of the likely impact of human-led interventions involving methods of cloud 'brightening' to counteract climate change.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <><>fakenews ….. False memories of crime appear real when retold to others People are no better than chance at identifying when someone else is recounting a false or real memory of a crime, according to a new UCL study published in Frontiers in Psychology.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <><>fakenews ….. The effects of communicating uncertainty on public trust in facts and numbers [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] Uncertainty is inherent to our knowledge about the state of the world yet often not communicated alongside scientific facts and numbers. In the “posttruth” era where facts are increasingly contested, a common assumption is that communicating uncertainty will reduce public trust. However, a lack of systematic research makes it difficult…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <><>fakenews ….. Correction for Jamieson et al., Signaling the trustworthiness of science [Correction] PERSPECTIVE Correction for “Signaling the trustworthiness of science,” by Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Marcia McNutt, Veronique Kiermer, and Richard Sever, which was first published September 23, 2019; 10.1073/pnas.1913039116 (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 116, 19231–19236). The authors wish to note, “A coding error was uncovered in the survey vendor’s computer-assisted telephone…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. How to Stop Science Thieves Universities are creating new tools to guard research against threats to national security and competitiveness

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Amazonian crops domesticated 10,000 years ago As agriculture emerged in early civilizations, crops were domesticated in four locations around the world—rice in China; grains and pulses in the Middle East; maize, beans and squash in Mesoamerica; and potatoes and quinoa in the Andes. Now, an international team of researchers have confirmed a fifth domestication area in southwestern Amazonia where manioc, squash and other edibles became garden p

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. New protected area raises hopes for critically endangered monkey The fortunes of the critically endangered Myanmar snub-nosed monkey have received a boost after its habitat was declared a protected area by the Myanmar government.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Rethinking cosmology: Universe expansion may not be uniform (Update) Astronomers have assumed for decades that the Universe is expanding at the same rate in all directions. A new study based on data from ESA's XMM-Newton, NASA's Chandra and the German-led ROSAT X-ray observatories suggests this key premise of cosmology might be wrong.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Researchers use big data to identify biodiversity hotspots Often considered desolate, remote, unalterable places, the high seas are, in fact, hotbeds of activity for both people and wildlife. Technology has enabled more human activity in areas once difficult to reach, and that in turn has brought a growing presence of industries such as fishing, mining and transportation in international waters—the ocean beyond 200 nautical miles from any coast.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Deep-sea animal communities can change dramatically and erratically over time A 30-year study off the California coast has revealed dramatic fluctuations in deep-sea animal communities. Despite decades of research, scientists are still not sure what drives these changes. These findings are described in a recent paper by former MBARI researcher Linda Kuhnz and other MBARI scientists.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Mapping the evolution of coastal waters in Metro Vancouver: The Burrard Inlet What did the Burrard Inlet look like in the past, compared to how it is now? What were the fishing, food source, and maritime resources there and how did this habitat change over time? UBC researchers sought to answer those questions, in a clear and interactive way.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Fungi complex active ingredients could have potential for medical applications Fungi play an important role for mankind. In the soil, they decompose dead organic material, making it accessible to plants as a nutrient. In industrial biotechnological plants, fungi produce vast quantities of chemicals and food every day. In addition, fungi produce very complex active ingredients that could have potential for medical applications.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Global spice boom: An opportunity for new ag exports Demand for high-value spice crops is on the rise around the world, giving confidence to proponents of establishing a new export-focused industry in northern Australia.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Goat grazing helps control buckthorn growth Goat grazing as a means for removing invasive species has become an increasingly popular practice among midwestern landowners. At the same time, there's concern the goats may be spreading the invasive species they're eating through their feces.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Harbor seals find it difficult to be heard over noise of cruise ships A small team of researchers from Syracuse University, Cornell University and the Humpback Whale Monitoring Program in Glacier Bay National Park reports evidence of harbor seals having difficulty being heard over the noise from cruise ships during mating season. In their paper published in the journal Biology Letters, the group describes studying noise off the coast of Alaska's Glacier Bay National

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Harnessing the power of electricity-producing bacteria for programmable 'biohybrids' Someday, microbial cyborgs—bacteria combined with electronic devices—could be useful in fuel cells, biosensors and bioreactors. But first, scientists need to develop materials that not only nurture the microbes, but also efficiently and controllably harvest the electricity or other resources they make. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces have developed one such materia

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. NASA study adds a pinch of salt to El Niño models When modeling the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) ocean-climate cycle, adding satellite sea surface salinity—or saltiness—data significantly improves model accuracy, according to a new NASA study.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. A study compares the parietal lobes in Neanderthals and modern humans The Paleoneurobiology Group of the Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana (CENIEH), led by Emiliano Bruner, has just published a morphological analysis of the brains of Neanderthals and modern humans in the Journal of Human Evolution, whose results suggest that the more rounded shape of modern human brains is due in part to larger and bulgier parietal lobes, on average.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Film photosensitizer: Highly efficient singlet oxygen generation Photosensitized generation of singlet oxygen has attracted a great deal of interest reaching applications in various fields owing to its high biological activity and strong oxidation, including organic synthesis, wastewater treatment, and photodynamic therapy (PDT). Although singlet oxygen can be produced in a variety of ways, triplet state energy transfer from some organic molecules under light i

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Revolutionary new method for dating pottery sheds new light on prehistoric past A team at the University of Bristol has developed a new method of dating pottery which is allowing archaeologists to date prehistoric finds from across the world with remarkable accuracy.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Skin microbiome of poisonous newts facilitates adaptive tetrodotoxin production The textbook example in ecology, literally, goes like this: The poisonous rough-skinned newt and the garter snake are locked in an evolutionary arms race. The more resistant the snake becomes to the newt's neurotoxic defense, the more deadly toxin the newt produces—in some newts, enough to kill two dozen humans.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Tracking microorganisms through the dairy production process Microorganisms from the environment can enter the dairy supply chain at multiple stages, including production, milk collection, and processing, with potential implications for quality and safety. The ability to track these microorganisms can be greatly enhanced by the use of high-throughput DNA sequencing (HTS), say Teagasc and UCC researchers, who recently published a paper in the peer reviewed j

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. NASA’s Plan to Build a Base Camp on the Moon Sounds Like Sci-Fi, But It’s Real If we’re ever going to make Elon Musk’s vision of colonizing Mars a reality, we first need to figure out an essential component of the plan: how to get there. After all, it’s somewhere between 34 and 140 million miles away from Earth. The moon is barely spitting distance closer, relatively speaking—but it’s a start. More importantly, it’s the place most similar to Mars that humans are currently a

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Event Horizon Telescope: Black hole produces twisting jet The team behind the first image of a black hole reveals something else from that historic picture.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Lobster digestion of microplastics could further foul the food chain Tiny fragments of plastic waste are dispersed throughout the environment, including the oceans, where marine organisms can ingest them. However, the subsequent fate of these microplastics in animals that live near the bottom of the ocean isn't clear. Now, researchers report in ACS' Environmental Science & Technology that lobsters can eat and break down some of this microplastic material, releasing

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Unwinding the mystery of degraded reel-to-reel tapes As reel-to-reel tapes make a comeback among audio buffs, scientists are unraveling the secret of why some decades-old tapes are unplayable, while others retain their original superb audio fidelity. The researchers are presenting their results through the American Chemical Society SciMeetings online platform.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Evaluating embryo quality with ultrasensitive protein detection Infertility is estimated to affect 9% of reproductive-aged couples globally, and many couples turn to assisted reproductive technology. Selecting embryos with maximum development potential plays a pivotal role in obtaining the highest rate of success. Researchers can evaluate the quality of an embryo by detecting the content of proteins secreted. In Biomicrofluidics, a method to detect trace prote

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Personalized microrobots swim through biological barriers, deliver drugs to cells Biohybrid robots on the micrometer scale can swim through the body and deliver drugs to tumors or provide other cargo-carrying functions. To be successful, they must consist of materials that can pass through the body's immune response, swim quickly through viscous environments and penetrate tissue cells to deliver cargo. In APL Bioengineering, researchers fabricated biohybrid bacterial microswimm

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. How does habitat fragmentation affect Amazonian birds? The Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (BDFFP), located near Manaus, Brazil, began in 1979 and is the world's longest-running experimental study of tropical forest fragments. A new paper in The Condor: Ornithological Applications summarizes four decades of data from the project about how Amazonian bird communities respond to habitat fragmentation, a question as relevant today as ever

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Wild tomato resistance to bacterial canker has implications for commercial tomato industry Bacterial canker is caused by the pathogen Clavibacter michiganensis, which infects commercially bred tomatoes by colonizing the xylem, a series of tubes that transports water and minerals throughout the plant. There are no commercially available tomatoes resistant to bacterial canker and management options are limited. However, breeders have known that wild tomato species are less susceptible to

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. A step ahead in the race toward ultrafast imaging of single particles New research from Argonne National Laboratory takes a step toward the 'holy grail' of imaging: the ability to see the structure of a single, free-form molecule at atomic resolution.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Coquí fossil from Puerto Rico takes title of oldest Caribbean frog The bright chirp of the coquí frog, the national symbol of Puerto Rico, has likely resounded through Caribbean forests for at least 29 million years. A fossil arm bone from a frog in the genus Eleutherodactylus is the oldest record of frogs in the Caribbean and, fittingly, was discovered on the island where coquís are most beloved.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Premature birth linked to the mother's vaginal microbiome Pregnant women who deliver early are more likely to have a varied vaginal microbiome, especially in their first trimester. Combining data from several studies, the researchers analyzed information across a wide range of women in terms of ethnicity and stage of pregnancy and also highlight the specific bacteria associated with premature births. The authors hope these findings could help identify wo

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. River-groundwater hot spot for arsenic Naturally occurring groundwater arsenic contamination is a problem of global significance, particularly in South and Southeast Asian aquifers. To address this problem, an Australian team of scientists with colleagues at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag), have used computer modelling to integrate computer simulations that mimic the complex interactions between gr

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Neutron research: Magnetic monopoles detected in Kagome spin ice systems Magnetic monopoles are actually impossible. At low temperatures, however, certain crystals can contain so-called quasi-particles that behave like magnetic monopoles. Now an international cooperation has proven that such monopoles also occur in a Kagome spin ice system. Decisive factors were, among others, measurements with inelastic neutron scattering at the NEAT instrument of the Berlin neutron s

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. The evolution of color: Team shows how butterfly wings can shift in hue A selective mating experiment by a curious butterfly breeder has led scientists to a deeper understanding of how butterfly wing color is created and evolves. The study, led by scientists at University of California, Berkeley, and the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, is published today in eLife.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Common protein in skin can 'turn on' allergic itch A commonly expressed protein in skin — periostin — can directly activate itch-associated neurons in the skin, according to new research. Blocking periostin receptors on these neurons reduced the itch response in a mouse model of atopic dermatitis, or eczema.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. NASA finds Tropical Cyclone Harold between Vanuatu and Fiji Tropical Cyclone Harold brought heavy rains and hurricane-force winds to Vanuatu and was moving toward Fiji when NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite provided forecasters with an image of the storm.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. New NUI Galway study helps improve accuracy of future climate change predictions New research published by NUI Galway's Centre for Climate & Air Pollution Studies (C-CAPS) has shone light on the impact of clouds on climate change. The study has raised serious doubts of the likely impact of human-led interventions involving methods of cloud 'brightening' to counteract climate change. The new study has been published today in the Nature's journal – Climate and Atmospheric Scienc

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Making a connection: Two ways that fault segments may overcome their separation In complex fault zones, multiple seemingly disconnected faults can potentially rupture at once, increasing the chance of a large damaging earthquake. Recent earthquakes including the 1992 Landers, 1999 Hector Mine and 2019 Ridgecrest earthquakes in California, among others, ruptured in this way. But how can seismologists predict whether individual fault segments might be connected and rupture toge

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Disagreements help team perception, study finds Team disagreements might be the key to helping Soldiers identify objects in battle, researchers say.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Researchers suggest a special diet against asthma Can a special diet help in certain cases of asthma? A new study at the University of Bonn at least points to this conclusion. According to the study, mice that were switched to a so-called ketogenic diet showed significantly reduced inflammation of the respiratory tract. The results are now published in the renowned journal "Immunity".

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Protecting the high seas–pth040720.php Researchers use big data to identify biodiversity hotspots that could become the first generation of high seas marine protected areas.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. House cleaning on the nanoscale A team of scientists at Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) has developed a novel mechanical cleaning method for surfaces on the nanoscale. The technique successfully removes even the tiniest contaminants down to the atomic scale, achieving an unprecedented level of cleanliness.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Researchers discover new information on interstellar magnetic field in solar neighborhood An international research team led by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Turku, Finland, mapped the interstellar magnetic field structure and interstellar matter distribution in the solar neighbourhood. The results of the study have been published in the esteemed European journal Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A) in March, 2020.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Early bedtime may help children maintain healthy weight Going to bed early and following a consistent bedtime routine may help reduce children's risk of becoming overweight or obese, according to a new study published in Acta Paediatrica.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Exploring why males are larger than females among mammals In most animals, females are larger than males, but in most mammals, males are larger than females. A new analysis published in Mammal Review examines the potential drivers of these differences.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Mindfulness program may benefit patients with irritable bowel syndrome Adults with irritable bowel syndrome experienced fewer gastrointestinal symptoms after they participated in a mindfulness program meant to reduce stress. Results of the study are published in Neurogastroenterology & Motility.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Researchers assess bird flu virus subtypes in China The avian influenza virus subtype H16N3 is currently detectable in many countries. To examine the potential threat to humans of H16N3, researchers recently performed an extensive avian influenza surveillance in major wild bird gatherings across China from 2017-2019. The findings are published in Transboundary and Emerging Diseases.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. What are the environmental impacts of cancer drugs? Chemotherapeutic drugs, also known as antineoplastic agents, that are prescribed to treat a range of cancer types, enter the aquatic environment via human excretion and wastewater treatment facilities. A review published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry indicates that very few studies have characterized the effects of antineoplastic agents that are released into aquatic environments.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Genes sow seeds of neuropsychiatric diseases before birth, in early childhood From early prenatal development through childhood, the prefrontal cortex of the human brain undergoes an avalanche of developmental activity. In some cases, it also contains seeds of neuropsychiatric illnesses such as autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia, according to a new genetic analysis led by researchers at Yale University and the University of California-San Francisco.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Nanopore reveals shape-shifting enzyme linked to catalysis Scientists observed the characteristics of a single enzyme inside a nanopore. This revealed that the enzyme can exist in four different folded states, or conformers, that play an active role in the reaction mechanism. These results will have consequences for enzyme engineering and the development of inhibitors.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Condensed matter: Bethe strings experimentally observed 90 years ago, the physicist Hans Bethe postulated that unusual patterns, so-called Bethe strings, appear in certain magnetic solids. Now an international team has succeeded in experimentally detecting such Bethe strings for the first time. They used neutron scattering experiments at various neutron facilities including the unique high-field magnet of BER II at HZB. The experimental data are in exc

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Some flowers have learned to bounce back after injury Some flowers have a remarkable and previously unknown ability to bounce back after injury, according to a new study.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Babies retain even detailed events during a nap While sleeping the brain goes through previously experienced things, consolidates new memory contents and summarizes similar experiences into more general knowledge. This also applies to babies. However, they can more than just generalize what they have learned. A recent study shows: during sleep a baby's brain also consolidates the details of its individual experience and protects them from gener

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. It's now or never: Visual events have 100 milliseconds to hit brain target or go unnoticed Researchers have defined a crucial window of time that mice need to key in on visual events.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Therapy dogs may help lower emergency clinicians' stress New research indicates that for physicians and nurses working evening shifts in the emergency department, interacting with a therapy dog for several minutes may help lower stress.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Is autoimmunity on the rise? A study provides evidence that the prevalence of autoimmunity — when the immune system goes awry and attacks the body itself — has increased in the United States in recent years.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Mutation reduces energy waste in plants In a way, plants are energy wasters: in order to protect themselves from excessive electron transport, they continuously quench light energy and don't use it for photosynthesis and biomass production. A mutation can make them work more efficiently.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Observing the internal 3D structure of the nipple to understand and fight breast cancer Researchers employed X-ray dark-field computed tomography to create three-dimensional renderings of the internal structure of the human nipple, thereby elucidating its varied arrangements. Their approach could be applied for diagnostic and exploratory purposes in breast cancer.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Cancer mutation in dual role Analyses of cell signals provide insight into the origin of severe inflammatory symptoms that appear in various types of blood cancer and point to possible therapeutic approaches: In around one-fourth of patients suffering from juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML), there is evidence of mutations in the so-called KRAS gene in the leukemia cells. Patients affected by JMML carrying these mutations

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Här förvandlas sillspad till hållbart protein Livsmedelsforskaren Ingrid Undeland vill förvandla sillspad till ätbart protein. Hon anser att vi måste bli bättre på att ta hand om svinnet från havet. Mindre än en femtedel av den fisk vi tar upp ur svenska vatten blir mat.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Havsdjuren som fångar virus Havstulpaner, koraller, ostron, kammusslor, havsborstmaskar och svampdjur är exempel på djur som lever av att filtrera ut plankton, bakterier och ätbara partiklar ur vatten. Men vattnet innehåller också stora mängder fria viruspartiklar, i vissa fall hundratals miljoner virus per liter vatten. En ny rapport från av ett nederländskt forskarteam visar att de filtrerande djuren fungerar som reningsve

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Further reading Boris and the scientists; the 5G conspiracy; Lagarde; fear and greed; and much more.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. What inner feelings do flies sing? “I left chocolate chip cookies on the table.” What would be your reaction to hearing that statement? If you hadn’t eaten for the past 10 hours, you might jump and run towards the cookies. If you had just eaten a buffet dinner, you might not blink an eye. In other words, our responses to the surrounding world often depend on our internal states, such as hunger, thirst, and arousal. For us humans,

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A problem with YouTube The American Geophysical Union ( AGU ) started to stream sessions at their annual meeting in San Francisco a few years ago. This kind of participation over the Internet is a nice alternative since many scholars are unable to attend the AGU meetings due to distance, time constraints, time difference and cost. I watched some of the talks, and the streaming from AGU motivated an idea of sharing vide

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Astronomers Just Released an Unprecedented Image of a Jet Shooting From a Black Hole Whoahhh.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Forest Fires Around Chernobyl Have Pushed Radiation to 16 Times Normal Levels The hidden dangers of the exclusion zone.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. What The Heck Is This Long, Hypnotic Stringy Thing Floating in The Ocean? It appears to be longer than any animal we've ever seen.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. An Unusually Large Hole Has Opened in The Ozone Layer Over The Arctic Good news: it should only be temporary.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. How you can improve your life with mindfulness meditation A recent study showed that 40 days of mindfulness training lead to structural changes in the brain and helps improve quality of life. Previous research has shown meditation to be helpful in reducing emotional pain. Daily mindfulness practice helps practitioners maintain focus and boost their cognitive abilities. A recent study in the journal Scientific Reports found that 40 days of mindfulness tr

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. 10 courses that can turn you into a better writer Reading has been shown to increase intelligence and empathy, making writing a powerful communication tool. There are methods that can help you become a stronger writer, such as creating outlines and reading lists, and editing. Transmitting ideas from your head onto the page helps you to organize your thinking process. Creative writing is a powerful means for organizing your thoughts. Not only are

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. What elements make up our idea of justice? How can we ensure people get what they are due, in terms of justice? Philosophy professor at University of Arizona, David Schmidtz says the answer to this question needs context. Who is the person we're referring to, and to what are we responding? Some elements of justice include equality, returning favors, and the right to air grievances.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Remembering Big Bang Basher Fred Hoyle The great astrophysicist Fred Hoyle (1915–2001) named the big bang theory but never embraced it

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. How some flowers recover from injury It’s a newly discovered adaptation to enhance survival.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. More signs of the pressure on our environment New reports highlight the threat to biodiversity and the role of mature trees.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A close look at a black hole’s jet EHT’s data keeps on giving.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A Colorado Neighborhood Runs on a Self-Reliant, Clean Energy Grid Local Grid In Basalt, Colorado, a new housing development is testing out a new way to distribute electricity. Instead of relying on a plant somewhere to dole out electricity to their homes, residents of the Basalt Vista development are relying on an experimental, virtual power plant, Wired reports . Each house generates clean energy for the neighborhood through solar panels and stores it for late

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A New Hole Is Forming in the Ozone Layer Over the Arctic New Hole Over the last month, a new hole in the ozone layer has started to form over the Arctic. The ozone layer over the North Pole has been depleted plenty of times in the past. But this time around, extreme weather and atmospheric conditions have led to a far greater depletion than normal, according to a European Space Agency press release . While the ESA scientists expect it to close up later

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. There’s a Biohazard in Your Bedroom. But These Bacteria-Resistant Bed Sheets Can Help. Futurism fans: To create this content, a non-editorial team worked with an affiliate partner. We may collect a small commission on items purchased through this page. This post does not necessarily reflect the views or the endorsement of the editorial staff. It’s probably not something you want to think about, but your sheets , towels, and pillowcases are covered with bacteria and oth

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. NASA Funds Giant Radio Telescope Concept on Far Side of Moon NASA is funding research for a giant radio telescope in a crater on the far side of the Moon. The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program, an incubator for radically futuristic and otherworldly concepts, has awarded a Phase 1 grant for what the agency calls the Lunar Crater Radio Telescope (LCRT) — an exciting idea that could be a major turning point in the search for extraterrestrial in

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Physicists Are Crashing Matter into Antimatter to Hunt a New Boson Happy Anniversary After a year of experimentation at Japan’s SuperKEKB particle accelerator, physicists say they’re getting close to finding a theorized but yet-undiscovered elementary particle. The team, a group of scientists from 12 German institutes and universities, is on the hunt for the Z’ boson — pronounced “Z prime” — a subatomic particle that would help explain why the universe has inequ

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists Release Incredible Video of Black Hole Spewing Matter After an international coalition of scientists released the first-ever image of a black hole last year, we now have the ultimate follow-up: a video of a supermassive black hole spewing a brilliant jet of particles. The video, part of a new research paper published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics this week, actually comes from the same observation of the black hole image conducted by the E

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. DTU-studerende udvikler grønt alternativ til brændefyret madlavning Forurening fra madlavning ildsteder dræber hvert år mange mennesker, men en ny teknologi, som DTU-studerende er ved at udvikle, kan måske ændre på det i fremtiden.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Ny opskrift på stærke overflader PLUS. Ved at diffundere krom ind i overfladen er det lykkedes TRD Surfaces at give stålemner en superhård overflade, der i slidstyrke og korro­sionsbestandighed overgår hårdforkromning.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Tyggegummi-iværksættere: »Vi kunne godt have brugt en maskiningeniør« PLUS. I 2017 besluttede tre CBS’ere og en fødevarekandidat at udvikle tyggegummi uden plast. Salget går over forventning, men det har krævet hårdt arbejde at skalere produktionen op.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Adulterated argan oil uncovered through new analytical method Researchers from the Quadram Institute have developed a new way to test the authenticity of argan oil, one of the world's most expensive edible oils. In recent years, it has become sought after as an ingredient in cosmetics and health products, significantly increasing its value.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A supply chain expert weighs in on the current crisis and maps out a plan for the future Well before hand sanitizer became impossible to find and store shelves across the country were emptied of toilet paper, Brian Aoaeh, who teaches in NYU Tandon's Department of Technology Management and Innovation, was pointing out problems in our global supply chains.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Chemists 'program' liquid crystalline elastomers to replicate complex twisting action simply with the use of light The twisting and bending capabilities of the human muscle system enable a varied and dynamic range of motion, from walking and running to reaching and grasping. Replicating something as seemingly simple as waving a hand in a robot, however, requires a complex series of motors, pumps, actuators and algorithms. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and Harvard University have recently designed

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. 3-D printing, biology research make the journey back to earth aboard SpaceX's Dragon On March 9, 2020, a Dragon cargo spacecraft arrived at the International Space Station carrying dozens of scientific experiments as a part of SpaceX's 20th cargo resupply mission. Now, Dragon heads home. On April 7, it is scheduled to undock from station, bringing samples, hardware and data from completed investigations back to Earth on its return trip.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers 3-D-print minerals in order to better predict fracture formation Cracks are everywhere, and they often mean trouble. In the foundation of your house, in your windshield, in the tectonic plates below your feet. But, surprisingly, scientists don't actually understand them as well as they would like.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Researcher discovers early, complex brain surgery in ancient Greece New research from Adelphi University has revealed the first forensically-assessed archeological discovery of remains of a group of domineering mounted archer-lancers and their kin of the Eastern Roman Empire from the turbulent ProtoByzantine period, which spanned the fourth to seventh centuries.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Environmental cost of 'fast fashion' is not sustainable Urgent fundamental changes to 'fast fashion' clothing items which are treated by many as disposable is needed to stem a devastating impact upon the environment according to scientists.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. New geoelectric hazard map shows potential vulnerability to high-voltage power grid for two-thirds of the U.S. The U.S. Geological Survey released a new report on geoelectric hazards for two-thirds of the contiguous U.S., spanning from the northeast to the west coast of the Nation.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Massive generation of metastable bulk nanobubbles in water by external electric fields Nanobubbles can exist on solid surfaces or in bulk liquids as nanoscopic gaseous domains. The phenomenon has attracted substantial attention due to the long-time (meta)stability and potential for practical applications. In a new report, Mohammad Reza Ghaani and a team of researchers in chemistry and bioprocess engineering in Ireland and Canada used a novel approach to explore the surface of electr

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Engineer uses metal-oxide nanomaterials deposited on cloth to wipe out microbes In an effort to make highly sensitive sensors to measure sugar and other vital signs of human health, Iowa State University's Sonal Padalkar figured out how to deposit nanomaterials on cloth and paper.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Repurposing straw lets farmers grow more food with less water and fertilizer A growing population needs more food.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists propose explanation for night sky glow of STEVE Researchers have just published a theory of what powers the celestial phenomenon known as STEVE, the aurora-like glow amateur sky-watchers brought to scientists' attention in 2016.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Simultaneous simulation of gravitation and magnetism of a protoplanetary disk From a massive disk of gas and dust rotating around the sun, the earth and the other seven planets of our solar system once developed alongside their moons. And the same must have happened, scientists believe, for the thousands of extrasolar planets discovered in recent decades. To gain more insight, astrophysicists use computer simulations to investigate the processes at work as planets form from

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. First successful laser trapping of circular Rydberg atoms Rydberg atoms, which are atoms in a highly excited state, have several unique and advantageous properties, including a particularly long lifetime and large sensitivities to external fields. These properties make them valuable for a variety of applications, for instance for the development of quantum technologies.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers create unique DNA biosensor for early stage disease detection Disease detection at an early stage is one of the biggest challenges biochemists and materials scientists are trying to meet by combining their expertise at Missouri S&T. The researchers used nanotechnology in biomedical diagnostics—a process called nanodiagnostics—to create a new, ultrasensitive DNA biosensor. The new sensor could potentially detect DNA-based biomarkers for early diagnosis of can

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Volcanic eruptions during mass extinction produced same amount of CO2 as predicted to be emitted over 21st century An international team of researchers has found evidence that suggests atmospheric CO2 levels at the end of the Triassic era were nearly the same as those predicted for the 21st century. In their paper published in the journal Nature Communications, the group describes their study of basalt rocks from the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) and what they learned from them.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A building consultant rigs peer review The construction industry in New York City is notorious for rigged bids, but rigged peer review? A Queens, NY, building consultant has lost four papers for forging — or having had forged — the peer reviews of his manuscripts. (For background on how this works, read this.) Faruque Hossain’s articles appeared in a variety of … Continue reading

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A Lack of Evidence for Baby-Friendly Hospitals In 1991, the World Health Organization and Unicef launched a combined initiative to increase breastfeeding rates around the world. Now, critics say the one-size-fits-all approach hasn’t worked in the United States — and may even cause additional harm to mothers and babies.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Crops were cultivated in regions of the Amazon '10,000 years ago' Humans have grown crops in areas of the Amazon since the end of the last ice age, a study says.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Nasa’s all-female team of 'aquanauts' The story of the first women ever to take an active role in a Nasa mission.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Lab-Grown Meat Climbs to New Heights on Scaffolds of Soy Someday, such supports could allow meat in the lab to grow from tiny hamburger-nuggets into something more like steak.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. KAL’s cartoon

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Politics this week

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Next gen solar cells perform better when there's a camera around A literal "trick of the light" can detect imperfections in next-gen solar cells, boosting their efficiency to match that of existing silicon-based versions, researchers have found.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Kids or teen smokers are less likely to kick the habit as adults The younger you start smoking, the more likely you are to smoke daily as an adult and the less likely you are to have kicked the habit by your 40s, according to an international study that includes the US.The results reinforce the value of public health campaigns to keep all tobacco products out of the hands of children and teens.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Building a bean that resists leafhoppers Promising new pinto bean released with increased leafhopper resistance.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. New prognostic tool helps leukemia patients plan for cancer treatment A new prognostic tool predicts how long someone diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) will be able to wait before starting cancer treatment. Researchers describe what they hope will become a point-of-care resource to help improve clinical decision making in a study published today in the journal Blood.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. The evolution of arthritic knees Scientists have identified the genetic switches regulating knee development in mouse and human, explored their evolution, probed their links to bipedalism and osteoarthritis, and confirmed that a mutation in one switch gives rise to the disease. The findings could lead to screening for subtle shape alterations and genetic variations earlier in life that might predispose a person to risk. The metho

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A new method for correcting systematic errors in ocean subsurface data During almost four decades between 1940-1970s the majority of temperature observations in the ocean within the upper 200 meters was obtained by means of mechanical bathythermographs (MBT). A new study investigates the quality of MBT data and suggests a new method to correct the systematic erros in the data.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Neuropsychological and psychological methods are essential Clinical neuropsychology and psychology have evolved as diagnostic and treatment-oriented disciplines necessary for individuals with neurological, psychiatric, and medical conditions. In this collection of articles in the journal NeuroRehabilitation experts highlight medical advances in neuropsychological and psychological applications in neurorehabilitation.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers successfully repair stroke-damaged rat brains Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have succeeded in restoring mobility and sensation of touch in stroke-afflicted rats by reprogramming human skin cells to become nerve cells, which were then transplanted into the rats' brains. The study has now been published in the research journal PNAS.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Risk factors for carrying pneumonia-causing bacteria revealed New research has uncovered the risk factors for Fijians carrying a pneumonia-causing bacteria.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. New data reveals even low levels of air pollution impacts gene expression New data from a landmark study done by Monash University researchers in Australia raises significant concerns that even short-term exposure to low level air pollution can affect gene expression, leaving us at risk of other diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Research, published in the journal Environment International, provides the first evidence that exposure to even

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Autoimmunity may be rising in the United States Autoimmunity, a condition in which the body's immune system reacts with components of its own cells, appears to be increasing in the United States, according to scientists at the National Institutes of Health and their collaborators. In a study published April 8 in Arthritis and Rheumatology, the researchers found that the prevalence of antinuclear antibodies (ANA), the most common biomarker of au

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Life in refugee camps wreaks havoc on children's health Children's health declines the longer they live in refugee camps. Many adults are also struggling, with seven out of ten feeling like they have no future.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Novel treatment, social services program improves outcomes for opioid-dependent mothers A new study published in the April issue of the journal Health Affairs says that, since its inception, Project Nurture has helped to reduce the necessary placement of children in foster care by more than 8 percentage points. The rate of reported maltreatment within the child's first year of life also declined by approximately 7 percentage points.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Cancer scientists at Purdue aim to use protein power to stop tumor growth Purdue University scientists have created a new therapy option that may help halt tumor growth in certain cancers such as prostate, which is among the most common types of cancer in men.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Tracking the atomic pathways by in-situ liquid cell TEM Using the in-situ liquid cell transmission electron microscopy, the three-stage growth of Pt3Ni-Ni(OH)2 core-shell structures at the gas-liquid interfaces was clearly observed. Researchers also further observed the nucleation and growth of the Ni(OH)2 flakes on an existing layer either at the middle part or at the step edge. More interestingly, the dynamic transformation among a Pt3Ni alloy, Ni cl

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Drinking green tea may help with food allergies Drinking green tea increases Flavonifractor plautii in the gut, which in turn suppresses an allergic food immune response.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. NHS could save £89 million and further fight against antimicrobial resistance The NHS could save up to £89 million a year on unnecessary prescriptions for antibiotics, and further its efforts in the fight against antimicrobial resistance — if it was to comprehensively introduce already available and accurate point-of-care (POCTs) diagnostic tests.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Doubts about basic assumption for the universe No matter where we look, the same rules apply everywhere in space: countless calculations of astrophysics are based on this basic principle. A recent study by the Universities of Bonn and Harvard, however, has thrown this principle into question. Should the measured values be confirmed, this would toss many assumptions about the properties of the universe overboard. The results are published in th

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Let's do the twist Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and Harvard University designed a polymer known as a liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) that can be 'programmed' to both twist and bend in the presence of light. Especially in the field of soft robotics, this is essential for building devices that exhibit controllable, dynamic behavior without the need for complex electronic components.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. First mobile app for caregivers of children with FASD reaches trial stage In the summer of 2017, a group of University of Rochester researchers teamed up to create the first mobile phone app for caregivers of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). Tthe app has now reached the trial stage.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Impulse for research on fungi For the first time, the cells of fungi can also be analysed using a relatively simple microscopic method. Researchers from Würzburg and Cordoba present the innovation in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Depression in adults who are overweight or obese In an analysis of primary care records of 519,513 UK adults who were overweight or obese between 2000-2016 and followed up until 2019, the incidence of new cases of depression was 92 per 10,000 people per year. The risk of depression also rose with higher weight, according to the Obesity analysis.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Excess weight during pre-school linked to higher bone fracture risk Pre-school children who are overweight or obese have a higher risk of bone fractures during childhood than normal weight preschoolers, according to a study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Foods high in vitamin D may benefit heart health Consuming foods high in vitamin D may have heart-protective effects, according to new research published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Knowledge of cancer diagnosis may affect survival In a Psycho-Oncology study of adults in China with lung cancer, patients who knew of their cancer diagnosis generally survived longer than those who did not.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Probiotics may help treat acne Acne is caused by chronic inflammation and is often treated with antibiotics. A recent analysis published in Dermatologic Therapy indicates that probiotics may be an effective alternative.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Restricting sleep may affect emotional reactions In a recent Journal of Sleep Research study, participants perceived pleasant and neutral pictures in a more negative way when their sleep was restricted for several nights in a row.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Study questions impact of pregnancy-related programme on stillbirth rates A new Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology study of 11 million pregnancies in the UK calls into question the impact of the Growth Assessment Protocol (GAP) program on stillbirth rate.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. The effects of inflammatory bowel disease on pregnancy Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) — including Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis — often affects women of childbearing age. A study published in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics compared the health of pregnant and non-pregnant women with IBD.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Asus Will Use Liquid Metal Thermal Paste in Its Laptops Asus has announced it will switch from regular thermal paste to liquid metal in an attempt to deal with the tremendous amount of heat poured out by modern mobile CPUs. This isn’t an issue unique to Intel, though that company’s issues with high power consumption in its top products have drawn more attention in comparison with AMD of late. AMD’s top-end Ryzen 4900 HS CPUs can kick out some powerful

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Boeing Will Refly the Uncrewed Starliner Mission After December Failure A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket with Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft onboard is seen as it is rollout out of the Vertical Integration Facility to the launch pad at Space Launch Complex 41 ahead of the Orbital Flight Test mission, Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The Orbital Flight Test with be Starliner’s maiden mission to the International Sp

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Glutenintolerans kopplat till ökad risk att dö i förtid Personer med celiaki (glutenintolerans) har ökad risk att dö i förtid trots den ökade medvetenheten om sjukdomen och tillgången till glutenfri kost. Det visar en studie från Karolinska Institutet och Columbia University. Personer med celiaki hade ökad risk att dö i bland annat hjärt-kärlsjukdom, cancer och luftvägssjukdomar jämfört med en kontrollgrupp. Tidigare studier har visat på en lätt ökad

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Så smittar EHEC från ko till människa EHEC är en bakterie som ibland dyker upp i kobesättningar, i vissa fall kan människor smittas och drabbas av allvarlig sjukdom, framför allt barn och äldre. Smittan är svårupptäckt, eftersom djuren själva inte blir synbart sjuka. Dna-analyser avslöjar bakteriens smittvägar, bland annat hur kor på bete plockar upp granngårdens bakterier. Genom ny kunskap om hur smittan sprids mellan djur och besät

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. ”De som genomlevt Förintelsen måste också få dö” De som överlevt Förintelsen har behandlats som levande historiska dokument. I offentligheten har de bara fått plats genom sitt trauma. Den komplexa människan bakom, med negativa känslor av hämnd, skuld, skam, hat och ilska, har inte fått komma fram. Forskning vid Linköpings universitet visar hur överlevarnas berättelser betraktats som både nyttiga och potentiellt farliga. Under efterkrigstiden sö

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Hemkära laxar har skapat genetiskt unika laxälvar Dna-analyser av Atlantlax från 17 vattendrag längs den svenska västkusten visar att laxpopulationerna i varje älv och å är genetiskt unik, men också att Atlantlaxar oftare än Östersjölaxar ”felvandrar”. Lagom lite felvandring kan vara bra för att det kommer in nya gener, menar forskare bakom studien. Det här är första gången som en större genetisk kartläggning genomförts på Atlantlax i svenska va

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Ny produktionsmetod kan ta smarta textilier till marknaden Genom en ny kombination av produktionsmetoder går det att producera smarta textiler på ett sätt som både är hållbart och ekonomiskt. Det framgår i en avhandling från Högskolan i Borås och gör att fler smarta textiler, som annars varit för dyra att producera, kan komma ut på marknaden. De senaste årtiondena har det forskats mycket kring smarta textiler, alltså textiler vars funktioner och egenskap

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Ojämlikheter i vården vid bipolär sjukdom Vården i Sverige vid bipolär sjukdom uppvisar ojämlikheter kopplade till både socioekonomi och kön, visar forskning vid Göteborgs universitet. Exempelvis får män oftare litium, den behandling som anses ha bäst stabiliserande effekt vid sjukdomen. Bipolär sjukdom innebär återkommande depressioner och uppvarvningstillstånd, och däremellan perioder av neutralt stämningsläge. Bipolärt spektrum drabba

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Scare tactics are the wrong approach in war zones In Iraq and Syria, citizens have been hard to persuade of the need to stay inside

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Tesco defends payout amid warnings over profits hit CEO Lewis says needs of savers and pension funds should be considered in dividend debate

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A dawn of guarded optimism Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global markets

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Vaccines and antibiotics made the west complacent. This must change Rich countries need to fund infectious disease treatments properly

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Crunch time for online lenders; Modulr’s payments tech; Lemonade goes Dutch Online lenders caught in the middle as crisis bites

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Furloughed UK employees cleared to undertake extra work New guidance helps farming but falls short of social care sector demands

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. UK language trainer to use job scheme for already planned redundancies EF Education First reversed staff cuts to offer furlough instead

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. UK’s elite private schools reject upfront fee cuts Institutions seek to delay projects and find other ways of saving money

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Acting US navy head resigns over carrier controversy Donald Trump says ship captain acted like Ernest Hemingway

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Intermittent fasting works best at night to burn fat The circadian rhythms of the body’s biological clock may inform when you should start intermittent fasting, according to new research. In recent years, diet trends such as intermittent fasting have popularized the practice of delayed or restricted eating for many people looking to manage caloric intake. Still, many open to restructuring their schedules have the same question: When is the right ti

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. 1 protein in the skin kickstarts a pesky itch A commonly expressed protein called periostin can directly activate itch-associated neurons in the skin, according to new research. The researchers found that blocking periostin receptors on these neurons reduced the itch response in a mouse model of atopic dermatitis, or eczema. The findings could have implications for treatment of this condition. Itch sensations are transmitted from neuronal pr

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Blame foxes for decline of the ‘world’s happiest animal’ Invasive species, most notably foxes, are likely responsible for the dramatic decline of quokkas over the past century, researchers report. Australia, recently devastated by severe wildfires, is no stranger to the consequences of climate change, habitat destruction, and invasive species. The quokka, a small marsupial native to Australia, is one such example of a species vulnerable to extinction i

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Ship emissions can change the clouds Emissions from ships can change the clouds near their routes, researchers report. The new research is the first to measure this phenomenon’s effect over years and at a regional scale. Satellite data over a shipping lane in the south Atlantic show that the ships modify clouds to block an additional 2 Watts of solar energy, on average, from reaching each square meter (about 10.76 square feet) of oc

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Method makes it easier to build carbs in the lab A simple method of synthesizing carbohydrates widens the range of labs that can use synthetic chemistry to generate and study novel carbohydrate structures. Carbohydrates are complex molecules, difficult to synthesize in the lab, but doing so is useful in studying beneficial sugars such as those found in human breast milk, or enabling researchers to tailor the chemical structure of drug candidate

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Newly Discovered 'Feather Duster' Worms Use Bacteria To Digest Methane in the Deep Ocean Creature The worms absorb and digest symbiotic bacteria through their skin. 04/03/2020 Nala Rogers, Staff Writer To read more…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. All cats are grey Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00853-4 An uncertain outcome.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Nanostructured alloys light the way to silicon-based photonics Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00976-8 Silicon used for electronics has a cubic crystal lattice, which makes the material unsuitable for photonics applications. A method for producing germanium and silicon–germanium alloys that have hexagonal lattices offers a solution.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Elusive middle-weight black hole is caught shredding a star Nature, Published online: 07 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01029-w The discovery could help to unravel the evolution of the Universe’s most extreme environments.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. When water goes down the wrong way, these neurons come to the rescue Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01046-9 A squad of sensory cells in the throat prompts a reflex to keep the airways clear.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Deep CO2 in the end-Triassic Central Atlantic Magmatic Province Nature Communications, Published online: 07 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15325-6 Many major mass extinction events have been associated with large volcanic eruption events, with the argument that large volumes of volcanic degassing could trigger past global climate changes. Here, the authors find that during the end-Triassic extinction event volcanic pulses emitted large amounts of CO2 comp

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Nuclear-mitochondrial DNA segments resemble paternally inherited mitochondrial DNA in humans Nature Communications, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15336-3 Recent evidence has questioned the dogma of strict maternal transmission of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in humans. Wei et al. saw no evidence of paternal transmission of mtDNA in 11,035 human trios, and show that nuclear-mitochondrial segments (NUMTs) can give the impression of paternal mtDNA transmission, but ar

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Autophosphorylation at serine 166 regulates RIP kinase 1-mediated cell death and inflammation Nature Communications, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15466-8 Receptor interacting protein kinase 1 (RIPK1) regulates cell death and inflammatory responses. Here the authors show that autophosphorylation at Ser166 is required for RIPK1-mediated cell death and inflammation in mouse models of inflammatory pathologies, making Ser166 phosphorylation a possible biomarker for R

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Developing a new class of engineered live bacterial therapeutics to treat human diseases Nature Communications, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15508-1 The role microbes play in human health and the ability of synthetic biology to engineer microbial properties opens up new ways of treating disease. In this perspective, the authors describe the design and development of these living therapeutics.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. The Scaly-foot Snail genome and implications for the origins of biomineralised armour Nature Communications, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15522-3 The Scaly-foot Snail, Chrysomallon squamiferum, is a model for understanding the evolution of biomineralised armour. Here, the authors present a chromosome-level reference genome assembly and tissue-specific transcriptomic data for this enigmatic organism.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Spatiotemporal refinement of signal flow through association cortex during learning Nature Communications, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15534-z Learning is a dynamic process involving many cortical areas. Here, using cortex-wide imaging, the authors show that in mice learning to discriminate between two textures a distinct task related signal flow is enhanced involving a specific association area whereas other association areas are suppressed.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Cysteine synthases CYSL-1 and CYSL-2 mediate C. elegans heritable adaptation to P. vranovensis infection Nature Communications, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15555-8 Caenorhabditis elegans exhibits multigenerational adaptation to bacterial infection but the mechanisms remain unclear. Here, the authors show that C. elegans parental exposure to Pseudomonas vranovensis promotes offspring resistance to infection, a process mediated by the cysteine synthases CYSL-1 and CYSL-2.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. DNA punch cards for storing data on native DNA sequences via enzymatic nicking Nature Communications, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15588-z Current synthetic DNA-based data storage systems have high recording costs, read-write latency and error-rates that make them uncompetitive compared to traditional digital storage. The authors use nicks in native DNA to encode data in parallel and create access sites for in-memory computations.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: Diagnosis of fusion genes using targeted RNA sequencing Nature Communications, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15697-9

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Collisional cooling of ultracold molecules Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2141-z NaLi molecules are cooled to micro- and nanokelvin temperatures through collisions with ultracold Na atoms by using molecules and atoms in stretched hyperfine spin states and applying two evaporation stages.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. An engineered PET depolymerase to break down and recycle plastic bottles Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2149-4 Computer-aided engineering produces improvements to an enzyme that breaks down poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) into its constituent monomers, which are used to synthesize PET of near-petrochemical grade that can be further processed into bottles.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Direct-bandgap emission from hexagonal Ge and SiGe alloys Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2150-y A hexagonal (rather than cubic) alloy of silicon and germanium that has a direct (rather than indirect) bandgap emits light efficiently across a range of wavelengths, enabling electronic and optoelectronic functionalities to be combined on a single chip.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Layered nanocomposites by shear-flow-induced alignment of nanosheets Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2161-8 Layered nanocomposites fabricated using a continuous and scalable process achieve properties exceeding those of natural nacre, the result of stiffened matrix polymer chains confined between highly aligned nanosheets.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Early Holocene crop cultivation and landscape modification in Amazonia Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2162-7 Archaeological evidence that anthropic landscape changes and crop cultivation in southwestern Amazonia began about 10,000–11,000 years ago confirms that the region is a centre of early plant domestication.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. AIM2 inflammasome surveillance of DNA damage shapes neurodevelopment Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2174-3 The sensing of DNA damage by the AIM2 inflammasome promotes the death of central nervous system cells and is required for normal brain development.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Landscape and function of multiple mutations within individual oncogenes Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2175-2 Analysis of genomic data from more than 60,000 cancer samples uncovers frequent multiple driver mutations in individual oncogenes, which confer enhanced oncogenicity in combination.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Accurate compound-specific 14C dating of archaeological pottery vessels Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2178-z Using lipid residues absorbed in potsherds, the ages of pottery from various archaeological sites are determined and validated using sites for which the dates are well known from other methods.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Securin-independent regulation of separase by checkpoint-induced shugoshin–MAD2 Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2182-3 Shugoshin and MAD2 regulate separase-mediated chromosome separation during mitosis, in parallel to a previously identified mechanism involving the anaphase inhibitor securin.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A plant genetic network for preventing dysbiosis in the phyllosphere Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2185-0 Mutations in genes involved in immune signalling and vesicle trafficking cause defects in the leaf microbiome of Arabidopsis thaliana that result in damage to leaf tissues, suggesting mechanisms by which terrestrial plants control the level and diversity of endophytic phyllosphere microbiota.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Separase-triggered apoptosis enforces minimal length of mitosis Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2187-y If early mitosis is too short, separase induces apoptosis by cleaving MCL2 and BCL-XL, thereby eliminating cells that are prone to chromosome missegregation.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A general carbonyl alkylative amination for tertiary amine synthesis Nature, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2213-0

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Adaptive rewiring evolves brain-like structure in weighted networks Scientific Reports, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62204-7

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Inhibition of HDAC6 activity protects dopaminergic neurons from alpha-synuclein toxicity Scientific Reports, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62678-5

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: Nanofocusing of hard X-ray free electron laser pulses using diamond based Fresnel zone plates Scientific Reports, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62784-4

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Antarctic Krill Lipid and Fatty acid Content Variability is Associated to Satellite Derived Chlorophyll a and Sea Surface Temperatures Scientific Reports, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62800-7

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Astrocytes with TDP-43 inclusions exhibit reduced noradrenergic cAMP and Ca2+ signaling and dysregulated cell metabolism Scientific Reports, Published online: 07 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62864-5 Astrocytes with TDP-43 inclusions exhibit reduced noradrenergic cAMP and Ca 2+ signaling and dysregulated cell metabolism

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Efficient functional screening of a cellular cDNA library to identify severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus entry factors Scientific Reports, Published online: 07 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62876-1

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Two-Level Protein Methylation Prediction using structure model-based features Scientific Reports, Published online: 07 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62883-2

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: Pesticide pollution in freshwater paves the way for schistosomiasis transmission Scientific Reports, Published online: 07 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62951-7

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Distinct microbial communities among different tissues of citrus tree Citrus reticulata cv. Chachiensis Scientific Reports, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62991-z

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Computed Tomography-based evaluation of porcine cardiac dimensions to assist in pre-study planning and optimized model selection for pre-clinical research Scientific Reports, Published online: 07 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63044-1

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Analysis of Clinical and Laboratory Findings of Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss Scientific Reports, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63046-z

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Correlations between lignin content and structural robustness in plants revealed by X-ray ptychography Scientific Reports, Published online: 07 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63093-6

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Contrast-enhanced ultrasound features of malignant focal liver masses in dogs Scientific Reports, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63220-3

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Homeobox proteins are essential for fungal differentiation and secondary metabolism in Aspergillus nidulans Scientific Reports, Published online: 08 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63300-4

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Blood pressure drugs may do more harm than good for some older people A study suggests high blood pressure in people over 75 doesn't seem to raise the risk of death, leading researchers to question the use of medications for it in older people

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Rockets armed with talcum powder could stop deadly space junk Thousands of dead satellites and chunks of debris in orbit are a threat to active satellites, but rockets that launch clouds of talcum powder may prevent a disastrous collision

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Robert Barth, a Pioneer of Deep-Sea Diving, Dies at 89 Mr. Barth was the sole “aquanaut” to play a major role in all four stages of the Navy’s landmark program to open the depths to long-term habitation.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A.I. Is Helping Scientists Understand an Ocean’s Worth of Data Machine-learning applications are proving to be especially useful to the scientific community studying the planet’s largest bodies of water.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Denim, as a Crime-Solving Tool, Has Holes A forensic technique that involves matching patterns on bluejeans is highly inaccurate, a new study suggests.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. What’s Wrong With Butterflies Raised in Captivity? A study suggests that monarchs bred by enthusiasts were less fit than those that started as caterpillars in the wild.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. NASA’s ‘Worm’ Logo Will Return to Space The new old logo, dropped in the 1990s in favor of a more vintage brand, will adorn a SpaceX rocket that is to carry astronauts to the space station in May.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Computers Already Learn From Us. But Can They Teach Themselves? Scientists are exploring approaches that would help machines develop their own sort of common sense.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. You Can’t Spell Creative Without A.I. Advances in software applications that process human language lie at the heart of the debate over whether computer technologies will enhance or even substitute for human creativity.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Want to Be Better at Sports? Listen to the Machines The pattern-recognizing power of machine learning is affecting players, teams, sports medicine and even betting.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. In This Issue [This Week in PNAS] Gene switch underlying tomato fruit size and domestication Wild ancestor S. pimpinellifolium (A), semidomesticated Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme (B), domesticated S. lycopersicum varieties (C–F), lc mutant (D), lc and fas mutant (E), and eno mutant (F). Tomato breeding has resulted in cultivars with increased fruit size relative to the wild…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. News Feature: Making and storing blood to save lives [Chemistry] Blood can be a scarce resource, but a multitude of approaches are promising new ways to store, create, and deliver blood’s component parts to patients in need. As soon as a wounded person starts hemorrhaging, the clock is ticking. The quicker an emergency responder can stop the bleeding and replace…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. QnAs with Henry L. Roediger III [QnAs] Which is better for learning: Reading or taking a test? Surprisingly, cognitive psychologist Henry L. Roediger III says that for retaining information, testing yourself is often more effective than repeated studying. Roediger has spent nearly 50 years exploring how the human mind works, with a particular interest in learning and…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. QnAs with Jens Nielsen [QnAs] When a cell replicates, genetic material must be duplicated, new proteins synthesized, and replication machinery built, all of which are critical processes that require delivery of sufficient building blocks and energy. In his Inaugural Article (1), Jens Nielsen, elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2019, uses a quantitative…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. CRISPR recognizes as many phage types as possible without overwhelming the Cas machinery [Biophysics and Computational Biology] In 2007, researchers at Danisco interested in fortifying the lactic acid bacteria used to produce dairy products such as milk and cheese against attack by phage showed that CRISPR provided resistance (1). These phage infections were common in industrial dairy fermentation, and it was hugely significant that insertion of multiple…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Toxic ketene gas forms on vaping vitamin E acetate prompting interest in its possible role in the EVALI outbreak [Chemistry] Recent efforts by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and state authorities have led to the determination that vitamin E acetate (VEA) is strongly associated with e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI) (1). VEA has been found in nearly…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Intelligent machines as social catalysts [Computer Sciences] Some people excel at facilitating communication between other people. They are social catalysts: they promote engagement within a team, keep the team on point, defuse hostility, make sure that everyone contributes to the best of their capacity, and generally ensure that the team performs better than the sum of its…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Sugar rush: Glucosylation of IPyA attenuates auxin levels [Plant Biology] The phytohormone auxin regulates plant growth and development. Proper spatiotemporal distribution of active auxin (indole-3-acetic acid [IAA]), via formation of auxin gradients, ensures precise organ morphogenesis and physiology. Because plants are sessile organisms, they are exquisitely attuned to fluctuating environmental conditions, such as alterations in ambient temperature and light condition

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Adversarial alignment enables competing models to engage in cooperative theory building toward cumulative science [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] Crises in science concern not only methods, statistics, and results but also, theory development. Beyond the indispensable refinement of tools and procedures, resolving crises would also benefit from a deeper understanding of the concepts and processes guiding research. Usually, theories compete, and some lose, incentivizing destruction of seemingly opposing views….

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. MRTFB regulates the expression of NOMO1 in colon [Biological Sciences] Kodama et al. (1) report the function of myocardin-related transcription factor B (MRTFB) in colorectal cancer (CRC). They perform whole transcriptome RNA sequencing in MRTFB small interference RNA knockdown primary human colon cells and find that spindle apparatus coiled-coil protein 1 (SPDL1) and melanoma cell adhesion molecule (MCAM) show different…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Reply to Zhao et al.: NOMO1 is a potential target gene of MRTFB [Biological Sciences] Our recent article reports the important suppressing role of MRTFB (myocardin-related transcription factor B) in colorectal cancer (CRC) and reveals several target genes of MRTFB’s transcription activity, including SPDL1 and MCAM (1). We initiated the study because Mrtfb was identified as a candidate tumor suppressor gene in a forward genetic…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Partial ALDH inhibition to facilitate controlled drinking rather than abstinence has already been tried and it works [Biological Sciences] Following animal studies, Guillot et al. (1) suggest that partial inhibition of aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) might prove useful in alcoholism treatment aimed at moderating drinking, rather than preventing it, but their paper does not recognize that this approach has already been shown to be effective in humans. Apart from the…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Reply to Brewer: Liver-targeted ALDH2 inhibition may reduce alcohol-seeking behaviors with limited side effects [Biological Sciences] We are pleased to read the Letter from Dr. Brewer (1) on our paper in PNAS (2). In our manuscript, we only briefly discuss our current knowledge about aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2) inhibition therapy for the treatment of alcohol user disorder (AUD) due to space limitation. We greatly appreciate Dr….

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Building blocks are synthesized on demand during the yeast cell cycle [Systems Biology] For cells to replicate, a sufficient supply of biosynthetic precursors is needed, necessitating the concerted action of metabolism and protein synthesis during progressive phases of cell division. A global understanding of which biosynthetic processes are involved and how they are temporally regulated during replication is, however, currently lacking. Here, quantitative…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. The impact of long-range dispersal on gene surfing [Evolution] Range expansions lead to distinctive patterns of genetic variation in populations, even in the absence of selection. These patterns and their genetic consequences have been well studied for populations advancing through successive short-ranged migration events. However, most populations harbor some degree of long-range dispersal, experiencing rare yet consequential migration events…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Classical 1/3 scaling of convection holds up to Ra = 1015 [Applied Physical Sciences] The global transport of heat and momentum in turbulent convection is constrained by thin thermal and viscous boundary layers at the heated and cooled boundaries of the system. This bottleneck is thought to be lifted once the boundary layers themselves become fully turbulent at very high values of the Rayleigh…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Unveiling causal interactions in complex systems [Applied Physical Sciences] Throughout time, operational laws and concepts from complex systems have been employed to quantitatively model important aspects and interactions in nature and society. Nevertheless, it remains enigmatic and challenging, yet inspiring, to predict the actual interdependencies that comprise the structure of such systems, particularly when the causal interactions observed in…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Mesoscale bicontinuous networks in self-healing hydrogels delay fatigue fracture [Applied Physical Sciences] Load-bearing biological tissues, such as muscles, are highly fatigue-resistant, but how the exquisite hierarchical structures of biological tissues contribute to their excellent fatigue resistance is not well understood. In this work, we study antifatigue properties of soft materials with hierarchical structures using polyampholyte hydrogels (PA gels) as a simple model…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Compartmentalized processing of catechols during mussel byssus fabrication determines the destiny of DOPA [Biochemistry] Inspired largely by the role of the posttranslationally modified amino acid dopa (DOPA) in mussel adhesion, catechol functional groups have become commonplace in medical adhesives, tissue scaffolds, and advanced smart polymers. Yet, the complex redox chemistry of catechol groups complicates cross-link regulation, hampering fabrication and the long-term stability/performance of mussel-inspired…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Nonuniform growth and surface friction determine bacterial biofilm morphology on soft substrates [Biophysics and Computational Biology] During development, organisms acquire three-dimensional (3D) shapes with important physiological consequences. While basic mechanisms underlying morphogenesis are known in eukaryotes, it is often difficult to manipulate them in vivo. To circumvent this issue, here we present a study of developing Vibrio cholerae biofilms grown on agar substrates in which the…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Metastasis of cholangiocarcinoma is promoted by extended high-mannose glycans [Chemistry] Membrane-bound oligosaccharides form the interfacial boundary between the cell and its environment, mediating processes such as adhesion and signaling. These structures can undergo dynamic changes in composition and expression based on cell type, external stimuli, and genetic factors. Glycosylation, therefore, is a promising target of therapeutic interventions for presently incurable…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Superconductivity found in meteorites [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences] Meteorites can contain a wide range of material phases due to the extreme environments found in space and are ideal candidates to search for natural superconductivity. However, meteorites are chemically inhomogeneous, and superconducting phases in them could potentially be minute, rendering detection of these phases difficult. To alleviate this difficulty,…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Triple oxygen isotope insight into terrestrial pyrite oxidation [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences] The mass-independent minor oxygen isotope compositions (Δ′17O) of atmospheric O2 and CO2 are primarily regulated by their relative partial pressures, pO2/pCO2. Pyrite oxidation during chemical weathering on land consumes O2 and generates sulfate that is carried to the ocean by rivers. The Δ′17O values of marine sulfate deposits have thus…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Shape-morphing carbon fiber composite using electrochemical actuation [Engineering] Structures that are capable of changing shape can increase efficiency in many applications, but are often heavy and maintenance intensive. To reduce the mass and mechanical complexity solid-state morphing materials are desirable but are typically nonstructural and problematic to control. Here we present an electrically controlled solid-state morphing composite material…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Racial disparities in automated speech recognition [Computer Sciences] Automated speech recognition (ASR) systems, which use sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to convert spoken language to text, have become increasingly widespread, powering popular virtual assistants, facilitating automated closed captioning, and enabling digital dictation platforms for health care. Over the last several years, the quality of these systems has dramatically improved, due…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Population aging, migration, and productivity in Europe [Social Sciences] This paper provides a systematic, multidimensional demographic analysis of the degree to which negative economic consequences of population aging can be mitigated by changes in migration and labor-force participation. Using a microsimulation population projection model accounting for 13 individual characteristics including education and immigration-related variables, we built scenarios of future..

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Differential fertility makes society more conservative on family values [Social Sciences] Data from the General Social Survey indicate that higher-fertility individuals and their children are more conservative on “family values” issues, especially regarding abortion and same-sex marriage. This pattern implies that differential fertility has increased and will continue to increase public support for conservative policies on these issues. The association of…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Deceleration of China’s human water use and its key drivers [Sustainability Science] Increased human water use combined with climate change have aggravated water scarcity from the regional to global scales. However, the lack of spatially detailed datasets limits our understanding of the historical water use trend and its key drivers. Here, we present a survey-based reconstruction of China’s sectoral water use in…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Social and general intelligence improves collective action in a common pool resource system [Sustainability Science] On a planet experiencing global environmental change, the governance of natural resources depends on sustained collective action by diverse populations. Engaging in such collective action can only build upon the foundation of human cognition in social–ecological settings. To help understand this foundation, we assess the effect of cognitive abilities on…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Upcycling chitin-containing waste into organonitrogen chemicals via an integrated process [Applied Biological Sciences] Chitin is the most abundant renewable nitrogenous material on earth and is accessible to humans in the form of crustacean shell waste. Such waste has been severely underutilized, resulting in both resource wastage and disposal issues. Upcycling chitin-containing waste into value-added products is an attractive solution. However, the direct conversion…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Live-cell lipid biochemistry reveals a role of diacylglycerol side-chain composition for cellular lipid dynamics and protein affinities [Chemistry] Every cell produces thousands of distinct lipid species, but insight into how lipid chemical diversity contributes to biological signaling is lacking, particularly because of a scarcity of methods for quantitatively studying lipid function in living cells. Using the example of diacylglycerols, prominent second messengers, we here investigate whether lipid chemical…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A Rab prenyl membrane-anchor allows effector recognition to be regulated by guanine nucleotide [Biochemistry] Membrane fusion is catalyzed by conserved proteins R, Qa, Qb, and Qc SNAREs, which form tetrameric RQaQbQc complexes between membranes; SNARE chaperones of the SM, Sec17/αSNAP, and Sec18/NSF families; Rab-GTPases (Rabs); and Rab effectors. Rabs are anchored to membranes by C-terminal prenyl groups, but can also function when anchored by…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Molecular dissection of pheromone selectivity in the competence signaling system ComRS of streptococci [Biochemistry] Competence allows bacteria to internalize exogenous DNA fragments for the acquisition of new phenotypes such as antibiotic resistance or virulence traits. In most streptococci, competence is regulated by ComRS signaling, a system based on the mature ComS pheromone (XIP), which is internalized to activate the (R)RNPP-type ComR sensor by triggering…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. O-GlcNAcylation regulates the methionine cycle to promote pluripotency of stem cells [Biochemistry] Methionine metabolism is critical for the maintenance of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) pluripotency. However, little is known about the regulation of the methionine cycle to sustain ESC pluripotency. Here, we show that adenosylhomocysteinase (AHCY), an important enzyme in the methionine cycle, is critical for…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Broad and thematic remodeling of the surfaceome and glycoproteome on isogenic cells transformed with driving proliferative oncogenes [Biochemistry] The cell surface proteome, the surfaceome, is the interface for engaging the extracellular space in normal and cancer cells. Here we apply quantitative proteomics of N-linked glycoproteins to reveal how a collection of some 700 surface proteins is dramatically remodeled in an isogenic breast epithelial cell line stably expressing any…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Ddi1 is a ubiquitin-dependent protease [Biochemistry] The Saccharomyces cerevisiae protein Ddi1 and its homologs in higher eukaryotes have been proposed to serve as shuttling factors that deliver ubiquitinated substrates to the proteasome. Although Ddi1 contains both ubiquitin-interacting UBA and proteasome-interacting UBL domains, the UBL domain is atypical, as it binds ubiquitin. Furthermore, unlike other shuttling factors,…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Coordination of mRNA and tRNA methylations by TRMT10A [Biochemistry] The posttranscriptional modification of messenger RNA (mRNA) and transfer RNA (tRNA) provides an additional layer of regulatory complexity during gene expression. Here, we show that a tRNA methyltransferase, TRMT10A, interacts with an mRNA demethylase FTO (ALKBH9), both in vitro and inside cells. TRMT10A installs N1-methylguanosine (m1G) in tRNA, and FTO…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. The TMEM189 gene encodes plasmanylethanolamine desaturase which introduces the characteristic vinyl ether double bond into plasmalogens [Biochemistry] A significant fraction of the glycerophospholipids in the human body is composed of plasmalogens, particularly in the brain, cardiac, and immune cell membranes. A decline in these lipids has been observed in such diseases as Alzheimer’s and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Plasmalogens contain a characteristic 1-O-alk-1′-enyl ether (vinyl ether) double…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Self-organized networks: Darwinian evolution of dynein rings, stalks, and stalk heads [Biophysics and Computational Biology] Cytoskeletons are self-organized networks based on polymerized proteins: actin, tubulin, and driven by motor proteins, such as myosin, kinesin, and dynein. Their positive Darwinian evolution enables them to approach optimized functionality (self-organized criticality). Dynein has three distinct titled subunits, but how these units connect to function as a molecular motor…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Defining how multiple lipid species interact with inward rectifier potassium (Kir2) channels [Biophysics and Computational Biology] Protein–lipid interactions are a key element of the function of many integral membrane proteins. These potential interactions should be considered alongside the complexity and diversity of membrane lipid composition. Inward rectifier potassium channel (Kir) Kir2.2 has multiple interactions with plasma membrane lipids: Phosphatidylinositol (4, 5)-bisphosphate (PIP2) activates the channel; a…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Kinetics of the conformational cycle of Hsp70 reveals the importance of the dynamic and heterogeneous nature of Hsp70 for its function [Biophysics and Computational Biology] Hsp70 is a conserved molecular chaperone that plays an indispensable role in regulating protein folding, translocation, and degradation. The conformational dynamics of Hsp70 and its regulation by cochaperones are vital to its function. Using bulk and single-molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer (smFRET) techniques, we studied the interdomain conformational distribution of…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Bayesian inference of chromatin structure ensembles from population-averaged contact data [Biophysics and Computational Biology] Mounting experimental evidence suggests a role for the spatial organization of chromatin in crucial processes of the cell nucleus such as transcription regulation. Chromosome conformation capture techniques allow us to characterize chromatin structure by mapping contacts between chromosomal loci on a genome-wide scale. The most widespread modality is to measure…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Dynamics of oligomer and amyloid fibril formation by yeast prion Sup35 observed by high-speed atomic force microscopy [Biophysics and Computational Biology] The yeast prion protein Sup35, which contains intrinsically disordered regions, forms amyloid fibrils responsible for a prion phenotype [PSI+]. Using high-speed atomic force microscopy (HS-AFM), we directly visualized the prion determinant domain (Sup35NM) and the formation of its oligomers and fibrils at subsecond and submolecular resolutions. Monomers with freely moving…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Autologous transplantation of spermatogonial stem cells restores fertility in congenitally infertile mice [Cell Biology] The blood–testis barrier (BTB) is thought to be indispensable for spermatogenesis because it creates a special environment for meiosis and protects haploid cells from the immune system. The BTB divides the seminiferous tubules into the adluminal and basal compartments. Spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs) have a unique ability to transmigrate from…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Discovery of the oldest bilaterian from the Ediacaran of South Australia [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences] Analysis of modern animals and Ediacaran trace fossils predicts that the oldest bilaterians were simple and small. Such organisms would be difficult to recognize in the fossil record, but should have been part of the Ediacara Biota, the earliest preserved macroscopic, complex animal communities. Here, we describe Ikaria wariootia gen….

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Pumilio proteins utilize distinct regulatory mechanisms to achieve complementary functions required for pluripotency and embryogenesis [Developmental Biology] Gene regulation in embryonic stem cells (ESCs) has been extensively studied at the epigenetic-transcriptional level, but not at the posttranscriptional level. Pumilio (Pum) proteins are among the few known translational regulators required for stem-cell maintenance in invertebrates and plants. Here we report the essential function of two murine Pum proteins,…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Introduced herbivores restore Late Pleistocene ecological functions [Ecology] Large-bodied mammalian herbivores dominated Earth’s terrestrial ecosystems for several million years before undergoing substantial extinctions and declines during the Late Pleistocene (LP) due to prehistoric human impacts. The decline of large herbivores led to widespread ecological changes due to the loss of their ecological functions, as driven by their unique…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Scale-invariant topology and bursty branching of evolutionary trees emerge from niche construction [Physics] Phylogenetic trees describe both the evolutionary process and community diversity. Recent work has established that they exhibit scale-invariant topology, which quantifies the fact that their branching lies in between the two extreme cases of balanced binary trees and maximally unbalanced ones. In addition, the backbones of phylogenetic trees exhibit bursts…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Triad hybridization via a conduit species [Evolution] Introgressive hybridization can affect the evolution of populations in several important ways. It may retard or reverse divergence of species, enable the development of novel traits, enhance the potential for future evolution by elevating levels of standing variation, create new species, and alleviate inbreeding depression in small populations. Most of…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Toxigenic Vibrio cholerae evolution and establishment of reservoirs in aquatic ecosystems [Evolution] The spread of cholera in the midst of an epidemic is largely driven by direct transmission from person to person, although it is well-recognized that Vibrio cholerae is also capable of growth and long-term survival in aquatic ecosystems. While prior studies have shown that aquatic reservoirs are important in the…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Specific subfamilies of transposable elements contribute to different domains of T lymphocyte enhancers [Genetics] Transposable elements (TEs) compose nearly half of mammalian genomes and provide building blocks for cis-regulatory elements. Using high-throughput sequencing, we show that 84 TE subfamilies are overrepresented, and distributed in a lineage-specific fashion in core and boundary domains of CD8+ T cell enhancers. Endogenous retroviruses are most significantly enriched in…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Centromere scission drives chromosome shuffling and reproductive isolation [Genetics] A fundamental characteristic of eukaryotic organisms is the generation of genetic variation via sexual reproduction. Conversely, significant large-scale genome structure variations could hamper sexual reproduction, causing reproductive isolation and promoting speciation. The underlying processes behind large-scale genome rearrangements are not well understood and include chromosome translocations

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Conditional antibody expression to avoid central B cell deletion in humanized HIV-1 vaccine mouse models [Immunology and Inflammation] HIV-1 vaccine development aims to elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) against diverse viral strains. In some HIV-1–infected individuals, bnAbs evolved from precursor antibodies through affinity maturation. To induce bnAbs, a vaccine must mediate a similar antibody maturation process. One way to test a vaccine is to immunize mouse models that…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Maternal activation of the EGFR prevents translocation of gut-residing pathogenic Escherichia coli in a model of late-onset neonatal sepsis [Immunology and Inflammation] Late-onset sepsis (LOS) is a highly consequential complication of preterm birth and is defined by a positive blood culture obtained after 72 h of age. The causative bacteria can be found in patients’ intestinal tracts days before dissemination, and cohort studies suggest reduced LOS risk in breastfed preterm infants through…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A cullin-RING ubiquitin ligase promotes thermotolerance as part of the intracellular pathogen response in Caenorhabditis elegans [Immunology and Inflammation] Intracellular pathogen infection leads to proteotoxic stress in host organisms. Previously we described a physiological program in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans called the intracellular pathogen response (IPR), which promotes resistance to proteotoxic stress and appears to be distinct from canonical proteostasis pathways. The IPR is controlled by PALS-22 and PALS-25,…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Mixed lineage kinase 3 inhibition induces T cell activation and cytotoxicity [Immunology and Inflammation] Mixed lineage kinase 3 (MLK3), also known as MAP3K11, was initially identified in a megakaryocytic cell line and is an emerging therapeutic target in cancer, yet its role in immune cells is not known. Here, we report that loss or pharmacological inhibition of MLK3 promotes activation and cytotoxicity of T…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. 15-Epi-LXA4 and 17-epi-RvD1 restore TLR9-mediated impaired neutrophil phagocytosis and accelerate resolution of lung inflammation [Immunology and Inflammation] Timely resolution of bacterial infections critically depends on phagocytosis of invading pathogens by polymorphonuclear neutrophil granulocytes (PMNs), followed by PMN apoptosis and efferocytosis. Here we report that bacterial DNA (CpG DNA) and mitochondrial DNA impair phagocytosis and attenuate phagocytosis-induced apoptosis in human PMNs through Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9)-mediated release of…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A combination of two human monoclonal antibodies limits fetal damage by Zika virus in macaques [Medical Sciences] Human infection by Zika virus (ZIKV) during pregnancy can lead to vertical transmission and fetal aberrations, including microcephaly. Prophylactic administration of antibodies can diminish or prevent ZIKV infection in animal models, but whether passive immunization can protect nonhuman primates and their fetuses during pregnancy has not been determined. Z004 and…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Loss of insulin signaling may contribute to atrial fibrillation and atrial electrical remodeling in type 1 diabetes [Medical Sciences] Atrial fibrillation (AF) is prevalent in diabetes mellitus (DM); however, the basis for this is unknown. This study investigated AF susceptibility and atrial electrophysiology in type 1 diabetic Akita mice using in vivo intracardiac electrophysiology, high-resolution optical mapping in atrial preparations, and patch clamping in isolated atrial myocytes. qPCR and…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Targeting the cyclin-dependent kinase 5 in metastatic melanoma [Medical Sciences] The cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (CDK5), originally described as a neuronal-specific kinase, is also frequently activated in human cancers. Using conditional CDK5 knockout mice and a mouse model of highly metastatic melanoma, we found that CDK5 is dispensable for the growth of primary tumors. However, we observed that ablation of CDK5…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Transcriptional suppression of AMPK{alpha}1 promotes breast cancer metastasis upon oncogene activation [Medical Sciences] AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) functions as an energy sensor and is pivotal in maintaining cellular metabolic homeostasis. Numerous studies have shown that down-regulation of AMPK kinase activity or protein stability not only lead to abnormality of metabolism but also contribute to tumor development. However, whether transcription regulation of AMPK plays…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Sufficiency of CD40 activation and immune checkpoint blockade for T cell priming and tumor immunity [Medical Sciences] Innate immune receptors such as toll-like receptors (TLRs) provide critical molecular links between innate cells and adaptive immune responses. Here, we studied the CD40 pathway as an alternative bridge between dendritic cells (DCs) and adaptive immunity in cancer. Using an experimental design free of chemo- or radiotherapy, we found CD40…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Host membrane lipids are trafficked to membranes of intravacuolar bacterium Ehrlichia chaffeensis [Microbiology] Ehrlichia chaffeensis, a cholesterol-rich and cholesterol-dependent obligate intracellular bacterium, partially lacks genes for glycerophospholipid biosynthesis. We found here that E. chaffeensis is dependent on host glycerolipid biosynthesis, as an inhibitor of host long-chain acyl CoA synthetases, key enzymes for glycerolipid biosynthesis, significantly reduced bacterial proliferation. E. chaffe

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Switching fatty acid metabolism by an RNA-controlled feed forward loop [Microbiology] Hfq (host factor for phage Q beta) is key for posttranscriptional gene regulation in many bacteria. Hfq’s function is to stabilize sRNAs and to facilitate base-pairing with trans-encoded target mRNAs. Loss of Hfq typically results in pleiotropic phenotypes, and, in the major human pathogen Vibrio cholerae, Hfq inactivation has been…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Clostridioides difficile infection damages colonic stem cells via TcdB, impairing epithelial repair and recovery from disease [Microbiology] Gastrointestinal infections often induce epithelial damage that must be repaired for optimal gut function. While intestinal stem cells are critical for this regeneration process [R. C. van der Wath, B. S. Gardiner, A. W. Burgess, D. W. Smith, PLoS One 8, e73204 (2013); S. Kozar et al., Cell Stem Cell…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Salmonella expresses foreign genes during infection by degrading their silencer [Microbiology] The heat-stable nucleoid structuring (H-NS, also referred to as histone-like nucleoid structuring) protein silences transcription of foreign genes in a variety of Gram-negative bacterial species. To take advantage of the products encoded in foreign genes, bacteria must overcome the silencing effects of H-NS. Because H-NS amounts are believed to remain…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Oncogenic human herpesvirus hijacks proline metabolism for tumorigenesis [Microbiology] Three-dimensional (3D) cell culture is well documented to regain intrinsic metabolic properties and to better mimic the in vivo situation than two-dimensional (2D) cell culture. Particularly, proline metabolism is critical for tumorigenesis since pyrroline-5-carboxylate (P5C) reductase (PYCR/P5CR) is highly expressed in various tumors and its enzymatic activity is essential for…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Bed nuclei of the stria terminalis modulate memory consolidation via glucocorticoid-dependent and -independent circuits [Neuroscience] There is extensive evidence that glucocorticoid hormones enhance memory consolidation, helping to ensure that emotionally significant events are well remembered. Prior findings suggest that the anteroventral region of bed nuclei of the stria terminalis (avBST) regulates glucocorticoid release, suggesting the potential for avBST activity to influence memory consolidation following an…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Individualized perturbation of the human connectome reveals reproducible biomarkers of network dynamics relevant to cognition [Neuroscience] Large-scale brain networks are often described using resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). However, the blood oxygenation level-dependent (BOLD) signal provides an indirect measure of neuronal firing and reflects slow-evolving hemodynamic activity that fails to capture the faster timescale of normal physiological function. Here we used fMRI-guided transcranial magnetic stimul

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Abstinence-dependent dissociable central amygdala microcircuits control drug craving [Neuroscience] We recently reported that social choice-induced voluntary abstinence prevents incubation of methamphetamine craving in rats. This inhibitory effect was associated with activation of protein kinase-Cδ (PKCδ)-expressing neurons in central amygdala lateral division (CeL). In contrast, incubation of craving after forced abstinence was associated with activation of CeL-expressing somatostatin (SOM) neu

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Coordination amongst quadriceps muscles suggests neural regulation of internal joint stresses, not simplification of task performance [Neuroscience] Many studies have demonstrated covariation between muscle activations during behavior, suggesting that muscles are not controlled independently. According to one common proposal, this covariation reflects simplification of task performance by the nervous system so that muscles with similar contributions to task variables are controlled together. Alternatively, this covariation might reflect…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Chronic mild stress alters synaptic plasticity in the nucleus accumbens through GSK3{beta}-dependent modulation of Kv4.2 channels [Neuroscience] Although major depressive disorder (MDD) is highly prevalent, its pathophysiology is poorly understood. Recent evidence suggests that glycogen-synthase kinase 3β (GSK3β) plays a key role in memory formation, yet its role in mood regulation remains controversial. Here, we investigated whether GSK3β activity in the nucleus accumbens (NAc) is associated with…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Deficiency in classical nonhomologous end-ȷoining-mediated repair of transcribed genes is linked to SCA3 pathogenesis [Neuroscience] Spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 (SCA3) is a dominantly inherited neurodegenerative disease caused by CAG (encoding glutamine) repeat expansion in the Ataxin-3 (ATXN3) gene. We have shown previously that ATXN3-depleted or pathogenic ATXN3-expressing cells abrogate polynucleotide kinase 3′-phosphatase (PNKP) activity. Here, we report that ATXN3 associates with RNA polymerase II (RNAP…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Metabolic control analysis of hepatic glycogen synthesis in vivo [Physiology] Multiple insulin-regulated enzymes participate in hepatic glycogen synthesis, and the rate-controlling step responsible for insulin stimulation of glycogen synthesis is unknown. We demonstrate that glucokinase (GCK)-mediated glucose phosphorylation is the rate-controlling step in insulin-stimulated hepatic glycogen synthesis in vivo, by use of the somatostatin pancreatic clamp technique using [13C

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Myosin filament-based regulation of the dynamics of contraction in heart muscle [Physiology] Myosin-based mechanisms are increasingly recognized as supplementing their better-known actin-based counterparts to control the strength and time course of contraction in both skeletal and heart muscle. Here we use synchrotron small-angle X-ray diffraction to determine the structural dynamics of local domains of the myosin filament during contraction of heart muscle….

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. ENO regulates tomato fruit size through the floral meristem development network [Plant Biology] A dramatic evolution of fruit size has accompanied the domestication and improvement of fruit-bearing crop species. In tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), naturally occurring cis-regulatory mutations in the genes of the CLAVATA-WUSCHEL signaling pathway have led to a significant increase in fruit size generating enlarged meristems that lead to flowers with extra…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Dissociable effects of visual crowding on the perception of color and motion [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] Our ability to recognize objects in peripheral vision is fundamentally limited by crowding, the deleterious effect of clutter that disrupts the recognition of features ranging from orientation and color to motion and depth. Previous research is equivocal on whether this reflects a singular process that disrupts all features simultaneously or…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Eye movements shape visual learning [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] Most people easily learn to recognize new faces and places, and with more extensive practice they can become experts at visual tasks as complex as radiological diagnosis and action video games. Such perceptual plasticity has been thoroughly studied in the context of training paradigms that require constant fixation. In contrast,…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Correction for Morsky and Akcay, Evolution of social norms and correlated equilibria [Correction] ECONOMIC SCIENCES, EVOLUTION Correction for “Evolution of social norms and correlated equilibria,” by Bryce Morsky and Erol Akçay, which was first published April 11, 2019; 10.1073/pnas.1817095116 (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 116, 8834–8839). The authors note that Fig. 3 appeared incorrectly due to an arrangement error during revision. The corrected…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Depth-dependent soil mixing persists across climate zones [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences] Soil mixing over long (>102 y) timescales enhances nutrient fluxes that support soil ecology, contributes to dispersion of sediment and contaminated material, and modulates fluxes of carbon through Earth’s largest terrestrial carbon reservoir. Despite its foundational importance, we lack robust understanding of the rates and patterns of soil mixing, largely…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Hog1 activation delays mitotic exit via phosphorylation of Net1 [Cell Biology] Adaptation to environmental changes is crucial for cell fitness. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, variations in external osmolarity trigger the activation of the stress-activated protein kinase Hog1 (high-osmolarity glycerol 1), which regulates gene expression, metabolism, and cell-cycle progression. The activation of this kinase leads to the regulation of G1, S, and G2…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. DNA metabarcoding reveals metacommunity dynamics in a threatened boreal wetland wilderness [Ecology] The complexity and natural variability of ecosystems present a challenge for reliable detection of change due to anthropogenic influences. This issue is exacerbated by necessary trade-offs that reduce the quality and resolution of survey data for assessments at large scales. The Peace–Athabasca Delta (PAD) is a large inland wetland complex…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Reconstitution of polythioamide antibiotic backbone formation reveals unusual thiotemplated assembly strategy [Biochemistry] Closthioamide (CTA) is a rare example of a thioamide-containing nonribosomal peptide and is one of only a handful of secondary metabolites described from obligately anaerobic bacteria. Although the biosynthetic gene cluster responsible for CTA production and the thioamide synthetase that catalyzes sulfur incorporation were recently discovered, the logic for peptide…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A common polymorphism in the mechanosensitive ion channel PIEZO1 is associated with protection from severe malaria in humans [Microbiology] Malaria caused by the apicomplexan parasite Plasmodium falciparum has served as a strong evolutionary force throughout human history, selecting for red blood cell polymorphisms that confer innate protection against severe disease. Recently, gain-of-function mutations in the mechanosensitive ion channel PIEZO1 were shown to ameliorate Plasmodium parasite growth, blood–brain barrier dysfunction,…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Kinetic control of stationary flux ratios for a wide range of biochemical processes [Biophysics and Computational Biology] One of the most intriguing features of biological systems is their ability to regulate the steady-state fluxes of the underlying biochemical reactions; however, the regulatory mechanisms and their physicochemical properties are not fully understood. Fundamentally, flux regulation can be explained with a chemical kinetic formalism describing the transitions between discrete…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Mapping the cis-regulatory architecture of the human retina reveals noncoding genetic variation in disease [Genetics] The interplay of transcription factors and cis-regulatory elements (CREs) orchestrates the dynamic and diverse genetic programs that assemble the human central nervous system (CNS) during development and maintain its function throughout life. Genetic variation within CREs plays a central role in phenotypic variation in complex traits including the risk of…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Scale-free, programmable design of morphable chain loops of kilobots and colloidal motors [Applied Physical Sciences] Micron-scale robots require systems that can morph into arbitrary target configurations controlled by external agents such as heat, light, electricity, and chemical environment. Achieving this behavior using conventional approaches is challenging because the available materials at these scales are not programmable like their macroscopic counterparts. To overcome this challenge, we…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. The phylogenetic tree of boosting has a bushy carriage but a single trunk [Letters (Online Only)] The phylogenetic tree of boosting has a bushy carriage, with early influencers: Ref. 1 was undoubtedly one for the making and use of popular application packages, some used nowadays in almost every Kaggle competition (2), and in that respect it is an understatement to say that the recent work of…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Reply to Nock and Nielsen: On the work of Nock and Nielsen and its relationship to the additive tree [Letters (Online Only)] The observation that decision trees are boosting algorithms, as cited in our work (1) and acknowledged by Nock and Nielsen (2), was first established by refs. 3 and 4. This was later used by refs. 5 and 6 to develop, to the best of our knowledge, the first decision tree…

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Animal Crossing’s most elusive fish has a bizarre real-life backstory

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Fun mystery games to help solve your boredom Tonight we're all Nancy Drew—or Sherlock Holmes if that's more your bag. ( João Silas via Unsplash/) Humans are drawn to mysteries. Solving them in real life can require knowledge and skills in deductive reasoning, psychology, and forensic science. Mystery games give everyday gumshoes an opportunity to practice their sleuthing, or evade capture by role-playing the suspect. These captivating choic

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. The best Xbox controllers for every playing style Upgrade your gaming controller. (Wu Yi via Unsplash/) Every gamer has their own personal playing style, and regardless of where you fall on the casual to hardcore spectrum, you’ll want to pick a controller that works for you. For some, ergonomics and continuous single-charge play hours are key. For others, specialized functions like sensitive triggers and customizable thumbsticks are a must. If y

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Does Time Really Flow? New Clues Come From a Century-Old Approach to Math. Strangely, although we feel as if we sweep through time on the knife-edge between the fixed past and the open future, that edge — the present — appears nowhere in the existing laws of physics. In Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, for example, time is woven together with the three dimensions of space, forming a bendy, four-dimensional space-time continuum — a “block universe” encompassing th

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Graced With Knowledge, Mathematicians Seek to Understand Imagine aliens landed on Earth and handed us certifiably correct answers to our most pressing questions: Does God exist? Is the Riemann hypothesis true? Did Oswald act alone? We’d appreciate the info, but it wouldn’t be really useful if we didn’t know how they got their answers. This is the situation in which mathematics now finds itself. In January, a team of computer scientists posted a sweepin

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Li-ion co-inventor patents glass battery that could upturn auto industry | The Driven

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Design for cleaner, quieter snowmobile wins Yukon Innovation Prize. "His idea is to retrofit older gas engine snowmobiles because older machines are more readily available and this technology would give them a new life."

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. The dance to deliver the world's most efficient residential solar panel: Oxford PV is less than a year away from delivering the first commercial perovskite+silicon tandem solar cell. They will launch with solar cells between 26-27% efficiency, which means a residential solar module above 400 watts.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. US President signs executive order to support moon mining, tap asteroid resources – The U.S. sees a clear path to the use of moon and asteroid resources.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Coffee grounds show promise as wood substitute in producing cellulose nanofibers

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. The world’s insects are hurtling down the path to extinction, threatening a “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems”, according to the first global scientific review. Report says 400,000 insect species are declining and a third are endangered, the analysis found.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. The Possibility of FTL Space Travel by using the Quantum Tunneling Effect through the Light Barrier 03/11/07

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Making biofuels cheaper by putting plants to work One strategy to make biofuels more competitive is to make plants do some of the work themselves. Scientists can engineer plants to produce valuable chemical compounds, or bioproducts, as they grow. Then the bioproducts can be extracted from the plant and the remaining plant material can be converted into fuel. But one important part of this strategy has remained unclear — exactly how much of a pa

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Tiny marine organisms as the key to global cycles Marine microorganisms play a very important role in global cycles such as of the uptake of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. However, little is known about how they function. New approaches are for the first time laying the foundation for a more detailed genetic investigation of some key phytoplankton organisms.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Neuroscientists find memory cells that help us interpret new situations Neuroscientists have identified populations of cells that encode distinctive segments of an overall experience. These chunks of memory are encoded separately from the neural code that stores detailed memories of a specific experience.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Men pose more risk to other road users than women do and they are more likely to drive more dangerous vehicles, reveals the first study of its kind.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Potential early biomarker to track development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Research has uncovered a biomarker in humans tied to the development of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease that might help doctors detect early stages of the disease. The researchers also determined that this biomarker, a protein known as 'neuronal regeneration related protein' (or NREP), plays a significant role in the regulation of a pathway that is currently being reviewed in clinical trials as

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Engineers and chemists 'program' liquid crystalline elastomers to replicate complex twisting action simply with the use of light Researchers designed a polymer known as a liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) that can be 'programmed' to both twist and bend in the presence of light. Especially in the field of soft robotics, this is essential for building devices that exhibit controllable, dynamic behavior without the need for complex electronic components.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Bubble dynamics reveal how to empty bottles faster Researchers have discovered how to make bottles empty faster, which has wide-ranging implications for many areas beyond the beverage industry. They explore this bottle-emptying phenomenon from the perspective of bubble dynamics on a commercial bottle by using high-speed photography. Image analysis allowed them to conceptualize various parameters, such as liquid film thickness, bubble aspect ratio,

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. First-ever photo proof of powerful jet emerging from colliding galaxies Researchers have reported the first detection of a relativistic on-axis jet emerging from two colliding galaxies — the first photographic proof that merging galaxies can produce jets of fast-moving charged particles. Scientists had previously discovered that jets could be found in elliptical-shaped galaxies, which can be formed in the merging of two spiral galaxies. Now, they have an image showin

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Simulations show extreme opinions can lead to polarized groups Researchers use a theoretical model to examine what effect extreme views have on making the entire system more polarized. The group's network-based model extends a popular approach for studying opinion dynamics, called the Cobb model, and is based on the hypothesis that those with opinions farther from the middle of a political spectrum are also less influenced by others, a trait known to social s

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. How wallflowers evolved a complementary pair of plant defenses A pair of chemicals used by wallflowers and their kin to ward off predators have evolved to complement each other, with one targeting generalist herbivores and the other targeting specialized herbivores that have become resistant to the generalist defense.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. How serotonin balances communication within the brain Our brain is steadily engaged in soliloquies. These internal communications are usually also bombarded with external sensory events. Hence, the impact of the two neuronal processes need to be permanently fine-tuned to avoid their imbalance. A team of scientists has revealed the role of the neurotransmitter serotonin in this scenario. They discovered that distinct serotonergic receptor types contro

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A rapidly changing Arctic A new study found that freshwater runoff from rivers and continental shelf sediments are bringing significant quantities of carbon and trace elements into parts of the Arctic Ocean via the Transpolar Drift — a major surface current that moves water from Siberia across the North Pole to the North Atlantic Ocean.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Repairing stroke-damaged rat brains Researchers have succeeded in restoring mobility and sensation of touch in stroke-afflicted rats by reprogramming human skin cells to become nerve cells, which were then transplanted into the rats' brains.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Why We Have So Many Problems with Our Teeth Our choppers are crowded, crooked and riddled with cavities. It hasn’t always been this way

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Google taught this robotic dog to learn new tricks by imitating a real one Google researchers are using imitation learning to teach autonomous robots how to pace, spin, and move in more agile ways. What they did: Using a data set of motion capture data recorded from various sensors attached to a dog, the researchers taught a quadruped robot named Laikago several different movements that are hard to achieve through traditional hand-coded robotic controls. How they did it

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Google’s auto-complete for speech can cover up glitches in video calls The news: With many of us now relying on video calls for face-to-face interaction , choppy connections are more frustrating than ever. An artificial intelligence that mimics an individual speaker’s way of talking can smooth over the cracks by filling in small gaps with snippets of generated speech. Developed by a team at Google, the technology is now being used in Google’s video-calling app Duo .

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A history of Indigenous languages — and how to revitalize them | Lindsay Morcom Indigenous languages across North America are under threat of extinction due to the colonial legacy of cultural erasure, says linguist Lindsay Morcom. Highlighting grassroots strategies developed by the Anishinaabe people of Canada to revive their language and community, Morcom makes a passionate case for enacting policies that could protect Indigenous heritage for generations to come.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. The Most-Watched Show in America Is a Moral Failure This article contains spoilers through all seven episodes of Tiger King. At this particular moment, the most-watched show in America is a seven-part documentary series about a gay, polygamous zoo owner in Oklahoma who breeds tigers, commissions and stars in his own country-music videos, presides over what he describes as “my little cult” of drifters and much younger men, and ran for governor of O

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. The Supreme Court’s Wisconsin Decision Is a Terrible Sign for November Today, lines outside of Wisconsin polling places illustrate the cruel stakes of a decision the Supreme Court handed down Monday night. The Court forced Wisconsin residents to choose between voting and staying safe. Some voters, it appears, are willing to risk their own death in order to ensure that American democracy still lives. But they should not have to make that choice. The five conservative

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. The People Who Profited Off the Trail of Tears Jaune Quick-to-See Smith T hey held back tears as they left, touching the autumn leaves one last time. The Choctaw had fought alongside Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812 , and a U.S. official had ensured their territory in perpetuity. Now they were being forced west anyway, the first indigenous nation to be expelled from its ancestral homelands under President Jackson’s 1830 Indian Removal Act. A

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. White Supremacy’s Gateway to the American Mind This article is a collaboration between The Atlantic and ProPublica . “G ive me, a white man, a reason to live, ” a user posted to the anonymous message board 4chan in the summer of 2017. “Should I get a hobby. What interests can I pursue to save myself from total despair. How do you go on living.” A fellow user had a suggestion: “Please write a concise book of only factual indisputable informati

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Sanity, stability and stress-relief: why our beloved pets have never been more important They are time-keepers, normality-bringers and playthings. Here’s the science behind how cats and dogs help support our mental health Let’s start with some live updates from pets across the country. As I write this, I’m informed that Oscar the dog is delighting in hoovering up the extra scraps from under the kitchen table after the kids have eaten their home-school snacks and lunches. Morph, anoth

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Image of the Day: Slow-Growing Brains Scans of eight fossilized adult and infant Australopithecus afarensis skulls reveal a prolonged period of brain growth during development that may have set the stage for extended childhood learning in later hominins.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Computational Biologist James Taylor Dies The Johns Hopkins University professor was a co-developer of the Galaxy platform, an open-source bioinformatics tool used in labs around the world.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Skulls from the Yucatan Peninsula a Clue to Early American Settlers The crania of individuals who lived in the Yucatan Peninsula during the late Pleistocene show a high degree of anatomical diversity among them, and their skull shapes differ from that of other North American populations of the time.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Gene Activation by CRISPRa: Optimizing Overexpression for Gain-of-Function Studies Horizon Discovery invites you to join them for an educational webinar.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Mer ansiktssmärta bland folket – och kvinnor drabbas hårdast Allt fler rapporterar smärta i ansiktet och bara ett fåtal av de drabbade tillfrisknar helt från sina besvär, visar ny forskning. Det är främst kvinnor som drabbas av smärtan, och klyftan mellan könen verkar öka.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. A Cheap 3D Printer Can Trick Smartphone Fingerprint Locks With a budget of just $2,000, researchers could fool biometric scanners 80 percent of the time.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Steam Remote Play Together: Setup Guide and Best Games to Try Steam lets you run local multiplayer videogames over the internet, allowing you to play with friends even when they’re not next to you.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. In Italy, the TV Show Big Brother Is Now Everyone's Reality Contestants on Italy's version of Big Brother had a jump-start on life under quarantine. Now they return to a world both familiar and alien.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. That Weird Pain in Your Nuts and the Limits of Telemedicine Patients often don't know their own anatomy. Doctors often don't know how to talk about it over a screen.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. Samsung Galaxy A Series (2020): Specs, Price, Release, and More We break down the six new Galaxy A series phones, which start at $110 and go all the way up to $600, giving Samsung a foothold in every possible price point.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. New iPhones Should Be Here Soon. Will People Buy Them? We’re on the precipice of a downturn in consumer spending, and the mobile device market may take a very big hit.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. T-Mobile and Sprint Merger FAQ: What You Need to Know (2020) If you’re a subscriber, you may have a lot of questions now that the two wireless carriers have merged. And what's happening with Dish and Boost? We have answers.

….. (Hentet 8. april 2020) ….. ….. The Unbearable Lightness of Animal Crossing Many years before the rise of walking-paced exploration games, *Animal Crossing* captured the lovely melancholy of pointless perambulation.

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