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Klima – bæredygtighed – James White

Sustainability, abrupt climate change and you
James White, Director of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research and Professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder will give a talk on Sustainability, abrupt climate change and you
Crafting sustainable societies is the grand challenge of today and the foreseeable future. This talk will explore how we got to where we are today and highlight the coming challenges, particular, that of abrupt climate change. White will conclude with why facing this challenge may be one of the best things humans ever did to benefit ourselves.
Jim White’s two main research areas are paleo-environmental reconstructions from

ice cores and past and modern controls on the carbon cycle. He worked with Danish

colleagues to first document the astonishing speed and magnitude of abrupt climate

changes as seen in the Greenland ice cores.
He is actively engaged in exploring new paradigms of interdisciplinary education, and

has worked steadily to break down barriers between the social sciences, natural sciences,

humanities, journalism, arts and business to better train students in the area

of sustainability and environmental change.
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7th of April 2014

14:00 – 15:00

Auditorium A3-24.11,

Department of Geosciences and

Natural Resource Management,

Rolighedsvej 23,

1958 Frederiksberg C.

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