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…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>z ….. How a Real Dog Taught a Robot Dog to Walk Instead of coding a mechanical quadruped's movements line by line, Google researchers fed it videos of real-life pups. Now it can even chase its tail. 8011 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The Best 'Work From Home' Gear: Our Home Office Tech Guide Do you need a monitor, desk, webcam, laptop, microphone, or pair of headphones? Here's our ultimate laundry list of recommended gear to improve your new home office. 8010 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Trials of Plasma From Recovered Covid-19 Patients Have Begun US Food and Drug Administration officials approved nationwide tests of two treatments, both derived from the blood of people who have survived the disease. 8009 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The Biggest Coronavirus Myths, Busted No, drinking water won’t flush the virus out of your mouth. Here’s how to inoculate yourself against bad Covid-19 information. 8008 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The High-Stakes Race to Build More Ventilators The US is short of ventilators to help Covid-19 patients breathe. Ford, GM, and satellite-launch company Virgin Orbit are trying to fill the gap. 8007 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. For Open-Source Ventilators, Making Them Is the Easy Part Plus: The DIY movement, the Long Tail theory of the internet, and wild animals in the streets. 8006 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. New Yorkers, Once Again at Ground Zero, in Their Own Words This week in our living oral history, the city’s residents—from the great to the humble—try to come to grips with a metropolis under assault by a virus. 8005 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. My Phone Keeps Me Sane During This Crisis … and Insane, Too What happens when the only device that can make you stop crying is exactly the device that is making you cry? 8004 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. 'The Last of Us Part II' Is Being Delayed Indefinitely The game's release is being postponed due to logistical concerns caused by the spread of the coronavirus. 8003 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. How to Refuel a Nuclear Power Plant During a Pandemic To swap out the spent uranium rods, hundreds of technicians from around the country must work in close quarters for weeks. That’s a challenge during a quarantine. 8002 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Google Reveals Location Data to Help the Coronavirus Response The search giant is disclosing trends in visits to broad categories of places, as a tool for public health officials. 8001 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. How We Ended Up Short on Medical Equipment This week, we discuss the nationwide shortage of ventilators and protective equipment, and how we’re going to deal with it amid the coronavirus pandemic. 8000 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Short Fiction: ‘Indivisible City’ by Daniel Torday “It is a contagion, this need to wear a mask, not unlike the contagion the mask is meant to repel.” 7999 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Delivery Apps Offer Restaurants a Lifeline—at a Cost Social distancing rules have reduced many eateries to delivery and take out. But apps like Uber Eats exact a 25 percent toll on their shrinking revenue. 7998 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Wellness Influencers Sell False Promises As Coronavirus Fears Soar Tips for staying active during the pandemic are one thing. But some influencers are pushing unscientific claims about "immunity boosting" merch. 7997 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The CDC Now Recommends Americans Wear Face Masks Staying home is still the best way to protect yourself from the coronavirus. But the CDC now says that masks are effective as an additional measure. 7996 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Covid-19 Is Killing More Men Than Women—Here Are Some Theories Scientists can’t say for certain why the current pandemic is discriminating by sex, but it likely comes down to biology, lifestyle, and behavior. 7995 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Fel hur du än gör – kriskommunikationens förbannelse Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Så är situationen för de politiker och experter som både ska fatta beslut och kommunicera dem under en kris som Corona, enligt riskforskarna Misse Wester och Christian Uhr. 7994 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Centrum samlar kunskap om Corona till sjukvården Finns det nya och säkra arbetssätt som kan underlätta behandlingen av coronapatienter? Vilka erfarenheter finns hos vårdpersonal i Kina och Italien? Frågorna är många och det är viktigt att vårdpersonal snabbt får tillgång till kvalitetssäkrad information. 7993 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Corona-hastelov: Politiet kan nu lyn-blokere falske hjemmesider Politiet behøver ikke længere at vente på en afgørelse fra retten, før der blokeres for de cyberkriminelles falske coronavirus-relaterede hjemmesider. 7992 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The COVID-19 Coronavirus May Travel in Aerosols Several studies have indicated that SARS-CoV-2 might be spread through air, but not all experts are convinced. 7991 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Cats, Ferrets Susceptible to SARS-CoV-2: Study Researchers report that dogs, pigs, chickens, and ducks did not easily become infected. 7990 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. When will a coronavirus vaccine be ready? Human trials will begin imminently – but even if they go well and a cure is found, there are many barriers before global immunisation is feasible Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Even at their most effective – and draconian – containment strategies have only slowed the spread of the respiratory disease Covid-19. With the World Health Organization finally declaring a p 7989 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. UK ministers struggle to keep promise of 100k coronavirus tests by end of April Frustrated NHS staff and scientists say they have labs ready but cannot get the materials Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The UK government’s pledge to carry out 100,000 coronavirus tests a day by the end of the month is unravelling, with NHS laboratory staff and scientists warning they do not have the test kits, chemicals and components they need to scale up. Boris 7988 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Queen to address nation on Sunday over coronavirus crisis British head of state to deliver special broadcast on Covid-19 outbreak Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The Queen is to address the nation on Sunday, delivering a message about the coronavirus outbreak, Buckingham Palace has said. Expectation has been growing about when the British head of state would make a public statement about the unprecedented events that have l 7987 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. More Covid-19 patients needed for drug trials, says Matt Hancock Health secretary says trials are being set up with ‘breathtaking speed’ to find treatments Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage More patients with Covid-19 are needed to take part in clinical trials to find licensed drugs that could be effective in treating the virus, the health secretary has said, welcoming “the breathtaking speed” with which the experiments were set up. 7986 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. US accused of 'modern piracy' after diversion of masks meant for Europe German politician adds to chorus of complaints about American tactics to source protective gear Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The US has been accused of “modern piracy” after reportedly diverting a shipment of masks intended for the German police, and outbidding other countries in the increasingly fraught global market for coronavirus protective equipment. About 20 7985 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. 'Immunity passports': can they end the UK coronavirus lockdown? Certificates to prove people are immune to Covid-19 could ease restrictions. How would such as scheme work in Britain? Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage No 10 has pointed to immunity passports as a way to end the lockdown. How would the policy work in practice? Continue reading… 7984 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Wuhan residents told to stay inside and be vigilant China announces day of mourning for ‘martyrs’ as city at centre of outbreak seeks to avoid second wave before travel bans lift Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Residents of Wuhan have been warned to stay indoors and strengthen protection measures, a few days before travel restrictions on the city at the centre of the pandemic are scheduled to be lifted. The city’s top 7983 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. What happens to people's lungs when they get coronavirus? Respiratory physician John Wilson explains the range of Covid-19 impacts, from no symptoms to severe illness featuring pneumonia Coronavirus – latest global updates See all our coronavirus coverage What became known as Covid-19, or the coronavirus, started in late 2019 as a cluster of pneumonia cases with an unknown cause. The cause of the pneumonia was found to be a new virus – severe acute resp 7982 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus UK: how many confirmed cases are in your area? Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many cases have been reported near you Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How to protect yourself from infection Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested, and are not in 7981 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should I call the doctor? What are the symptoms caused by the Covid-19 virus, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor? Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself and others from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has transferred to humans from animals. The World Health Or 7980 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus: hospitals in West Midlands 'will be at capacity by next weekend' Mayor says NEC field hospital will be ready to take patients as data shows 21% of deaths in England were in Midlands Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Hospitals in the West Midlands are forecast to reach maximum capacity by next weekend, the region’s mayor has said, amid growing concern that one in five deaths from coronavirus in England have happened in the Midlands. 7979 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Commuted sentence: Covid-19 spares the Japanese salaryman from ritual exhaustion Pandemic forces even the most conservative companies to rethink their practices and let employees work from home Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Until a few weeks ago Tsutomu Okada never imagined he would be working within earshot of his wife and daughter or talking to colleagues via his laptop. But in Japan, as in other parts of the world, the coronavirus pandemic h 7978 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Can a face mask protect me from coronavirus? Covid-19 myths busted The truth about how you can catch coronavirus, who is most vulnerable and what you can do to avoid infection Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest news and updates What are the symptoms and should I see a doctor? Wearing a face mask is certainly not an iron-clad guarantee that you won’t get sick – viruses can also transmit through the eyes and tiny viral particles, known as 7977 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. US navy fires commander who raised alarm about coronavirus on ship Captain Brett Crozier relieved of his command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt after letter he wrote appealing for help was leaked The US navy has dismissed the commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier, who had raised the alarm about an outbreak of coronavirus on his ship. Related: Coronavirus US live: Trump again tests negative for illness, White House says Continue reading… 7976 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus deaths of two nurses lead to calls for more protection One nurse in north London resigns after being prevented from wearing mask she bought herself Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Demands for better protection for healthcare workers are growing following the death of two nurses in their 30s, while another frontline worker quit her job after being forbidden from wearing a face mask. Areema Nasreen, 36, died shortly after 7975 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Why has the UK lagged behind in testing for the coronavirus? Britain has good expertise in diagnostics, but few firms with enough capacity to produce Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage “Unlike some countries, we didn’t go into this crisis with a huge diagnostics industry. We have the best scientific labs in the world, but we did not have the scale,” Matt Hancock said this week, facing a barrage of questions on why the UK is laggi 7974 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Climate monitoring and research could fall victim to coronavirus, scientists fear Health restrictions have already hit some long-term projects but routine monitoring could be affected if the pandemic drags on Coronavirus – latest US updates C oronavirus – latest global updates See all our coronavirus coverage The coronavirus pandemic has stalled scientific fieldwork and may even start to affect the monitoring of the climate, scientists have warned. Major projects to gather env 7973 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Britain’s coronavirus testing scandal: a timeline of mixed messages UK government accused of over-promising and under-delivering on a variety of claims in the past few weeks Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Three weeks ago, the World Health Organization told countries battling Covid-19 to “test, test, test” for the virus. Since then, the UK government has been accused of issuing mixed messages, of over-promising and under-delivering – 7972 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The Guardian view on immunity passports: an idea whose time has not come | Editorial A phone app seems better than a passport as a way out of the lockdown. This system will need to be temporary, installed at users’ discretion and have privacy at its core Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage If ministers think immunity passports or wristbands are the answer to resolving the immediate coronavirus crisis, they are asking the wrong question. Such a system, if 7971 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. There are still NHS staff without proper PPE – their lives are at risk | Jessica Potter Full PPE is crucial in the fight against coronavirus. Public Health England’s advice has not gone far enough Coronavirus latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Just before the ICU unit where I work dealt with its first case of Covid-19, I was tested to ensure the FFP-3 masks I would need fitted safely. This involved walking up and down while a bitter chemical was sprayed to ensure there 7970 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Despite what Matt Hancock says, the government's policy is still herd immunity | Anthony Costello Tests alone are no good. We urgently need a community surveillance programme to stop the spread of Covid-19 • Coronavirus latest updates • See all our coronavirus coverage When the lockdown is lifted, will the virus return? Of course it will. Matt Hancock has said we will do 100,000 tests each day by the end of April, but Britain still doesn’t have a way to control the virus that goes beyond lock 7969 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Do face masks protect against coronavirus? Here's what scientists know so far | David Heymann Face masks are effective and vital in hospitals, but this doesn’t mean they’re useful for the general public Coronavirus latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage We all want to protect ourselves from coronavirus – but we need to make sure the things we’re doing are effective. There are several measures we can all take to reduce the spread of Covid-19, including physical distancing, thoroug 7968 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus is shining a light on the wretched universal credit system | Daniel Lavelle A million people, myself included, have turned to UC in Britain’s lockdown. Now we will see the ordeals claimants face • Coronavirus latest updates • See all our coronavirus coverage British governments are notoriously bad at recognising a crisis until it impacts them, or their class, directly. London’s pioneering sanitation system was not developed until the cholera epidemics of the early 19th c 7967 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Boris Johnson will be judged on the next four weeks. That prospect should frighten him | Jonathan Freedland The British public are being patient over the coronavirus crisis, but they will not forgive governmental confusion for ever Boris Johnson and his government are on probation, watched by a public whose mood could turn rapidly and brutally. For now, and on paper, Johnson has the people with him: his poll ratings have surged north of 50%, a feat last managed by a Tory government at the height of the 7966 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Australian news: stories you may have missed during the coronavirus crisis High court to hand down George Pell verdict, water flows into the Menindee Lakes and Victoria renews logging As Australia’s coronavirus outbreak continues – but with the cautious optimism of a slowing rate of infection – a lot of important news has slipped under the radar. Here are the stories you may have missed over the past week. Continue reading… 7965 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The Surreality of Central Park’s Field Hospital When news spread that a field hospital was opening in Central Park, New Yorkers breathed a collective sigh of relief. The 68-bed respiratory-care unit would accept overflow patients from Mount Sinai, which was running out of hospital beds. It was a necessary contribution to a public-health crisis. But the next wave of news wasn’t so optimistic. As it turns out, Samaritan’s Purse, the Christian re 7964 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Chinese Americans Have Seen This Before Back in January, when a mysterious virus in Wuhan still seemed like faraway news, Mei Mei and her husband bought N95 masks and two boxes of hand sanitizer to take to her elderly parents, who live 300 miles east of the Chinese city. Mei, 48, a real-estate agent in Fremont, California, had planned to bring the supplies on a trip to China to celebrate her parents’ 60th wedding anniversary. Then Wuha 7963 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Americans With Disabilities Are Terrified Many Americans are anxious about contracting the novel coronavirus. Daniel Florio is absolutely terrified. The 50-year-old lawyer from Maplewood, New Jersey, was born with spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disorder that makes him unable to walk or use his arms. His disability makes him more vulnerable to the virus than most people, and he’s afraid of what will happen if he ends up in the hospita 7962 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. An Unhealthy Military Is Struggling to Fight COVID-19 An outbreak on an aircraft carrier. Infections in basic training . Office-bound contractors unable to work from home. The coronavirus has hit the military-industrial complex, and this is not an enemy it knows how to fight. The U.S. armed forces and their supporting industries, with people wedged into shared barracks or in 96-person ship berths sleeping inches away from one another, are especially 7961 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The Atlantic Politics Daily: There Goes the Economy It’s Thursday, April 2. The White House will reportedly advise all Americans to wear face coverings in public to slow the spread of the coronavirus. In today’s newsletter: The economy is toast, but it didn’t have to be like this, our economics reporter argues. Plus: The unique threat the coronavirus poses to southern states. * « TODAY IN POLITICS » (Katie Martin / The Atlantic ) There goes the ec 7960 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Photos of the Week: Masked Monks, Windmill Walk, Birthday Parade Lockdown in Nepal, a drive-up church service in Tennessee, urban deer in Sri Lanka, a porch concert in California, a medical isolation booth in Boston, a medical detection dog in England, a sanitizing tunnel in Mexico, the arrival of the USNS Comfort hospital ship in New York City, and much more 7959 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The Atlantic Daily: The Debate Over Masks Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . In the beginning, the guidance was clear: Unless you have COVID-19 or are caring for someone who does, you probably don’t need to wear a mask in public. Now, that’s all in flux. The CDC is expect 7958 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Books Briefing: If Your Attention Span Is Shrinking, Read Poetry If you feel you’re losing your ability to focus on a long book while confined indoors and surrounded by digital screens ( as staying up to date on a global pandemic seems to command ), try turning to poetry to nurse your shrinking attention span back to life. Emily Dickinson’s many short but perceptive poems showcase her unique view of the physical world, distilling its details into spiritual the 7957 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Yes, Make Coronavirus Jokes My phone flashes bright. A new video’s appeared in the family WhatsApp group. Before I’ve even pressed play, I’m smiling—a roll of toilet paper is in the shot, so it must be good. Someone replies with a video of a naked man riding a bicycle. Mud’s spattered up his backside. Another toilet gag. A third video arrives of a toddler crying because the local McDonald’s has had to close as a result of t 7956 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. We Need to Link Local Leaders Directly to One Another As the United States fights the spread of the coronavirus, health-care workers are recycling personal protective equipment, governors are engaging in bidding wars for ventilators, and large sections of our health-care infrastructure are being overwhelmed. Despite the herculean efforts of personnel across the federal government, it’s clear that a top-down approach to fighting COVID-19 is insuffici 7955 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The Economy Is Collapsing. So Are Trump’s Reelection Chances. For Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, many numbers matter: the number of Americans who get sick and perish from the coronavirus. The number of months before the economy begins to reopen and rebound. The number of Americans who lose their health insurance and home after losing their job. For political scientists, one number is of particular interest, and it currently stands at –18.3. That is an 7954 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Creeping Authoritarianism Has Finally Prevailed This article was updated at 10:05 a.m. ET on April 3, 2020 Viktor Orbán is the prime minister of Hungary. He has been in power since 2010. During that time, he has underinvested in hospitals. Instead, public money has gone to pet projects, many of them related to the sports he enjoys. In his home village, Felcsút, the government built an elaborate soccer stadium with a heated field and 3,814 seat 7953 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Social Distance: The New Etiquette of Procuring Food On this episode of Social Distance , the staff writer Olga Khazan gives advice on the moral considerations of grocery purchases and talks about the political consequences of low-wage workers being classified as “essential” in this crisis. Listen to the episode here: Subscribe to Social Distance on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , or another podcast platform to receive new episodes as soon as they’re pu 7952 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Social Distance: Jared Kushner and the Website That Never Was On March 13th, President Donald Trump announced that Google was building a coronavirus website. It never panned out. The Atlantic staff writer Robinson Meyer investigated how such a website was nearly built by a company closely connected to Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law. Listen to the episode here: Subscribe to Social Distance on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , or another podcast platform 7951 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. What Adam Schlesinger Knew About America In this reality we all live in, the one in which America fumbles to remember a notion of “common good” so as to fight a disease tearing through individually vibrant lives, Adam Schlesinger had one big enduring hit: 2003’s “ Stacy’s Mom, ” by his group Fountains of Wayne. But in other worlds, imagined ones, Schlesinger had other smashes, and many were just as good as the real thing. The 1996 Tom H 7950 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. It's OK to feel overwhelmed. Here's what to do next | Elizabeth Gilbert If you're feeling anxious or fearful during the coronavirus pandemic, you're not alone. Offering hope and understanding, author Elizabeth Gilbert reflects on how to stay present, accept grief when it comes and trust in the strength of the human spirit. "Resilience is our shared genetic inheritance," she says. (This virtual conversation is part of the TED Connects series, hosted by head of TED Chri 7949 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The intangible effects of walls | Alexandra Auer More barriers exist now than at the end of World War II, says designer Alexandra Auer. And when you erect one wall, you unwittingly create a second — an "us" versus "them" partition in the mind that compromises our collective safety. With intriguing results from her social design project focused on two elementary schools separated by a fence, Auer encourages us to dismantle our biases and regain 7948 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Why does it suddenly feel like 1999 on the internet? The coronavirus pandemic has turned back the clock to a kinder time on the web, before the novelty of virtual connection wore off. Will it last? 7947 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. How to work remotely during the coronavirus lockdown Slack’s Aly Rayl tells us how the company is fostering remote working and Rajesh Anandan of Ultranauts, gives insight into what the future of remote work could be. 7946 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Radio Corona: making sense of all the information about coronavirus 7945 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Forskare ifrågasätter om corona är en droppsmitta Konsensus i forskarvärlden har hittills varit att det nya coronaviruset är en droppsmitta. Men i tidskriften Nature höjer nu flera forskare ett varningens finger för att smittan kan vara luftburen. 7944 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. COVID-19: The Need for Secure Labs–and Their Risks Coronavirus research requires high-containment labs. Journalist Elisabeth Eaves talks with Scientific American contributing editor W. Wayt Gibbs about her article "The Risks of Building Too Many… — Read more on 7943 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Why the Coronavirus Slipped Past Disease Detectives Groups of scientists tasked with identifying pandemic-prone microbes were stretched too far and thin — Read more on 7942 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus Disrupts Vital Field Research–Including Disease Transmission Work Scientists across the globe have been cut off from sites and experimental resources—or stranded abroad — Read more on 7941 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. You may be able to spread coronavirus just by breathing, new report finds National Academy of Sciences finding lends support to widespread use of masks 7940 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Scientists have turned the structure of the coronavirus into music “Sonification” could help researchers identify binding sites for new drugs 7939 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. How important is speech in transmitting coronavirus? Normal speech by individuals who are asymptomatic but infected with coronavirus may produce enough aerosolized particles to transmit the infection, according to aerosol scientists. Although it's not yet known how important this is to the spread of COVID-19, it underscores the need for strict social distancing measures — and for virologists, epidemiologists and engineers who study aerosols and dro 7938 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Removing the novel coronavirus from the water cycle Researchers have called for more research to determine the best ways to keep SARS-CoV-19 out of the water cycle. They also suggest that developed nations should finance water treatment systems in the developing world to help prevent future COVID-19 pandemics. 7937 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Wearing surgical masks in public could help slow COVID-19 pandemic's advance Surgical masks may help prevent infected people from making others sick with seasonal viruses, including coronaviruses, according to new research. In laboratory experiments, the masks significantly reduced the amounts of various airborne viruses coming from infected patients, measured using the breath-capturing 'Gesundheit II machine.' 7936 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. People tune out facts and trust their guts in medical emergencies A new study shows that people are more likely to base decisions on anecdotal information instead of facts when they feel anxious and vulnerable. 7935 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Treating COVID-19 in a patient with multiple myeloma A case study of a patient in Wuhan, China, suggests that the immunosuppressant tocilizumab may be an effective COVID-19 treatment for very ill patients who also have multiple myeloma and other blood cancers. The report also suggests that blood cancer patients may have atypical COVID-19 symptoms. 7934 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Virological findings from patients treated in a Munich hospital New research has detailed the clinical course and treatment of Germany's first group of COVID-19 patients. Criteria may now be developed to determine the earliest point at which COVID-19 patients treated in hospitals with limited bed capacity can be safely discharged. 7933 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Clues to COVID-19 coronavirus's vulnerability emerge from an antibody against SARS An antibody recovered from a survivor of the SARS epidemic in the early 2000s has revealed a potential vulnerability of the new coronavirus at the root of COVID-19. 7932 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. COVID-19 and labour constraints: Recalling former health care workers not enough While the COVID-19 pandemic has already resulted in mass layoffs in several industries, other essential industries will instead face critical workforce shortages, according to a new report. 7931 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Device that tracks location of nurses re-purposed to record patient mobility By re-purposing badges originally designed to locate nurses and other hospital staff, scientists say they can precisely monitor how patients in the hospital are walking outside of their rooms, a well-known indicator and contributor to recovery after surgery. 7930 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. New drug target found for COVID-19 A new potential drug target has been identified in SARS CoV-2 — the virus that causes COVID-19 — by scientists who say multiple drugs will likely be needed to respond to the pandemic. 7929 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Staying Productive During a Pandemic 7928 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Yale Scientists Release COVID-19 Treatment Algorithm 7927 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. American Scientists from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania create fingertip-sized COVID-19 vaccine candidate which shows promise in first peer-reviewed research: 'When tested in mice, PittCoVacc generated a surge of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 within two weeks of the microneedle prick.' 7926 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Robots to the Rescue: How They Can Help During Coronavirus (and Future Pandemics) 7925 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Big Brother in the Age of Coronavirus: 100+ Groups Warn Against Exploiting Pandemic to Permanently Expand Surveillance State – "These are extraordinary times, but human rights law still applies." 7924 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Marine virus predators by non-host organisms have been protecting us from millions of viruses this entire time. Sponges reduced the presence of viruses by up to 94% within 3 hrs. although after a full 24 hrs., it reached 98%. Crabs reduced it by 90%, cockles by 43%, and oysters by 12%. 7923 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Driverless JTA vehicles being used to transport COVID-19 tests at Mayo Clinic 7922 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. How our brain processes and copes with uncertainty – a cog sci perspective in uncertain times 7921 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Check these privacy and security settings before your next Zoom video chat As the moderator, you can—and should—kick people out of chats if they're not acting foolish. (Zoom/) There’s a good chance you hadn’t heard of Zoom when 2020 started. Unless you regularly participate in business-focused video chats, the enterprise-oriented tool wasn’t part of your regular routine. Then came COVID-19 and social distancing, of course, making video chat the closest option many peopl 7920 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Will it be safe to hold the Olympics in 2021? Fixing a date for the Olympics is really one piece of a much larger question: When will things get back to normal? (Pixabay /) Follow all of PopSci’s COVID-19 coverage here , including travel advice , pregnancy concerns , and the latest findings on the virus itself . For global updates, see here . On March 24, the prime minister of Japan and the president of the International Olympic Committee an 7919 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Homeless populations are among America’s most vulnerable to the coronavirus People experiencing homelessness can’t self-isolate to avoid catching or transmitting the virus, which means it could spread through their communities quickly. (Pixabay/) More than half a million people living in the United States are experiencing homelessness. Every one of them is at a dramatically increased risk in this pandemic. This is true across the board: They’re more likely to catch the v 7918 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. See when COVID-19 could hit your state hardest This week the Massachusetts National Guard send medics to the Holyoke Soldiers Home to help manage any COVID-19 cases. (Massachusetts National Guard photo by Army Spc. Samuel D. Keenan/) Follow all of PopSci ’s COVID-19 coverage here , including the most recent numbers , tips on how to make your own masks , and advice on what to donate for health care workers . In the midst of a crisis, everyone 7917 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus vs Flu vs Allergies: Which One is It? Seasonal allergy symptoms differ from those caused by viral infections like influenza or the coronavirus. 7916 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Half of Humanity Under Lockdown Orders Roughly 4 billion people have been told to stay in their homes. Some states in the U.S. have resisted such measures. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, pressed for a nationwide lockdown. 7915 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Global Cases Exceed 1 Million More than 1 million people have been infected and at least 51,000 have died in more than 170 countries. In the United States, The C.D.C. is expected to advise all Americans to wear cloth masks in public. 7914 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. How O.C.D. and Hand-Washing and Coronavirus Collide For people who have been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, the coronavirus pandemic creates blurry lines between safety and compulsion. 7913 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Gita Ramjee, a Leading AIDS Researcher, Dies at 63 Working in South Africa, she led studies and drug trials, hoping to overcome not only H.I.V. but also cultural barriers to stopping its spread. She died of the coronavirus. 7912 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Can an Old Vaccine Stop the New Coronavirus? A tuberculosis vaccine invented a century ago is cheap and safe, and seems to bolster the body’s immune system. 7911 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. FEMA, Racing to Provide Virus Relief, Is Running Short on Front-Line Staff The agency leading the coronavirus response nationwide is facing a staffing crunch and has closed its training facilities to avoid spreading the virus, officials say. 7910 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. E.P.A. Threatens Legal Action Against Sellers of Fake Coronavirus Cleaners The federal government is asking online retailers to take unregistered products that falsely claim protection from coronavirus off the market. 7909 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The Bronx Zoo Is Also Empty, but the Animals Don’t Mind The zoo is closed, but essential staff still arrive to care for the roughly 6,000 animals. They don’t seem too upset by the privacy. 7908 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Trump Administration Officials Weigh How Far to Go on Recommending Masks The expected change in position reflects concern over a worrisome rate of infection spread by people with no symptoms. 7907 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Essential Drug Supplies for Virus Patients Are Running Low Medicines to alleviate breathing difficulty, relieve pain and sedate coronavirus patients are in very high demand, depleting stock around the country. 7906 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Food Shortages? Nope, Too Much Food In The Wrong Places Some Americans, fearing food shortages from COVID-19, have cleaned out supermarket shelves. Yet there's too much food in some places. Farmers are dumping milk and vegetables that they can't sell. (Image credit: Nati Harnik/AP) 7905 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Ventilator Shortages Loom As States Ponder Rules For Rationing Many states are projected to have excessive demand for ventilator machines in the coming weeks, but no state government has formally asked hospitals to prepare for difficult and complex crisis triage. (Image credit: Misha Friedman/Getty Images) 7904 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Scientists Probe How Coronavirus Might Travel Through The Air Simply talking could produce tiny particles of mucus and saliva that might carry the coronavirus, experts say. How much these airborne particles matter for the spread of this disease is controversial. (Image credit: filo/Getty Images) 7903 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. One More Coronavirus Problem: Accurate Weather Forecasts Weather forecast models rely on commercial airplanes for massive amounts of real-time data. With widespread flight cancellations, meteorologists are concerned. (Image credit: Silas Stein/DPA/AFP via Getty Images) 7902 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus Updates: Jobs Report, Mask Science A dismal jobs report, on top of millions of unemployment claims, paints a dire picture of the economic carnage of the coronavirus. NPR correspondents examine that — and take a look at mask science. 7901 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. College Labs Become Coronavirus Testing Facilities, Courtesy Of Student Volunteers With the present need for coronavirus tests, university research labs are rapidly switching to patient testing. Many are calling on graduate student volunteers to make it happen. 7900 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus Updates: Unemployment Numbers, Democratic National Convention Pushed Back Last week, more than 6 million jobless Americans sought unemployment benefits. NPR correspondents look at the rising economic fallout from COVID-19 — and the latest science and political news. 7899 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Where Vaccines To Prevent COVID-19 Stand More than two dozen vaccines for COVID-19 are underdevelopment, and at least three have begun human tests. Here's what's being tried, and why it's now possible to develop candidates in record time. 7898 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Our approach to covid-19 can also help tackle climate change We can't lose sight of the climate emergency when dealing with the covid-19 pandemic, say Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac 7897 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus will play out very differently in world's poorest nations Cases of covid-19 have been slow to appear in developing economies, but now they are ramping up. Slums and refugee camps could be particularly vulnerable 7896 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Why we still don't know what the death rate is for covid-19 Despite data pouring in from many countries, estimates of how many of those infected with covid-19 die still vary widely 7895 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus latest: US hospitals come under increasing strain The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 7894 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Mentoring during the COVID-19 pandemic Nature, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01028-x Colleagues facing closed labs and enforced social distancing need a different type of support. Mentors must change their approach, says Ruth Gotian. 7893 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Safely conducting essential research in the face of COVID-19 Nature, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01027-y Staying at home is not an option for scientists working on potential vaccines or caring for research animals. 7892 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The outbreak that invented intensive care Nature, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01019-y A heroic community effort at a daring hospital saved lives, led to today’s ventilators and revolutionized medicine — it holds lessons for our times. 7891 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Daily briefing: Coronavirus in sewage could reveal the true scale of the outbreak Nature, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01016-1 Wastewater could help estimate the total number of infections — and be an early-warning sign if the virus returns. Plus: preliminary evidence of airborne transmission of COVID-19 and that masks might help, and a mega maths proof will finally be published. 7890 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronapod: Ramping up responses Nature, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01012-5 The latest on the British response, and what have low- and middle-income countries done to prepare for the pandemic? 7889 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. African nations missing from coronavirus trials Nature, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01010-7 And a new, influential research consortium launches a bid to accelerate trials in low-income countries. 7888 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. How Sewage Could Reveal True Scale of Coronavirus Outbreak Wastewater testing could also be used as an early-warning sign if the virus returns — Read more on 7887 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. How sewage could reveal true scale of coronavirus outbreak Nature, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00973-x Wastewater testing could also be used as an early-warning sign if the virus returns. 7886 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. How long will people stay at home? It depends A new study highlights the importance of effective communication when public officials issue stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The efforts of compliant individuals should not be taken for granted.” When officials presented Italians self-isolating during the country’s COVID-19 outbreak with a hypothetical situation in which orders to remain at home would remain for shorter periods 7885 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Amidst COVID-19 layoffs, health care needs workers While the COVID-19 pandemic has led to mass layoffs, other essential areas will instead face critical workforce shortages, according to a new report. Social distancing, school and daycare closures, and measures to protect those people most at-risk limit the pool of workers firms can draw upon. How important will these constraints become, especially in essential industries? To find out, researcher 7884 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Website makes ‘urgent plea’ for plasma of COVID-19 survivors A new website aims to facilitate the treatment of COVID-19 infection with convalescent plasma. The National Convalescent Plasma Project has launched the website for health care providers, patients who have recovered from COVID-19 infection and want to donate plasma, and those considering the treatment. On March 25, the Food and Drug Administration expedited the compassionate use of convalescent p 7883 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. COVID-19’s economic effects could last decades We could suffer the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic for decades, according to a new study. The research examines the financial effects of pandemics dating back to the 14th century. “If the trends play out similarly in the wake of COVID-19—adjusted to the scale of this pandemic—the global economic trajectory will be very different than was expected only a few weeks ago,” researchers w 7882 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. 7 tips to get your small business through COVID-19 Experts have tips for small businesses fighting through the economic turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, Jeffrey Pollack, associate professor of entrepreneurship in North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management, and collaborators explain what small business owners and entrepreneurs can do to keep their businesses alive through the pandemic: The world is currently facing 7881 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus: investing is now about survivors, not winners FT markets editor Katie Martin looks at the sell-off over the last quarter 7880 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Could the world really unite to boost the oil market? US president Donald Trump claimed this week that producers would combine for big cuts 7879 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Economic activity crashes across Europe after lockdowns Severe contraction likely as Italy, Spain, France and Germany business surveys see largest monthly falls 7878 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Dividends: the sacrosanct payments under heavy fire Companies face difficult choice over whether to persist with payouts that retirement funds rely on 7877 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Johnson & Johnson chief looks to the greater good Decision to make any coronavirus vaccine available on a non-profit basis chimes with group’s corporate values 7876 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Grand National will be first virtual horse race on prime-time UK TV ITV to broadcast computer simulation of country’s most famous horse race on Saturday 7875 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Stock rally fades even as oil recovers to more than $30 Shares slip after data show the scale of coronavirus impact on economies 7874 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. UK business activity collapses as global crunch intensifies Economists warn of ‘unprecedented’ recession as PMI hits record low 7873 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Can we furlough our nanny and cleaner? Uncertainty remains over how the social distancing measures relate to nannies, cleaners and tradespeople 7872 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. How do we value a statistical life? It is clear that we should be willing to pay huge costs to save lives from Covid-19 7871 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. China’s celebrity stock guru faces personal bear market Famous share tipper tones down bullish outlook after coronavirus rout prompts backlash 7870 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Keeping tabs on Covid-19 Start-up struggles, Zooming in on security, virtual Grand National 7869 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Andrew Cuomo: a governor grabs national attention The politician has transformed himself with his rousing and unexpectedly vulnerable briefings 7868 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The eurozone’s ‘whatever it takes’ mantra has a problem EU squabbles are turning that famous defiant phrase into a platitude 7867 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Pinn’s illustration of the week: Testing times Governments scramble for coronavirus tests 7866 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. US and Europe race to develop ‘contact tracing’ apps Researchers are working on apps to notify people of virus contact, but privacy hurdles remain 7865 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. UK workers told to request rehiring in order to access virus support funds Chancellor says employers could hire staff temporarily in order to get money from job retention scheme 7864 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Singapore tightens measures to fight new wave of coronavirus infections Locally transmitted new cases prompt city-state to shut schools and most workplaces 7863 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Bus companies in England to receive rescue funding Government commits £167m to keep services running for key workers during coronavirus pandemic 7862 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Frustration as US rescue funding is beset by delays Small businesses find large institutions are not yet taking applications for government loans 7861 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The end of the office has been greatly exaggerated Working from home cannot replace social aspects of the workplace 7860 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Cuomo to send troops for ventilators as NY toll soars Action comes as state health care system struggles with swell of incoming patients 7859 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. White House tried to force 3M to send masks from Singapore to US Trump invokes wartime powers act again to deal with coronavirus equipment shortages 7858 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Premier League asks footballers to take 30% pay cut Clubs and players have come under attack for their response as coronavirus halts fixtures indefinitely 7857 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus outbreaks plateau in Italy and Spain In the UK and the US, every day still brings more new confirmed cases and deaths than the last 7856 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Germany’s virus response shines unforgiving light on Britain Johnson’s shifting strategy has left UK behind on testing, critical care beds and ventilators 7855 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. JPMorgan on collision course with US Treasury over rescue loans Bank says it lacks proper paperwork and guidance to begin small business lending programme 7854 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus crisis: your financial rights How to navigate government help schemes, the benefits system, redundancy pay and help from banks 7853 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus serves up a surplus of Wagyu beef Japan struggles to offload tonnes of highly prized meat as dining out declines 7852 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus latest: World Bank lends India $1bn as NYC mayor calls for face masks [no content] 7851 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. EU scraps VAT and duty on medical imports in coronavirus fight Brussels’ move will drive down purchase prices for hospitals and charities 7850 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. One in 15 people in London may already have coronavirus Large gap between researchers’ estimate and confirmed cases highlights lack of testing 7849 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Letter from Sweden: ‘We are heading into the storm’ It is one of the few countries not to lock down in response to coronavirus. Historian Peter Englund explains why 7848 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Small business aid could go to VC-backed companies Bipartisan support emerges for giving start-ups access to $350bn federal rescue programme 7847 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Some holidaymakers can’t wait for their next cruise Operators such as Carnival have been battered by coronavirus but passengers are surprisingly stoical 7846 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Why my allotment is my Covid-19 refuge Sam Leith is finding sustenance through the pandemic in his family’s ‘happy place’ 7845 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. How Airbnb hosts are fighting back against Covid-19 fallout Even with a relief fund set up by the company, hosts are having to use their ingenuity 7844 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Jobs wiped out as virus wrecks global economy More than 10m Americans register for unemployment benefits in two weeks 7843 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Covid-19 hits emerging markets Vulnerable countries will struggle to recover from the pandemic’s economic fallout 7842 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Businesses struggle to access cheap bailout loans Pressure builds on banks and officials to speed through changes to finance scheme 7841 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Condoms and sex toys in demand from social isolators Sales are soaring but supply chain disruptions mean shortages loom 7840 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Virus lays bare the frailty of the social contract Radical reforms are required to forge a society that will work for all 7839 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Small businesses are not ‘all in it together’ Readers say they fall between the cracks of government support schemes 7838 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Chinese apps profit from millions staying at home Groups put faith in livestreaming and ecommerce amid virus lockdown as western companies warn of revenue hit 7837 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Churches defy coronavirus restrictions in Brazil and Africa Religious congregations risk accelerating Covid-19 outbreak as pandemic moves to emerging markets 7836 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. As the world shuts down, gardens are blissfully unaware How plants, whether real or in the imagination, help calm fears and enhance our lives 7835 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Where can income-starved investors go next? Top-tier corporate bonds are looking more attractive after cuts to equity dividends 7834 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. German vaccine makers urge regulators to ease rules for virus BioNTech and CureVac say flexibility and funding are needed to get inoculations to market this year 7833 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. US shed 701,000 jobs in early March as jobless rate hits 4.4% Preliminary data in American coronavirus crisis reflect worsening labour market 7832 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. UK restaurant chains face ‘drastic Darwinian environment’ Carluccio’s was first main casualty of lockdown but others are on shaky ground 7831 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Marseille’s maverick chloroquine doctor becomes pandemic rock star French virologist Didier Raoult was one of the first to administer the malaria drug to Covid-19 patients 7830 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Lifesaver or false protection: do face masks stop coronavirus? Debate shifts in Europe and US over use of protective gear long employed in Asia 7829 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Indian corporates hit by coronavirus lockdown declare force majeure Companies in energy, manufacturing and ports stop payments 7828 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Why America’s $1.3tn car-loan market cannot avoid a pile-up An industry that survived the last crisis reasonably well is unlikely to do so again 7827 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The workers with no choice but to keep on with the job Many staff have no option but to continue heading to warehouses, factories and supermarkets 7826 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus death rate could peak in UK at Easter PM urges people to stay indoors as country suffers biggest daily jump in fatalities 7825 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. US bought ventilators from Russian company under sanctions Treasury said it can license transactions for foreign policy or national security purposes 7824 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Indian and SE Asian fintechs braced for coronavirus storm Digital lenders across region reduce loan sizes and flee to higher-quality borrowers 7823 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Threat of catastrophe stalks developing world Governments are fighting to keep the coronavirus pandemic at bay and their economies afloat 7822 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Global economy set for sharpest reversal since Great Depression UK economy suffers sharpest contraction in services activity since records began 7821 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The lost belle époque of the restaurant Ahead of us is a dining desert that could last a generation 7820 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. UK banks resisted BoE calls for dividend cuts Central bank forced to make threats of supervisory action if lenders did not fall into line 7819 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Scientists ask for more detail on UK’s coronavirus testing target Chemicals and equipment needed to reach 100,000-a-day goal are in short supply 7818 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. H&M points to faster online shift as coronavirus shuts stores Swedish fashion retailer’s new chief says it will take ‘forceful measures’ as March sales halve 7817 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Fifteen years after Katrina, New Orleans battles coronavirus storm The city that lost more than 1,000 people as a result of the hurricane has become a Covid 19 hotspot in the US 7816 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Oil price war, vaccines, banks on stimulus Oil soared nearly 50 per cent at one point on Thursday in its biggest ever one-day rally 7815 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Nightingale hospitals will strain NHS staffing to limit, warn doctors Flagship facilities to increase pressure on a service already dangerously depleted 7814 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Can data save us from coronavirus? Big data and machine learning should be helping contain the pandemic — but their usefulness has been limited 7813 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Debenhams considers administration as virus intensifies struggles Department store chain faces further insolvency process and more closures 7812 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. AIIB and ADB to lend billions in battle against coronavirus Asian development banks switch focus from infrastructure to health 7811 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. How to self-isolate like Luke Edward Hall Leading designers and decorators reveal how they are finding comfort during lockdown 7810 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. UK construction: financial muscle required Companies with strong balance sheets are best placed for post-crisis rebuild 7809 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Governors start to shine in running battles with Trump As death toll mounts and states scramble for ventilators, public opinion begins to shift 7808 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Top tips from investment chiefs on navigating the coronavirus crash JPMorgan, Amundi, HSBC, LGIM and Invesco on the outlook for equities, bonds and alts 7807 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Ansell says governments disrupting coronavirus supply chains Medical glove maker claims shipments of vital goods have been disrupted during pandemic 7806 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Arundhati Roy: ‘The pandemic is a portal’ The novelist on how coronavirus threatens India — and what the country, and the world, should do next 7805 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus: What financial support are you entitled to? Join a live Q&A Personal finance editor Claer Barrett answers questions on how UK individuals and businesses can claim financial aid 7804 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. US swoop on masks sees 3M supplies diverted from Berlin German official denounces ‘modern piracy’ as Trump tussles with company about foreign sales 7803 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Short sellers circle virus sinners; Amazon’s looming shareholder battle; Businesses fight for prisoner releases Your guide to the investment and business revolution you can’t afford to ignore 7802 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Airbnb lowers internal valuation by 16% to $26bn Exclusive: short-term rental site hit by sharp drop in bookings because of coronavirus outbreak 7801 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Suffering from skin damage from face masks? DOCTORS and nurses on the COVID-19 frontline are spending many hours a day wearing face masks, and many members of the general public are doing the same. But although the devices offer invaluable protection, they can cause significant skin damage through sweating and the rubbing of the masks against the nose. Skincare experts at the University of Huddersfield are warning about the risks and sugges 7800 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The Lancet Public Health: US modelling study estimates impact of school closures for COVID-19 on US health-care workforce and associated mortality US policymakers considering physical distancing measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 face a difficult trade-off between closing schools to reduce transmission and new cases, and potential health-care worker absenteeism due to additional childcare needs that could ultimately increase mortality from COVID-19, according to new modelling research published in The Lancet Public Health journal. 7799 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Responding to Covid-19: How to navigate a public health emergency legally and ethically Early-view essay in Hastings Center Report, March-April 2020. 7798 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. POssible coronavirus drug identified by Australian scientists Australian Scientists have shown that an anti-parasitic drug already available around the world can kill the virus — effectively eradicating all genetic material of the virus within 48 hours. Scientists from Monash University in Melbourne showed that a single dose of the drug, Ivermectin, could stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus growing in cell culture – 7797 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Rapid infectious disease shifts in Chinese children and adolescents prior to COVID-19 Deaths of children and adolescents in China due to infectious diseases were becoming rare prior to the covid-19 pandemic, according to a new study. 7796 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. What pediatric health care clinicians need to know Information on the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic that is useful for pediatric clinicians is in this article. 7795 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Dilemma of COVID-19, aging and cardiovascular disease Whether individuals should continue to take angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers in the context of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is discussed in this article. 7794 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. COVID-19 infection and renin angiotensin system blockers Discussion of recommendations for angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor and angiotensin receptor blocker use in patients with or at risk of contracting coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). 7793 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Patients with Parkinson's disease face unique 'hidden sorrows' related to the COVID-19 While much attention has focused on the potential for severe respiratory complications and unfavorable outcomes from the COVID-19 pandemic among patients with Parkinson's disease (PD), the impact extends beyond these threats. Social distancing requires flexible adaptation to new circumstances, resilience, and a reduction in physical activities, which may be more difficult for patients with PD. 7792 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coalition to accelerate research for COVID-19 in low- and middle-income countries A group of scientists, physicians, funders, and policy makers from over 70 institutions from over 30 countries have launched an international coalition to respond to COVID-19 in resource-poor settings. 7791 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. COVID-19 pandemic may exacerbate childhood obesity Public health scientists predict that school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic will exacerbate the epidemic of childhood obesity in the United States. Andrew Rundle, DrPH, associate professor of epidemiology at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, and colleagues expect that COVID-19-related school closures will double out?of?school time this year for many children in the US and 7790 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. When what-if scenarios turn real: CSU pandemic modeler providing new COVID-19 insights School closures are intended to slow the transmission of the coronavirus. But researchers find that the toll school closures take on health care workers could potentially negate any mortality benefits from the closures. 7789 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Limited supply may scupper proposals to use antimalarials to ward off Covid-19 Limited global supplies may scupper proposals to use the antimalarial drugs, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, to lessen the symptoms of Covid-19 infection or ward it off altogether, say Italian doctors in a letter published online today in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. 7788 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. New study identifies characteristics of patients with fatal COVID-19 In a new study, researchers identified the most common characteristics of 85 COVID-19 patients who died in Wuhan, China in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. The study reports on commonalities of the largest group of coronavirus patient deaths to be studied to date. The paper was published online in the American Thoracic Society's American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medici 7787 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Case study: Treating COVID-19 in a patient with multiple myeloma A case study of a patient in Wuhan, China, suggests that the immunosuppressant tocilizumab may be an effective COVID-19 treatment for very ill patients who also have multiple myeloma and other blood cancers. The report, published in Blood Advances, also suggests that blood cancer patients may have atypical COVID-19 symptoms. 7786 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Passport to improved health for military veterans A healthcare 'passport' to access NHS and other well-being services has been beneficial for the mental health of veterans and provides them with a sense of identity, according to research published in the BMJ Military Health. 7785 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus Vaccine: Where are we and what's next? (video) You might have heard that COVID-19 vaccine trials are underway in Seattle. What exactly is being tested? How much longer will these tests take? And when can we expect a vaccine against the novel coronavirus? We chat with Benjamin Neuman, Ph.D., one of the world's experts on coronavirus, and Daniel Wrapp, one of the scientists who mapped the structure of the protein that the coronavirus uses to inf 7784 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Drop de populære steder: Her er nogle af Danmarks oversete naturperler Naturstyrelsen opfordrer dig til at undgå de mest populære naturområder. 7783 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Are Virtual Happy Hours as Good as the Real Thing? Humans are wired for social connection. As we practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, are virtual connections as beneficial for our health as real ones? 7782 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Disgust Evolved To Protect Us From Disease. Is It Working? During this modern coronavirus pandemic, our ancient instincts for avoiding disease may misfire. 7781 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus will transform UK work and travel, says AA The motoring organisation predicts a permanent reduction in the demand for travel. 7780 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Citing Virus Misinformation, South Africa Tests Speech Limits South Africa has made it illegal to spread disinformation about the new coronavirus and Covid-19. If found guilty, a person could face a fine, jail time, or both. But whether curbing people’s freedoms will be justified by the benefits of these measures — if they’re even enforceable — remains to be seen. 7779 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Fed by Confusion and Denial, a Slow-Motion Disaster Accelerates Amid rising infections, increasing deaths, and exploding unemployment, the Covid-19 crisis highlighted how unevenly reliable information moves through American society. At times, the problem stems from deep-seated and tragic inequalities. But in other cases, the culprit seems to be willful ignorance. 7778 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. A Stupidity Pandemic As a skeptical science communicator I am constantly walking the line between hope and cynicism. On the one hand, I very much take to heart Carl Sagan’s approach to science – focusing on the absolute wonder of the universe, and celebrating the curiosity and ingenuity of humanity. We have peered into the past, walked on the moon, and decoded many of the secrets of life. Science is a powerful tool t 7777 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. What Will the World Be Like After Coronavirus? Four Possible Futures Where will we be in six months, a year, ten years from now? I lie awake at night wondering what the future holds for my loved ones. My vulnerable friends and relatives. I wonder what will happen to my job, even though I’m luckier than many: I get good sick pay and can work remotely. I am writing this from the UK, where I still have self-employed friends who are staring down the barrel of months w 7776 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Video: Coronavirus Vaccine: Where are we and what's next? You might have heard that COVID-19 vaccine trials are underway in Seattle. 7775 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Satellites map the global flow of oil Demand for oil has collapsed due to the coronavirus pandemic just as supply is about to strengthen because of a dispute between Russia and Saudi Arabia. As a result, oil prices have sunk to levels not seen since 2002. 7774 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. First SARS-CoV-2 genomes in Austria openly available The COVID-19 outbreak caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 12 March 2020. It is thought to have been transmitted from wild animals to humans in the Chinese province of Hubei already in November 2019. More than 180 countries have been affected, and the COVID-19 disease already caused tens of thousands of deaths. 7773 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Potential Texas-OPEC alliance shows more oil production doesn't make U.S. 'energy independent' While the coronavirus consumes our attention, a small revolution is underway in energy policy: Texas officials are discussing whether to join hands with OPEC. 7772 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Genome variation gives insight into coronavirus spread As SARS-CoV-2 has spread around the world, its transmission rate has varied alongside variations in its genome, according to researchers at the University of California, Davis. Surveillance of the virus genome may help public authorities target areas about to experience an upsurge of infection. 7771 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Gabon bans eating of pangolin and bats amid pandemic Gabon's government on Friday banned the sale and eating of bats and pangolins, which are suspected of sparking the novel coronavirus in China where they are highly prized in traditional medicine. 7770 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. While we fixate on coronavirus, Earth is hurtling towards a catastrophe worse than the dinosaur extinction At several points in the history of our planet, increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have caused extreme global warming, prompting the majority of species on Earth to die out. 7769 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Fiscal interventions must stay targeted and apolitical, say public policy experts All emergency financial actions the federal government takes during the pandemic crisis should be temporary and targeted, said two Rice University Baker Institute for Public Policy experts. 7768 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Experts discuss social media and COVID-19 The world has moved online, seemingly overnight. Are we using social media more, and what does that mean? 7767 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. EPA's COVID-19 policy will further restrict public access to climate data On Thursday, March 26, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a temporary policy on environmental enforcement during the COVID-19 pandemic. The policy declares that EPA will "exercise enforcement discretion" (code for "take no action") in relation to certain civil violations of environmental law "caused by COVID-19." The policy identifies several situations in which COVID-19 may be co 7766 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. COVID-19: How satellites can help The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has virtually paralyzed daily life as we know it. Even when the spread of this highly infectious disease has been stemmed, the world will face huge challenges getting back to normal. To help support experts working in Europe's research centers and technical organizations during these unprecedented times, ESA has issued two new initiatives related to understanding 7765 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. COVID-19 study examines how people respond to stay-at-home orders When Italians self-isolating during the COVID-19 outbreak were presented with a hypothetical situation in which orders to remain at home would be for shorter periods than they had expected, they were pleasantly surprised and said they would be more willing to stay in isolation. 7764 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. COVID-19 a 'transformative' moment for social science What's driving violent anti-Chinese discrimination in Nairobi, Kenya, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and what can be done to quell it? How are part-time student workers in central Florida handling massive furloughs, and what could their employers be doing better? What kind of messaging is garnering trust vs. distrust in Canada? What unique challenges did people with disabilities face in Wuhan, China, 7763 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Strategic National Stockpile was ready, but not for this As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, Americans have been hearing a lot about an obscure but vast federal trove of emergency supplies, the Strategic National Stockpile. 7762 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. How the coronavirus recession puts service workers at risk Economic activity is slowing rapidly, both in the United States and around the world. 7761 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronavirus economic effects might last decades, research suggests The economy could be suffering the effects of the coronavirus for decades, suggest economists at the University of California, Davis, who researched the financial effects of pandemics dating back to the 14th century. 7760 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Want to stop consumer hoarding in times of crisis? New research may provide the answer Consumer stockpiling and hoarding took center stage in recent months as the COVID-19 virus has spread around the world, and with it, panic buying on the part of millions. News broadcasts and social media feeds have been filled with examples of the worst aspects of human nature. 7759 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Cell-free biotechnology could help accelerate COVID-19 therapeutics When it comes to fighting a fast-spreading pandemic, speed is critical. 7758 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Research pinpoints which Australian cities take biggest economic blow from COVID-19 In an international collaboration between the University of South Australia Business School, the Hunter Foundation Research Centre at the University of Newcastle and George Mason University in Washington, D.C., researchers have pinpointed which Australian cities are most vulnerable to economic disruptions caused directly by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 7757 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Researchers seek to develop antiviral membrane mask Dibakar Bhattacharyya has been a fixture in the University of Kentucky's College of Engineering for more than 50 years and is renowned for his research, which focuses on incorporating life sciences materials with synthetic membranes for filtering and producing clean water. 7756 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Working With Distractions Many of us are working from home to practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Home contains distractions, including family members, chores, social media, and many other possible activities. All of us want to be the best worker/parent/person we can be, but managing different tasks and switching seamlessly between them is difficult. The ability you’re […] 7755 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Sådan møder studerende virksomheder i coronatider Noget af det mest betydningsfulde vi foretager os ud over at servere nyheder med en teknisk vinkel er at matche studerende fra landets tekniske uddannelsesretninger med danske virksomheder. Rigtig mange unge finder deres voksne karriere inden for ingeniør- og it-fagene på et af vores Jobtræfmes… 7754 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Tidligere SSI-direktør: Vi bør inddæmme og nedkæmpe covid-19 som i Tyskland PLUS. Også tidligere direktør i Sundhedsstyrelsen Else Smith mener, at Danmark ideelt set bør forsøge at stoppe samfundsmitte i stedet for blot at kontrollere den. 7753 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Eksperter: Vi skal have test, planer og tryghed når vi mødes igen PLUS. Hvis vi ikke skal havne i mismod og dyb recession, er der brug for så stor tryghed som muligt, mener ekspert­panel samlet af Ingeniøren. 7752 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. SDU-beregning: Danmark har tilbagelagt 360 meter af en 60 km rute mod flokimmunitet PLUS. Med så få smittede, vil covid-19 frit kunne hærge i samfundet igen, hvis vi åbner for meget og inden antallet af nysmittede stagnerer eller falder, advarer professor. 7751 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Sars-vaccine kan genbruges i kampen mod covid-19 Vaccinerne mod Sars og Mers er taget i brug af forskere, som lige nu prøver at skabe en vaccine mod Sars-CoV-2, der fører til sygdommen Covid-19. 7750 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. PODCAST: Sådan lukker vi landet op igen Regeringen varsler en gradvis genåbning af Danmark efter påske, og i ugens Transformator taler vi med en epidemiekspert, en trafikforsker og en arbejdsmarkedsforsker om, hvordan det kan lade sig gøre. 7749 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Økonomi, arbejde, skole, transport: Sådan genåbner vi Danmark PLUS. Ingeniøren har samlet fem fagfolk for at høre deres bud på, hvordan vi kan tilrettelægge en genåbning af Danmark inden for forskellige grene af vores samfund – og hvad vi kan tage med os af læring fra lukningen. 7748 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Leder: Lad os få udpeget Danmarks kriseleverandører [no content] 7747 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. IDA: Krisen vil føre til øget ledighed blandt ingeniører Der vil blive flere ledige ingeniører i Danmark som følge af coronakrisen, selvom tallene lige nu viser, at ledigheden faktisk er faldet. 7746 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronatjek i kloakken kan afsløre epidemiens udbredelse PLUS. Hollandske forskere har påvist RNA fra coronavirus i kloaksystemet i byer, hvor der endnu ikke var registreret smittede. Metoden kan bruges til at overvåge epidemiens udbredelse og advare, når næste bølge rammer. DTU og AAU på vej med lignende undersøgelse 7745 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Bagsiden: Tidsubestemt karantæne [no content] 7744 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. The Earth is Standing Still During the Pandemic. Literally. Standing Still Flights are grounded. Fewer trains are running. Rush hour is gone. The world — particularly in cities — is looking drastically different during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. According to seismologists, that drastic reduction in human hustle and bustle is causing the Earth to move substantially less. Both literally and figuratively, the planet is standing still. Less Noise Thoma 7743 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. New Research: Masks Extremely Effective at Stopping Virus Spread A new paper , published today in leading scientific journal Nature and authored by an international team of researchers, found that “surgical face masks could prevent transmission of human coronaviruses and influenza viruses from symptomatic individuals.” The use of face masks to keep the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in check has been extremely controversial among public health researchers. At fi 7742 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Anti-Parasitic Drug Kills Coronavirus Cell Cultures in 48 Hours A team of Australian researchers at Monash University in Melbourne have found that Ivermectin — an FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug that has been used to effectively fight viruses including HIV, Influenza, and Zika — was able to stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus from growing in cell cultures. While promising, the drug has yet to be shown to have the same effect inside the human body, because the Australi 7741 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Kentucky Is Forcing Coronavirus Patients to Wear Ankle Monitors An ominous scoop by The Courier-Journal , a local paper in Kentucky: judges in the state are ordering coronavirus patients to isolate — a demand they’re enforcing by making them wear ankle monitors, as if they were under house arrest. “The home incarceration program is well-suited for this,” Amy Hess, Louisville’s chief of public services, told the newspaper. “It provides us with the proper amoun 7740 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Panel of Experts: You Can Spread the Coronavirus Just by Talking A prestigious scientific panel told White House officials during a Wednesday night briefing that the coronavirus can be spread not just through uncovered coughs and sneezes, but through talking and even just breathing as well, according to CNN . “While the current specific research is limited, the results of available studies are consistent with aerosolization of virus from normal breathing,” a l 7739 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. CNN Host Says COVID-19 Gave Him “Phantasmagorical Experiences” Chris Cuomo, CNN anchor and human embodiment of younger brother syndrome , says that he’s been dealing with feverish hallucinations due to a case of COVID-19. During an on-air update, Cuomo shared some of his more severe symptoms , which range from pain and fever to an unsettling amount of waking hallucinations, as spotted by RealClearPolitics . Cuomo told fellow CNN journalist Anderson Cooper th 7738 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Fake vaccine research: new low for science fraud COVID-19 pandemic is a good occasion to reassess our attitude to research fraud. Smut Clyde will show you some nanotechnologists who specialise on fabricating vaccine research data in Photoshop. 7737 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Vi har fået en åben snak om ­prioritering i sundhedsvæsenet Det er godt, at der endelig er kommet en åben diskussion om prioritering i sundhedsvæsenet, siger Else Smith, tidligere direktør i Sundhedsstyrelsen, vicedirektør på Hvidovre og Amager Hospital og nu konsulent i eget firma. 7736 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Videokonsultationer: Genistreg eller åbning af Pandoras æske? Coronakrisen har medført en eksplosion i antallet af videokonsultationer hos praktiserende læger gennem appen MinLæge. Det er et eksperiment, der kalder på systematisk erfaringsopsamling. 7735 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Vær klar, når ­historien om corona skal ­skrives Et gammelt ordsprog siger, at en sejr har mange fædre, en fiasko ingen. Vi lever i en tid, hvor politikere verden over i tiltagende grad designer deres politik, så de på forhånd er sikre på resultater, der over for vælgerne kan italesætte som succes. Det gælder også i Danmark. 7734 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Tuberkulose slog hver 6. dansker ihjel Store epidemier har sat deres præg på kunsten og litteraturen. Læge og medicinhistoriker Morten Arnika Skydsgaard kigger på, hvad vi har lært af epidemierne og har et par bud på skønlitteratur, hvor epidemier som pest og tuberkulose er omdrejningspunktet. 7733 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Sådan vil corona ændre sundhedsvæsenet ­permanent Den nuværende coronakrise er så ­omfattende, at den kan forandre sundhedsvæsenet på flere dramatiske måder – til det bedre eller til det ­værre. Her er 14 læger og andre fagfolks ­vurderinger af fremtidens sundhedsvæsen efter coronakrisen. 7732 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Regioner og hospitaler skal ruste sig bedre Det danske sundhedsvæsen har ikke været rustet godt nok i forhold til at have de nødvendige værnemidler, mener Kirsten Wisborg, vicedirektør på Bispebjerg og Frederiksberg Hospital. 7731 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Påskeugen kan blive vendepunktet for hovedstadens intensiv­afdelinger Selv om Danmark indstiller sig på at åbne op igen, forventer intensivafdelingerne i Region Hovedstaden stadig flere indlagte og forventer i næste uge at gå i nødberedskab, siger ledende overlæge på anæstesi- og intensivafdeling. Vi er klar, siger overlæge. 7730 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Pludselig fik vi videokonsultationer i almen praksis Videokonsultationer er kommet for at blive og vil helt sikkert blive en gevinst for alle, siger Frede Olesen, professor i almen medicin på Aarhus Universitet. 7729 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Pesten af Albert Camus (1947) [no content] 7728 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Ny vejledning skal sikre ens behandling af patienter med lungekræft under coronavirus Dansk Lunge Cancer Gruppe er bekymret for forskellig behandling af patienter landet over. Derfor har lægerne udsendt en anbefaling til landets lungemedicinere. 7727 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Krisen vil bevise velfærdsstatens overlegenhed Jeg glæder sig over, hvor fantastisk omstillingsparate alle sundhedsfolk har været. Efter krisen begynder arbejdet for alvor med krisens psykiske reaktioner, siger Poul Videbech, professor på Psykiatrisk Center Glostrup. 7726 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Krisen viser, at det kræver et robust sundhedsvæsen Denne situation må få politikerne til at indse, at sundhedsvæsenet skal styrkes yderligere, siger Andreas Rudkjøbing, formand for Lægeforeningen. 7725 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Krisen ændrer måden, som vi ­underviser de ­medicinstuderende på Interessen for lægestudiet vil øges på grund af coronakrisen, siger Lars Hvilsted-Rasmussen, dekan på Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige fakultet på Aalborg Universitet. 7724 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Kærlighed i koleraens tid af Gabríel Garcia Márquez (1985) 7723 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Hvor bliver patienterne af? På ganske få uger har vores samfund, vores liv og vores fremtid taget en gevaldig drejning. I øjeblikket ved vi ikke helt præcist i hvilken retning, men mange holder vejret, mange er bekymrede og mange er bange. 7722 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Godt epidemien kom før åbning af nye supersygehuse Forhåbentligt betyder corona-epidemien, at man vil huske en buffer­kapacitet, når nye sygehuse planlægges, mener Joachim Hoffmann-­Petersen, formand for Dansk Selskab for intensiv medicin og anæstesiologi. 7721 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Fra gammeldags håndvask til bigdata Teknologi og bigdata vil blive brugt i fremtidens epidemier, siger Trine Winterø, prodekan for Innovation og Samfundsrelationer på Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet på Københavns Universitet. 7720 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Fleksible højkapacitets ­test­systemer vil ruste os til ­kommende epidemier Under fremtidige pandemier vil vi være bedre til at tænke vores testkapacitet fra andre sammenhænge ind, siger Henrik Ullum, formand for Lægevidenskabelige Selskaber. 7719 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Fem kliniske forsøg skal jagte kur mod COVID-19 UGENTLIG CORONA-UPDATE: Overlæge og professor Thomas Benfield og hans kolleger på Hvidovre Hospital har travlt med at forberede en stribe kliniske forsøg, der skal undersøge, om midler mod andre indikationer kan bruges til behandling af COVID-19. 7718 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Ekspert til læger: Du må godt sige fra, hvis du ikke har værnemidler Du må som læge godt sige fra, hvis ikke du har værnemidler. Og går du ind til en borger eller patient uden, du har fået tilstrækkelige værnemidler til rådighed, har din arbejdsgiver erstatningsansvaret, hvis du bliver smittet med coronavirus, siger lektor i sundhedsret. 7717 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Døden i Venedig af Thomas Mann (1912) [no content] 7716 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Der er sket en acceleration af nogle af de forandringer, som vi i lang tid har talt om Nye løsninger på tværs af sektorer er eskaleret i coronakrisen, men jeg er bekymret for børn og unges mentale sundhed, siger Annemarie Schou Zacho-Broe, kommunaldirektør i Fredericia Kommune. 7715 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Der bliver gennemtrumfet ting i et tempo, jeg aldrig har set før Vores tætte samarbejde med intensiv har den aktuelle situation gjort endnu stærkere, siger Rikke Krogh-Madsen, formand for Dansk Selskab for Infektionsmedicin. 7714 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Dekameron af Giovanni Boccacio (1352) [no content] 7713 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Danmark kommer til at opbygge lagre af værnemidler Sundhedsvæsenet kommer til at opbygge lagre af værnemidler og medicin, siger Jakob Kjeldberg, professor i sundhedsøkonomi ved VIVE. 7712 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Coronakrisen får de kreative ­løsninger frem i ­sundhedsvæsenet Kreativiteten sprudler lige nu, hvor fagprofesionelle er på en fælles mission, siger Joan Dürr, tidligere chefjordemoder, nu chef for strategisk ledelsesudvikling på AUH og med i Fremtidens Sundhedsvæsen i Dansk Design Center. 7711 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Corona kræver krisehåndtering Sundhedspersonalet skal passe på sig selv i coronakrisen – for både deres egen og patientsikkerhedens skyld 7710 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Corona-epidemien baner vej for flere videokonsultationer Den stigende brug af video- og telefonkonsultationer bør fortsætte på den anden side af corona-epidemien på diabetesområdet, mener professor og direktør for Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus. Vi risikerer at miste samspillet med patienterne, siger formand for endokrinologerne. 7709 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Why Social Media are Crucial for Frontline Physicians in the Fight Against COVID-19 The disease spreads so fast and is so poorly understood that doctors and researchers are sharing their findings on Twitter and Facebook, not medical journals — Read more on 7708 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Meditating During the Plague Is it ethical to seek serenity when the world is suffering? — Read more on 7707 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. It's Estimated 1 in 4 Coronavirus Carriers Could Be Asymptomatic. Here's What We Know The latest research on how the virus spreads without symptoms. 7706 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. It's Official: Over 1 Million Global Coronavirus Cases Have Been Detected That was shockingly quick. 7705 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Experts Explain The Important Reasons Why COVID-19 Differs From a Flu Pandemic From testing to vaccines, it's just not the same. 7704 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Corona Tools 4 “$1,000/hour for a phone consultation is actually very good value b/c I can bring you up to speed on how to prepare you & your family for the rough times ahead”. 7703 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Svenska forskare simulerar coronas spridning Under de senaste två veckorna har Frank Dignum, professor i datavetenskap vid Umeå universitet, lagt sin vanliga forskning åt sidan. Istället har han tillsammans med andra frivilliga kollegor i Sverige och övriga Europa byggt ett simuleringsverktyg där beslutsfattare kan testa effekterna av olika åtgärder för att begränsa spridningen av coronasmittan. Till skillnad från många andra smittspridnings 7702 …..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>corona ….. Så funkar smittornas matematik Klicka för att ladda ner grafiken som pdf.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>climate ….. Climate Experts Suggest Tobacco-Like Warnings on Gas Pumps Front And Center If everyone doesn’t step up and do their part to prevent climate change soon, people around the world could face dire consequences . And while most of the burden should fall on governments and the corporations doing the vast majority of polluting , everyone else needs to do their part too. To encourage that, a team of environmental science experts argues in an op-ed published in

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>climate ….. Extreme rainfall days in metropolitan São Paulo have risen four-fold in seven decades Study by researchers at Brazil's National Disaster Surveillance and Early Warning Center (CEMADEN) also shows a rise in the number of consecutive dry days, suggesting that extreme rainfall events are concentrated in shorter, more widely spaced periods.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>climate ….. Climate disasters up armed conflict risk in vulnerable countries The risk for armed conflict goes up after climate-related disasters, but only in vulnerable countries, according to a new study. Disasters include storms, floods, and droughts—the frequency and intensity of which will increase in the future due to climate change. “Bushfires in Australia will not spark a civil war as the state is democratic and able to provide relief,” says Tobias Ide from the Uni

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>climate ….. Experiments lead to slip law for better forecasts of glacier speed, sea-level rise Backed by experimental data from a laboratory machine that simulates the huge forces involved in glacier flow, glaciologists have written an equation that accounts for the motion of ice that rests on the soft, deformable ground underneath unusually fast-moving parts of ice sheets. Models using the equation — a 'slip law' — could better predict how quickly glaciers are sliding, how much ice they'

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <>climate ….. Climate Change Has Doubled Riskiest Fire Days in California The extreme conditions that are ripe for wildfires will only increase if warming continues unabated — Read more on

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <><>fakenews ….. Evaluating the fake news problem at the scale of the information ecosystem "Fake news," broadly defined as false or misleading information masquerading as legitimate news, is frequently asserted to be pervasive online with serious consequences for democracy. Using a unique multimode dataset that comprises a nationally representative sample of mobile, desktop, and television consumption, we refute this conventional wisdom on three levels. First, news consumption of any s

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <><>fakenews ….. Flackar en lögnare med blicken? – myter och fakta inom rättspsykologin Kroppsspråket avslöjar en lögn. Våldtäktsoffer gör alltid motstånd. Det är bra att pressa på i förhör. Vi skapar oss föreställningar om hur hur människor beter sig vid brott och i rättsliga sammanhang. Men vad är myt och vad är fakta? I en serie kortfilmer berättar forskare inom rättspsykologi vad forskningen visar. – Det finns många föreställningar och idéer kring hur människor beter sig i rätts

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <><>fakenews ….. There probably isn’t as much fake news in the media as we think An analysis of the media consumption habits of people in the US shows that fake news makes up a tiny fraction of what they watch or read every day

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <><>fakenews ….. Deepfaking with a single image Soon we could all be victims of deepfakes, not just celebrities. However I do think we will adapt and stop taking videos too seriously. How long do you guys think it take for them to become perfect, if ever? submitted by /u/vallebee [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Capturing 3-D microstructures in real time Modern scientific research on materials relies heavily on exploring their behavior at the atomic and molecular scales. For that reason, scientists are constantly on the hunt for new and improved methods for data gathering and analysis of materials at those scales.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Coastal pollution reduces genetic diversity of corals, reef resilience A new study by researchers at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) found that human-induced environmental stressors have a large effect on the genetic composition of coral reef populations in Hawai'i. They confirmed that there is an ongoing loss of sensitive genotypes in nearshore coral populations due to stressors resulting from poor land-use

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. It's not enough just to get there: Dispersing species face social barriers, too Physical barriers are an obvious barrier to gene flow and to diversity within species—when populations can't get to each other to mix, their genes can't mix either.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Changes to drylands with future climate change A research team led by Washington State University has found that while drylands around the world will expand at an accelerated rate because of future climate change, their average productivity will likely be reduced.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Endangered wild dogs snapped in South Sudan We promised you further fascinating footage from one of Africa's most neglected wildlife hotspots, and here it is. One of the continent's rarest and most elusive carnivores has been captured on camera in South Sudan.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Researchers solve structure of 'inverted' rhodopsin Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, working with Spanish, French and German colleagues, have determined and analyzed the high-resolution structure of a protein from the recently discovered heliorhodopsin family. Microbial rhodopsins play a key role in optogenetics—a technique that uses light to control nerve and muscle cells in living tissue. The findings were publishe

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. NASA-NOAA satellite catches Tropical Cyclone Harold develop near Solomon Islands NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over the Southern Pacific Ocean and provided forecasters with a visible image of newly formed Tropical Cyclone Harold. Harold formed near the Solomon Islands and now threatens Vanuatu, which has already issued some warnings.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Tooth be told: Earless seals existed in ancient Australia A fossilised seal tooth found on a Victorian beach could hold the key to uncovering the history and geography of earless seals that graced Australia's shores three million years ago.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Unsustainable food systems: Can we reverse current trends? As rural masses migrate to urban areas, populations grow, and people work toward better living standards, global food system sustainability is jeopardized, according to a new analysis spanning low- to high-income countries. The study, which was published April 3 in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, shows that only one major global driver—the increase in international trade flows—appears to have a n

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Gardening helps to grow positive body image New research has found that allotment gardening promotes positive body image, which measures someone's appreciation of their own body and its functions, and an acceptance of bodily imperfections.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Lacustrine ecosystems needed 10 million years to recover after end-permian mass extinction A research team led by Prof. WANG Bo from the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NIGPAS) found that both lake and peat-forming forest ecosystems probably took as long as 10 million years to recover after the end-Permian mass extinction.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. A twist connecting magnetism and electronic-band topology Materials that combine topological electronic properties and quantum magnetism are of high current interest, for the quantum many-body physics that can unfold in them and for possible applications in electronic components. For one such material, physicists at ETH Zurich have now established the microscopic mechanism linking magnetism and electronic-band topology.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Do urban fish exhibit impaired sleep? Melatonin controls the body clock — high melatonin levels make us feel tired in the evening. However, the hormone also plays an important role in animals' biological rhythms. Artificial light at night — light pollution — can suppress the production of melatonin in fish, even at very low light intensities, a finding established by researchers from the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. A combined optical transmitter and receiver Researchers at Linköping University, together with colleagues in China, have developed a tiny unit that is both an optical transmitter and a receiver. "This is highly significant for the miniaturisation of optoelectronic systems", says LiU professor Feng Gao. The results have been published in Nature Electronics.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. NASA sees tropical cyclone Irondro developing an eye As Tropical Cyclone Irondro continues to move through the Southern Indian Ocean, NASA's Terra satellite saw the storm developing an eye as it continued to intensify.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Groundwater, a threatened resource requiring sustainable management The WEARE group at the University of Cordoba analyzed a case of aquifer recovery and concluded that supervision, governance and use of water for high value crops are some of the keys to guaranteeing sustainability of these reserves

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. New measurements reveal evidence of elusive particles in a newly-discovered superconductor Now a team of researchers at the University of Illinois, led by physicist Vidya Madhavan, in collaboration with researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the University of Maryland, Boston College, and ETH Zurich, have used high-resolution microscopy tools to peer at the inner-workings of an unusual type of superconductor, uranium ditelluride (UTe2). Their measurements r

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. An antibiotic masquerading as a natural compound in the Giant Madeiran Squill A previous study has shown that a type of squill growing in Madeira produces a chemical compound that may be useful as a medicinal drug. But a new study from researchers at Uppsala University has shown that this is probably not true: instead, the plant had likely accumulated antibiotics from contaminated soil.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Scientists develop 'backpack' computers to track wild animals in hard-to-reach habitats To truly understand an animal species is to observe its behavior and social networks in the wild. With new technology, researchers are able to track tiny animals that divide their time between flying around in the sky and huddling together in caves and hollow trees — by attaching little backpacks to them with glue.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. 3D reconstructions of individual nanoparticles Want to find out how to design and build materials atom by atom? A new liquid phase electron microscopy will advance full control of nanoengineering. Whether a material catalyzes chemical reactions or impedes any molecular response is all about how its atoms are arranged. The ultimate goal of nanotechnology is centered around the ability to design and build materials atom by atom, thus allowing sc

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Scientists discover a new class of taste receptors Evolution is a tinkerer, not an engineer. 'Evolution does not produce novelties from scratch. It works with what already exists,' wrote Nobel laureate François Jacob in 1977, and biologists continue to find this to be true. Case in point: A team of scientists has discovered that multiple opsin proteins, known for decades to be required for vision, also function as taste receptors. The finding repr

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Stress thwarts our ability to plan ahead by disrupting how we use memory Pairing brain scans with virtual-navigation tasks, researchers found that people make less efficient and effective plans when stressed.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Tissue dynamics provide clues to human disease Scientists have studied oscillating patterns of gene expression, coordinated across time and space within a tissue grown in vitro, to explore the molecular causes of a rare human hereditary disease known as spondylocostal dysostosis.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Northern peatlands will lose some of their CO2 sink capacity under a warmer climate A study sheds new light on the role of northern peatlands in regulating the regional climate. According to the researchers, peatlands will remain carbon sinks until the end of this century, but their sink capacity will be substantially reduced after 2050, if the climate warms significantly.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Plant root hairs key to reducing soil erosion The tiny hairs found on plant roots play a pivotal role in helping reduce soil erosion, a new study has found. The research provides compelling evidence that when root hairs interact with the surrounding soil they reduce soil erosion and increase soil cohesion by binding soil particles.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Note to Polluters: Salmon Are Sensible Fish Originally published in July 1857 — Read more on

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Squid's Glowing Skin Patterns May Be Code Humboldt squid can rapidly change the pigmentation and luminescence patterns on their skin by contracting and relaxing their muscles, possibly to communicate.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Cellecta: Simplified Gene Functional Analysis–simplified-gene-functional-analysis–67375

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… <> ….. Managing Drug Discovery Informatics Challenges

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. ”Vi är biologiska kroppar på en skör planet” Hur skulle du beskriva din bok Världen själv? – Den är ett argument mot dualism och mot tanken på att matematiken existerar oberoende av oss. Den är också ett argument för att vi lever i en helt fysisk värld. Det är en värld av materia, som också har den förunderliga egenskapen att den kan ge upphov till liv och medvetande. Det finns en avgörande skillnad mellan organismer och maskiner, och det är

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. The toilet paper shortage; Arron Banks; Hungary; Andrew Cuomo’s nipples; and more.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Scientists Discover Deep-Sea Bacteria Has a Metabolism Unlike Anything We've Seen Before

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. A Genome Study Has Caught Humans And Neanderthals Having Lots of Sex All Over Eurasia

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. How to Boost Your Internet Speed While Everyone Is Working From Home

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov Really Is Breaking Apart, According to New Data

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Breathtaking Photo Shows The Majestic Peaks of Himalayas From Space

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Scientists Took Mentos And Coke to The Top of a Mountain, For Science

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Physicists Have Tested The Speed of Light at The Highest Energies Yet

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Scientists Find a Half Male, Half Female Bee, Split Right Down The Middle

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Fluctuation-induced force in homogeneous isotropic turbulence Understanding force generation in nonequilibrium systems is a notable challenge in statistical physics. We uncover a fluctuation-induced force between two plates immersed in homogeneous isotropic turbulence using direct numerical simulations. The force is a nonmonotonic function of plate separation. The mechanism of force generation reveals an intriguing analogy with fluctuation-induced forces: I

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. The hypertrophic cardiomyopathy mutations R403Q and R663H increase the number of myosin heads available to interact with actin Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) mutations in β-cardiac myosin and myosin binding protein-C (MyBP-C) lead to hypercontractility of the heart, an early hallmark of HCM. We show that hypercontractility caused by the HCM-causing mutation R663H cannot be explained by changes in fundamental myosin contractile parameters, much like the HCM-causing mutation R403Q. Using enzymatic assays with purified h

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Quantum computation solves a half-century-old enigma: Elusive vibrational states of magnesium dimer found The high-lying vibrational states of the magnesium dimer (Mg 2 ), which has been recognized as an important system in studies of ultracold and collisional phenomena, have eluded experimental characterization for half a century. Until now, only the first 14 vibrational states of Mg 2 have been experimentally resolved, although it has been suggested that the ground-state potential may support five

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Direct observation of minibands in a twisted graphene/WS2 bilayer Stacking two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals materials with different interlayer atomic registry in a heterobilayer causes the formation of a long-range periodic superlattice that may bestow the heterostructure with properties such as new quantum fractal states or superconductivity. Recent optical measurements of transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) heterobilayers have revealed the presence of hy

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Layer-resolved ultrafast extreme ultraviolet measurement of hole transport in a Ni-TiO2-Si photoanode Metal oxide semiconductor junctions are central to most electronic and optoelectronic devices, but ultrafast measurements of carrier transport have been limited to device-average measurements. Here, charge transport and recombination kinetics in each layer of a Ni-TiO 2 -Si junction is measured using the element specificity of broadband extreme ultraviolet (XUV) ultrafast pulses. After silicon ph

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Role of allosteric switches and adaptor domains in long-distance cross-talk and transient tunnel formation Transient tunnels that assemble and disassemble to facilitate passage of unstable intermediates in enzymes containing multiple reaction centers are controlled by allosteric cues. Using the 140-kDa purine biosynthetic enzyme PurL as a model system and a combination of biochemical and x-ray crystallographic studies, we show that long-distance communication between ~25-Å distal active sites is initi

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Methanotrophic bacterial symbionts fuel dense populations of deep-sea feather duster worms (Sabellida, Annelida) and extend the spatial influence of methane seepage Deep-sea cold seeps are dynamic sources of methane release and unique habitats supporting ocean biodiversity and productivity. Here, we describe newly discovered animal-bacterial symbioses fueled by methane, between two species of annelid (a serpulid Laminatubus and sabellid Bispira ) and distinct aerobic methane-oxidizing bacteria belonging to the Methylococcales, localized to the host respirato

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. A tripartite ssDNA mycovirus from a plant pathogenic fungus is infectious as cloned DNA and purified virions Here, we describe a tripartite circular single-stranded (ss) DNA mycovirus, named Fusarium graminearum gemytripvirus 1 (FgGMTV1). The genome of FgGMTV1 comprises three circular ssDNA segments (DNA-A, DNA-B, and DNA-C). Sequence alignments and phylogenetic analyses showed that FgGMTV1 is nested within the family Genomoviridae. We also constructed the first infectious DNA clones of a DNA mycovirus.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. "Skin-like" fabric for personal moisture management Personal moisture management fabrics that facilitate sweat transport away from the skin are highly desirable for wearer’s comfort and performance. Here, we demonstrate a "skin-like" directional liquid transport fabric, which enables continuous one-way liquid flow through spatially distributed channels acting like "sweating glands" yet repels external liquid contaminants. The water transmission ra

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Massive generation of metastable bulk nanobubbles in water by external electric fields Nanobubbles (NBs) are nanoscopic gaseous domains than can exist on solid surfaces or in bulk liquids. They have attracted substantial attention due to their long-time (meta)stability and a high potential for real-world applications. Using an approach not previously investigated, we exploit surface-electrostatic NB formation and stabilization via application of external electric fields in gas-liqu

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. A metal-free blue chromophore derived from plant pigments Blue natural pigments are rare, especially among plants. However, flowering species that evolved to attract Hymenoptera pollinators are colored by blue anthocyanin-metal complexes. Plants lacking anthocyanins are pigmented by betalains but are unable to produce blue hues. By extending the -system of betalains, we designed a photostable and metal-free blue dye named BeetBlue that did not show toxi

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Scattering of adiabatically aligned molecules by nonresonant optical standing waves We study the effect of rotational state–dependent alignment in the scattering of molecules by optical fields. CS 2 molecules in their lowest few rotational states are adiabatically aligned and transversely accelerated by a nonresonant optical standing wave. The width of the measured transverse velocity distribution increases to 160 m/s with the field intensity, while its central peak position mov

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Metal-free activation of molecular oxygen by covalent triazine frameworks for selective aerobic oxidation Oxygen activation is a critical step in ubiquitous heterogeneous oxidative processes, most prominently in catalysis, electrolysis, and pharmaceutical applications. We present here our findings on metal-free O 2 activation on covalent triazine frameworks (CTFs) as an important class of N-rich materials. The O 2 activation process was studied for the formation of aldehydes, ketones and imines. A de

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Lubricated friction around nanodefects The lubrication properties of nanoconfined liquids underpin countless natural and industrial processes. However, our current understanding of lubricated friction is still limited, especially for nonideal interfaces exhibiting nanoscale chemical and topographical defects. Here, we use atomic force microscopy to explore the equilibrium and dynamical behavior of a model lubricant, squalane, confined

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Quantum biology revisited Photosynthesis is a highly optimized process from which valuable lessons can be learned about the operating principles in nature. Its primary steps involve energy transport operating near theoretical quantum limits in efficiency. Recently, extensive research was motivated by the hypothesis that nature used quantum coherences to direct energy transfer. This body of work, a cornerstone for the fiel

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Symmetry breaking in hydrodynamic forces drives meiotic spindle rotation in mammalian oocytes Patterned cell divisions require a precisely oriented spindle that segregates chromosomes and determines the cytokinetic plane. In this study, we investigated how the meiotic spindle orients through an obligatory rotation during meiotic division in mouse oocytes. We show that spindle rotation occurs at the completion of chromosome segregation, whereby the separated chromosome clusters each define

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Goldilocks conditions required for earthquakes to trigger basaltic eruptions: Evidence from the 2015 Ambrym eruption Observations indicate a strong correlation between the occurrence of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. While increased volcanic activity has been observed following both local and distal earthquakes, some of the largest recorded earthquakes aren’t known to have triggered an eruption. Here we investigate whether an eruption and associated dike intrusion at Ambrym volcano was triggered by an M w

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Vaporizable endoskeletal droplets via tunable interfacial melting transitions Liquid emulsion droplet evaporation is of importance for various sensing and imaging applications. The liquid-to-gas phase transformation is typically triggered thermally or acoustically by low–boiling point liquids, or by inclusion of solid structures that pin the vapor/liquid contact line to facilitate heterogeneous nucleation. However, these approaches lack precise tunability in vaporization b

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Genome elimination mediated by gene expression from a selfish chromosome Numerous plants and animals harbor selfish B chromosomes that "drive" or transmit themselves at super-Mendelian frequencies, despite long-term fitness costs to the organism. Currently, it is unknown how B chromosome drive is mediated, and whether B-gene expression plays a role. We used modern sequencing technologies to analyze the fine-scale sequence composition and expression of paternal sex rat

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Thousands of Android Apps Are Silently Accessing Your Data More than 4,000 Google Play apps let developers and advertisers collect a list of the user's other installed apps, no permission needed.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Chemobrain is real. Here’s what to expect after cancer treatment. A few years ago, one of my students came to me and spoke about her mother who was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She said her mother was losing her memory and her bearings, and was very worried because nobody knew what to do about her symptoms. The oncologist sent her to the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist sent her back, saying that her symptoms were a result of the cancer treatment. This

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. 5 effortless, science-backed changes to your isolation workspace that will improve productivity and mental health Maintaining a proper morning routine (which involves getting dressed in work clothes) and structuring your work-from-home day as you would any other in-office workday can help boost productivity. Organizing your work station (the height of your desk, the use of a proper chair, the cleanliness of your work area) can also impact your mood and productivity levels. Adding a sense of joy and fun to yo

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Eating fish may have given Neanderthals brainpower Scientists have found evidence that the Neanderthals were eating large amounts of fish long before modern humans got to Europe. Previously, it was thought that only modern humans were fishing on a large scale. The findings show that the Neanderthals were more like us than most people think. New evidence from a cave in Portugal suggests the Neanderthals were eating fish before modern humans settle

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Master the skills of negotiating in everyday life You're negotiating every day of your life, whether it's a huge business deal or something as small as getting the remote control from your partner, says Shark Tank investor Daymond John. Over 65 percent of communication is body language. Only seven percent is what you say. Using body language effectively is a simple way to shift power to your court during negotiations or strategically shift power

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. The Challenge of Finding Genome-Based Cancer Treatments Fighting the disease is like trying to hit a moving target, evolutionarily speaking — Read more on

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Allergi over for fyldstof går ud over livskvaliteten For en lille gruppe danskere med allergi over for macrogoler – et fyldstof i en lang række produkter fra medicin til shampoo – byder tilværelsen på en lang række udfordringer, viser ny dansk forskning.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Allergispecialisterne er ­sparsomme og skævt fordelt Indsatsen for allergipatienter er ekstremt ulige. Både læger og patienter efterlyser et løft såvel fagligt som forskningsmæssigt, men først og fremmest på uddannelsesfronten.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Banebrydende test afslører mængden af ­­fødevareallergen i blodet Forskere fra OUH har udviklet en test, der ud fra en simpel blodprøve kan måle mængden af fødevare-allergen i blodet i det øjeblik, patienten får en allergisk reaktion. Hvad det er for spevifikke stoffer, patienten reagerer på, afslører testen også.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Dansk forsker bag nye globale retningslinjer for allergi under fuld bedøvelse Overlæge Lene Heise Garvey fra Gentofte Hospital, er førsteforfatter på nye globale retningslinjer for, hvordan anæstesilæger og allergilæger i fællesskab bedst tager hånd om patienter, der får en allergisk reaktion under fuld bedøvelse.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Forebyggelse af venøse blodpropper ved ortopædkirurgi Rivaroxaban viser særdeles lovende resultater blandt patienter, der har gennemgået et almindeligt ortopædkirurgisk indgreb i benet. Resultatet bør lede til ændring i klinisk praksis, siger dansk professor.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. For lidt eller for meget søvn kan være dårligt for hjertet Syv eller otte timers søvn ser ud til at være optimalt for hjertets helbred, viser ny forskning.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Helbredsfordelene ved en plantebaseret kost afhænger af kosten Plantebaseret kost er ikke altid sundere end en normal kost med kød, æg og mejeriprodukter. Den plantebaserede kost skal også være fri for junkfood, slik og sodavand for at være forbundet med helbredsfordele.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Hundeallergikerens bedste ven kan være … en hund

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Mange unge kvindelige atleter har højst overraskende forhøjet blodtryk Forhøjet blodtryk blandt unge kvindelige sportsudøvere er underbelyst og bør undersøges nærmere, siger forsker.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Ny banebrydende pille giver immunterapi til træpollen-allergikere Sidste år blev praktiserende lægers arsenal af behandlingsmuligheder for træpollenallergi forøget med en ny immunterapi i tabletform. Den repræsenterer en fundamentalt ny måde at anskue allergi på.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Nye biologiske ­lægemidler mere skånsomme mod svær astma end prednisolon Nye biologiske lægemidler mod svær astma kommer i disse år ind på markedet og giver læger en mulighed for at behandle patienter uden svære bivirkninger.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Nye diabetesanbefalinger har fokus på hjerte- og nyresygdom En ny anbefaling opfordrer diabeteslæger til at give patienter ny medicin tidligere i forløbet. Det kan have gavnlig effekt på hjerte- og nyresygdomme hos mennesker med type 2-diabetes, siger forskningsleder. Op mod 250.000 patienter er i målgruppen.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Risikovurdering har sat skub i udredning af penicillinallergi Et meget stort antal danskere under mistanke for at have penicillinallergi har i længere tid lagt et alt for stort pres på Klinik 1, Afdeling for Allergi, Hud- og Kønssygdomme på Gentofte Hospital. Ved at sortere patienterne på baggrund af en risikovurdering er en ph.d.-studerende godt i gang med at få afviklet puklen.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Rygestop: E-cigaretter er mere effektivt end rådgivning alene Ny forskning viser, at når det gælder rygestop, kan man opnå bedre resultater med e-cigaretter end med rådgivning alene.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Simplere blodfortyndende behandling til komplekse stent-patienter Ticagrelor som monoterapi er bedre end kombination med aspiriner til patienter med kompleks hjertesygdom, som får indsat stent. Dansk forsker påpeger dog begrænsninger ved studiet.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Stærk kobling mellem PTSD og hjertesygdomme blandt kvinder Forskning på kvindelige krigsveteraner i USA viser, at kvinder med posttraumatisk stresssyndrom har markant højere risiko for at udvikle hjerteproblemer.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. The year of the flood af Margaret Atwood (2009) [no content]

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Transkateter-aortaklapudskiftning er ikke ringere end kirurgi i en bred patientgruppe Efter ét år viste transkateter-aortaklapudskiftning sig at være en sikker og effektiv metode til at reparere et dysfunktionel hjerteklap.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Udspil: Danske Regioner skal stå for modulopbygget fagspecialistuddannelse Detaljerne om, hvordan en modulopbygget fagspecialistuddannelse i allergi skal strikkes sammen og finansieres, er ved at falde endeligt på plads. En task force er kommet med et udspil til organisering og finansiering af uddannelsen.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Unge fødevareallergikere ­glemmer ofte at indfri deres recept på epipen Ny dansk forskning viser, at danske unge, der har fået ordineret en epipen mod anafylaktisk chok, oftere ikke får den hentet på apoteket end forældre til mindre børn eller voksne. En europæisk arbejdsgruppe undersøger, hvad der skal til for at få unge til at påtage sig ansvaret.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Vericiguat forbedrer udfaldet for patienter med forværrende hjertesvigt Nyt lægemiddel sænker risikoen for dødsfald og hospitalsindlæggelse for en patientgruppe med begrænsede behandlingsmuligheder, viser nyt klinisk fase 3-studie.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. These are the 20 Best CBD Gummies On the Market Whether you’re riding a wave of anxiety or managing stiff muscles, CBD can help. This natural compound derived from the hemp plant is known for its stress-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for times when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Use a CBD gummy for a sweet way to get a little bit of relaxation from a plant-based supplement. Here are 20 gummies that are both super tast

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Let Your Crops Grow Indoors All Year Long With This Fully Automated Grow Box Futurism fans: To create this content, a non-editorial team worked with an affiliate partner. We may collect a small commission on items purchased through this page. This post does not necessarily reflect the views or the endorsement of the editorial staff. Given the current state of the world, the ability to have fresh herbs, fruits, and other plants grow indoors without leaving you

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Mathematicians Are Shocked That This Paper Got Published Controversial Research Eight years after he first shared it online, Kyoto University mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki’s controversial, 600-page proof for a profound mathematical conjecture has been approved for publication in an academic journal. But there’s a twist: academic mathematicians around the world didn’t believe that Mochizuki solved the problem, known as the “abc conjecture,” back then

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. If You’re Looking for a Brain Boost, Nootropics Are Better Than Caffeine Alone Futurism fans: To create this content, a non-editorial team worked with an affiliate partner. We may collect a small commission on items purchased through this page. This post does not necessarily reflect the views or the endorsement of the editorial staff. A lot of bloggers and social influencers talk about nootropics, or smart drugs, as though they are something totally new. But th

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Elon Musk Praises Video of Starship’s Arachnoid Landing Legs Itsy Bitsy Spider Legs A video uploaded by Helsinki-based 3D artist Kimi Talvitie on Wednesday attempts to recreate what Inverse calls the SpaceX Starship’s “spider-like” landing legs. The six legs are meant to make a soft landing on distant worlds, including the Moon and Mars. So Elon recently posted a bunch of closeups of the SN3 #Starships 's underbelly. In the photos you can see parts of the

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Scientists Are Printing Living “Xenobots” out of Biological Cells It’s Alive! Computer scientists and biologists have teamed up to create a new kind of living robot. Grown from the stem cells of the frog Xenopus laevis , these so-called xenobots represent a new fusion of biological life and robotics that defies any sort of conventional definition, The New York Times reports . They only live for about a week and are far simpler — biologically speaking — than oth

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Watch a Robodog Twerk in a Baggy Hoodie and Basketball Shorts AIthleisure A video created by The Aigency , “a talent management resource for robotic personalities,” shows a Boston Dynamics Spot Mini robodog perform a spirited dance routine while rocking a pair of basketball shorts and oversized hoodie. And it’s already putting people under its spell. “This better not awaken anything in me,” Bloomberg journalist Oliver Sachgau quipped on Twitter. this better

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Here’s the Robot NASA Wants to Use to Hunt Aliens on Ocean Worlds Rolling Out NASA just unveiled a new autonomous robot named BRUIE that it plans to send on the prowl for extraterrestrial life. The robot looks like a remote-controlled car — it’s little more than two wheels and the axle connecting them. But those wheels can cling to the bottom of a layer of ice — a valuable skill that NASA hopes will let it search for signs of life beneath the surface of oceans

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Watch SpaceX’s Latest Starship Prototype Crumple Like a Can Leaky Valves SpaceX’s latest prototype dubbed “SN3” collapsed during a pressurized cryogenic fuel test Thursday night, as footage uploaded by NASASpaceFlight shows. The stainless steel dome can be seen crumpling like a soda can before toppling over in a puff of vapor. “We will see what data review says in the morning, but this may have been a test configuration mistake,” SpaceX CEO Elon Musk twee

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Fjernstyret robot polerer skibsskruer Rederier kan spare udgifter til dykkere med Subblue Robotics’ opfindelse, der kan dykke ned og rense skibspropeller for begroning.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Tør du tage debatten med kunstig intelligens? PLUS. IBM har udviklet et AI-­system, der kan debattere et hvilket som helst emne med en modstander.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Forskningsgennembrud: Mennesker var ikke de første, der udnyttede CRISPR til egne formål Vi mennesker er langt fra de første til at udnytte CRISPR. Det viser banebrydende forskning fra…

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Real Time Cell Analysis for Studying Viral Infection Download this eBook from Agilent to learn how real time cell analysis techniques offer a more efficient method for detecting cytopathic effects!

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Unlocking the Secrets of the Tumor Microenvironment Download this poster from The Scientist to learn how researchers are exploiting cancer cell interactions with their local environment for new therapeutic approaches

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Astronomers define the 'really habitable zone': Planets capable of producing gin and tonic A hospitable star that doesn't kill you with deadly flares. A rocky planet with liquid water and an agreeable climate. Absence of apocalyptic asteroid storms. No pantheon of angry, vengeful and capricious gods. These are the things that define a habitable planet.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. The numbers on Connecticut's newest crop: CBD hemp CBD hemp, a new crop in Connecticut, could earn farmers between $5,000 and nearly $12,000 per acre, according to a report from UConn's Zwick Center for Food and Resource Policy and Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Helping developing countries adapt to climate change John Furlow has spent more than a decade working with developing countries on the frontlines of climate change, helping them to adapt to changing conditions.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Image: Disinfection for planetary protection Carefully wrapped inside this donut-shaped bag is a 35-m diameter parachute that will endure a frenzied six-minute dive into the Martian atmosphere.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Isolating an elusive phosphatetrahedrane A research team in the Department of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge U.S., explored a synthetic pathway to generate a phosphatetrahedrane framework. During the synthetic route, the team replaced a single carbon vertex with another p-block element within a highly strained tetrahedrane molecule. Highly strained molecules possess unusually acute bond angles at

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Improved laser system will help large optical telescopes gather more accurate data Macquarie University researchers have developed an improved laser system that will help large optical telescopes to gather more accurate data.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. New laser technique will allow more powerful—and smaller—particle accelerators By observing electrons that have been accelerated to extremely high energies, scientists are able to unlock clues about the particles that make up our universe.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. New NASA radar looks to monitor volcanoes and earthquakes from space Instead of looking up to the sky for bright bursts of fiery color, a research team spent Fourth of July 2018 peering down at fiery globs of molten lava from a sky-diving airplane. Bolted to their plane was a new NASA instrument designed to detect each time the volcano took a breath, as its caldera swelled and deflated.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Using scattered light to map nerve fiber pathway crossing points in the brain A team of researchers from Germany, the Netherlands and Italy has developed a way to use scattered light to map nerve fiber pathway crossing points in the brain. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, the group describes their work with light scattering in transmission microscopy and what it revealed in the human brain.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Photocatalytic optical fibers convert water into solar fuel Researchers at the University of Southampton have transformed optical fibers into photocatalytic microreactors that convert water into hydrogen fuel using solar energy.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Study: The strength of collagen influenced by intersections of fibers Collagen is the glue that holds bodies together. It can be found in skin, bones, muscles, cartilage, ligaments, hair, nails—in short, in almost every tissue. In some tissues like the skin, collagen proteins form fibrous networks that are very elastic. But why these networks are so elastic has so far been unclear. Researchers from Delft University of Technology, AMOLF and Wageningen University & Re

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Followers may tune out when municipalities tweet too much Municipalities don't need to unleash a tweet storm to keep their citizens informed on the social network Twitter. In fact, according to Penn State researchers, municipalities that tweeted less-frequent, but more focused, messages tend to have higher engagement with the citizens who follow their accounts.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. With record unemployment filings, federal stimulus will help, but more is needed As an economist and director of the California Policy Lab, Till von Wachter is continually spearheading research projects and policy recommendations related to labor and employment as well as homelessness, education and crime.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. A snake bites once, but its picture is used twice For some people, a venomous snake is a venomous snake — and evidently, some of those people include journal editors. The authors of a 2019 case report describing the unfortunate case of an African farmer killed by the bite of a lethal snake have lost the article because the mug shot of the reptilian culprit … Continue reading

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Tampon: Our Closest Enemy vs. The Vagina Bible On SBM's first ever Fight Night, we have the good book for all vagina inquiries, The Vagina Bible , facing off against Tampon: Our Closest Enemy , a conspiracy thriller masquerading as a documentary aiming to inform women of the "hidden dangers" of tampons. Who will win? Find out.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Book Review: How Big Pharma Flooded Coal Country with Opioids In “Death in Mud Lick: A Coal Country Fight against the Drug Companies That Delivered the Opioid Epidemic,” Eric Eyre uncovers corporate avarice, corruption, and official neglect on a massive scale as he chronicles how the nation’s largest drug corporations saturated West Virginia with opioid pills.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. UK using 1.2 billion tonnes of material a year The figure is the equivalent of 18.5 tonnes of material per person and that has increased.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Conifer is top tree in urban sound absorption test Scientists say trees have a role to play in combating noise pollution in urban environments.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Best Evidence Yet for Midsized Black Holes Found by Hubble At about 50,000 times the mass of the sun, this intermediate-mass black hole skirts the line between shrimp and giant.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Much of Your Daily Life Depends on Discoveries Made by Astronomers Why is astronomy important? Astronomical discoveries and inventions have shaped the human experience for thousands of years.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Room Temperature Superconductivity 'Breakthrough' and Other Stories In these troubled times, enforced home-working is producing remarkable results for physicists and astronomers.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Anterior insula activation restores prosocial behavior in animal model of opioid addiction Researchers in the Arizona State University Department of Psychology have shown that chemogenetic activation of the anterior insula restores prosocial behavior in an animal model of opioid addiction and empathy. The findings suggest an important role for the anterior insula in the brain response to addiction.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. COPD linked to heightened risk of lung cancer in people who have never smoked COPD, short for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is linked to a heightened risk of lung cancer in people who have never smoked, indicates research published online in the journal Thorax.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Deep-sea worms and bacteria team up to harvest methane Scientists uncover an unusual partnership at the bottom of the ocean.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Understanding research on how people develop trust in AI can inform its use A new review examined two decades of research on how people develop trust in AI. The authors concluded that the way AI is represented, or 'embodied,' and AI's capabilities contribute to developing trust. They also proposed a framework that addresses the elements that shape users' cognitive and emotional trust in AI, which can help organizations that use it.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. New molecular mechanism that regulates the sentinel cells of the immune system CNIC scientists have uncovered a new molecular mechanism that determines the identity and expansion of one of the cell types that work as immune sentinels in the body — the macrophages of the serous cavities.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. One size does not fit all: Not all men idolize Western ideals of muscularity UK researchers reported that men in Uganda and Nicaragua were generally less hung up about their body image and cared less about pursuing a muscular physique than British men. The study employed new body-imaging technology and machine learning to understand different cultural attitudes around the drive toward ideals of muscularity. Understanding variation between groups is important to ensure any

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Using sponges to wipe out cancer Manzamine A, a natural product derived from certain groups of sponges, can block the growth of cervical cancer cells, report Medical University of South Carolina researchers, working with investigators and students at the University of South Carolina, College of Charleston, Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia and University of Malaya in Malaysia. Manzamine A targets a protein that is highly expres

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Larger thighs associated with lower risk of heart disease in obesity A larger thigh circumference may be associated with lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of heart disease in people with obesity, according to a study published in Endocrine Connections. In overweight and obese Chinese men and women, larger thigh circumferences were associated with lower blood pressure. These findings suggest that carrying more weight on the thighs may be a marker of better hea

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Study of rare genetic disorder that effects the eyes Small gauge vitrectomy for vitreous amyloidosis and subsequent management of secondary glaucoma in patients with hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. New family of molecules to join altered receptors in neurodegenerative diseases An article published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry shows a new family of molecules with high affinity to join imidazoline receptors, which are altered in the brain of those patients with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's. According to the preclinical study, the merge of these specific ligands to I2 receptors improves cognitive skills and some biom

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Daughter cells carry memory from mother on decision to divide Researchers at CU Boulder have found that it's actually the mother cell that determines if its daughter cells will divide. The finding, explained in a new study out today in Science, sheds new light on the cell cycle using modern imaging technologies, and could have implications for cancer drug therapy treatments.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Study identifies new temperature sensing mechanism in plants–sin040320.php Cell biologists at the UC Riverside reveal the phytochrome B molecule has unexpected dynamics activated by temperature, and behaves differently depending on the temperature and type of light. As climate change warms the world, crop growth patterns and flowering times will change. A better understanding of how phytochromes regulate the seasonal rhythms of plant growth will help scientists develop c

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Researchers map mechanism to explain role of gene mutations in kidney disease Researchers from the Center for Precision Disease Modeling at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) have uncovered a mechanism that appears to explain how certain genetic mutations give rise to a rare genetic kidney disorder called nephrotic syndrome.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Chilling concussed cells shows promise for full recovery In the future, treating a concussion could be as simple as cooling the brain. That's according to research conducted by University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers, whose findings support the treatment approach at the cellular level.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. A direct protein-to-protein binding couples cell survival to cell proliferation The regulators of apoptosis watch over cell replication and the decision to enter the cell cycle. Researchers now show a direct link between the protein MCL1 — a member of the BCL2 protein family known as the gatekeepers of apoptosis — and the cell-cycle checkpoint protein P18. Through this link, MCL1, which functions in the decision between either cell survival or programmed death, can also dir

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Study shows ICU patients with low-risk penicillin allergies can be tested and treated Many patients previously diagnosed with a penicillin allergy can have their allergy label removed after testing and safely undergo treatment with penicillin medications, according to a study published in American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Indigenous American ancestry may be associated with HER2-positive breast cancer An increased proportion of Indigenous American (IA) ancestry was associated with a greater incidence of HER2-positive breast cancer, according to a study published in Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Tesla Tech Leak: This Autopilot Car Stops for Red Lights Tesla’s Autopilot self-driving feature is about to stop for red lights, a most useful feature if you’re going to be full-self-driving in urban areas. It also will sense green lights but only proceed through them if the driver keeps pressure on the gas pedal – sorry, throttle pedal – after being sure there’s no other hazard such as an oncoming car turning left. News of this apparent new feature, c

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. NASA Brings Back Iconic ‘Worm’ Logo for First Crewed SpaceX Launch The NASA logo of today is very similar to the agency’s original insignia, but the iconic “worm” logotype adorned spacecraft for more than 15 years a few decades ago. NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine announced on Twitter that “ the worm is back ” for NASA’s first private crewed spacecraft launch. Yes, that’s a Falcon 9 with a slick, retro NASA logo. From its inception, NASA used a logo featuring

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Ju hälsosammare natur desto större hälsoeffekt Den återhämtande effekten av att vistas i naturen blir starkare för den med en stark koppling till naturen, visar forskning från Urban Studio vid Högskolan i Gävle. Och vuxnas koppling till naturen har ett starkt samband med hur ofta de var ute i naturen och lekte utomhus under uppväxten. Vår forskning visar att för människor som har djup relation till naturen, blir en ekologiskt rik natur läkand

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Lovande naturprodukt i scilla visade sig vara antibiotika En scilla på Madeira tycktes innehålla en ovanlig kemisk förening som skulle kunna användas som läkemedel. Men nu visar forskare vid Uppsala universitet att det inte alls var växtens naturliga försvar, utan en syntetisk antibiotika som växten troligen tagit upp via gödsling. Alla kemiska föreningar i naturen är skapade genom biosyntes, där växter, djur och mikroorganismer producerar komplexa ämne

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Nyupptäckt resistensgen kan slå ut kraftfull antibiotika En ny resistensgen, som kan göra bakterierna motståndskraftiga mot en ny slags antibiotika, har upptäckts i Indien av Göteborgsforskare. Genom att leta i avloppsvatten i stället för hos patienter kan resistensgener upptäckas tidigt. Aminoglykosider är en grupp antibiotika som är mycket värdefull för att behandla infektioner med multiresistenta bakterier. En helt ny resistensgen, som sannolikt gör

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. US taps market for stimulus funds at historically low rates Record weekly Treasury bill issuance foreshadows huge spending to prop up economy

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Russia’s central bank says no further intervention to support rouble Bank’s president says dollar sales ‘have nothing to do with the exchange rate’

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Fed taps Pimco and State Street for funding programme Appointment of managers for commercial paper facility comes after BlackRock was hired to run bond purchases

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. The only exit trade that matters Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global markets

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Universities are pleading for a bailout to paper over their failures Many pursued a high-risk strategy of debt and expansion; now they must work together or go to the wall

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Stagecoach furloughs bus drivers and engineers Transport group suspends coach services and confirms decision to scrap dividend

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Putin says oil cuts possible if all big producers take part Brent rallies 14% on Kremlin’s first signal it is willing to end month-long price war

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. There’s room to improve A.I. news coverage A recent analysis of how journalists deal with the ethics of artificial intelligence suggests that reporters are doing a good job of grappling with a complex set of questions—but there’s room for improvement. In a new paper in AI & Society , researchers dig into how news outlets are thinking (and writing) about new technologies in order to understand how people are thinking (and feeling) about ar

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. 1 enzyme is key for successful fertilization A particular enzyme plays a role when genetic machinery begins at the very first stage of life: as a single cell after fertilization, researchers report. The researchers believe that the new finding may explain why some fertilizations fail. All people start life as a single cell. After a sperm cell has fertilized an egg, several processes must follow for the cell to become a human being. However,

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Giant ice machine leads to glacier ‘slip law’ Backed by experimental data from a laboratory machine that simulates the huge forces involved in glacier flow, glaciologists have written an equation that accounts for the motion of ice that rests on the soft, deformable ground underneath unusually fast-moving parts of ice sheets That equation—or “slip law”—is a tool that scientists can include in computer models of glacier movement over the defo

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Proteins key to vision are also taste receptors in flies Multiple opsin proteins, known for decades to be required for vision, also function as taste receptors, new research with fruit flies finds. The finding, which appears in Current Biology , represents a light-independent function for opsins, and raises questions about the purpose these proteins served in ancient organisms. “This is the first example of a role of opsins in taste, or in any form of

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Stress screws up your ability to plan ahead Stress can hinder our ability to develop informed plans by preventing us from being able to make decisions based on memory, researchers report. “We draw on memory not just to project ourselves backward into the past but to project ourselves forward, to plan,” says senior author Anthony Wagner, a professor in the social sciences at Stanford University. “Stress can rob you of the ability to draw on

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Some people’s skin makes natural sunscreen Genetic variations in the skin can create a natural sunscreen, according to new research on the genes linked with vitamin D. This was one of a number of ways vitamin D affected the body in the new study, which looked at the genomes of more than half a million people from the United Kingdom, says John McGrath, a professor in the University of Queensland’s Queensland Brain Institute. “This study ha

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Why do people choose vegetarianism? A new survey shows why different people chose to shift to vegetarianism. Researchers know that people are motivated to be vegetarian for different reasons—the most common in Western cultures include health, the environment, and animal rights. But how compelling are these different factors for non-vegetarians? Researchers surveyed 8,000 people of various ages and ethnicities, in two languages, in

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Faster recalls when medical companies have women directors Medical product companies, such as those that make pharmaceuticals and medical devices, make recall decisions quite differently when women join their board of directors, a new study finds. In life-threatening situations when defective medical products may kill a user, companies with female directors issue recalls much more quickly. For less severe instances in which there is greater discretion in

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. The CRISPR War Raging Inside Bacteria Rings of DNA inside bacteria use CRISPR process to attack each other. DNA.jpg Image credits: VRX/Shutterstock Creature Friday, April 3, 2020 – 09:15 Brian Owens, Contributor (Inside Science) — The CRISPR-Cas system is a highly accurate gene-editing tool that genetic engineers have adopted from bacteria. The engineers use it to create genetically modified organisms and even treat genetic disease

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Newly Discovered 'Feather Duster' Worms Use Bacteria To Digest Methane in the Deep Ocean The worms absorb and digest symbiotic bacteria through their skin. methane-worm-pic-2.jpg These newly discovered worms in the family Serpulidae get energy from methane-digesting bacteria that live on their skin. Image credits: Alvin, WHOI Creature Friday, April 3, 2020 – 14:15 Nala Rogers, Staff Writer (Inside Science) — When the researchers onboard the U.S. Navy-owned vessel Atlantis brought u

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. What Is Autism? A child neurologist talks about the challenges of autism. What Is Autism? Video of What Is Autism? Human Friday, April 3, 2020 – 13:15 Emilie Lorditch, Contributor (Inside Science) — Audrey Brumback is a physician and scientist who specializes in the care of people with neurodevelopmental challenges such as autism. She leads a team of researchers in their quest to understand how changes in the

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. In TFIIH the Arch domain of XPD is mechanistically essential for transcription and DNA repair Nature Communications, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15241-9 XPD is part of the TFIIH complex which plays major roles in transcription initiation and nucleotide excision repair (NER). Here the authors present a high-resolution crystal structure of the XPD-MAT1 interface and dissect the role of this interface in transcription and NER.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Optogenetic restoration of retinal ganglion cell activity in the living primate Nature Communications, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15317-6 Non-human primate models are important for the development of high quality vision restoration therapies for blindness. Here, the authors demonstrate restoration of light responses in foveal retinal ganglion cells of the living macaque following optogenetic gene therapy.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. RXRs control serous macrophage neonatal expansion and identity and contribute to ovarian cancer progression Nature Communications, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15371-0 Macrophages can differentiate to perform homeostatic tissue-specific functions. Here the authors show that RXR signalling is critical for large peritoneal macrophage (LPM) expansion during neonatal life and LPM lipid metabolism and survival during adult homeostasis, and that ovarian cancer growth relies on RXR-

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Kinase inhibition profiles as a tool to identify kinases for specific phosphorylation sites Nature Communications, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15428-0 Identifying kinases responsible for specific phosphorylation events remains challenging. Here, the authors leverage kinase inhibitor profiles for the identification of kinase-substrate site pairs in cell extracts, developing a method that can identify the enzymes responsible for unassigned phosphorylation event

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Reduced-dimensional perovskite photovoltaics with homogeneous energy landscape Nature Communications, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15451-1 Quasi-2D halide perovskites are good candidates for efficient and stable solar cells but they suffer from high open-circuit voltage (Voc) deficit. Here He et al. show that homogeneous energy landscape of the charge transport levels is important to suppressing the recombination and increasing Voc.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Remodeling of active endothelial enhancers is associated with aberrant gene-regulatory networks in pulmonary arterial hypertension Nature Communications, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15463-x Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a heterogeneous disease, causing severe breathing problems and cardiac morbidity. Here, the authors study chromatin marks in pulmonary arterial endothelial cells from PAH patients and controls and find changes in transcription factor and enhancer activity that suggest an

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Pooled CRISPRi screening of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp PCC 6803 for enhanced industrial phenotypes Nature Communications, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15491-7 Developing cyanobacteria as CO2-neutral cell factories relies on the knowledge of the regulation mechanisms for growth and metabolism. Here, the authors develop an inducible CRISPRi gene repression library in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 and screens genes potentially affecting growth and L-lactate tolerance and p

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Accelerated dryland expansion regulates future variability in dryland gross primary production Nature Communications, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15515-2 Earth’s drylands are expected to expand due to climate change, but how this will affect vegetation remains unclear. Here the authors use models to show that despite expansion, primary productivity in drylands is likely to increase through the 21st Century.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Author Correction: Self-verifying variational quantum simulation of lattice models Nature, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2203-2

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Publisher Correction: Z-nucleic-acid sensing triggers ZBP1-dependent necroptosis and inflammation Nature, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2207-y

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Publisher Correction: Collective behavior of oscillating electric dipoles Scientific Reports, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-60517-1

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Transmission of Superoscillations Scientific Reports, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62018-7

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Streamlined selection of cancer antigens for vaccine development through integrative multi-omics and high-content cell imaging Scientific Reports, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62244-z

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Milk lactoperoxidase decreases ID1 and ID3 expression in human oral squamous cell carcinoma cell lines Scientific Reports, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62390-4

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. High thresholds encouraging the evolution of cooperation in threshold public-good games Scientific Reports, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62626-3

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Phenotypic and functional characterization of natural killer cells in rheumatoid arthritis-regulation with interleukin-15 Scientific Reports, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62654-z

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Effective medium theory to the description of plasmonic resonances: Role of Au and Ti nanoparticles embedded in MoO3 thin films Scientific Reports, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62706-4 Effective medium theory to the description of plasmonic resonances: Role of Au and Ti nanoparticles embedded in MoO 3 thin films

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Prescience of endogenous regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana by Pseudomonas putida MTCC 5279 under phosphate starved salinity stress condition Scientific Reports, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62725-1

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Risk factors for orthodontic mini-implants in skeletal anchorage biological stability: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis Scientific Reports, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62838-7

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Author Correction: Roadkill and space use data predict vehicle-strike hotspots and mortality rates in a recovering bobcat (Lynx rufus) population Scientific Reports, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62929-5 Author Correction: Roadkill and space use data predict vehicle-strike hotspots and mortality rates in a recovering bobcat ( Lynx rufus ) population

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Author Correction: Process optimization for biosynthesis of mono and bimetallic alloy nanoparticle catalysts for degradation of dyes in individual and ternary mixture Scientific Reports, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62930-y

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Author Correction: CD44 variant inhibits insulin secretion in pancreatic β cells by attenuating LAT1-mediated amino acid uptake Scientific Reports, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63111-7

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Author Correction: Sex is determined by XX/XY sex chromosomes in Australasian side-necked turtles (Testudines: Chelidae) Scientific Reports, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63116-2

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Author Correction: Baleen whale acoustic presence and behaviour at a Mid-Atlantic migratory habitat, the Azores Archipelago Scientific Reports, Published online: 03 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63117-1

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Supermassive stars may have formed by repeatedly eating their siblings Some black holes are way bigger than we can explain, and they may have come from supermassive stars that formed by devouring the other stars around them

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Experimental diabetes device works by killing gut cells with hot water A device that carries hot water down a tube into the gut may help manage diabetes by killing overgrown gut cells that release hormones key to metabolising food

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Skull Fossils in Cave Show Mix of Human Relatives Roamed South Africa The excavation found the oldest known Homo erectus, a direct ancestor of our species, living around the same time as other extinct hominins.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. How Do You Make a Less Toxic Blue Dye? Start With Red Beets Usually these root vegetables cause pink stains, but with a little bit of chemistry, Brazilian researchers found they could produce another hue.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. How an Eye Surgeon Got a Picture of This Rare Pastel Bird The elusive South Philippine dwarf kingfisher is difficult to photograph, and there were no known photographs of its fledglings.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. William Frankland, Pioneering Allergist, Dies at 108 One of the top allergists of the 20th century, he helped legions of hay fever sneezers by publicizing pollen counts. Among his patients was Saddam Hussein.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Meet the Xenobots, Virtual Creatures Brought to Life Computer scientists and biologists have teamed up to make a new class of living robotics that challenge the boundary between digital and biological.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Scaling up psychology via Scientific Regret Minimization [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] Do large datasets provide value to psychologists? Without a systematic methodology for working with such datasets, there is a valid concern that analyses will produce noise artifacts rather than true effects. In this paper, we offer a way to enable researchers to systematically build models and identify novel phenomena in…

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Bacterial flagellar motor PL-ring disassembly subcomplexes are widespread and ancient [Evolution] The bacterial flagellum is an amazing nanomachine. Understanding how such complex structures arose is crucial to our understanding of cellular evolution. We and others recently reported that in several Gammaproteobacterial species, a relic subcomplex comprising the decorated P and L rings persists in the outer membrane after flagellum disassembly. Imaging…

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Exceptional diversity of opsin expression patterns in Neogonodactylus oerstedii (Stomatopoda) retinas [Evolution] Stomatopod crustaceans possess some of the most complex animal visual systems, including at least 16 spectrally distinct types of photoreceptive units (e.g., assemblages of photoreceptor cells). Here we fully characterize the set of opsin genes expressed in retinal tissues and determine expression patterns of each in the stomatopod Neogonodactylus oerstedii….

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Coherent modulation of the electron temperature and electron-phonon couplings in a 2D material [Physics] Ultrashort light pulses can selectively excite charges, spins, and phonons in materials, providing a powerful approach for manipulating their properties. Here we use femtosecond laser pulses to coherently manipulate the electron and phonon distributions, and their couplings, in the charge-density wave (CDW) material 1T-TaSe2. After exciting the material with a…

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Computational design of probes to detect bacterial genomes by multivalent binding [Biophysics and Computational Biology] Rapid methods for diagnosis of bacterial infections are urgently needed to reduce inappropriate use of antibiotics, which contributes to antimicrobial resistance. In many rapid diagnostic methods, DNA oligonucleotide probes, attached to a surface, bind to specific nucleotide sequences in the DNA of a target pathogen. Typically, each probe binds to…

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Synthetic molecular evolution of host cell-compatible, antimicrobial peptides effective against drug-resistant, biofilm-forming bacteria [Applied Biological Sciences] Novel classes of antibiotics and new strategies to prevent and treat infections are urgently needed because the rapid rise in drug-resistant bacterial infections in recent decades has been accompanied by a parallel decline in development of new antibiotics. Membrane permeabilizing antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) have long been considered a potentially promising,…

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Noncoding RNA MaIL1 is an integral component of the TLR4-TRIF pathway [Immunology and Inflammation] RNA has been proposed as an important scaffolding factor in the nucleus, aiding protein complex assembly in the dense intracellular milieu. Architectural contributions of RNA to cytosolic signaling pathways, however, remain largely unknown. Here, we devised a multidimensional gradient approach, which systematically locates RNA components within cellular protein networks. Among…

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Insights into the rheology of cohesive granular media [Engineering] Characterization and prediction of the “flowability” of powders are of paramount importance in many industries. However, our understanding of the flow of powders like cement or flour is sparse compared to the flow of coarse, granular media like sand. The main difficulty arises because of the presence of adhesive forces…

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Room-temperature skyrmion phase in bulk Cu2OSeO3 under high pressures [Physics] A skyrmion state in a noncentrosymmetric helimagnet displays topologically protected spin textures with profound technological implications for high-density information storage, ultrafast spintronics, and effective microwave devices. Usually, its equilibrium state in a bulk helimagnet occurs only over a very restricted magnetic field–temperature phase space and often in the low-temperature region.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. CtIP promotes the motor activity of DNA2 to accelerate long-range DNA end resection [Biochemistry] To repair a DNA double-strand break by homologous recombination, 5′-terminated DNA strands must first be resected to reveal 3′-overhangs. This process is initiated by a short-range resection catalyzed by MRE11-RAD50-NBS1 (MRN) stimulated by CtIP, which is followed by a long-range step involving EXO1 or DNA2 nuclease. DNA2 is a bifunctional…

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Convergent spectral shifts to blue-green vision in mammals extends the known sensitivity of vertebrate M/LWS pigments [Evolution] Daylight vision in most mammals is mediated predominantly by a middle/long wavelength-sensitive (M/LWS) pigment. Although spectral sensitivity and associated shifts in M/LWS are mainly determined by five critical sites, predicted phenotypic variation is rarely validated, and its ecological significance is unclear. We experimentally determine spectral tuning of M/LWS pigments and…

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Save money and protect the environment by repurposing your old outdoor gear These have seen better days. The good news is, they will again. (Th G / Pixabay /) Most hikers and campers have at least one torn and tattered piece of gear they refuse to let go. Those are the items that tell the stories of what we’ve seen, where we’ve been, and the muddy canyons and thorny bushes we’ve gone through to get there. But just because a beloved jacket or tent has seen better days doe

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Humankind’s legacy is basically garbage Humanity’s legacy lies in our garbage. Trash offers archaeologists insight into the day-to-day lifestyles of people long past. Even today, we’re leaving future excavators plenty of specimens to ponder: Most Americans produce around 4.5 pounds of waste each day. This time-​­traveling ­dumpster dive shows some of the most revealing junk we’ve accumulated over the past couple of millennia—and the th

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Bidets for a cleaner and greener bathroom routine Spray the days away. (Steven Ungermann via Unsplash/) It is important we use our resources wisely. Toilet paper is a wasteful single-use paper product, and its production is eco-unfriendly to the extreme. It involves the destruction of forests, the use of massive amounts of water to create paper pulp, and chlorine-bleaching to turn that pulp soft and white. Though bidets use water to do the same

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Apple fixed one thing to make the MacBook Air one of the best laptops around Social distancing has made this an unfair time to review a laptop like the MacBook Air. I’d typically write this with it perched on a rickety Amtrak tray table or a crumb-laden coffee shop counter. But, like everyone else, I’ve been here at home since the MBA arrived. Beyond that, screen time has skyrocketed as sitting at home and staring into the internet has become a powerful method of serving

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Cognitive Atomization – A Concept With Implications For Psychosis, Working Memory, Chunking, Associative Learning, Psychedelics, And Perception

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Taiwan declares war on plastic waste, completely ban plastics by 2030.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Major new study by an interdisciplinary team of researchers finds that it is possible–and critical–to bring industrial greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2070. The study assesses the range of technologies and policies interventions available to enable global industry decarbonization.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Google trains chips to design themselves

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Public health experts are urging authorities to use smoking-style graphic imagery on high-carbon products that are damaging to the climate, such as petrol pumps, and energy bills. The warning labels are easy to implement, yet effective for conveying information about the impacts of the product

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Saving ocean life within a human generation is ‘largely achievable’. Notable rebounds from the brink of extinction include humpback whales, which have increased from a few hundred animals to more than 40,000; and northern elephant seals, from just 20 breeding animals to more than 200,000 today.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. NASA successfully deploys the James Webb Telescope's enormous mirror

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Old human cells return to a more youthful and vigorous state after being induced to briefly express a panel of proteins involved in embryonic development. The finding may have implications for aging research.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Bacteria on nanowires convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to organic building blocks

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. For NASA's next sun mission, 6 tiny spacecraft will work as one massive telescope: That's the approach of a NASA's new Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE) mission.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. The hydrogen factory of the future. Hydrogen is indispensable to successfully transitioning to renewables and meeting climate targets. The Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation & Automation IFF has a demand-driven, distributed, modular solution that produces and distributes green hydrogen.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Human Urine Could Help Astronauts Build Moon Bases Someday

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Introducing The Autonomous Mobile Robot by ROBOTIS (Seoul, South Korea)

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. General discussion.. what is the future of work? Do we work? Is everything automated at some point? At what point in time do you see this happening? Is Work From Home the new norm? If so do we need downtown areas? Or office buildings? submitted by /u/themagicalpuffin [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Smaller scale solutions needed for rapid progress towards emissions targets: 'the team (From Lisbon and East Anglia UK) finds that subject to certain conditions, more granular alternatives out-perform larger scale technologies in a number of important ways.'

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Germany marks first ever quarter with more than 50 percent renewable electricity

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Everlasting life Does anyone see the Altered Carbon model of downloading your essence onto a stack/hard disc style format and loading that into new “skins” as the outline for everlasting life? The presentation in that show is the most plausible way I could see that becoming real. I’m not sure how it would be done. Any thoughts? submitted by /u/Rodimus_Prhyme [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Renewable energy developments threaten biodiverse areas More than 2000 renewable energy facilities are built in areas of environmental significance and threaten the natural habitats of plant and animal species across the globe. A research team mapped the location of solar, wind and hydropower facilities in wilderness, protected areas and key biodiversity areas.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Novel chemistry could protect crops from fungal disease Exeter researchers have discovered a novel chemistry to protect our crops from fungal disease.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. New treatment for childhood anxiety works by changing parent behavior A study reports that an entirely parent-based treatment, SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions), is as efficacious as individual cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for the treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety disorders.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Cocky kids: The four-year-olds with the same overconfidence as risk-taking bankers Overconfidence in one's own abilities despite clear evidence to the contrary is present and persistent in children as young as four, a new study has revealed.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Muscle protein abundant in the heart plays key role in blood clotting during heart attack A prevalent heart protein known as cardiac myosin, which is released into the body when a person suffers a heart attack, can cause blood to thicken or clot — worsening damage to heart tissue, a new study shows. A team made the unexpected finding after a series of experiments spanning three years and involving researchers from multiple collaborating institutions.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Marijuana may impair female fertility Female eggs exposed to THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, have an impaired ability to produce viable embryos, and are significantly less likely to result in a viable pregnancy, according to an animal study.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Study overturns 'snapshot' model of cell cycle in use since 1974 Live, single-cell imaging shows cellular 'memory' of growth factor availability throughout the cell cycle (and not just snapshot of growth factor availability) influences cells' decision to replicate.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Turning cells into computers with protein logic gates New artificial proteins have been created to function as molecular logic gates. Like their electronic counterparts in computers, these biochemical tools can be used to program the behavior of complex systems, such as gene regulation inside human T-cells. This new advance might improve the durability of future cell-based therapies.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Lifestyle changes could delay memory problems in old age, depending on our genes Researchers have shown that how we respond to changes in nutrients at a molecular level plays an important role in the aging process, and this is directed by some key genetic mechanisms.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Starving pancreatic cancer of cysteine may kill tumor cells In a new study of mice, researchers have found that an experimental drug that breaks down the amino acid cysteine slows pancreatic tumor growth by causing ferroptosis, an unusual form of cell death.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Most people consider becoming vegetarian for their health Researchers know that people are motivated to be vegetarian for different reasons — the most common in western cultures being health, the environment and animal rights.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Scientists show how parasitic infection causes seizures, psychiatric illness for some Neuroscientists describe how the common Toxoplasma gondii parasite prompts the loss of inhibitory signaling in the brain by altering the behavior of nearby cells called microglia.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Gut communicates with the entire brain through cross-talking neurons You know that feeling in your gut? We think of it as an innate intuition that sparks deep in the belly and helps guide our actions, if we let it. It's also a metaphor for what scientists call the 'gut-brain axis,' a biological reality in which the gut and its microbial inhabitants send signals to the brain, and vice versa.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. When three species of human ancestor walked the Earth Scientists share details of the most ancient fossil of Homo erectus known and discuss how these new findings are forcing us to rewrite a part of our species' evolutionary history.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Lucy had an ape-like brain A new study led by paleoanthropologists reveals that Lucy's species Australopithecus afarensis had an ape-like brain. However, the protracted brain growth suggests that — as is the case in humans — infants may have had a long dependence on caregivers.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. To divide or not to divide? The mother cell may decide Researchers have found that it's actually the mother cell that determines if its daughter cells will divide. The finding sheds new light on the cell cycle using modern imaging technologies, and could have implications for cancer drug therapy treatments.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. New temperature sensing mechanism in plants Cell biologists reveal the phytochrome B molecule has unexpected dynamics activated by temperature, and behaves differently depending on the temperature and type of light. As climate change warms the world, crop growth patterns and flowering times will change. A better understanding of how phytochromes regulate the seasonal rhythms of plant growth will help scientists develop crops for optimal gro

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. If you have to ask EPA for data, are they really public? Agency critics say no Proposal to define studies available only by Freedom of Information Act request as “public” draws fire

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. National parks are no safe haven for West African lions Hunger lures them into hunting reserves—where game is plentiful

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. United States wants to end most payouts for leading vaccination-related injury Critics argue controversial move flouts science and law

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Regnskog under Antarktis förvånar forskare För 90 miljoner år sedan var området runt Sydpolen inte täckt med ett stort istäcke som idag. Istället fanns där regnskog liknande den som finns på Nya Zeeland, och det var koldioxid som gjorde det möjligt.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Bill Withers’s Life Was as Rich as His Songs To turn to Bill Withers for solace has long been a reflex for millions. (Ed Caraeff / Getty) Bill Withers hadn’t released a new song of his own in decades, but even before he died at age 81 of cardiac problems on Monday , the soul singer was on the minds of many people amid the globe’s current viral crisis. Apartment buildings full of people in social isolation and hospital rooms of healthcare wo

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. We’re All Larry Davids Now In the latest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm , which concluded in March, Larry David opens a “spite store”—a new coffee shop located next door to Mocha Joe, a rival establishment that banned him for excessive complaining. The primary goal of Latte Larry’s is to put Mocha Joe out of business. But that doesn’t mean David can’t implement a few design tweaks of his own, including heated cups, a total

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Common-Good Constitutionalism Reveals the Dangers of Any Non-originalist Approach to the Constitution Here are three of the most common criticisms of originalism made by non-originalists: (1) Originalism does not provide a determinate answer to contested questions—anything beyond, say, how many senators a state gets, or how old a person must be to be president. (2) Originalism typically produces bad answers to such contested questions. (3) Originalism is just a cover for conservative judges to re

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Why the U.S. Will Outcompete China National-security analysts see China as one of the greatest threats facing the United States and its allies. According to an emerging conventional wisdom, China has the leg up on the U.S. in part because its authoritarian government can strategically plan for the long term, unencumbered by competing branches of government, regular elections, and public opinion. Yet this faith in autocratic ascend

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. 2020 Time Capsule #11: ‘Captain Crozier’ The episode I’m about to mention has been receiving saturation social-media attention for the past few hours, as I write. But because the accelerating torrent of news tends to blast away each day’s events and make them hard to register—even a moment like this, which I expect will be included in histories of our times—I think it is worth noting this episode while it is fresh. Until a few days ago,

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. How to Cut Your Own Hair Magic Shave powder smells like sulfur, a fetid perfume. They call it Magic because it keeps the razor bumps away. Black men have used it for more than a century to keep the coarse hair jutting from their faces from curling back into their skin. You whip it to a froth in a cup, slather it on your face, and wipe it clean with a butter knife. My granddad used the Magic that comes in the red-and-whi

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Oceans' capacity to absorb CO2 overestimated, study suggests Research into North Atlantic plankton likely to lead to negative revision of global climate calculations The North Atlantic may be a weaker climate ally than previously believed, according to a study that suggests the ocean’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide has been overestimated. A first-ever winter and spring sampling of plankton in the western North Atlantic showed cell sizes were considerab

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Spacewatch: Nasa SunRise mission to study solar storms Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment aims to pinpoint places where giant particle storms are launched into space Nasa has selected a new mission that will study how space weather forms on the sun and launches radiation storms into space. Called the Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE), the mission consists of six small CubeSats that will provide three dimensional maps of solar

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Dr William Frankland, immunologist behind pollen count, dies aged 108 ‘Grandfather of allergy’ survived three years in Japanese POW camp before pioneering medical career Dr William Frankland, a pioneering British immunologist who transformed the world’s understanding of allergies, has died aged 108. Frankland improved the lives of millions of hay fever sufferers by developing the idea of a pollen count. Until his death the oldest survivor of the Japanese prisoner o

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Image of the Day: Ancient Dental Enamel An analysis of fossilized teeth sheds light on the evolutionary relationships between Pleistocene hominins.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Choosing the Optimal Device and Method for Laboratory Ultrafiltration Download this guide to learn why different samples need different protocols for the best results!

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Advancing Cancer Vaccines

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Privacy-bekymringer: SpaceX forbyder den populære videotjeneste Zoom SpaceX anbefaler medarbejderne at bruge andre kommunikationsmidler efter at have deaktiveret Zoom med »øjeblikkelig virkning«.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. The Right Gear for Your Home Tool Kit: Hammers, Screwdrivers, and More Here's all the gear you need to handle any DIY job, from basic repairs to more ambitious home improvement projects.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Automation May Take Jobs—but AI Will Create Them A Silicon Valley executive returns home to the rural South to see for himself the ways in which AI is affecting the local economy.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. The 'Resident Evil 3' Remake Seems Doomed to Fail The latest reboot is trying to be a missing link, but it ends up being too much.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. So Wait, How Encrypted Are Zoom Meetings Really? The service's mixed messages have frustrated cryptographers, as the US government and other sensitive organizations increasingly depend on it.

…..(Hentet 3. april 2020) …… ….. Richard Finds An Original 1968 Chevelle Malibu! | Fast N' Loud Richard and Russell visit the Golden State and uncover a family heirloom that has Richard seeing dollar signs Stream Full Episodes of Fast N' Loud: Subscribe to Discovery: Follow Us on Twitter: Join Us on Facebook: https

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