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Amazon’s Checkout-Free Grocery Store Is Opening to the PublicAmazon Store LinesAt Amazon Go, you grab your milk and leave. It might take some getting used to.
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The Invasion of the German Board GamesIn a development that would have been hard to imagine a generation ago, when video games were poised to take over living rooms, board games are thriving. Overall, the latest available data shows that U.S. sales grew by 28 percent between the spring of 2016 and the spring of 2017. Revenues are expected to rise at a similar rate into the early 2020s—largely, says one analyst, because the target aud
Nu er det sidste aluminiumsstøv suget ud af Risøs atomreaktor DR3Ingeniøren var på besøg hos Dansk Dekommissionering, da sidste del af aluminiums­tanken fra DR3-forsøgsreaktoren blev fjernet.
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Starwatch: the moon and a pair of star clustersThe waxing moon is moving towards the Pleiades and Hyades The Moon approaches two star clusters on the evening of 26 January. Both clusters are located in Taurus and can be seen with the naked eye. Find the waxing Moon in the south-west, then look to its upper right to see a tight grouping of stars known as the Pleiades , or Seven Sisters. These stars all formed together some time within the last
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Bio-renewable process could help ‘green’ plasticPlastics are often derived from petroleum, contributing to reliance on fossil fuels and driving harmful greenhouse gas emissions. To change that, scientists are trying to take the pliable nature of plastic in another direction, developing new and renewable ways of creating plastics from biomass.
Big Think6
We’re Breeding out the Genes for Higher Educational Attainment, Geneticists SayThe correlation is more prominent in women than men. Read More
Science : NPR16
Living Well Now: What Does It Take?Shaping our lives around fulfilling social, intellectual and creative potential — keys to happiness — is more compatible with sustainability than pursuing unlimited wealth, says author Randall Curren. (Image credit: WangAnQi/Getty Images/iStockphoto)
Scientific American Content: Global25
Our Understanding of the Labor Experience Is Overdue for ChangeLabor interventions are largely driven by standards set in the 1950s. A growing body of research suggests it may be time for a change — Read more on
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8 Authors That Became Adjectives: Freudian, Shakespearean, and More!What does it really mean when something is "Dickensian"? Or "Kafkaesque"? Sometimes these words are overused to the point where they lose their meaning. Here's how these and 6 other words got their origin. Read More
Science | The Guardian63
Up to a million Britons use steroids for looks not sportHealth warnings as image culture drives usage of performance-enhancing drugs Up to 1 million people in the UK are taking anabolic steroids and other image- and performance-enhancing drugs (IPEDs) to change the way they look, public health experts and doctors have said. This ranges from teenagers seeking the perfect physique to elderly men hoping to hang on to youthful looks. Continue reading…
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Our Memory Comes from an Ancient Virus, Neuroscientists SayThis study is radically changing how we view the process of evolution. Read More
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This Solar Power Plant in Nevada Could Finally Wean Humanity off of Fossil FuelsAn hour away from Area 51 in the Nevada desert, this solar power plant "banks" energy in a way that could be replicated across the world. Read More
The Atlantic63
The Tragedy of Mahmoud AbbasPicture a Palestinian leader in the twilight of his reign. Besieged on all sides and challenged by younger upstarts, he lashes out against Israel, his Arab brethren, and the United States. Other Palestinian officials jockey to replace him, convinced he’s past his prime. This is how it ended for Yasser Arafat, whose insistence on waging the second intifada left him isolated in the final years of h
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Should Your Salary Be Public? A New German Law Could BackfireA new law in Germany seeks to close the gender pay gap, but it could ultimately prove counterproductive. Read More
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How You Perceive Your Own Weight May Be a Psychological IllusionSome people naturally believe they’re thinner than they really are. Here's how to tell if you're susceptible. Read More
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Okay, So Some Dogs Eat PoopStudy provides new information about what's going on — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global48
Using Pop Culture to Practice Productive DisagreementFrom supervillains to Sunday book club, books and movies provide low-stakes chances to build the constructive conversational skills we need for more important debates later on. — Read more on
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UMass gets Chan Zuckerberg grant for scientific projectThe University of Massachusetts has received a $5.5 million grant from a philanthropy founded by the man behind Facebook and his wife to create a way to search millions of scientific research articles.
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Divers Discover World's Largest Underwater Cave System Filled with Mayan MysteriesResearchers in Mexico discover the longest underwater cave system in the world that's full of invaluable artifacts. Read More
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Prescription drug labels provide scant dosing guidance for obese kidsDespite the US Congress providing incentives to drug manufacturers to encourage the study of medications in children, few approved drugs include safe dosing information for obese kids.
Et ingeniørliv i skyggen af besættelsenSom 14-årig kom Helge Milo med i besættelsestidens første organiserede modstandsgruppe, Churchillklubben. Først nu ser han, hvor meget det har præget hans liv.
Live Science73
24 Underwater Drones – The Boom in Robotics Beneath the WavesAerial drone concepts are being adopted and adapted to work in a very different environment – underwater.
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President Trump's Fake News Awards Top This Week's Internet News RoundupLast week, President Trump announced the winners of the Fake News Awards—with a website that was (briefly) not real.
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Raptors Once More (Raptors, Part 2)In which we look at the remaining (accipitriform) raptors… — Read more on
Små satellitter hitter: Sådan virker deNanosatellitter begejstrer rumforskere og virksomheder – i videoen her, kan du se hvorfor de er blevet så populære.
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Want to Avoid Malware on Your Android Phone? Try the F-Droid App StoreOpinion: Researchers from Yale Privacy Lab argue that the scourge of trackers in Android apps means users should stop using the Google Play store.
Biomasse – frelser og problembarnBiomasse er helten i dansk energipolitik, som i lyntempo har frelst os fra kullet og en stigende CO2-udledning – men den er også et problembarn, som står i vejen for en langsigtet løsning.
Der er 1.738 satellitter over hovedet på dig, og du kan ikke undvære demDu tænker ikke på dem, men satellitter er blevet en uvurderlig del af vores hverdag. Hvor mange forskellige slags er der egentlig?
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Self-Driving Cars Mean New Love for the Auto IndustryWhen Aptiv teams up with BMW, it's like "Intel Inside" but for self-driving cars.
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Andreessen Horowitz's Spin Master Built Silicon Valley As You Know ItFor decades Margit Wennmachers has quietly shaped the world's hottest startups. Now Andreessen Horowitz's secret weapon must reckon with the era of big tech.
The Atlantic100+
The Propulsive Intrigue of CounterpartThe crux of Counterpart , Starz’s surprisingly gripping new drama, is that 30 years ago, East German scientists in Berlin accidentally cloned reality, creating a parallel dimension accessible only via a dank cellar underneath a shadowy U.N. agency. It is, in other words, completely loopy. What makes the show work is that it invests very little in selling the science of this concept, choosing to c
Genbrugsgennembrud: Gamle mursten kan være lige så gode som nyeManglende standarder og garantier betyder, at genbrug af byggematerialer ikke kan komme op i stor skala. Men nu har EU blåstemplet CE-mærkning af et genbrugt byggemateriale.
Mursten skal være grundlag for mere genbrugBeton, teglsten og træ er mest oplagt til genbrug, men der er brug for lovkrav.
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AI, virtual reality make inroads in tourism sectorA hotel room automatically adjusting to the tastes of each guest, virtual reality headsets as brochures: the tourism sector is starting to embrace new technologies, hoping to benefit from lucrative personal data.
11h – latest science and technology news stories12
Morocco probes dinosaur tail sold in Mexico auctionMoroccan authorities have opened an inquiry into the origins of a dinosaur tail from the North African country sold at auction in Mexico, the culture ministry said Saturday.
11h – latest science and technology news stories49
China's waste import ban upends global recycling industryFor years China was the world's top destination for recyclable trash, but a ban on certain imports has left nations scrambling to find new dumping grounds for growing piles of garbage.
11h – latest science and technology news stories7
Airbus to get '10 years of visibility' from Emirates deal: CEOA $16 billion deal with Emirates airline for A380 superjumbos will give Airbus "at least 10 years of visibility", the European manufacturer's CEO Tom Enders said in an interview published Sunday.
11h – latest science and technology news stories12
Rocket Lab successfully sends rocket into orbitAerospace company Rocket Lab said Sunday it had successfully fired a rocket into orbit for the first time from its New Zealand launch base.
Science : NPR2K
When A Tattoo Means Life Or Death. LiterallyA gravely ill man arrives at the hospital, alone and unconscious, with a tattoo across his chest: "Do Not Resuscitate." It sparks deep conversation about end-of-life care in America. (Image credit: Gregory Holt/The New England Journal of Medicine)
The Atlantic93
Destroying the Iran Deal While Claiming to Save ItPresident Trump’s recent “help-me-before-I-do-something-really-irresponsible” statement on the Iran nuclear deal could have been worse. But it should have been better. And it will almost certainly end badly. Contrary to what many had feared, Trump didn’t void the deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). While he imposed some new penalties on Iranian officials, they were not o
Science | The Guardian3K
Jordan Peterson: ‘The pursuit of happiness is a pointless goal’Life is tragic, says the provocative Jordan Peterson, and we are all capable of turning into monsters. But this hasn’t stopped millions from watching his online lectures. Tim Lott meets him as he publishes 12 Rules for Life It is uncomfortable to be told to get in touch with your inner psychopath, that life is a catastrophe and that the aim of living is not to be happy. This is hardly the staple
Dagens Medicin
9.212 protesterende læger: Her er styrelsens synderegisterStyrelsen for Patientsikkerhed bør nedlægges, ændres radikalt eller i hvertfald droppe sin blame-kultur, siger de mange læger, som har skrevet under på en protestskrivelse, som nu skal overrækkes til styrelsens direktør. Her er protestskrivelsen:
Kig med på nedrivningen af Risøs atomreaktor DR3Dansk Dekommissionering er i gang med den sidste fase af nedrivningen af atomforsøgsreaktor DR3 på Risø, hvor de har brugt et år på at fjerne den inderste aluminiumstank fra reaktoren. Nu er de sidste støvkorn ved at være suget op, og derefter mangler et lag af grafitblokke bagstøbt med bly og den yderste betonkonstruktion at blive fjernet. Det er en langvarig proces, da reaktoren fra 1950'erne ik
cognitive science1
Surprised at what Engati can do for you? Engati is now truly global and expanding very fast. Build your Bots now in Arabic and Persian at by /u/getengati [link] [comments]
Science | The Guardian23
Can a DIY fertility test help you plan when to have a baby?A new wave of tech startups is promising women detailed insights into their ability to conceive. But experts are sceptical My sisters, aged 27 and 30, are seated at their computers poring over the slick websites of companies promising to reveal secrets to them about their fertility. “Get insight into how your fertility is tracking relative to your age,” promises one. “Get the tools you need to hav
LinkedIn: Forfør din fremtidige arbejdsgiver med din profiltekstNutidens jobsøgere bør investere tid i deres LinkedIn-profiler. Det kan styrke dine chancer for at blive headhuntet og hive dit drømmejob i hus.
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Rocket Lab Test Flight Launches Three CubeSats to OrbitThe launch company Rocket Lab sent three small satellites to orbit during a test flight from New Zealand.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily24
Can being too social take years off your life?Large ground squirrels called yellow-bellied marmots live much longer, on average, if they are less social and more isolated than if they are more social and less isolated, a long-term study has found.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily53
The Down syndrome 'super genome'Down's syndrome — also known as trisomy 21 — is a genetic disorder caused by an additional third chromosome 21. Although this genetic abnormality is found in one out of 700 births, only 20% of fetuses with trisomy 21 reach full term. But how do they manage to survive the first trimester of pregnancy despite this serious handicap? Researchers have found that children born with Down syndrome have
Science | The Guardian75
If adolescence now lasts until 24, what does that mean for the rest of us? | Yvonne RobertsThe rigid boundaries of youth are giving way, but sooner or later we must all learn to grow up In medieval times, childhood ended at the age of seven, with the arrival of a supposed understanding of right from wrong. Childhood and adolescence have constantly been refashioned. Last week it received its latest round of remodelling. Scientists have announced that adolescence, previously thought to en
The Atlantic2K
Women’s Marchers Look to the MidtermsMore than 100,000 protesters showed up on a warm, sunny day in New York to celebrate the anniversary of the Women’s March protests that followed Donald Trump’s inauguration as president last year. But in contrast with last year’s events, this year’s gathering was optimistic, almost celebratory. The pink pussy cat hats were out; so were the signs (“A Women’s Place Is in the Revolution,” “Grab ‘Em
The Atlantic52
The Most Shocking Animal in the KingdomIt's a remote control. It's a tracking device. It can deliver shocks of up to 600 volts. You think the electric eel is shocking? You haven’t seen anything yet. In this episode of Animalism hosted by The Atlantic science writer Ed Yong, we investigate the subtle and sinister ways of the electric eel.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily39
Artificial agent designs quantum experimentsOn the way to an intelligent laboratory, physicists present an artificial agent that autonomously designs quantum experiments. In initial experiments, the system has independently (re)discovered experimental techniques that are nowadays standard in modern quantum optical laboratories. This shows how machines could play a more creative role in research in the future.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily6
More genes are active in high-performance maizeWhen two maize inbred lines are crossed with each other, an interesting effect occurs: The hybrid offspring have a significantly higher yield than either of the two parent plants. Scientists have now investigated a number of genetically distinct hybrids. They showed that the offspring had many more active genes than the original parents. These results may help in the cultivation of even higher-yie
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Is There A Clue Hidden In These Phone Records? | Killing Fields#KillingFields | Thursdays 9p Why did Carrie Singer's boyfriend make a 9 minute phone call to an unknown acquaintance in the middle of her disappearance? Full Episodes Streaming FREE on Discovery GO: Subscribe to Discovery: Follow along as the investigation progresses: Jo
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This Tropical Forest Is Flowering Thanks to Climate ChangeResearchers find an unexpected side effect of rising carbon dioxide levels in a remote tropical forest. Read More


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