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7 features for Google Chrome

1. The automatic password generator

Want Chrome to generate a password for you? Chrome will generate a special, original password for each of your accounts, and save them so you never have to input them again!
Click here to activate the Chrome autogeneration feature (Be logged into your account in order to do this).

2. How long it’ll take you to read an article

Readism gives you an estimated time of how long specific articles will take you to read. You can download it onto Chrome here.
Once you’ve added the extension to Chrome, and when you hover over an article, a “READ TIME” will appear that tells you how long it’ll take you to read the entire article!
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3. Disable Chrome notifications

In order to deactivate your Chrome notifications: Go to the Setting option in the top right of the screen. Scroll down and click on “Show Advanced settings” > Content Settings > Manage exceptions…
Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 9.34.15 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-24 at 9.34.15 AM
You can select the type of notifications you wish to receive right here:
Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.00.59 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.00.59 AM

4. Turn Chrome into personal language teacher

Learn languages by the Chrome extension
Every time you open a page in that language and you don’t understand something, you can double click on a word or phrase, and it will give you a translation.
But there’s more – has a way of remembering all of these words and phrases that you have not understood, and later will find other texts containing them, so that you can slowly start to see them in context.
To start using, do the following:
1) Install the following extension here.
2) Choose the language you wish to learn
3) Activate the Alt + Double click option
4) Highlight the word you do not understand and click Alt while double-clicking on the word itself.

5. Integrate your Office documents with Chrome

Are you using Windows 10 but choose Chrome over Edge for your internet browsing? Well, you should know about the extension Office Online. Office Online provides instant access to your Office document on Chrome
How to start using Office Online:
1) Install the extension from here.
2) Copy and paste chrome://extensions into your search bar
3) Find Office Online and activate this option:
4) Click on the Office Online icon from the extension bar and connect to your Office account. From now on, when you click that icon, you’ll be presented with your most recent documents on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
With Office Online, you can instantly drag files into the browser and save them onto your OneDrive.

6. Don’t let the internet distract you anymore

StayFocusd allows you to choose the periods of time in which you can surf certain pages. For example, you can set timers on Facebook which means it’ll only let you surf for a set amount of time.
Do you think this could help you? Here’s what you need to do:
1) Install the extension from this link.
2) You can then decide if you want to block certain pages after spending a set amount of time on them:
external image screen-shot-2010-05-28-at-12-20-56.png
If you go to “Settings”, you can even choose the amount of time you’re can discipline yourself to stay on certain pages per day.

7. Navigate faster and save up to 70% of mobile data on Chrome on Android

Just as the title suggests, this trick only works if you are using Chrome on an Android device.
There is a new mode available on the Chrome app that saves you up to 70% of your mobile data. Using this feature also helps you browse much faster as the quality of the multimedia is decreased, therefore pages take less time to download.
To enable this feature, do the following
1) Go to Chrome settings
2) Select the option “Data Saver” under the Advanced Options
3) Activate it
From this moment on, Google will be using its own servers to compress the pages you visit before downloading. Please not that this will affect the quality of the content, however you can change it back whenever you like!
If you’re an Android user and want to find out other ways you can save you mobile data consumption, here are six app settings you can change to stop them devouring your data!
This article was originally published on May 23rd 2016.
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