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Bier skades af pesticider


We just won a major victory to protect bees in Europe — but 13 EU countries are undermining the deal by allowing the bee-killing pesticides to be used anyway!

The European Commission has the power to fix this and protect the ban they championed. But the story is hardly making the news and unless we expose this scandal, the ban-cheaters will get away with it.

The Commission claims to protect bees from harmful pesticides – but nearly half of EU countries have broken the ban on neonicotinoids, and will continue to use flimsy arguments of fake emergencies unless the Commission acts.

Neonic dispensations are only meant for emergency insect attacks, but Romania, Finland and 11 other countries seem to be granting them repeatedly, often with no evidence of an emergency! The agriculture lobby say farmers need to use even worse pesticides if they can’t use neonics — but farmers in Sweden and elsewhere have shown that it’s absolutely possible to predict insect attacks and protect crops without using neonics or other pesticides preventively.

In most cases, only the European Commission receives information from EU member states about the dispensations granted — and only they hold the power to close the dispensation loophole.

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