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Newsvoice’s vision is to challenge mainstream media, break filter bubbles, and to combat fake news.

We created Newsvoice because we lacked a high-quality news app that showed us more perspectives and where every reader can be part of setting the agenda.

The news stories in focus change the behavior of politicians, companies, organisations and people. We can make an impact on which news stories reach the most people. And by doing that, we can change the world.

Let’s fix the news. Together.

Best regards,
Viktor – Founder Newsvoice

Download the app. Newsvoice is better as an app. box 47, Norrsken House, Birger Jarlsgatan 57c, 113 56 Stockholm, Sweden

Newsvoice is a free crowdsourced news app with the aim to fix the news. We give you a personalized news feed by aggregating major news sites, as well as foreign and independent media. Each news story shows multiple perspectives and sources.

💥Power to the community: Newsvoice is much more than another news aggregator, we move the power over the news to our readers. This gives you a truly independent and unbiased news source. Join our growing community to upvote stories that you think are important, write summaries and headlines, and add new links.

☝️Unbiased: The news we read affect almost every aspect of our lives. Mainstream media is biased and owned by only a handful of corporations. Often they have an agenda of their own and fail to provide unbiased information. Filter bubbles in social media cause you to only see stories from sources you like or that your friends are sharing. On top of this there is a huge problem with fake news. By bringing you links to all credible sources of a story and tagging them with their bias (left, right, independent etc), you gain awareness and the possibility to make more conscious decisions of which sources you read and trust.

✍️Deep dive: If you just want to read a quick digest of a story, our growing community of volunteers contributes by writing unbiased summaries. Our strict guidelines and moderation ensure that you get a high quality, unbiased news feed. If you are really interested in a story you can always dig deeper and get a great variety of links to sources reporting from every perspective. If a story is missing from the news feed, you can always add it yourself. When you’ve added a new story or a link to a new source, your submission is quickly reviewed by our experienced team of moderators.

Newsvoice currently covers the following categories:

– World news
– US news
– Politics news
– Cryptocurrency news
– Tech news
– Business news

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