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An Admiral Speaks Out

This week, retired Admiral William McRaven published an unsparing open letter to President Trump requesting that, in the wake of the president’s decision to strip former CIA Director John Brennan of a security clearance, the president grant him the same honor. It is a startling intervention by a luminary of military leadership—the man responsible for the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden—who has n


Har du klimakvaler? Du kan købe aflad for dine klimasynder

Der mangler certificering for projekter, hvor du kan kompensere for din CO2-udledning, mener dansk ekspert.


DR2-reaktoren på Risø er klar til næste år

Kvalitetskravene er helt i top ved opbygningen af forsøgsreaktoren, da mange af delene skal holde i hele reaktorens levetid. På grund af strålingen kan de ikke udskiftes, når reaktoren har været i drift.




How the International Failure in Rwanda Shaped Kofi Annan’s Worldview

Kofi Annan, who died Saturday at the age of 80 in Bern, Switzerland, will be remembered as the UN’s first secretary-general from sub-Saharan Africa, a courtly figure who oversaw the global organization during a period of tumult, and as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. But in many ways, Annan’s legacy will be defined as much by his failures, and what he did with them, as by his many successes.


The Sturgis Beard-Off | Diesel Brothers

The Diesel Brothers hit the streets at the 2018 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to find the best beards in 10 minutes. Stream Full Episodes of Diesel Brothers: Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook: Follow on Twitter:


Verdens fem vildeste vandkraftværker – og et dansk

Danmarks største vandkraftværk er langt mindre end de store drenge i klassen.


The Mighty Honeybee Is Fighting Poverty and Deforestation in Zanzibar

On this Tanzanian archipelago, conservation and economic development are intertwined.


Climate Change Has Doubled the Frequency of Ocean Heatwaves

Extreme heat events wreak havoc on marine ecosystems and will only get worse in coming decades — Read more on


How to remove stains from red wine, blood, coffee, grease, ink, and more

DIY Clean all the stains. Oil on the garage floor, red wine on a white rug, and chewing gum on your pants seat all present different cleaning challenges. Here's how to clean any stain.


Sneak Peek: Returning to the Wild | Alaskan Bush People

The Brown family makes their long awaited return to the wild. They can do anything on their new 400 acre mountain paradise. Stream Full Episodes of Alaskan Bush People: Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:


Letters: 'My Dad Was Not My Biological Father'

When a DNA Test Shatters Your Identity “These are boom times for consumer DNA tests,” Sarah Zhang wrote last month. But what happens when the results are shocking? Many people, she found, have turned to support groups on Facebook as they try to come to terms with surprising revelations about their own origins. Last year, I asked my dad for a 23andMe kit for my birthday. My mother passed away 14 y


Should You Get That Scan? Your Doctor Might Not Be Great At Helping You Decide

In a new study, researchers found that doctors are better at explaining the benefits of a common cancer screening that its potential downsides. But overtesting comes with risks and costs of its own. (Image credit: FS Productions/Getty Images/Blend Images)


A Costly CIA Mistake, a Campaign Hack, and More Security News This Week

New cyberwar policy, body scanners in Los Angeles, and more of the week's top security news.


Best Weekend Tech Deals: Bose QuietComfort, Galaxy Note 9, iPad, Xbox One S

The best tech and gaming deals this weekend: Apple, Bose, Beats, Galaxy Note 9, Roku, and more.


Owning Guns Is Sort of Like Owning Rattlesnakes

Author Michael Bishop's 'Rattlesnakes and Men' is about a town where everyone owns a dangerous ophidian.


A Straightforward Timeline of the FCC's Twisty DDoS Debacle

It's a complicated situation and a complicated subject. Maybe this will simplify things.


'Foreign Object' on Mars Spotted by Curiosity Rover Is Just a Rock

Curiosity photographed an odd, flat object that mission team members initially thought might have fallen off the car-size robot. But the "debris" turned out to be a Red Planet rock.


Noon in the antilibrary

Science fiction: What happens when fake news is everywhere?


This Seemingly Impossible Knot – Daniel McCabe – Think Again – a Big Think Podcast #161

Congo is one of the most culturally diverse, mineral rich, and beautiful places on Earth. But the “heart of darkness” colonizers dreamed into being still bleeds. Daniel McCabe’s documentary This is Congo lets this wounded nation speak for itself. Read More


How women are rallying round the cause of climate injustice

From natural disasters to food and water shortages, women are more affected by climate change than men. An inspiring podcast looks at their fightback – starting in court


Eyeliner On Spiders: It's For Science

NPR's Jennifer Ludden talks with University of Florida scientist Lisa Taylor about her lab's use of human makeup in experiments about spider coloration and mating.


'Ticker' And Building An Artificial Heart

NPR's Jennifer Ludden speak with author Mimi Swartz about her new book, Ticker. It tells the story of the quest to build an artificial heart.


Stop Comparing Yourself to Others with These 5 Tips

Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers 5 ways to stop pining for that greener grass on the other side of the fence — Read more on


Writers Have Always Loved Mobile Devices

Writing is a mobile art. People do it on laptops, tablets, and phones. They write—or type—while walking, waiting for a doctor’s appointment, commuting to work, eating dinner. Although writing’s mobility might seem a product of modern digital gadgetry, there’s nothing new about writing on the move. Digital tools are but the latest take on a long tradition of writing in transit. Preceding smartphon


Teaching Kids to Code During the Summer—for $1,000 a Week

On a humid morning in June, classrooms along a third-floor corridor in a New York University building hummed with high-pitched chatter. The space serves as the hub for summer programs in computer science run by the California-based company iD Tech Camps. In one room, a group of children, ages seven to nine, knelt on the carpet next to small white robots, which they were learning to program with h


Space Photos of the Week: Supersized Saturn and Jumbo Jupiter

Sometimes the big guys, with their massive storms and fun-for-kids-to-draw rings, get all the attention.


PK360 Grill & Smoker Review: Well-Built Cooking Excellence

PK's grill-and-smoker combo is solidly constructed and has excellent temperature control.


This Ultrahot Exoplanet Has Metallic Skies

Astronomers have found iron and titanium in the atmosphere of the Jupiter-sized world KELT-9b, the hottest known exoplanet — Read more on


The Family Weekly: There’s No Easy Way to Talk About Wanting Grandkids

This Week in Family The importance of having tough conversations came up in stories about two very different kinds of relationships: those between family members and those between complete strangers. When the writer Robin Marantz Henig started pining for grandchildren, bringing up the topic with her daughters seemed it’d be like entering an emotional minefield. She quickly found out that there’s


Scientists Are Developing a Unique Identifier for Your Brain

A neurological “functional fingerprint” allows scientists to explore the influence of genetics, environment and aging on brain connectivity.


Elon Musk Is Broken, and We Have Broken Him

The CEO's increasingly erratic behavior is putting Tesla at risk. And there's blame to go around.


Minding the Gap Is an Extraordinary Feat of Filmmaking

The moment Bing Liu’s gifts as a filmmaker first becomes clear is about a minute and a half into Minding the Gap. After documenting his two friends sneaking into a parking garage, Liu captures them skating through the city of Rockford, Illinois, while he follows behind. The scene that comes next is about 100 seconds of pure grace. Keire turns a corner, bending his knees and skimming the ground wi


Man Who Slapped Hippo's Butt at LA Zoo Is Still at Large

An unidentified man got dangerously hands-on with the hippos at the LA Zoo.


New NASA Images Show California's Largest Wildfire from Space. Canadian Blazes, Too

The Mendocino Complex Fire, the largest blaze in California's history, releases clouds of smoke in new photos from NASA, and fires blazing over Canada are visible from a million miles away in space.


Trump and Mexico Need Each Other

It is no secret that Donald Trump began his presidential campaign with a series of calumnies directed at Mexico, which he painted as a wily enemy, and its émigrés, whom he damned as bearers of drugs and crime. Again and again, he boasted that he would force Mexico to pay for his border wall, a claim that met with ferocious denunciations from Mexicans who had every reason to resent the slight. So


Donald Trump’s Unprecedented Assault on the Media

Floyd Abrams well remembers the era when Richard Nixon battled the free and independent press. As a young First Amendment lawyer, Abrams was co-counsel for the defense, representing The New York Times in 1971 when Nixon unsuccessfully sought to block publication of the Pentagon Papers. Nixon wiretapped journalists, put some of them on his enemies list, and dispatched his vice president, Spiro Agn


The Consolations of Physics: Why the Wonders of the Universe Can Make You Happy by Tim Radford – review

From the Voyager mission to detecting the merging of black holes over a billion years ago, an argument for the pleasures of theoretical thinking A physicist friend of mine once had a terrible spate of misfortune. Her flat was burgled, her cat was run over, and her grandfather died, all in the same week. Needing a bit of TLC, she went to see her professor, who offered three words of advice: “Do som


Public 'back' taxes to tackle single-use plastic waste

Ministers say they are looking at measures after thousands support action to reduce single-use items.


Can Britain Deal With ‘No Deal’?

LONDON—For more than a year, the British government has insisted that the only thing worse than leaving the European Union with no deal would be to leave it with a bad one. Implicit in this proclamation was that Britons would have nothing to fear if negotiations between the U.K. and the EU went sour; that while every effort would be made to get the best deal for Britain, Britons would never have


The Treatment Gap: This E.R. Treats Opioid Addiction on Demand. That’s Very Rare.

Some hospital emergency departments are giving people medicine for withdrawal, plugging a hole in a system that too often fails to provide immediate treatment.


In San Francisco, Opioid Addiction Treatment Offered on the Streets

City health workers are handing out buprenorphine prescriptions to homeless people in hopes of getting them into treatment.


Byggeboom: Hele verden vil have vandkraft og mega-dæmninger

Allerede i dag kommer næsten 17 procent af al elektricitet på verdensplan fra vandkraft. Men hvor grønne er de enorme byggerier?


Silicon Valley idealism at odds with China market

Google workers' outrage over the notion of censoring searches to appease Chinese officials highlights the dilemma US tech companies face in accessing the lucrative market.


Scientists downgrade alert level for Hawaii volcano

Slowing activity at Hawaii's Kilauea volcano has prompted scientists on Friday to downgrade their alert level for the mountain.


US regulators target Facebook on discriminatory housing ads

Federal regulators are alleging that Facebook's advertising tools allow landlords and real estate brokers to engage in housing discrimination.


Privacy group tells FTC Google tracking violated 2011 order

A privacy group said in a letter sent to the Federal Trade Commission on Friday that Google has violated the terms of a 2011 settlement because of practices exposed in an Associated Press report this week.


Tesla shares tumble after Musk interview sparks fresh fears

Tesla shares took a pounding Friday amid fresh fears about the future of the electric carmaker after a wide-ranging interview with chief executive Elon Musk in which he revealed his struggles with exhaustion and a lengthy but unsuccessful effort to find a number two executive.


Making aquafeed more sustainable: Scientists develop feeds using a marine microalga co-product

Dartmouth scientists have created a more sustainable feed for aquaculture by using a marine microalga co-product as a feed ingredient. The study is the first of its kind to evaluate replacing fishmeal with a co-product in feed designed specifically for Nile tilapia. The results are published in the open access journal, PLOS ONE.


Intensifying Hurricane Lane examined by GPM satellite

Heavy rainfall and towering cloud heights were the findings when Hurricane Lane was scanned by the Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core observatory satellite on Aug. 17. Lane strengthened to a Category 2 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.


A valley so low: Electrons congregate in ways that could be useful to 'valleytronics'

A Princeton-led study has revealed an emergent electronic behavior on the surface of bismuth crystals that could lead to insights on the growing area of technology known as "valleytronics."


EuroScience Open Forum: sharing science, and a bit of career advice

A physics PhD’s experience of a week at the largest science meeting in Europe. When I received an email last December stating that the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) was now accepting poster abstracts from early career researchers, I had no idea what EuroScience was nor what an ‘open forum’ was all about. Since it was described as a “ great opportunity to network with scientists in research and bu


Blæst gav kunstigt åndedræt til hav og søer – men iltsvinds-faren lurer stadig

Stormen Johanne var et lykketræf, der bragte ilt til de døende fjorde og søer i Danmark. Men nu venter de statistisk set værste iltsvinds-måneder.


Here comes the sun: Science Museum show to celebrate our star

Exhibition on how the sun has influenced humans to include a Carter White House solar panel Continue reading…


Putin’s Weekend of Trolling

BERLIN—Russian President Vladimir Putin is coming to Germany Saturday to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel just outside Berlin at Meseberg Castle, Germany’s version of Camp David. It’s the second time the pair have met in just over three months; they last held meetings in May in the Black Sea city of Sochi. But before Putin travels to Meseberg, he will make a social call next door in Austria: He


Colorectal Cancer Screening: Guidelines, Options and Risks

Colorectal cancer is preventable. Here are the types of colorectal cancer screenings and when you should get tested.


The galaxy is full of ‘water world’ exoplanets where life could evolve

Analysis of data from 4000 exoplanets reveals that around a third are rich in water – and many have more water than Earth


Climate Has a Role in Wildfires? No. Wait, Yes.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke laid the bulk of the blame for California’s blazes on “environmental terrorist groups.”


What's the truth about spiders in our homes?

Animal expert Dr Tim Cockerill talks us through the truth about spiders.


Color effects from transparent 3D printed nanostructures

Structural coloration means that the microstructure of an object causes various colors to appear. For industry, this is an attractive alternative to coloring with pigments. But so far, scientists had primarily experimented with nanostructures observed in nature, or with simple, regular designs. Computer scientists now take a different, innovative approach: their tool automatically creates 3D print


H-1B use skyrocketed among Bay Area tech giants

Even as the White House began cracking down on U.S. work visas, major Silicon Valley technology firms last year dramatically ramped up hiring of workers under the controversial H-1B visa program, according to newly released data.


Invasive plants: Scientists examine the relative impact of proximity to seed sources

A new study tackles an important, unresolved question in the biology of invasive plants. Which is most important to the establishment of new invasive communities — proximity to seed sources, canopy disturbance, or soil disturbance?


A massive, murky void in space has surprisingly few galaxies

Space It's a dark period in the Universe's early days. “In a sense, this is the most unusual place in the universe that we’ve ever seen” says an astronomer at UC Riverside that found that a murky void in space 500 million…


The Atlantic Daily: Cost of Living

What We’re Following Intel Issues: A number of retired military and intelligence leaders came forward to oppose Donald Trump’s revocation of security clearance from John Brennan, the former CIA director who is also one of the president’s critics. And the recent firing of Peter Strzok, a former FBI agent who sent texts critical of Trump while he was involved in the investigation of Hillary Clinton


Satanists unveil 8-foot ‘Baphomet’ statue at Arkansas State Capitol

The Satanic Temple unveiled a statue of the occult idol Baphomet outside the Arkansas State Capitol building on Thursday to protest the Ten Commandments monument already on capitol grounds. Read More


Why vaccine opponents think they know more than medical experts

Vaccinations have saved countless lives and untold suffering, even though many adults still believe vaccines are bad for their children. Read More




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