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Coronavirus-nyheder 25.maj til 4.juni 2020

Se tidligere nyheder fra før 25. maj 2020 16703 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Youth support critical to battle COVID-19-related employment challenges Researchers from The University of Western Australia's Centre for Social Impact say supporting young people is more important now than ever, highlighting the long-term impact on youth unemployment as the result of shutdowns and restrictions from COVID-19. 16702 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Your doctors ready: Please log in to the videoconference–ydr060320.php The coronavirus has prompted many medical centers to switch from in-person appointments to video visits. A new study from UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals suggests that for some hospitals, video visits may become a permanent feature of the patient-provider landscape. 16701 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Young and Healthy and Waiting to Get Cancer – Issue 85: Reopening I’m young and perfectly healthy, but I’m waiting for the day when I finally get sick. While many of us are locked down in our homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, it may feel like the world is currently sharing a collective period of waiting. However, I’m not waiting for sickness from a virus. I am waiting to find a lump. I am waiting for my test results. I am waiting to elect to remove my brea 16700 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. You might not recognize your office when it reopens again Infectious disease experts fear that so-called “super spreaders” at marches could trigger new outbreaks of COVID-19. (Pexels/) Follow all of PopSci ’s COVID-19 coverage here , including tips on cleaning groceries , ways to tell if your symptoms are just allergies , and a tutorial on making your own mask . This past week, protests against police brutality in cities across the country have brought 16699 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Yemen was facing the worlds worst humanitarian crisis. Then the coronavirus hit United Nations says it needs billions in donor money as cases mount in a country ravaged by civil war and cholera 16698 ….. ( Hentet: 19. maj 2020 ) ….. X-ray experiments zero in on COVID-19 antibodies An antibody derived from a SARS survivor in 2003 appears to effectively neutralize the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, opening the door for speedy development of a targeted treatment. 16697 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. World needs green recovery, health experts tell G20 leaders Trillions of dollars, euros and yuan pouring into post-pandemic economies must build a "healthy and green recovery", 200 medical groups representing 40 million health professionals worldwide told G20 leaders Tuesday in an open letter. 16696 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. World leaders must fund a Covid-19 vaccine plan before its too late for millions | Gro Harlem Brundtland and Elizabeth Cousens This week’s Global Vaccine Summit comes at a crucial point in history. Governments must not miss their chance to save lives Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Gro Harlem Brundtland is former director-general of the World Health Organization Elizabeth Cousens is president of the UN Foundation Google any list of the most successful public health interventions of this cent 16695 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Work and wellbeing bounce back during coronavirus crisis Government measures to arrest the economic impact of COVID-19 have helped stop further job losses and declines in working hours, new analysis from The Australian National University (ANU) shows. 16694 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Wording of vaccination messages influences behavior An experiment by Washington State University researchers revealed that relatively small differences in messages influenced people's attitudes about the human papillomavirus or HPV vaccine, which has been shown to help prevent cancer. 16693 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Womens health services adapting well to COVID-19, but concerns remain for long-term The majority of women's healthcare units in the UK, including services such as maternity and gynaecological cancers, have adapted well to the initial COVID-19 outbreak, according to a new survey by University of Warwick researchers. 16692 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Women with caring responsibilities at greater risk of poverty A new report by UNSW Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) and Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) highlights the relationship between caring roles and poverty in Australia. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, households with a female main income earner and children were more than twice as likely to live in poverty as those with a male main income earner. 16691 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. With faster cell modeling towards the vaccine and cure for COVID-19 Researchers from the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering 'Giulio Natta' of the Politecnico di Milano and the Pediatric Research Center, Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences 'L. Sacco ', University of Milan have recently published an article in the scientific journal Theranostics, which will help the international scientific community to understand the mechanisms o 16690 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Winning the COVID Marathon The most important difference between the COVID-19 pandemic and all previous pandemics is the power of our science. We should acknowledge and maximize that. 16689 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Will UK wave of state aid recede with coronavirus? Support for employees and business was intended to be short term but may prove hard to end 16688 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Will the US take the path to radical change post-pandemic? A mix of pre-existing discontent, a bad case of Covid-19 and a looming election could prove revolutionary 16687 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Will the pandemic permanently alter scientific publishing? 16686 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Will the Earth Remember the Coronavirus Pandemic? Tree rings, ice cores and sediment deposits could record changes in pollution during the global shutdown — Read more on 16685 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Will Protests Set Off a Second Viral Wave? Across the country, mayors, public health experts and other officials worry that even though many protesters are wearing masks, the risk of new coronavirus cases will increase as thousands gather. 16684 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Will orcas thrive in the coronavirus pandemics quieter waters? Scientists aim to find out The coronavirus pandemic has upended and refocused orca field research in Northwest waters this season. 16683 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Will movie theaters survive COVID-19? The season of blockbusters is upon us, but theaters have been empty for months—and it's unclear what they'll show, or who will come, when they reopen. Derek Long focuses on the history of the film industry, in particular film distribution, as a professor of media and cinema studies at Illinois. He spoke with News Bureau social sciences editor Craig Chamberlain about the state of movies, current an 16682 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Will lockdown permanently change the way we shop? Clicking a few buttons and seeing items appear on your doorstep quickly becomes a hard habit to break 16681 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Will coronavirus finally kill off global supply chains? With worldwide goods trade in freefall, companies and governments have many lessons to learn 16680 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Widely available indigestion drug may curb COVID-19 symptoms in mild to moderate disease A widely available and inexpensive drug that is used to ease the symptoms of indigestion may prove a worthy contender for treating COVID-19 infection in those whose disease doesn't require admission to hospital, suggest the findings of a small case series, published online in the journal Gut. 16679 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Why we should trust registered clinical trials In a time when we have to rely on clinical trials for COVID-19 drugs and vaccines, a new study brings good news about the credibility of registered clinical trials. In the past, concerns have been raised about selective reporting or even manipulation, with suspicious concentration of clinical trials immediately above the statistical significance threshold. Observing all the trials registered in Cl 16678 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Why was Lombardy hit harder than Italys other regions? It is Italy’s richest province yet Covid-19 spread lethally through Lombardy and residents want answers Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage On 20 January, a 64-year-old woman visited Irven Mussi, a GP in Milan, suffering from flu-like symptoms that wouldn’t let up. It was three days before two Chinese tourists landed at Milan’s Malpensa airport and 11 days before they te 16677 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Why the yen remains in lockdown Abnormal stability of currency reflects low investment conviction 16676 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Why only half of Americans say they would get a COVID-19 vaccine Masks won't be enough to protect us from COVID-19 in the long term. (Gustavo Fring/Pexels/) Follow all of PopSci’s COVID-19 coverage here , including a state-by-state breakdown of infection rates and the adverse effects of hydroxychloroquine . There aren’t many lights at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, but one of the few is a potential vaccine. Researchers around the world are rushing to create s 16675 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Why Immunity to the Novel Coronavirus Is So Complicated Some immune responses may be enough to make a person impervious to reinfection, but scientists don't yet know how the human body reacts to this new virus 16674 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Why have there been so many coronavirus deaths in the UK? How the UK’s handling of testing, contact tracing, protective equipment and lockdown led to one of the highest covid-19 death tolls in the world 16673 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Why does crowd noise matter? Sporting codes are restarting as part of easing restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic. In Australia, the NRL season has just restarted, the AFL will resume on June 11, and Super Netball will return on August 1. 16672 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Why Do 44% of Republicans Believe Bill Gates Will Use Coronavirus Vaccines to Inject Them With Microchips? According to a recent Yahoo News/YouGov poll, 44 percent of Republicans believe that Bill Gates is plotting to use a COVID-19 vaccine campaign as cover for a mass microchip injection campaign. The survey, conducted May 20-21, showed substantial deviations between Democrats, Republicans, and independents on a host of issues. Among them: A significant gap in the belief that Bill Gates is attempting 16671 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. Why coronavirus hits men harder: sex hormones offer clues Science Magazine

">" data-uri="subscription/">Science Magazine 16670 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Why Americans Might Not Trust the Election Results Nearly three in five Americans don’t have confidence in the honesty of our elections, a February Gallup poll found. Republicans, Democrats, state officials, grandmothers, first-time voters, the politically engaged, the anti-institutionalists—pretty much the only thing they could agree on was their doubts about the integrity of our democracy. And that was before the pandemic made everything worse. 16669 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Why #oddlysatisfying videos are so oddly satisfying Watching videos of different tasks being completed is oddly satisfying and reminds us of pre-lockdown life, says Annalee Newitz 16668 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. WHO to resume hydroxychloroquine trial after earlier halt over safety concerns Questions raised over study claiming drug linked to higher rate of mortality and heart problems in Covid-19 patients Sign up for Guardian Australia’s coronavirus email Download the free Guardian app to get the most important news notifications Coronavirus Australia maps and cases: live numbers and statistics The World Health Organization will resume clinical trials of an anti-malaria drug researc 16667 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. WHO says it did not see Surgisphere data that halted virus drug trial Authors retract Lancet and NEJM studies after company declines to transfer data sets 16666 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. WHO restarts drug trial as doubts grow over clinical data Chicago-based Surgisphere under scrutiny over role in study on hydroxychloroquine as Covid-19 treatment 16665 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. WHO hoppas på vaccin före årsskiftet Jakten på ett vaccin mot covid-19 går rekordsnabbt. Tio olika varianter har redan börjat testas på människor. På Världshälsoorganisationen planerar man nu för att ett vaccin kan vara klart innan årsskiftet. – Vi hoppas att det ska kunna gå, men utmaningarna är många säger Ann Lindstrand, vaccinansvarig på WHO. 16664 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. WHO Halts Hydroxychloroquine Trial Over Safety Concerns The WHO cited a scientific study published last week suggesting that proposed COVID-19 drug hydroxychloroquine may do more harm than good in halting its study to review data. (Image credit: George Frey/AFP via Getty Images) 16663 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. WHO halts hydroxychloroquine trial for coronavirus amid safety fears Malaria drug taken by Trump could raise risk of death and heart problems, study shows Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The World Health Organization has said it will temporarily drop hydroxychloroquine — the malaria drug Donald Trump said he is taking as a precaution — from its global study into experimental coronavirus treatments after safety concerns. The WHO’s dire 16662 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Which kind of face mask will best protect you against coronavirus? Your questions answered on what type of mask to wear to cut the risk of getting Covid-19 Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Yes. Different types of mask offer different levels of protection. Surgical grade N95 respirators offer the highest level of protection against Covid-19 infection, followed by surgical grade masks. However, these masks are costly, in limited supply 16661 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Which interventions work best in a pandemic? 16660 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. When theres an app that can save lives, there will be no need to download it out of a sense of duty The NHS test and trace app fails on several counts; no wonder ministers are resorting to peer pressure to encourage uptake Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The NHS Covid-19 alert app will be available nationwide in June. It’s voluntary, so those of us with smartphones must decide: should we download the app? The health secretary, Matt Hancock, thinks we should, claimi 16659 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. When COVID-19 meets flu season As if the COVID-19 pandemic isn't scary enough, the flu season is not far away. How severe will the flu season be as it converges with the COVID-19 outbreak? What can we do to prepare? Dr. Benjamin Singer, a Northwestern Medicine pulmonologist who treats COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit, outlines the best defense against influenza, which also may protect against coronavirus. 16658 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. When Astronauts Got Sick on an Apollo Mission, It Was a Disaster While NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have completed long periods of pre-flight quarantine to ensure they don’t bring the coronavirus with them to the International Space Station during their scheduled departure this week , they wouldn’t be the first humans to bring germs with them into space. Becoming sick in space can quickly become dangerous, since medical help can be hours, days, 16657 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Whats the risk that animals will spread the coronavirus? 16656 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Whats next for US coronavirus response? Ask FT journalists Demetri Sevastopulo, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson and Laura Noonan share insights from managers and officials 16655 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Whats Behind the COVID-19 Racial Disparity? COVID-19 is killing black Americans with horrifying precision. Black Americans get the disease at a higher rate than white people do. Retirement homes with black residents become outbreak clusters . Black people die of COVID-19 at a higher rate than white people do—and that rate is even higher than it may seem, according to a study released last week by Yale University’s Cary P. Gross and co-auth 16654 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. What the growing rift between the US and WHO means for COVID-19 and global health 16653 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. What Scientist Do And Dont Know About The Spread Of The Coronavirus Scientists are trying to answer various questions about the coronavirus four months after the first confirmed case in the U.S.: why it spreads, who transmits it and where the spread is happening. 16652 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. What is the future of restaurants? Tim Hayward explores what Britain’s hospitality sector could look like in the wake of coronavirus 16651 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. What is a good death during COVID-19? There are ways we can prepare for the possibility of a family member or loved one dying during the COVID-19 pandemic, two experts argue. During the COVID-19 public health care crisis, thousands of people are dying in hospitals without loved-ones due to health concerns around the virus. Elissa Kozlov, a clinical psychologist and instructor at the Rutgers School of Public Health, and Johanna Schoen 16650 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. What Happened Today: Trump Threatens To Move RNC, Global Impact Questions NPR's global health and development reporter answers listener questions on how the coronavirus is affecting the world at large. 16649 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. What Happened Today: Ex-Police Officer In Minneapolis Arrested, Pandemic Questions NPR's Ari Shapiro and Michel Martin are joined by NPR's science correspondent Jon Hamilton to talk about the information about the coronavirus learned since the beginning of the pandemic. 16648 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. What Happened Today: Boston Marathon Is Canceled, Vaccine Questions NPR's science correspondent answers listener questions about the pace and process needed to develop a viable coronavirus vaccine. 16647 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. What Doctors And Scientists Do And Dont Know About COVID-19 Emergency physician Megan Ranney takes listener questions on what medical and scientific community knows about COVID-19, so far. 16646 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. What Covid-19 teaches company boards for future crises The pandemic has placed a premium on ‘busy directors’ and a display of humanity 16645 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. What COVID-19 means for the people making your clothes Workers everywhere are feeling the impact of COVID-19 and the restrictions necessitated by COVID-19. 16644 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. What a U.S. Exit from the WHO Means for COVID-19 and Global Health As President Trump terminates the U.S.’s relationship with the agency, experts foresee incoherence, inefficiency and a resurgence of deadly diseases — Read more on 16643 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Weekend reads: Hydroxychloroquine paper earns correction; company allegedly fakes COVID-19 data; why retractions fail Before we present this week’s Weekend Reads, a question: Do you enjoy our weekly roundup? If so, we could really use your help. Would you consider a tax-deductible donation to support Weekend Reads, and our daily work? Thanks in advance. The week at Retraction Watch featured: A clinical trial about COVID-19 by a convicted felon A … Continue reading 16642 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Wearing face masks at home might help ward off COVID-19 spread among family members Wearing face masks at home might help ward off the spread of COVID-19 infection among family members living in the same household, but only before symptoms develop, suggests a study of Chinese families in Beijing, accepted for publication in BMJ Global Health. 16641 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Wearable Claims to Spot COVID Three Days Before Symptoms Appear One of the greatest challenges to managing the COVID-19 pandemic is that people with the disease can spread it to others before they even realize they’re sick. In order to give those asymptomatic carriers an earlier warning sign to stay home, scientists are gathering biometric using a smart ring wearable made by Oura Health to hunt for patterns that indicate someone caught the coronavirus. When t 16640 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. We were packed like sardines: evidence grows of mass-event dangers early in pandemic Research appears to back up stories of people who believe they got coronavirus at events UK government allowed to go ahead Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The last major football match played in England before all sport was suspended because of the coronavirus crisis was the European Champions League showpiece between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid . It was a thrillin 16639 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. We went straight to furlough for most staff. Were calling them the zomb-ployees Follow the lives of the Thrust office workers as they learn to live under lockdown 16638 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. We test a home antibody kit for tracking Covid-19 16637 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. We need health and safety at work more than ever Boris Johnson’s plan to restart the economy relies on a regulator weakened by his party, all in the name of economic growth 16636 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. We know and run Walmart but are denied a voice Group’s response to Covid-19 shows why workers like me need a share in shaping policy 16635 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. We cant blame all the indirect health damage on the lockdown With or without it, the collateral damage from the virus would have been severe. 16634 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Watcher tracks coronavirus in Cincinnati and beyond As cases of COVID-19 soar, two University of Cincinnati students develop an interactive dashboard that shows cases and deaths related to the novel coronavirus throughout the nation. 16633 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Warmer temperatures slow COVID-19 transmission, but not by much Researchers at Mount Auburn Hospital looked at the impact of temperature, precipitation, and UV index on COVID-19 case rates in the United States during the spring months of 2020. Published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, the findings reveal that while the rate of COVID-19 incidence does decrease with warmer temperatures up until 52 degrees F, further warmer temperatures do not decrea 16632 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Wales makes tentative start to loosening coronavirus lockdown Families and friends from different households will be able to meet outside from Monday 16631 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Vulnerabilities in coronavirus glycan shields despite extensive glycosylation 16630 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Vilken påverkan får pandemin på äldres resande? Hur reser äldre före, under och efter Coronapandemin och vad har det för konsekvenser för energieffektivt och hållbart resande? Forskare ska titta på hur äldres resvanor har förändrats, och vilken betydelse resandet har för välbefinnandet och möjligheten att leva det liv de vill. De ska också undersöka vad som krävs för att äldre ska ersätta sitt vardagliga bilresande med mer miljömässigt hållbar 16629 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. VIDEO: What The U.S. Is Doing About Its Testing Swab Shortage To contain the coronavirus, the U.S. needs to be able to test a lot of people. But we're facing a shortage of a key ingredient: the swab. Here's why these swabs are so hard to source. (Image credit: David Zalubowski/AP) 16628 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. VIDEO: Virus Hunters Seek To Solve The Mystery Of Coronavirus Origins Evidence points to wildlife as the starting point. But it could take years to pinpoint the source. (Image credit: NPR/YouTube) 16627 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Video: The real risks of a pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic is a reflection on our society and shows us just how vulnerable we are, despite all the advanced mathematical models that are supposed to make policy- and decision-makers aware of the potential risks associated with a pandemic. 16626 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Victims of lockdown abuse struggle to speak out Despite new initiatives, Spanish and French officials fear many women did not get help they needed 16625 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Ventilators may not be the best treatment for severe covid-19 Ventilators may not be the best treatment for covid-19 patients with severe breathing difficulties, as they can worsen lung damage in some cases 16624 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Venous thrombosis among critically ill patients with COVID-19 A systematic assessment of deep vein thrombosis among patients in an intensive care unit in France with severe COVID-19 is reported in this case series. 16623 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Vast majority of New Zealanders dont want to return to office after Covid-19 Study finds 89% of people working from home want to stay there, at least part time, when workplaces reopen Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A study of New Zealanders working from home during coronavirus lockdown has found many were just as productive as when they were in the office, and a majority were reluctant to return to traditional workplaces. New Zealand went in 16622 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Valencia criticises Atalanta coach who attended match with Covid-19 Gian Piero Gasperini admits he had symptoms prior to Champions League match in Spain Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The Spanish football club Valencia has criticised the coach of Italian team Atalanta for “putting the health of numerous people at risk’’ after confessing he had symptoms of Covid-19 prior to the Champions League match between the two sides in March. I 16621 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Vad hände med klorokin mot covid-19? I dagsläget finns varken förebyggande vaccin eller effektiv läkemedelsbehandling vid covid-19. Det betyder att läkarkåren har fått prova befintliga läkemedel, under tiden som nya tas fram. En som noggrant följer utvecklingen är Fredrik Månsson, som är överläkare i infektionssjukdomar vid Skånes universitetssjukhus i Malmö och virusforskare vid Lunds universitet. 1) Vad är klorokin och hydroxikloro 16620 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. UTEP study examines COVID-19 stress, coping strategies, and well-being Emre Umucu, Ph.D., assistant professor of rehabilitation counseling, and Beatrice Lee, an incoming rehabilitation counseling faculty member, examined the perceived stress levels and coping mechanisms related to COVID-19, and how coping affects well-being in people with self-reported chronic conditions and disabilities. 16619 ….. ( Hentet: 24. maj 2020 ) ….. Using wastewater to monitor COVID-19 A recent review paper from an international research group shows how wastewater could provide a useful tool for monitoring COVID-19 and highlights the further research needed to develop this as a viable method for tracking virus outbreaks. 16618 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Using riboflavin, UV light reduces SARS-CoV-2 pathogens in plasma, whole blood Researchers used existing technologies to show that exposing the coronavirus to riboflavin and ultraviolet light reduces blood-borne pathogens in human plasma and whole-blood products. 16617 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Use loss of taste and smell as key screening tool for COVID-19, researchers urge King's College London researchers have called for the immediate use of additional COVID-19 symptoms to detect new cases, reduce infections and save lives. 16616 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. USA: Droner leverer medicin til ældre under corona Ældre amerikanske borgere i The Villages i Florida kan nu få leveret medicin med en ny dronetjeneste, så de undgår at besøge apoteket. 16615 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. US university to trial Covid-19 checker app linked to campus access Kansas staff and students will have to answer questions about symptoms in order to enter buildings 16614 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. US to Stockpile Millions of COVID-19 Vaccines Ahead of FDA Approval, Fauci Says "We hope to have a couple of hundred million doses." 16613 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. US relaxes rules for opioid substitutes during lockdowns Trump administration makes it easier for addicts to obtain methadone and other treatment drugs 16612 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. US jobless claims ease as economy struggles to reopen Almost 1.9m filed for benefits last week but slower pace of applications suggests some are returning to work 16611 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. US Govt responds to pandemic with a nanoparticle delivery system for genetic resequencing constructs 16610 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. US government is funding website spreading Covid-19 disinformation State Department-backed Armenian project to promote democracy instead features false information Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The US government is funding a website in Armenia which is spreading disinformation about the coronavirus pandemic, including warnings that Armenians ought to “refuse” future vaccine programmes. The website,, was launched with t 16609 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. US drone delivery service takes flight to battle coronavirus Zipline launches first emergency unmanned system to transport medical supplies 16608 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. US COVID-19 patients have longer hospital stays than in China Hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the US stay in the hospital longer and face higher rates of intensive care unit admission than patients in China, according to a new study. The results suggest that the coronavirus pandemic may hit hospitals in the US harder than initially thought, as many forecasts of disease burden—particularly the number of hospital beds and intensive care unit (ICU) beds need 16607 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. US biotech: Modernas art Shares soar after promising but preliminary results in trial of coronavirus vaccine 16606 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. University of Cincinnati study uncovers clues to COVID-19 in the brain A study by University of Cincinnati researchers and three Italian institutions reviewing neuroimaging and neurological symptoms in patients with COVID-19 may shed light on the virus's impact on the central nervous system. 16605 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Universities will never be the same after the coronavirus crisis 16604 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Universal virus detection platform to expedite viral diagnosis The quick, accurate detection of a virus on a wide scale is the key to combating infectious diseases such as COVID-19. A new viral diagnostic strategy using reactive polymer-grafted, double-stranded RNAs will serve as a pre-screening tester for a wide range of viruses with enhanced sensitivity. 16603 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Universal preoperative COVID-19 screening improves pediatric patient safety Universally screening pediatric patients for COVID-19 before they undergo surgical procedures has allowed hospitals to improve safety by identifying all patients who test positive for the virus, half of whom have no symptoms, according to new research led by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The study, which analyzed universal screening procedures at CHOP and two other major children's h 16602 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Underlying illness risk factors for severe COVID-19 or death Age, male sex, obesity, and underlying illness have emerged as risk factors for severe COVID-19 or death in the UK, according to the largest cohort study to date. 16601 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Uncertainty dogs UK universities ahead of new academic year Lack of guidance on coronavirus measures leaves sector fearing big drop in revenue 16600 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. UMN trial shows hydroxychloroquine has no benefit over placebo in preventing COVID-19 Today, University of Minnesota Medical School researchers published the results from the first randomized clinical trial testing hydroxychloroquine for the post-exposure prevention of COVID-19. 16599 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Ultra long-haul: An emerging business model in the post-COVID-19 era The current crisis with its unique dynamics has been a far more catastrophic event that has created a nearly complete shutdown of the world's travel industry. Its impact on aviation has been much more severe than previous crises. Airlines came up with unusual ultra long-haul (ULH) repatriation flights worldwide. In other words, the pandemic has provided a testing ground for airlines to test the op 16598 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. UKs Project Birch revives problem of picking winners State aid policy must stand on its own merits and not be muddled up with Covid-19 16597 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. UK suffers second-highest death rate from coronavirus FT analysis of data from 19 countries finds Britain suffering heavy toll from pandemic 16596 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. UK regulator halts antibody home tests for coronavirus MHRA warns unvalidated samples using finger prick may lead to unreliable results. 16595 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. UK plans to further ease lockdown as new case rate remains high Despite the UK having far more new daily coronavirus cases than many other countries, further restrictions are expected to be lifted in England and Scotland 16594 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. UK law firms bulk-buy face masks as they prepare for return to work Pandemic recovery plans also include rota systems and ‘emergency packs’ for staff 16593 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. UK hospitals to trial five new drugs in search for coronavirus treatment Exclusive: thirty hospitals looking to sign up hundreds of patients to take part in studies Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Five new drugs are to be trialled in 30 hospitals across the country in the race to find a treatment for Covid-19, it has emerged. Just days after global trials of hydroxychloroquine, the drug promoted by Donald Trump as a cure, were halted , Br 16592 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. UK had no stocks of protective gowns when coronavirus struck Government failed to take swift action after warning from top scientific advisers last June 16591 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. UK government to guarantee £10bn of trade credit insurance Sector faces huge claims as Covid-19 throws market into turmoil 16590 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. UK government paid £1.7bn to private groups for coronavirus contracts Analysis reveals how taxpayer money has been spent under emergency provisions that allow procurement rules to be bypassed 16589 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. UK excess deaths during pandemic reach 62,000 Fatalities in England and Wales are currently 24% higher than normal levels 16588 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. UK economy faces 5% annual deficit by 2024, say economists Survey forecasts coronavirus undermining Britain’s public finances until next election 16587 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. UK drugs stockpile eroded by coronavirus ahead of Brexit Struggle to rebuild 6 weeks’ medical stores exacerbated by pandemic’s disruption to global production and fears of a ‘no-deal’ EU exit 16586 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. UK coronavirus live: test and trace gets under way in England and Scotland Council leaders warn they lack powers to make local lockdowns work, as Tory MPs resist PM’s call to move on from the Dominic Cummings furore Tory anger at Cummings grows as dozens of MPs defy Boris Johnson Hancock: it is public’s ‘civic duty’ to follow test-and-trace instructions Government target of 200,000 Covid-19 tests ‘meaningless’ – experts Global coronavirus updates – live See all our coro 16585 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. UK coronavirus live: statistics watchdog calls governments testing data inadequate and misleading News updates: MPs return to Westminster; statistics authority says testing data ‘widely criticised and often mistrusted’ UK coronavirus death toll nears 50,000, latest official figures show AI firm that worked with Vote Leave wins new coronavirus contract Critics round on No 10 over ‘ridiculous’ rules for 14-day quarantine ‘Flora needs me’: MP caring for wife hits out at Jacob Rees-Mogg’s plan Co 16584 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. UK coronavirus live: push to reopen primary schools in England falls flat News updates: latest updates on the UK coronavirus situation and response Thousands of primary schools in England snub call to restart classes Follow our latest global coronavirus blog Coronavirus latest: at a glance Coronavirus – latest global updates See all our coronavirus coverage 8.33am BST Related: Coronavirus UK map: the latest deaths and confirmed cases near you 8.19am BST Lisa McNally, p 16583 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. UK contact tracing plans criticised as lockdown begins to lift As coronavirus lockdown restrictions are lifted in England, critics say the UK government is moving too quickly and that contact tracing systems designed to slow the spread of the virus aren't yet ready 16582 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. UK business secretary tested for coronavirus Cabinet minister Alok Sharma self-isolates after struggling with Commons speech 16581 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. UK business leaders call for green coronavirus recovery plan Science
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science 16580 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. UK bailout schemes could create coronavirus debt trap, warn banks Fear businesses could face paying billions in loans just as they try to recover from pandemic 16579 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Ugens debat: Er der en anden vej til immunitet? PLUS. Fem eksperter har foreslået en alternativ corona-strategi, der kan føre til flokimmunitet uden titusindvis af dødsfald. Det fik læserne på til bl.a. at diskutere, om flokimmunitet over­hovedet er mulig. 16578 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Udlandet ringer: Dansk teknologi vil overvåge om danskerne holder corona-afstanden Nyt værktøj kan spotte, hvor folk stimler sammen – og forudse, hvor de kommer til at gøre det i fremtiden. 16577 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. UConn study examines how Americans are coping with COVID-19 stress Almost overnight, the rapid emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and subsequent state and federal prevention measures dramatically altered daily behavior. A unique early study by researchers from the University of Connecticut provides the first snapshot of the immediate impact of COVID-19 on Americans' stress levels, coping strategies, and adherence to public health guidelines. 16576 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Uber Says Rides During “Party Hours” Are Keeping it Afloat Happy Hour Uber expected that its sharp drop in business due to the pandemic would be corrected as people started going back to work — but instead, people are calling rides to go socialize. On a conference call with Bank of American analysts, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi laid out the main factors that have led to a moderate bounce-back in Uber’s business, according to Business Insider . And while t 16575 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Uber cuts 25% of India workforce as virus halts growth Move is part of broader Asia rethink in global restructuring driven by pandemic 16574 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. UAE caught between US and China as powers vie for influence in Gulf US snubbed Emirati offer to test staff for Covid-19 because of China privacy concerns 16573 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. U.S. and Chinese Scientists Trace Evolution of Coronaviruses in Bats Researchers whose canceled U.S. grant caused an outcry from other scientists urge preventive monitoring of viruses in southwestern China. 16572 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Tæt på hver anden husstand betaler for overflødig net-hastighed Coronakrisen får danskere til at opgradere internet­forbindelsen, men vi spilder millioner på køb af forbindelser over 100 Mbit/s. 16571 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Two-meter distancing might halve infection risk compared to one meter The news: Keeping people two meters apart from each other is far more effective than just one at reducing the risk of spreading coronavirus, according to a new analysis in The Lancet . The researchers combed through 172 observational studies across 16 countries. Using statistical analysis, they found that the risk of infection when people stand at least one meter away came to 3%, compared with 13 16570 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Two Studies Find That Humidity Prevents Coronavirus Spread Two independent studies have identified a useful tool for stopping the coronavirus: humid air. According to the research, dry air not only hampers our lungs’ ability to clear out respiratory viruses like SARS-CoV-2, but also makes it harder for our immune systems to fight it off once we’ve been infected, Newsweek reports. And on the contrary, relative humidity between 40 and 60 percent seems to m 16569 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Two Huge Covid-19 Studies Are Retracted After Scientists Sound Alarms The reports, published in two leading journals, were retracted after authors could not verify an enormous database of medical records. 16568 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Two elite medical journals retract coronavirus papers over data integrity questions Mysterious company Surgisphere declined to provide access to hospital data used to evaluate drugs in COVID-19 patients 16567 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Two anti-inflammatory drugs found that inhibit the replication of the COVID-19 virus Researchers at the URV have used computer techniques to analyse whether 6,466 drugs authorized by various drug agencies for both human and veterinary use could be used to inhibit the M-pro enzyme. The study demonstrates that a human and a veterinary anti-inflammatory drug – Carprofen and Celecoxib – inhibit a key enzyme in the replication and transcription of the virus responsible for COVID-19. Th 16566 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Turkey looks to weather coronavirus crisis without IMF support Erdogan resists taking assistance despite looming balance of payments crunch 16565 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Trumps Audience of One As the United States enters a pandemic summer, with more than 100,000 Americans already dead, and as tear gas engulfed Minneapolis last night, following protests after yet another killing of a black man by a police officer, the president tweeted that the “shooting starts” when the “looting starts”. The tweet echoed a historic line uttered by a police chief in Miami in 1967 during the civil-rights 16564 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Trump wants America looking at the stars as he drags it through the gutter The president is due to attend the rescheduled launch of a manned SpaceX rocket – a welcome diversion from the coronavirus crisis Making America great again just wasn’t enough. “President Trump is making space great again,” the Republican National Committee declared this week. Donald Trump returns to Cape Canaveral in Florida on Saturday to witness the rescheduled launch of a SpaceX rocket carryi 16563 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Trump threatens to pull Republican convention from N Carolina President marks Memorial day with push to reopen state ahead of re-election campaign 16562 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Trump Is a Problem That Twitter Cannot Fix Donald Trump’s tweets pose a special problem for Twitter. Absolutely no one can be surprised that the president is using the platform to tweet false and inflammatory claims in the middle of a global pandemic and the lead-up to an election: This is the president’s signature style. His recent tweets have promoted baseless conspiracy theories about the death of Lori Klausutis, a former staffer for R 16561 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Trump Hopes for His Own Booster Shot From SpaceX Rocket Launch The president, beleaguered by a pandemic, economic troubles and racial unrest, viewed the liftoff as a welcome moment of triumph that he celebrated with a campaign rally-style speech. 16560 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Trump Administration Coronavirus Testing Strategy Draws Concerns: This Isnt the Hunger Games 16559 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Tropical storm kills 17 in El Salvador and Guatemala Rains from Tropical Storm Amanda left at least 17 dead and seven missing while causing extensive damage across El Salvador and Guatemala that pushed thousands of people into shelters amid the coronavirus pandemic. 16558 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Trial shows hydroxychloroquine has no benefit over placebo in preventing COVID-19 Today, researchers published the results from the first randomized clinical trial testing hydroxychloroquine for the post-exposure prevention of COVID-19. 16557 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Tre ud af fire internationale studerende har været ængstelige under coronakrisen Mange internationale studerende ved Københavns Universitet har kæmpet med isolation, ensomhed… 16556 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Tourism: whats our new normal? After months of lockdown, it's no surprise that people are itching to get out and about. But with ongoing debates about how and when to open Australia's state and territory borders, it's hard to know what to expect. 16555 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Tory nerves fray as UKs virus death toll nears 40,000 Mood in Westminster has darkened amid growing criticism of PM’s handling of pandemic 16554 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Torrid week for Sánchez as Spain edges out of lockdown Dismissal of civil guard chief prompts political dispute over rule of law 16553 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Top journal retracts study claiming masks ineffective in preventing COVID-19 spread One of the world’s leading medical journals has retracted a widely circulated paper published in April that concluded that “both surgical and cotton masks seem to be ineffective in preventing the dissemination of SARS–CoV-2 from the coughs of patients with COVID-19 to the environment and external mask surface.” The study, published by the Annals of … Continue reading 16552 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. To reopen cities during pandemic, focus on neighborhoods With unemployment rising to its highest rate since the Great Depression and labor participation plummeting, many local government leaders in the United States have taken steps to reopen their cities—worrying not only about financial costs, but also about the public health implications of widespread job loss, income insecurity and food insecurity. 16551 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. To Beat Covid-19, You Have to Know How A Virus Moves As public spaces reopen, scientists are racing to understand the mysterious and turbulent way the disease spreads through air—from person to person, and place to place. 16550 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. To beat Covid-19, find todays superspreading Typhoid Marys A more informative factor than R is the ‘dispersion parameter’ known as k 16549 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Timeline: Human Coronavirus Discoveries Download our poster of the biggest milestones, from the discovery of the viral family in humans in the 1960s to the identification of SARS-CoV-2. 16548 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Time to spark a COVID-19-like climate response. Averting efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions could cost the global economy $150-792 trillion by 2100, or upwards of 4 times the estimated investment. Health benefits alone could exceed investment costs 1.5-2.5 times. 16547 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Time Has Lost All Meaning Courtesy of Ai Weiwei Studio A pandemic changes the way we see ourselves, that’s for sure. What is time? How do we use it, spend it? We make a phone call, have lunch, brew some coffee, apply makeup. Time can restart and begin anew, or it can hide entirely, get cut off, disappear. Time is more than what passes between this moment and another one, or the price required to finish a task. It seeds ou 16546 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Three Reasons Stocks Are Rising In an age punctuated with almost biblical chaos—plague, brutality, and surreal images of the president posing with a holy book he fumbles like a strange cut of meat—there has been one queasy and bizarre constant: “… and stocks rose.” On Wednesday, U.S. deaths from COVID-19 officially surpassed 100,000, and stocks rose. On Friday, the Commerce Department reported that GDP plummeted nearly 5 perc 16545 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Threat of negative rates hangs over $4.8tn US money fund industry Thin margins and fee waivers to jeopardise profitability as part of coronavirus disruption 16544 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Thousands of people will help scientists to track the long-term health effects of the coronavirus crisis 16543 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Those with IDD more likely to die from COVID-19, study shows A new study by researchers from Syracuse University and SUNY Upstate Medical University shows that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are more likely to die from COVID-19 than those without IDD. The disparity — 1,800 more deaths per 100,000 people diagnosed with COVID-19 — is likely related to a higher prevalence of comorbid diseases among those with IDD, and/or a high 16542 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. This startup is using AI to give workers a “productivity score” In the last few months, millions of people around the world stopped going into offices and started doing their jobs from home. These workers may be out of sight of managers, but they are not out of mind. The upheaval has been accompanied by a reported spike in the use of surveillance software that lets employers track what their employees are doing and how long they spend doing it. Companies have 16541 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. This pandemic is not an extended sabbatical Nature
">" data-uri="subscription/">Nature 16540 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. This Cafe Is Using a Robot Barista to Avoid Spreading COVID Robot Barista As South Korea recovers from the deadly coronavirus, businesses are getting creative to ensure their customers are safe. Case in point: a café in Daejon, South Korea has hired a robot barista to take care of making and busing drinks around, Reuters reports . Thanks to the robot, the café only has to employ a single human, who takes care of making pastries, as well as servicing and r 16539 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. This $350 Anti-5G Device Is Apparently Just a USB Stick Plus: A LiveJournal hack, Qatar's contact-tracing privacy failure, and more of the week's top security news. 16538 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. These Scenarios Show What a Second Wave of COVID-19 Could Look Like What we do next is critical. 16537 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. These methods from psychiatry can help you beat stress during the coronavirus pandemic 16536 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. These countries are leading the transition to sustainable energy What does COVID-19 mean for the energy transition? While lockdowns have caused a temporary fall in CO2 emissions, the pandemic risks derailing recent progress in addressing the world's energy challenges. The current state of the sector is described in the World Economic Forum's Energy Transition Index 2020 . It benchmarks the energy systems of 115 economies, highlighting the leading players in th 16535 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Theres Been a Dangerous Rise in People Selling Stem Cell Treatments For Coronavirus Please, please don't buy these. 16534 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. The word bigot is back. Heres why its so powerful Who, exactly, counts as a bigot? A new book on civil rights and marriage law considers the term closely. Linda McClain wants you to know that even though people can’t physically be together right now, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, they can still help reduce prejudiced and bigoted views through remote social interactions, whether through phone calls, Zooms, social media correspondence, or te 16533 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. The WIRED Coronavirus Glossary Too many Covid-19 buzzwords? Here’s what they all mean. 16532 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. The wildlife trade encompasses all major branches of the biological tree of life Besides being a major threat to biodiversity, the wildlife trade can be a cause of global public health issues and hundreds of billions of dollars of economic damage around the world from disease outbreaks, as might be the case for COVID-19. Despite its major ecological and socio-economic importance, no comprehensive analysis has been made of the global patterns of the wildlife trade. 16531 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. The VP Choice Everyone Is Missing Updated at 10:30 a.m. ET on May 29, 2020 Joe Biden’s concern about the national-security impact of the coronavirus has led him to weigh picking the Obama-administration national security adviser Susan Rice as his running mate, according to several people who’ve spoken privately with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in recent weeks. Rice is well known in Washington, but has a much l 16530 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. The virus has brought the digital future closer Big Tech has shown it can be a responsible citizen but its power has increased 16529 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. The Vast of Night Kicks Off Our Strange Summer-Movie Season The Vast of Night couldn’t be more explicit about its influences. Andrew Patterson’s debut film, streaming on Amazon Prime Video as of today, is presented as a spooky episode of a Twilight Zone –esque show called Paradox Theater broadcasting on a retro TV. The film is a cleverly paced, micro-budgeted sci-fi thriller set in the late ’50s, in the shadow of Sputnik. And thanks to the coronavirus pan 16528 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. The USs draft law on contact tracing apps is a step behind Apple and Google American legislators have outlined a plan to regulate digital contact tracing apps to protect people’s privacy. But the bill, unveiled on June 1 with bipartisan support, largely recommends measures already built in to a technology provided by Silicon Valley giants Apple and Google. The Exposure Notification Privacy Act is a proposal to prevent potential abuses by the apps, which aim to alert user 16527 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. The UK needs to invest an additional £30bn a year in shovel-ready green projects to create jobs, energise the post-lockdown economy and put the country back on track to achieve its climate targets, a new cross-party commission recommends. 16526 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. The Time of Trials: Waiting for a Coronavirus Vaccine An infected and impatient world needs protection from Covid-19, but rushing it won't be easy. How can we speed up a complicated process? 16525 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. The Special Challenge of Fighting COVID-19 in Africa Western governments and NGOs are grappling with their own outbreaks, leaving African nations largely on their own — Read more on 16524 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. The secret weapon against pandemics | Georges C. Benjamin The coronavirus pandemic won't be the last crisis to test public health systems worldwide, says physician and health policy leader Georges C. Benjamin. He details what's needed to lead us out of the pandemic and prevent future ones — including a robust governmental health entity equipped with updated technology and well-trained staff — and explains how citizens, businesses and political leaders 16523 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. The search for a COVID-19 animal model 16522 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. The risks of lifting lockdowns prematurely are very large The UK entered the lockdown too late and is now leaving too early 16521 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. The relationships between forests, deforestation and infectious disease emergence The global COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the importance of certain previously little-studied scientific areas such as the relationships between ecosystems, their biodiversity and the emergence of new infectious diseases. Humans are making increasing use of their environment and so they are more exposed to certain microbes lurking in the shadows, a situation that may heighten the risk of new 16520 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. The Regulatory State Is Failing Us When assessing the United States government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, most observers focus on the performances of President Donald Trump, his most prominent advisers, and the governors of large states. The George Mason economist Tyler Cowen, who has helped raise more than $1 million in prizes for promising efforts to combat the coronavirus, has an additional concern. “Our regulatory 16519 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. The Race for COVID-19 Solutions New tests, masks, and ventilators developed this month may help fight the pandemic. 2_crop_231774_web.jpg A newly designed non-invasive ventilator. Image credits: Lawson Health Research Institute Technology Friday, May 29, 2020 – 17:45 Abigail Malate, Staff Illustrator (Inside Science) — Around the world, people in medical and engineering laboratories are working tirelessly to address the COVID 16518 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. The Protests Will Spread the Coronavirus The wave of mass protests across the United States will almost certainly set off new chains of infection for the novel coronavirus, experts say. The virus seems to spread the most when people yell (such as to chant a slogan), sneeze (to expel pepper spray), or cough (after inhaling tear gas). It is transmitted most efficiently in crowds and large gatherings , and research has found that just a fe 16517 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. The Protesters Deserve the Truth About the Coronavirus For weeks before the egregious police killing of George Floyd sparked protests, public-health experts and much of the press were singularly focused on COVID-19. News coverage of the pandemic frequently cast protests against stay-at-home orders and the closures of businesses and churches as risky, if not irresponsible. “Public-health officials say the coronavirus can easily be spread by people pac 16516 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. The problem with shielding people from coronavirus? Its almost impossible | Devi Sridhar and Yasmin Rafiei Testing and tracing is the answer to protecting our most vulnerable – not trying in vain to ‘cocoon’ them away Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage In the last UK government report on coronavirus policy , the word “shielding” is mentioned 36 times. The UK, Sweden and the Netherlands have all shown much interest in this strategy of cocooning elderly and other vulnerable gr 16515 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. The precarious position of postdocs during COVID-19 16514 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. The Pastors Already Planning to Rebel Against Future Shutdowns A merica’s churches are slowly , bumpily reopening. Today is Pentecost, when Jesus’s apostles are said to have received the Holy Spirit, marking the founding of the Church. Congregations’ approaches to easing restrictions have varied widely according to geography and temperament. In some states, churches have been allowed to open for several weeks; in harder-hit places, many clergy members are st 16513 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. The pandemics first major research scandal erupts 16512 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. The pandemic made life harder for deaf people. The solutions could benefit everyone. About a month after shelter-in-place orders began in her area, Shaylee Mansfield—an 11-year-old deaf actress in Austin, Texas—posted a video on Twitter. For over 30 years, DHH people fought for captioning. More people r now relying on technology during coronavirus. Shaylee Mansfield, Deaf girl, had enough! She sends a loud message to @instagram to add #instacaptioning on their platform for over 4 16511 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. The pandemic is challenging Chinas breakneck race to the top of science 16510 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. The Observer view on the premature relaxation of the lockdown Boris Johnson’s lack of transparency suggests he is more concerned with a political crisis than a health one Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Throughout this pandemic, Boris Johnson has claimed to have been “ following the science ”. By parroting this epistemological nonsense, ministers are encouraging us to believe that they are only doing what the scientists tell th 16509 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. The New Relationships That Fizzled Out in Quarantine When stay-at-home measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19 went into effect earlier this spring, something weird happened to our sense of geography. For many people who were confined to their homes, physical location suddenly flattened into a binary of “here” and “not here.” Any person who didn’t live in your home was essentially accessible only via phone or videochat, whether 5,000 miles 16508 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. The New Intimacy, Brought to You by Covid-19 Don’t touch, but keep in touch! The pandemic has us living in an alternate corporeality. 16507 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. The new era of quarantine: a muddled set of travel rules Many governments have decided to isolate arrivals because of coronavirus despite little agreement about how to go about it 16506 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. The most viewed videos in Spain about COVID-19 on YouTube EurekAlert! – Breaking News
">" data-uri="subscription/">EurekAlert! – Breaking News 16505 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. The Lancet: Most comprehensive study to date provides evidence on optimal physical distancing, face masks, and eye protection to prevent spread of COVID-19 Keeping at least one metre from other people as well as wearing face coverings and eye protection, in and outside of health-care settings, could be the best way to reduce the chance of viral infection or transmission of COVID-19, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis synthesising all the available evidence from the scientific literature, published in The Lancet. 16504 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. The lack of affordable housing is getting worse in the U.S. America is facing an affordable housing crunch—and it was getting worse even before the pandemic struck and eviscerated jobs and incomes. 16503 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. The Japan model that tackled coronavirus Cluster control strategy helped but good timing mattered most of all, say experts 16502 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. The interconnectedness of human, animal and environmental health The COVID-19 pandemic probably began with a single transmission of virus from an animal to a human. 16501 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. The Inflated Promise of Genomic Medicine COVID-19 has laid bare the need to reconsider the hope and money we invest in genetics research. — Read more on 16500 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. The impact of climate and antigenic evolution on seasonal influenza virus epidemics in Australia 16499 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. The Guardian view on governing after lockdown: Boris Johnsons grip is weak | Editorial Science | The Guardian
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science | The Guardian 16498 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. The Guardian view on Downing Street briefings: time to change a broken system | Editorial When they first started in March the No 10 daily briefings helped people understand the pandemic. Now they are being used to browbeat the public Boris Johnson’s government began daily Downing Street briefings about the Covid-19 pandemic in the second half of March. Back then, the briefings tried to do two things at once. They addressed an urgent public need for reliable information about the adva 16497 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. The future of capitalism, commerce and cash | Dan Schulman Capitalism needs an upgrade, says PayPal CEO Dan Schulman, and it starts with paying people enough to actually invest in their futures. He discusses why companies need to cultivate trust to recover and rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic — and how we can use this defining moment to create a more inclusive, ethical economy. (This virtual conversation, hosted by TED business curator Corey Hajim and 16496 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. The Facebook Groups Where People Pretend the Pandemic Isnt Happening “Has anyone seen my friend Josh?” a man at a crowded concert asked last week. “I went to the bar for beers and now I can’t find him.” “Josh? Where are youuu,” a woman chimed in. “I brought enough earplugs for everyone! I know it seems lame, but you’ll hear the show a lot better and undistorted,” another attendee offered shortly after. Losing track of a friend in a packed bar or screaming to be he 16495 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. The eyes have it: communication and face masks As more of us wear face masks and rely on eye contact, how will it change the way we relate to each other A conversation with a girlfriend when I was in Italy a few weeks ago got me thinking about the latest new norm of the post-coronavirus society: enhanced eye contact. She had told me how, standing in the endless queue for the supermarket, wearing her mask, she had caught the eye of a handsome 16494 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. The European Commission has increased five-fold its proposed EU fund to wean carbon-intensive regions off fossil fuels, with fresh cash from a new recovery fund to help Europes ailing economies rebound after the new coronavirus pandemic. 16493 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. The EU rises to meet the Covid-19 crisis A radical plan from Germany and France transforms Europe’s possibilities 16492 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. The epic battle against coronavirus misinformation and conspiracy theories 16491 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. The Covid-19 generation divide between millennials and boomers ignores the real problem | Natasha Lennard Rather than pitting old people against the young, now is the time to unite against a system that only benefits those who are wealthy Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage During the first weeks of the coronavirus lockdown in the United States and Britain, a flurry of media commentary centred around issues of generational difference in response to the pandemic. “Boomer” par 16490 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. The covid-19 crisis is compressing and accelerating economic trends that would have taken decades to play out in the US economy 16489 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. The COVID Stress Scales Danger. Deprivation. Xenophobia. Contamination. These are some of the fears related to COVID-19. Scores of COVID questionnaires have popped up recently to assess fear, anxiety, stress, and depression related to the novel coronavirus and its massive disruption to daily life. Most are freely available for use as research tools, but few have been validated and peer reviewed. (CSS) developed by Tayl 16488 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. The country that got coronavirus right From extensive testing to early track and trace, Germany is a model for tackling the disease 16487 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. The Costs of Europes Soon-to-Be-Lost Summer Summer is peak tourism time in Europe. The weather is nice, schools are out, and millions of people flock to popular destinations such as Athens, Barcelona, and Venice. Not this year though. Even with some countries reopening their economies, the coronavirus has all but ensured that this summer, and the many vacations that people have booked in preparation for it, won’t go ahead as planned. Europ 16486 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. The coronavirus outbreak could make it quicker and easier to trial drugs 16485 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. The Coronavirus Is Democratizing Knowledge Despite toxic misinformation, the pandemic has empowered us to become co-creators, co-producers, and co-distributors of what we know. 16484 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. The coronavirus infection rate is still too high. There will probably be a second wave | David Hunter Test and tracing is launching today but, as the lockdown eases, it will need to be massively stepped up to have a significant impact David Hunter is professor of epidemiology at the University of Oxford Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage We all now know the basics – the R is the average number of people someone infected with Covid-19 passes the virus on to. If it is gre 16483 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. The Coming Setback for Women in the Workplace An executive at a major French cosmetics company told me she’s been running a team of 70 and overseeing her kids’ schooling while her husband, a nurse, works long hours treating coronavirus patients in a Paris hospital. Another executive, at an energy company, has been working full-time—as well as doing all the cooking and cleaning, and making sure her kids take their online classes—because her h 16482 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. The CEOs guide to safely reopening the workplace Perhaps the single biggest implication of reopening national economies is that responsibility and thus liability for dealing with the covid-19 pandemic will shift from the public to the private sector. Fortune 500 CEOs and small business owners alike will soon be making decisions that affect the health not only of their business but also their people (employees, contractors, customers, suppliers) 16481 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. The CDC says you probably wont get COVID-19 from deliveries or pets An uptick in cases in some US states is just one of the dire updates on the current pandemic front. (Pixabay/) Follow all of PopSci ’s COVID-19 coverage here , including tips on cleaning groceries , ways to tell if your symptoms are just allergies , and a tutorial on making your own mask . We’ve made it through what’s probably been one of the strangest Memorial Day weekends of our lives. As we ea 16480 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. The CDC Has Issued a Warning About Aggressive Rat Behaviour Due to The Pandemic Just when you thought things couldn't get more weird. 16479 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. The case for libertarian lockdowns — ‘don’t be a dickhead’ Science
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science 16478 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. The Carlyle travel deal cursed by the coronavirus What was billed as a 10-year deal that would be an enduring investment is now in the courts 16477 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. The C.D.C. Waited Its Entire Existence for This Moment. What Went Wrong? The technology was old, the data poor, the bureaucracy slow, the guidance confusing, the administration not in agreement. The coronavirus shook the world’s premier health agency, creating a loss of confidence and hampering the U.S. response to the crisis. 16476 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. The Birds Are Not on Lockdown, and More People Are Watching Them Bird-watching has surged in popularity during the pandemic. It’s easy to start, and you can do it anywhere — even from inside, and even in urban spaces. 16475 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. The Atlantic Daily: One Hundred Thousand Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . Credit This pandemic is flattening time. Let’s take stock of the present moment: Here are three recent developments worth watching as we enter the final days of May. 1. America is mourning the lo 16474 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. The airborne lifetime of small speech droplets and their potential importance in SARS-CoV-2 transmission [Medical Sciences] Speech droplets generated by asymptomatic carriers of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) are increasingly considered to be a likely mode of disease transmission. Highly sensitive laser light scattering observations have revealed that loud speech can emit thousands of oral fluid droplets per second. In a closed, stagnant air… 16473 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Thailand: Elephants on great migration to survive coronavirus starvation With the collapse of the tourism industry because of the coronavirus, Thailand's captive elephants are now at risk of starvation. 16472 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Thailand tempts wealthy travellers with luxurious lockdown Passengers from abroad can move into a resort to avoid ‘spartan’ government quarantine 16471 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Tests for Coronavirus Vaccine Need This Ingredient: Horseshoe Crabs Modern medicine still depends on this animal’s blood to test for bacteria in vaccines. And an alternative test requires further study. 16470 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Tesla Slashes Prices By Up to $5,000 on Almost Every Vehicle Line Tesla has cut its prices on multiple models, with price cuts of up to $5,000 on specific vehicles. The cuts may be an attempt to stimulate demand after the pandemic, but Tesla hasn’t announced an official rationale. First up, the Standard Range Plus variant of the Model 3 has picked up a $2,000 price cut, dropping from $39,990 to $37,990. The Model S Long Range Plus is now $74,990, a $5,000 reduc 16469 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Tenure and promotion after the pandemic 16468 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Telescope instrument is poised to begin its search for answers about dark energy Even as the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, or DESI, lies dormant within a telescope dome on a mountaintop in Arizona, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the DESI project has moved forward in reaching the final formal approval milestone prior to startup. 16467 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Technology for cloud efficiency for databases during data-intensive COVID-19 pandemic A Purdue team created a technology called OPTIMUSCLOUD — which is designed to help achieve cost and performance efficiency for cloud-hosted databases. 16466 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Tech Expert: Privacy Is a Myth, so We Might as Well Contact-trace Big Brother One of the most straightforward ways to monitor — and hopefully limit — the spread of the coronavirus is using technology for contact-tracing : using smartphone location data, some argue, it’s possible to tell who came into contact with an infected person and when. But contact-tracing has serious privacy implications — it essentially means constant surveillance over our every move. An 16465 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Tear Gassing Protesters Could Increase Their Risk for COVID-19 The chemicals irritate the skin, eyes and throat. Research suggests that exposure may also raise someone’s risk of contracting respiratory illnesses. 16464 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Teaching experimental science in a time of social distancing When lockdown measures were announced in France and other countries, secondary-school teachers and university professors had to quickly make the transition from classroom teaching to remote education. As a result, practical work was often abandoned—experiments were no longer possible without a lab, test tubes, oscilloscopes and other equipment. 16463 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Teachers plead to delay reopening all Englands primary schools Full return to classes before summer holidays ‘not practically possible’ and confidence ‘low’ 16462 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Tanzanian president accused of covering up Covid-19 outbreak John Magufuli has repeatedly played down the threat from the pandemic Opposition politicians in Tanzania have accused president John Magufuli of covering up a major outbreak of Covid-19 in the east African country. Magufuli has repeatedly played down the threat from the pandemic and refused to impose a strict lockdown as many other leaders on the continent have. Continue reading… 16461 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Taking inventory of which drugs the world is using to treat COVID-19 New research catalogued every COVID treatment documented in medical literature so far and found physicians have reported on the use of more than 100 different off-label and experimental treatments. 16460 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Tailor-Made: Empowering SARS-CoV-2 Researchers Worldwide Arbor Biosciences is offering free SARS-CoV-2 myBaits kits to all researchers. 16459 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Tackling airborne transmission of COVID-19 indoors Preventing airborne transmission of Covid-19 should be the next front of the battle against the virus, argue experts in a new article. 16458 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Syndrome linked to COVID-19 seems more common among children of African ancestry An inflammatory syndrome in children and adolescents, believed to be linked to covid-19, seems to be more common among children of African ancestry, finds a small study from a hospital in Paris. 16457 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Swedish expert admits country should have had tighter coronavirus controls Shift comes as Stockholm promises a commission to investigate approach to pandemic 16456 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Swedens Hands-Off Approach to COVID Has Failed Dramatically Sweden’s approach to tackling the coronavirus was strikingly different than the rest of the world’s. Rather than shutting down schools, restaurants, and gyms to curb community spread of the deadly virus, Sweden decided to leave its doors open, instead of enforcing most forms of social distancing. Only gatherings of over 50 people are still banned . Schools have remained open for students under th 16455 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Sweden snubbed as Norway and Denmark open borders Countries will remain closed to Swedish visitors because of its Covid-19 infection rate 16454 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Svensk studie om covid-19 och graviditet inleds Hur påverkas graviditet och fosterutveckling av covid-19, och vad händer med hälsan hos mamma och barn efter förlossningen? Det är frågor som står i fokus för en nationell studie som nu inleds i Göteborg. En majoritet av landets förlossningskliniker omfattas. Studien har initierats av Sahlgrenska akademin vid Göteborgs universitet och Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset. Den drivs via Svenskt nätve 16453 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Svendborgsagen formede hans formandsdrømme Joachim Hoffmann-Petersen er blevet et kendt ansigt under coronakrisen som talsmand for intensiv- og anæstesilægerne. Nu vil han være formand for alle landets over 30.000 læger. 16452 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Sustaining power of faith and folk tales | Brief letters Reopening places of worship | Anagram origins | Stars | Margaret Meek Spencer | Uses for tights I do not to go to church much (save for inter-faith events), but I totally support calls from the clergy for places of worship to open in a way compatible with social distancing and other safety measures. If supermarkets can operate to feed our bodies, and bookshops to nourish our minds, then religious 16451 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Susceptibility of ferrets, cats, dogs, and other domesticated animals to SARS-coronavirus 2 Severe acute respiratory syndrome–coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) causes the infectious disease COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019), which was first reported in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Despite extensive efforts to control the disease, COVID-19 has now spread to more than 100 countries and caused a global pandemic. SARS-CoV-2 is thought to have originated in bats; however, the intermediate anim 16450 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Survival of the fittest and most agile will make or break retailers as lockdown eases Customers panic buying in droves, running out of stock on many basic essentials, and imposing product purchase restrictions may now be less of a headache for retailers, but plenty of other hurdles lie ahead as life slowly returns to some semblance of normality and non-essential shops prepare to reopen in mid-June. 16449 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Survey finds large increase in psychological distress reported among US adults during the COVID-19 pandemic A new survey conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health during the COVID-19 pandemic found a more-than-threefold increase in the percentage of US adults who reported symptoms of psychological distress — from 3.9% in 2018 to 13.6% in April 2020. 16448 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Surgisphere: governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company Surgisphere, whose employees appear to include a sci-fi writer and adult content model, provided database behind Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine hydroxychloroquine studies The World Health Organization and a number of national governments have changed their Covid-19 policies and treatments on the basis of flawed data from a little-known US healthcare analytics company, also calling int 16447 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Surgisphere and Their Data So we have a very strange situation with some recent publications, one that deserves a closer look. The ones I refer to are the recent Lancet retrospective study on hydroxychloroquine use (blogged about here ), one of the hospital data studies on the effect of anti-angiotensin therapies on the outcomes of coronavirus patients, and a preprint about the use of Ivermectin against the coronavirus (me 16446 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Surgeons study guidelines for treating cancer patients during pandemic New research provides guidance on clinical decision-making in regards to treating pancreatic cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. 16445 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Surge in Covid cases reveals Singapores blind spots Packed dorm rooms spark rare outburst of public debate in city state 16444 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Surfaces that kill bacteria and viruses – including hydrothermally etched titanium with tiny sharp edges 16443 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Supply chain innovation can reduce coronavirus food shortages Food security is an essential issue brought to light by COVID-19. 16442 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Sunak looks to rebuild economy with plans for big job creation scheme Chancellor lays out ‘lifeline’ for millions of jobs to avoid mass UK unemployment 16441 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Sturgeon remains wary as she loosens Scotland lockdown ‘Soft start’ for construction and limited travel and recreation from Friday 16440 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Study: COVID-19 lockdowns worsen childhood obesity Lockdowns implemented across the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic have negatively impacted diet, sleep and physical activity among children with obesity, according to University at Buffalo research. 16439 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Study tells remarkable story about COVID-19s deadly rampage through a South African hospital Staff and medical equipment carried the virus from patient to patient and from ward to ward 16438 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Study shows uptick in at-home pediatric fractures during COVID-19 pandemic COVID-19 social distancing measures, including the closure of schools and parks and the indefinite cancellation of team sports, have led to a nearly 60% decrease overall in pediatric fractures but an increase in the proportion of fractures sustained at home, according to a new study by researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The findings, published in the Journal of Pediatric Or 16437 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Study shows hydroxychloroquines harmful effects on heart rhythm The malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which has been promoted as a potential treatment for Covid-19, is known to have potentially serious effects on heart rhythms. Now, a team of researchers has used an optical mapping system to observe exactly how the drug creates serious disturbances in the electrical signals that govern heartbeat. 16436 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Study shows domestic violence reports on the rise as COVID-19 keeps people at home–ssd052720.php A UCLA-led research team has found an increase in domestic violence reports in Los Angeles and Indianapolis since the stay-at-home restrictions were implemented in March. The scholars, who are leaders in applying mathematics to interpret and make sense of police crime data, predict the incidence should gradually decrease as people return to normal routines, but would likely increase again if there 16435 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Study proposes new strategies for social distancing Lifting the lockdown in favor of strategic distancing, could lead to improved compliance with official recommendations and 'keep the curve' flat, in terms of COVID-19 infections, according to a report today from Oxford researchers. 16434 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Study on COVID-19 and RMD provides reassurance to patients on immunosuppressive medication A current study published in the run-up to the European Congress of Rheumatology of the EULAR (European League Against Rheumatism) analysed, for the first time, 600 COVID-19 cases in rheumatic disease patients from 40 countries and investigated the impact of the choice of rheumatic disease therapy on potential hospitalization and the course of COVID-19. The results of the study will be presented i 16433 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Study investigates sexual activity in lockdown New research indicates that only four in 10 UK adults have been sexually active during the COVID-19 lockdown – a finding that could have important physical and mental health implications. 16432 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Study investigates New Zealanders attitudes toward working from home A University of Otago study of 2,595 New Zealanders working from home during lockdown suggests that most people were equally or more productive (73 per cent), and that many want to continue to work from home at least part of the time post lockdown (89 per cent). 16431 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Study in ICU finds 30.9% mortality rate from COVID-19 A new study suggests the mortality rate from COVID-19 may be lower than previous reports have indicated. As COVID-19 has become the leading cause of death in the US, researchers at Emory University report a lower number of deaths than what most have reported for critically ill COVID-19 patients using mechanical ventilation. The research and outcomes appear in the journal Critical Care Medicine . 16430 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Study in Chinese doctors shows mental toll of caring in the time of COVID-19 They worked in hospitals hundreds of miles from the epicenter of COVID-19. Their city locked down hard enough, and did enough testing, that it only had a few hundred cases of the disease. But hundreds of young Chinese doctors in a new study still experienced a sharp drop in mood, a rise in depression and anxiety symptoms, and a doubling of their fear of workplace violence, in the first month of th 16429 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Study finds surge in hydroxychloroquine/chloroquine prescriptions during COVID-19 A new study by investigators from Brigham and Women's Hospital examines changes in prescription patterns in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic. 16428 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Study finds political bias skews perceptions of verifiable fact Politics has seeped into every corner of our lives. Even announcements once thought above rank partisanship, such as states letting voters mail their ballots this fall and the death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic, now ignite accusations of political bias. Research by Harvard economists finds that politics don't just influence people's attitudes about economic issues and policies, it shapes their 16427 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Study finds COVID-19 convalescent plasma therapy safe, with 76% patients improving The first convalescent plasma transfusion trial results from Houston Methodist have been released. Of the study's 25 patients, 19 have improved and 11 have been discharged. With no adverse side effects caused by the therapy, the study concluded convalescent plasma is a safe treatment option for patients with severe COVID-19. This is the largest cohort assessed for outcomes related to convalescent 16426 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Structural changes: How the pandemic could influence architecture Disease has often driven change in architecture and design. Cities cleared slums and opened up public spaces in response to the bubonic plague, and widened boulevards and added indoor plumbing due to yellow fever and cholera. The open-air sanitariums designed to treat tuberculosis and other pandemics inspired the streamlined look of modernist buildings and minimalist furniture, which leaves few pl 16425 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Strong Chinese demand puts copper in a bull market Consumption of metal after easing of lockdowns boosts price by 20% from March lows 16424 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Stormy Weather May Delay SpaceXs Historic Launch SpaceX and NASA may have to scrub their historic launch to the International Space Station this afternoon, not due to the pandemic — but because of bad weather. At 10 am, the Air Force’s 45th Weather Squadron, the unit in charge of monitoring the weather near NAS’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, said that a low pressure system could “threaten the Space Coast with showers and thunderstorms this 16423 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Stepping up action on plastic pellets Plastic is an incredibly useful material upon which much of our day-to-day life depends. The COVID-19 pandemic puts the importance of plastic in stark relief—protective personal equipment, intravenous tubes and soap dispensers all rely on plastic's properties. 16422 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. States Warn That Virus May Doom Climate Projects A billion-dollar program to protect cities from climate change is at risk of failing because of the pandemic. 16421 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. States Sue to Block Trump From Weakening Fuel Economy Rules 16420 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Statens Serum Institut talte usandt: Biologisk materiale gemmes til efter din død Restmateriale fra SSI's corona-test vil blive gemt i Danmarks Nationale Biobank til brug for fremtidig forskning. 16419 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. State-Based Contact Tracing Apps Could Be a Mess With no nationwide Covid-19 notification software in sight, security and interoperability issues loom large. 16418 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Starmer escalates attack on Johnson over handling of virus crisis Labour leader accuses UK prime minister of ignoring letter to forge consensus on schools’ reopening 16417 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Sputnik moment or budget breaker: How will the pandemic alter research funding? 16416 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Spine surgeons face COVID-19 challenges worldwide Spine surgeons across the world are experiencing effects of COVID-19, including canceled procedures, changes in clinical roles, anxiety and risk of exposure to the disease themselves due to insufficient protective equipment. An international team of researchers reported these findings recently in the Global Spine Journal. 16415 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. SpaceX Makes History: Launches NASA Astronauts Into Orbit A global pandemic couldn’t stop them . Storm clouds and downpours may have delayed their first shot at making history, but the second time was the charm. “I’m breathing a sigh of relief, but I will also tell you: I’m not gonna celebrate until Bob and Doug are home safely,” NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said. The launch means that SpaceX has ushered in a new era in space travel, by becoming t 16414 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Space economy: rocket fuel The cost of getting into orbit are going down while the profit potential is going up 16413 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Sound the trumpet! Debt jubilees have arrived Some of the pandemic relief policies around the world are a grand gesture towards forgiveness 16412 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Something to hide: UK government accused over Covid-19 tests Number of people tested for coronavirus for seventh day running has not been disclosed The government has failed to disclose the number of people tested for Covid-19 for the seventh day running, prompting criticism from senior scientists who said this risked a perception that there is “something to hide”. On Friday, figures showed that less than 131,500 daily tests were carried out the previous d 16411 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Some People May Have a Head Start Against Coronavirus, Surprising Evidence Shows A hidden weapon that could help fight off the virus. 16410 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Some Nursing Homes Escaped Covid-19—Heres What They Did Right As states start to reopen, senior care facilities must balance the needs of residents against the potential for more deadly Covid-19 outbreaks. 16409 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Some Commentary It feels strange to be writing about biomedicine, even about a terrible pandemic, under the current circumstances. I was six years old in 1968 and was thus largely spared that year’s events, so 2020 is now the year that in which I’m most fearful about what’s happening in my country. My broad political opinions make it into this blog every so often, and it’s obvious that I’m opposed to Donald Trum 16408 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Solubilizer Captisol enables body to absorb authorized COVID-19 drug therapy Remdesivir's formulation includes the solubilizer Captisol, developed at the University of Kansas, which allows remdesivir be administered to the patient. Captisol was invented and patented by Valentino Stella, University Distinguished Professor Emeritus, and Roger Rajewski, research professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. 16407 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Society Is Becoming Germaphobic. Lets Not Stay That Way. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, society’s heightened anxiety about contamination is probably helping to save lives. But if that anxiety crystallizes into a long-term, habitual fear of microbes, it could potentially become a danger to public health — and to the broader social sphere. 16406 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Socializing in a Pandemic, Protected by Plastic As countries and local governments begin cautious steps toward reopening the parts of society that have been shut down by the coronavirus outbreak, various types of barriers are going up in places where people interact regularly. Schools, restaurants, workplaces, and shops have installed plexiglass shields and plastic curtains, tents, and screens as measures to prevent the spread of the virus, le 16405 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Social Distancing at the Zoo The public can’t visit for now. But staff still have to care for, and interact with, the animals without infecting them with the coronavirus — Read more on 16404 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Social bubbles may be the best way for societies to emerge from lockdown The news: Holing up with groups of friends or neighbors or other families during lockdown has given many people, especially those stuck home alone, a way to relieve isolation without spreading covid-19. These groups are known as bubbles , and new computer simulations described in Nature today show they may really work. Why this matters: As countries around the world leave or get ready to leave lo 16403 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Snarrådige læger sikrer Remdesivir til Danmark – men kun til to hospitaler PLUS. Kun to københavnske hospitaler har adgang til lægemidlet Remdesivir, der viser gode resultater i behandling af covid-19. Men dansk lovgivning forhindrer, at de deler midlet med andre sygehuse. 16402 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Smothering fecal-oral coronavirus spread 16401 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Small Towns Wont Know Theyre Infected Until Its Too Late Here in the plague, we are living a story that is global and yet intensely local. While all of us get reams of reporting about national and international COVID-19 trends, most of us get little or no reporting about what’s happening in the communities where we actually live. Local news has largely disappeared—the phenomenon of news deserts is by now well known. And yet never has the need for local 16400 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Small study demonstrates sample inactivation may lead to SARS-CoV-2 false negatives A team of investigators led by Chaofeng Ma of Xi'an Center for Disease Control and Prevention hypothesized that viral inactivation may contribute to false negatives. They have now tested several inactivation methodologies to determine if and to what extent they reduce detectible virus in a clinical sample. The research appears May 29th in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, a publication of the 16399 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Small signs of life return to US economy Hidden in the grim data are hints of recovery from the pandemic recession 16398 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Slowdown: The End of the Great Acceleration–and Why Its Good for the Planet, the Economy, and Our Lives 16397 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Slow easing of lockdowns may be better for global economy The paper, published today in Nature Human Behaviour, is the first peer-reviewed study to comprehensively assess potential global supply chain effects of Covid-19 lockdowns, modelling the impact of lockdowns on 140 countries, including countries not directly affected by Covid-19. 16396 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Six Months of Coronavirus: Heres Some of What Weve Learned Much remains unknown and mysterious, but these are some of the things we’re pretty sure of after half a year of this pandemic. 16395 ….. ( Hentet: 19. maj 2020 ) ….. Six feet not far enough to stop virus transmission in light winds Current social distancing guidelines of 6 feet may be insufficient, because a mild cough occurring in low wind speeds of 4-15 kph can propel saliva droplets 18 feet, research shows. 16394 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. Six businesses finding an upside in the coronavirus crisis Science
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science 16393 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Singapore warns its economy could shrink by 7% due to coronavirus Infection rate among migrant workers living in dormitories approaching 10% 16392 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Singapore tentatively reopens after two months of lockdown Children return to school and businesses resume operations after virus batters economy 16391 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Singapore otters lockdown antics spark backlash Singapore's otters, long adored by the city-state's nature lovers, are popping up in unexpected places during the coronavirus lockdown but their antics have angered some and even sparked calls for a cull. 16390 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Simple and readily available saline solution can reliably transport COVID-19 samples to testing labs In the face of dwindling supplies of virus transport media, cheap and readily available phosphate buffered saline can be used to safely store and transport coronavirus samples for up to 18 hours, researchers report. 16389 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Silver Lakes coronavirus bets: a make-or-break moment for Egon Durban The private equity firm’s bold investments in tech and travel could struggle if the pandemic lingers 16388 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Shuttered natural history museums fight for survival amid COVID-19 heartbreak But creative scientists vow recovery and move research, public programs online 16387 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Should We Purposely Infect Healthy Volunteers With Covid-19? Such studies could speed up the development of a vaccine—but would mean deliberately giving people a disease that could kill them. 16386 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Should churches be considered essential businesses? Over 1,200 pastors in California claim they're opening their churches this week against state orders. While church leaders demand independence from governmental oversight, 9,000 Catholic churches have received small business loans. A number of re-opened churches shut back down after members and clergy became infected with the novel coronavirus. Last week a group of over 1,200 pastors signed a pet 16385 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Shielding people voice fears over lockdown easing in England Many opt for caution amid concerns restrictions are being loosened too quickly Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage For the last 10 weeks, Graham Bell has been sleeping in a hotel near the Devon hospital where he works as an intensive care nurse, away from his wife and toddler triplets. His wife, Hannah Gallagher-Bell, another nurse, is shielding because of diabetes and o 16384 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Sex hormones signal why virus hits men harder 16383 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Serology assays to manage COVID-19 16382 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Seeing is believing: how media mythbusting can actually make false beliefs stronger As the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the world, politicians, medical experts and epidemiologists have taught us about flattening curves, contact tracing, R0 and growth factors. At the same time, we are facing an "infodemic"—an overload of information, in which fact is hard to separate from fiction. 16381 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. Scotlands parks call for guidance on safe reopening of public toilets Science | The Guardian
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science | The Guardian 16380 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scotlands coronavirus record flattered by contrasts with south Sturgeon seen as having handled crisis well, despite high death rate and care homes questions 16379 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists: Coronavirus Likely a Hybrid of Two Other Viruses Researchers may have finally figured out why it’s been so difficult to tell where the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 — which causes COVID-19 — came from within the animal kingdom. While most evidence suggests that the virus spread among bats before infecting people, a genetic analysis of it never identified a perfect match among known bat diseases. Now, scientists think that’s because SARS-CoV-2 is actua 16378 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists worlds will shrink in the wake of the pandemic 16377 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. Scientists Test First COVID-19 Antibody Treatment on Humans Futurism
">" data-uri="subscription/">Futurism 16376 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists tap the worlds most powerful computers in the race to understand and stop the coronavirus In "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams, the haughty supercomputer Deep Thought is asked whether he can find the answer to the ultimate question concerning life, the universe and everything. He replies that, yes, he can do it, but it's tricky and he'll have to think about it. When asked how long it will take him he replies, "Seven-and-a-half million years. I told you I'd have to 16375 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists rush to defend Venezuelan colleagues threatened over coronavirus study High-level politician suggests academy deserves retribution for publishing unwelcome COVID-19 estimates 16374 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists Question Validity of Major Hydroxychloroquine Study Experts are demanding verification of data and methods used in a study of malaria drugs used to treat Covid-19. The study suggested the drugs may have increased deaths. 16373 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists Question Medical Data Used in Second Coronavirus Study Medical records from a little-known company were used in two studies published in major journals. The New England Journal of Medicine has asked to see the data. 16372 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists Question Major Hydroxychloroquine Study Experts demanded verification of data and methods used in a study of drugs to treat Covid-19. The study suggested the drugs might have increased deaths. 16371 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists probe link between high altitude and low coronavirus cases Bolivian team seeks to understand why low-lying areas have been hit harder than cities on higher ground 16370 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists Find a Way to Infect Mice With Coronavirus. Heres Why Thats So Important We need to better understand the virus. 16369 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists develop method to help epidemiologists map spread of COVID-19 Scientists have developed a method they believe will help epidemiologists more efficiently predict the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their new study outlines a solution to the SIR epidemic model, which is commonly used to predict how many people are susceptible to, infected by, and recovered from viral epidemics. 16368 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists Are Testing Sewers For Coronavirus Outbreaks Dirty Water To better track the coronavirus pandemic, scientists are rolling up their sleeves and searching for signs of the virus in wastewater treatment facilities and sewers. It’s dirty work, but scientists say that scanning sewage for the coronavirus could give governments and health departments an early warning of a new outbreak, according to the Chicago Tribune . With pilots programs in the 16367 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists aim gene-targeting breakthrough against COVID-19 A team of scientists from Stanford University is working with researchers at the Molecular Foundry, a nanoscience user facility located at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), to develop a gene-targeting, antiviral agent against COVID-19. 16366 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Scientific networks are helping African countries to access coronavirus lab supplies 16365 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Science Weekly in the pandemic: Every day you wake up to a discovery The team behind our popular podcast reflect on how the threat of Covid-19 has galvanised the scientific community Nicola Davis is one of Science Weekly’s presenters, alongside Ian Sample and Hannah Devlin . Madeleine Finlay is one of its regular producers, alongside Max Sanderson and David Waters Continue reading… 16364 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Science and politics: a complicated formula | Letters Prof Ravi Mahajan and Alan Walker respond to Richard Horton’s article in which he questions how scientists can stand by this government. Plus Philip Barber wonders why we are being led by science, while simultaneously disregarding it Richard Horton is correct to highlight the vital need for medical leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic ( How can any scientists stand by this government now? , 27 16363 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Science Alone Cant Solve Covid-19. The Humanities Must Help. During the Covid-19 crisis, decision makers have arguably become better at listening to scientists and following their directives. But the pandemic has also exposed social problems that go beyond science. Here, the humanities and social sciences must play the leading role in crafting a response. 16362 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. School closures may boost childhood obesity The childhood obesity rate in the United States may increase 2.4% if school closures continue into December, according to a new study. “Having schools closed nationwide, children in the US have missed their opportunity to participate in physical education classes and other school-based physical activities, such as recess and after-school sports programs,” says Ruopeng An, assistant professor at t 16361 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Satellites Are Tracking Poor Nations Coronavirus Outbreaks Humanitarian Surveillance In order to better coordinate aid and relief for coronavirus outbreaks in poorer nations, a scientist is training machine learning algorithms with phone data and satellite imagery . Ultimately, the goal is to identify the people who are in greater need by their phone activity and by spotting signs of economic turmoil or local COVID-19 outbreaks, University of California 16360 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Shares Sequence with a Human Protein Eight amino acids are identical to part of the human epithelial sodium channel, leading researchers to suspect the virus might interfere with the channel's function. 16359 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. SARS-CoV-2 possibly emerged from shuffling and selection of viral genes across different species A combination of genetic shuffling and evolutionary selection of near-identical genetic sequences among specific bat and pangolin coronaviruses may have led to the evolution of SARS-CoV-2. 16358 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Saline may solve one big COVID-19 testing problem An inexpensive saline solution can safely store and transport coronavirus samples, researchers report. The finding could help resolve a nationwide shortage of the solution needed to complete COVID-19 testing. Phosphate buffered saline, a simple salt solution commonly found in hospitals and clinical laboratories, works as a virus transport medium for up to 18 hours to reliably send coronavirus-con 16357 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Rutland osprey project grows online audience in lockdown The Rutland Osprey Project has seen a higher level of engagement with its work following lockdown. 16356 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Ruby Princess passengers warned after crew member tests positive to tuberculosis Scientists prepare to examine sewage in attempt to try to find the source of a Covid-19 infection that killed Nathan Turner Passengers on the ill-fated Ruby Princess cruise ship have been sent another warning from the New South Wales health department, warning that they could have been exposed to tuberculosis. The Ruby Princess voyage which arrived in Sydney on 19 March is responsible for about 1 16355 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Robots from Estonia boost supermarket spirits during pandemic Stores and shoppers in UK and beyond turn to AI’s ‘completely touch-free experience’ 16354 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. RIT scientists develop method to help epidemiologists map spread of COVID-19 Rochester Institute of Technology scientists have developed a method they believe will help epidemiologists more efficiently predict the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their new study, published in Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, outlines a solution to the SIR epidemic model, which is commonly used to predict how many people are susceptible to, infected by, and recovered from viral epidemics. 16353 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Risk of infection could double if 2-metre rule reduced, study finds Comprehensive study supports government’s current physical distancing guidance Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Reducing physical distancing advice from 2 metres to 1 metre could double the risk of coronavirus infection, according to the most comprehensive study to date. The research, part-funded by the World Health Organization (WHO) and published in the Lancet, will 16352 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Rijksmuseum given unique painting to remember virus victims Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum will display a famous 16th-century painting donated to commemorate victims of the coronavirus when it re-opens next week, almost three months after closing its doors, the museum said Wednesday. 16351 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Rigorous Hand-Washing Will Be Part of Covid-19s New Normal The simplest hygiene tasks are the toughest to maintain—take it from the health care experts who have advice about how to make the habit stick. 16350 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Rich Peoples Problems: A memorable way to turn 50 under lockdown My lavish birthday plans were snuffed out by pandemic 16349 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Return to the lab: scientists face shiftwork, masks and distancing as coronavirus lockdowns ease 16348 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Rethinking Humanitys Ties to Nature The lesson from the pandemic is not to retreat from the natural world but to become a better steward — Read more on 16347 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Retail reopening: not such a lovely day Fewer customers and higher expenses mean there will be no return to pre-pandemic profits 16346 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Restaurateurs fear coronavirus will spell end of the City lunch Impact of social distancing and homeworking mean uncertain future for central London restaurants 16345 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Responding to COVID-19: New early-view articles in the Hastings Center report Responding to COVID-19: Vaccine rationing and social justice; ethical challenges for nurses; and more. Early-view essays in the Hastings Center Report. 16344 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Respiratory virus builds doorbell to trick its way into cells New research from microbiologists has shed light on how the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) — one of the most common viral infections — breaks into our cells to cause infection. Researchers discovered that RSV tricks cells into letting it in by essentially ringing a doorbell that calls its receptor to the virus waiting at the door. 16343 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Researchers urge halt in prescribing hydroxycholoroquine for COVID-19 Researchers urge a moratorium on prescribing chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine, with or without azithromycin, to treat or prevent COVID-19, and caution that the reassuring safety profile of hydroxychloroquine may be more apparent than real. Safety data derive from decades of prescriptions by clinicians, primarily for their patients with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, both of which are of greater 16342 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Researchers map SARS-CoV-2 infection in cells of nasal cavity, bronchia, lungs Researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill characterized the specific ways in which SARS-CoV-2 infects the nasal cavity to a great degree — replicating specific cell types — and infects and replicates progressively less well in cells lower down the respiratory tract. The findings suggest the virus tends to become firmly established first in the nasal cavity, but in some cases the virus is aspirated into the 16341 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Researchers in Brazil Struggle to Get Solid COVID-19 Death Counts After combing through data on public death notices in Minas Gerais state, scientists say the coronavirus death toll in the country is worse than reported. 16340 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers flag similarities between COVID-19 deaths and severe rheumatic illnesses Rheumatologists at the University of Alberta are flagging similarities between the deaths of some COVID-19 patients and those with rheumatic illnesses, and are testing proven rheumatic treatments to see whether they help against the pandemic virus. 16339 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers develop experimental rapid COVID-19 test using nanoparticle technique Scientists from the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) developed an experimental diagnostic test for COVID-19 that can visually detect the presence of the virus in 10 minutes. It uses a simple assay containing plasmonic gold nanoparticles to detect a color change when the virus is present. The test does not require the use of any advanced laboratory techniques, such as those commonl 16338 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers Applaud Spanish COVID-19 Serological Survey After initial setbacks, the country's recent antibody screen estimates that 5 percent of the population has been exposed to SARS-CoV-2. 16337 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Researcher harnessing supercomputers to unpack the coronavirus spike protein Michael H. Peters, Ph.D., a professor in VCU's Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering, is using powerful supercomputers at NASA's Ames Research Center in California to investigate the "spike" protein of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. 16336 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Research supports 2-metre distancing rule Wearing face and eye protection also cuts risk of transmitting the virus, Lancet report finds 16335 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Research reveals gene role in both dementia and severe Covid-19 Having two copies of e4 variant of ApoE gene linked to double risk of severe Covid-19, study suggests Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage People with a genetic mutation that increases the risk of dementia also have a greater chance of having severe Covid-19, researchers have revealed . The study is the latest to suggest genetics may play a role in why some people are mor 16334 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Report: Deforestation, linked to pandemics, increased in 2019 Deforestation of tropical old-growth forests increased last year, according to new satellite data unveiled Tuesday, wiping out acreage roughly the size of Switzerland in a period when experts are raising alarms about the transmission of a variety of diseases, including the novel coronavirus, that jump between animals and humans. 16333 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Reopening of shops in England will not end our woes, warn retailers Executives say that sector will struggle to recover as return of shoppers announced 16332 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Reopened UK showrooms offer glimmer of hope for car industry Business is slow but dealers are confident demand will increase 16331 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Remote Work Has Its Perks, Until You Want a Promotion Companies like Facebook and Twitter expect many employees to work far from headquarters after the pandemic. That calls for a change in corporate cultures. 16330 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Remdesivir: Ebola drug endorsed as a coronavirus treatment in Australia Taskforce says doctors treating adults with moderate, severe or critical Covid-19 should consider using drug to aid recovery times The antiviral drug remdesivir has been recommended for the treatment of Covid-19 patients in Australia, by the national taskforce bringing together the country’s peak health groups. The National Covid-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce said Australian doctors treating adu 16329 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Remdesivir for COVID-19 improves time to recovery, peer-reviewed data shows Remdesivir is superior to the standard of care for the treatment of COVID-19, according to a preliminary analysis based on data from a randomized, controlled trial. Researchers found that the antiviral was most beneficial for hospitalized patients with severe disease who required supplemental oxygen. 16328 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Remdesivir drug to be available for selected NHS Covid-19 patients Drug pioneered for Ebola to be used in UK under emergency medicines provision Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A drug that reduces recovery time from Covid-19 will be made available to a number of NHS patients in “probably the biggest step forward in the treatment of coronavirus” since the pandemic began, the UK health secretary has said. Matt Hancock on Tuesday welco 16327 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Remdesivir approved for limited use as Covid-19 drug in UK Move offers hope for patients most severely affected by coronavirus 16326 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Refusing to Wear a Mask Is an Empty Act of Defiance The woman in the video would like you to know that she is compassionate. She would like you to know that she understands “the virus is real.” She would also like you to know, however, that she has tried wearing a face mask while out in public during the coronavirus pandemic, and that she will not be wearing one again. “I’m at the end of it,” she says tearfully, recording herself in her car after 16325 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Recurrent positive RT-PCR results for COVID-19 in discharged patients Patients with COVID-19 who were discharged from the hospital and had recurrent positive reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) results were the focus of this case series. 16324 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Record drop in energy investment, warns International Energy Agency The pandemic has caused a record fall in energy investment and will likely lead to more pollution. 16323 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Rapid COVID-19 vaccine development 16322 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Ramadan surge in fried chicken orders helps Asias tech unicorns Gojek and Grab’s main ride-hailing business hit by coronavirus pandemic 16321 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Radio Corona, May 27: what digital contact tracing means for privacy This week on Radio Corona, join us for a discussion about digital contact tracing initiatives with Gideon Lichfield, our editor-in-chief, Danny Weitzner of MIT’s CSAIL, and Bobbie Johnson, a Tech Review Senior Editor. Bobbie is part of the team at TR that has been reporting on contact tracing apps around the world . Danny has been working on a privacy preserving protocol for these apps at MIT cal 16320 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Racism is undeniably a public health issue People of color are also significantly more likely to experience lower-quality healthcare, have less access to resources like education, and to experience prejudice in their professional and personal lives. (Unsplash/) Over the past couple weeks, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has faded into the background of national discourse as thousands across the country have taken to the streets to protest o 16319 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Race to be first to report first case of COVID-19 death during pregnancy leads to a retraction A group of researchers in Iran has retracted their case report on what they claimed was the first known case of a pregnant woman who died of Covid-19. The reason: According to the corresponding author, another group of researchers in Iran, who had first seen the patient at their hospital, had beaten them to the … Continue reading 16318 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Race for a vaccine raises fears over unequal access Governments must accept defeating Covid-19 is a shared interest 16317 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Questions raised over hydroxychloroquine study which caused WHO to halt trials for Covid-19 Exclusive: Australian researchers query origin of data used for Lancet study, but stress there is no evidence drug is a safe or effective treatment • Sign up for Guardian Australia’s daily coronavirus email • Download the free Guardian app to get the most important news notifications Questions have been raised by Australian infectious disease researchers about a study published in the Lancet whic 16316 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Qatari contact-tracing app put 1m peoples sensitive data at risk Hackers allowed access to names, national ID, health status and location data of users, says Amnesty Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A security flaw in Qatar’s coronavirus contact-tracing app put the sensitive personal details of more than a million people at risk, according to an investigation by Amnesty International. The app, which is mandatory for Qatari resident 16315 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Pulmonary embolism and COVID-19 Researchers say early diagnosis of a life-threatening blood clot in the lungs led to swifter treatment intervention in COVID-19 patients. A new study finds that 51 percent of patients found to have a pulmonary embolism, or PE, were diagnosed in the Emergency Department, the entry point for patients being admitted to the hospital. 16314 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Public perception of scientists as trustworthy experts is likely to be negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis The pandemic is likely to have a negative impact on trust in scientists, a paper has found. While the view of science itself as an important and reliable resource will likely remain unaffected, the perception of the trustworthiness and integrity of individual scientists could be "significantly" impacted, particularly among young people who have had exposure to the disease. 16313 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Public parks guaranteeing sustainable well-being Researchers have ascertained how green spaces contribute to the well-being of city-dwellers. The research shows that parks play an essential role in the well-being of individuals, regardless of their social class, and that they cannot be replaced by other venues where people meet, such as shopping centers. When these parks are closed — as during the COVID-19 pandemic — it intensifies inequalitie 16312 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Public health is about trust – something Cummings has wilfully ignored | Richard Coker If the public is no longer reassured by the government’s social distancing measures, I fear a second wave of coronavirus Richard Coker is emeritus professor of public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine See all our coronavirus coverage Coronavirus – latest updates Thirty-five years ago, when I was working as a newly qualified doctor, I extracted a sausage from a woman’s w 16311 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Public disclosure of COVID-19 cases is more effective than lockdowns, study shows New research shows South Korea's tech and privacy laws effectively protect the vulnerable while preserving economic stability during the pandemic. 16310 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Priti Patel presses on with UK quarantine programme Home secretary says measures essential to prevent second wave of coronavirus 16309 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Primark to reopen all English stores with social distancing in place Fashion group warns measures will make it impossible for busier shops to achieve usual sales figures 16308 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Prevalence of silent COVID-19 infection may be much higher than thought The prevalence of 'silent' symptomless COVID-19 infection may be much higher than thought, reveals a study charting the enforced isolation of cruise ship passengers during the current pandemic, and published online in the journal Thorax. 16307 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Premier League football: back in touch Resumption of season is one sign that the economy has begun to find its feet 16306 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Pre-COVID-19 poll of older adults hints at potential impact of pandemic on eating habits Most people in their 50s and older were capable home cooks just before COVID-19 struck America, but only 5% had ordered groceries online, according to a new national poll. The cooking skills that enabled half of older adults to eat dinner at home six or seven days a week may have served them well during the height of the pandemic. But they may need added support for grocery shopping as the pandemi 16305 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Precision Mobile Testing Is Key to Opening the Economy Safely Fighting COVID-19 with our antiquated paradigm of centralized health care delivery is like fighting World War III with a musket — Read more on 16304 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Post-COVID minimum wage hikes may harm job seekers If the post-pandemic economic return includes minimum-wage increases across a few or many states, some positive and negative effects for US workers will follow in the two years after implementation, according to new research. On the positive side, their study shows that minimum-wage hikes not only increase the wages of those workers but also create a positive “spillover” effect on the wages of ot 16303 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Poorer countries join WHO call for virus patents to be shared Initiative lacks support from powerful governments and large pharmaceuticals 16302 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Poor and black invisible cyclists need to be part of post-pandemic transport planning too As states and workplaces prepare to open up after the lockdown, many people are looking for alternatives to public transit to get to work. 16301 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Poll reveals declining trust in UK government before Cummings crisis The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 16300 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Politikere undrer sig: Corona-appen fra Netcompany er alligevel ikke gratis Udviklingen af appen 'Smittestop' blev aldrig sendt i udbud, fordi det skulle gå stærkt. Netcompany skulle angiveligt udvikle appen gratis, men nu viser det sig, at den kommer til at koste i omegnen af 10 millioner kroner. 16299 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Poddar: att förstå corona och dess konsekvenser För 100 år sedan skördade spanska sjukan fler människoliv än det första och det andra världskriget tillsammans. Tack vare forskning vet vi idag vilka kort- och långsiktiga effekter det viruset hade på såväl ekonomi som hälsa. Vilka paralleller kan man dra mellan corona och spanska sjukan? Och vilka paralleller kan man inte dra? Och vad säger forskning kring ekonomiska kriser om hur framtiden efte 16298 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Podcast: To beat a pandemic, try prepping for a tsunami Deep Tech is a new subscriber-only podcast that brings alive the people and ideas our editors and reporters are thinking about. Episodes are released every two weeks. We’re making this episode—like much of the rest of our coronavirus coverage—free to everyone. “The reality is that there are two ways to look at responding” to a natural disaster, says Linda Kozlowski, a city councillor in Manzanita 16297 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Please see special handling A new study highlights the risks of pulmonary complications in patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection who undergo surgery, according to an observational study of 1,128 patients across 24 countries, published in The Lancet. The study was conducted between 1 January and 31 March 2020 and included data from hospitals mainly in Europe and America with ongoing SARS-CoV-2 infection outbreaks. 16296 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Plans to reopen English schools fail to address risk to BAME staff NASUWT urges ministers to clarify they will fulfil their legal duties under the Equality Act Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A leading teaching union has warned the prime minister that plans to reopen schools more widely next month fail to address that coronavirus poses a greater risk to black and minority ethnic pupils and staff. Patrick Roach, the general secretary 16295 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. PKU-led team found effective SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies A joint research team led by Sunney Xie, Director of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Genomics (ICG) at Peking University (PKU) has identified multiple highly potent neutralizing antibodies against the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the causative virus of the respiratory disease COVID-19. 16294 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Photos of the Week: Aerial Straps, Gliding Club, Durdle Door Recovering from COVID-19 in Mexico City, a midday cannon in St. Petersburg, protests in Minneapolis, tennis training in France, giraffes in Nairobi, sunrise at the Grand Canyon, a drive-in concert in Copenhagen, Tokyo Tower’s reopening in Japan, and much more 16293 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Peoples willingness to take part in protests unaffected by coronavirus, study finds New research by The University of Manchester has found that people are still willing to take part in protests in large numbers, despite the coronavirus crisis. 16292 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Pennsylvania Democrats Say They Werent Told When GOP Member Tested Positive Democrats in Pennsylvania's House say they were kept in the dark for a week when a Republican colleague, who had been working in the State Capitol, tested positive for the coronavirus. (Image credit: Matt Rourke/AP) 16291 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Peer-reviewed data shows remdesivir for COVID-19 improves time to recovery The investigational antiviral remdesivir is superior to the standard of care for the treatment of COVID-19, according to a report in NEJM. The preliminary analysis is based on data from the Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Trial, sponsored by NIAID. The randomized, controlled trial enrolled hospitalized adults with COVID-19 with evidence of lower respiratory tract involvement. Investigators found that 16290 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Pediatric scoring scale helps surgeons decide whether to operate during COVID-19 delays As health care providers observe Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) affecting children differently than adults, pediatric surgeons in Chicago have modified an evaluation tool for use in pediatric patients that allows surgeons in every pediatric specialty to prioritize nonemergency ('elective') operations during all phases of the pandemic. The new pediatric-specific scoring system is presented in 16289 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Patients with ARDS, COVID-19 face significant financial effects in recovery Michigan Medicine researchers have been investigating the downstream effects of acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS, for years. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, their work has relevance for hundreds of thousands of new patients. 16288 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Patient notes could offer solution to the missing Coronavirus diagnoses GP's notes currently unavailable to medical researchers could provide clues to help manage major health crises — like COVID-19. And according to a 'citizens' jury' study at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS), the main thing stopping the use of such information — concerns over patient privacy — could be overcome. 16287 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Patents, economics, and pandemics 16286 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Partisan Differences over the Pandemic Response Are Growing Polling finds public trust in medical scientists has increased but only among Democrats—while optimism about a vaccine is broadly shared — Read more on 16285 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Parents, especially mothers, paying heavy price for lockdown School closures, massive rates of job loss and furloughing, and a shift to working from home are all affecting how parents spend their time, and how mothers and fathers divide responsibilities for paid work, housework and childcare, finds a new study co-led by UCL. 16284 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Pandemics rapidly reshape the evolutionary and ecological landscape and have cascading social, economic effects Like human pandemics, plant pandemics are also associated with the coming of the Anthropocene and first started appearing with the rise of an interconnected world. Some of the first recorded pathogen outbreaks were associated with wheat, as recorded by the Romans (2100-1950 B.P.). In fact, the Romans had a god/goddess of rust (Robigus/Robigine) because these new pathogens were so feared. Feasts, p 16283 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Pandemic-fueled job losses exacerbating preexisting inequalities among workers The sharp spike in job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic were disproportionately concentrated in lower-paying occupations and industries, with the most acute impact felt among women, minorities, younger workers and less-educated workers, according to new research co-written by a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign labor economist. 16282 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Pandemic research: UK must coordinate 16281 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Pandemic Organizers Are Co-opting Productivity Software The workplace chat app Slack is where you go to do any number of things throughout the day: announce “I am busy”; pop into a conversation to clarify “I am paying attention”; submit a photo of your cat to the #cats channel to declare allegiance to your office’s cat people, for whatever reason. All the stuff of work, and of updating others on your work, and of taking short, performative breaks from 16280 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Pandemic Dining: Temperature Checks, Time Limits, and Dividers 16279 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. Pandemic crisis prompts revival in trade union membership Science
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science 16278 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Pandemic could cost Australian universities $11 bn: lobby group Australian universities could lose up to US$11 billion dollars as an indefinite coronavirus border closure locks out the foreign students who keep the sector afloat, the industry said Wednesday. 16277 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Paid sick leave mandates hold promise in containing COVID-19 Mandates like those found in the federal government's Families First Coronavirus Response Act may be helping to slow the pandemic. 16276 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Paging Dr. Hamblin: Does Vitamin D Help Fight COVID-19? Editor’s Note : Every Wednesday, James Hamblin takes questions from readers about health-related curiosities, concerns, and obsessions. Have one? Email him at . I have read that a higher vitamin-D level correlates with better outcomes for other coronaviruses such as SARS and MERS. Could skin color be one of the reasons black Americans and Hispanic Americans are d 16275 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Ozone disinfectants can be used to sterilize cloth and n95 masks against COVID-19 Ozone gas has been shown to kill the SARS coronavirus inat least seventeen separate studies [1, 2]. Since the structure ofthe SARS coronavirus is almost identical to COVID-19; it islogical to assume that it will also kill COVID-19. 16274 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Outside socialising may be relaxed in England within weeks But Michael Gove says pubs, cafes and restaurants will not return to normal any time soon Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage People in England could be allowed to socialise in bigger groups in gardens or parks in the coming weeks, a cabinet minister has confirmed, but visiting friends and family indoors still appears to be some way off. Pressure is mounting on the gover 16273 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Out-evolving coronavirus by evolving our own scientific ingenuity and social practices If there is one thing that the coronavirus pandemic has exposed, it is that there is much that we still don't know about the world around us. Forget about the trillions—okay, more than trillions—of galaxies in the universe that we'll never explore. Just at our feet or in the air around us are cohabitants of our own world—viruses—that occupy an odd liminal space, pushing our understanding of the me 16272 ….. ( Hentet: 20. maj 2020 ) ….. Our five appetites mean our hunger is far more complex than we thought It is crucial to understand your five-appetite system and how ultraprocessed foods have crashed this set-up – especially as they are so popular in lockdown 16271 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Opinion: Intercepting pandemics through genomics [Genetics] Ecological interactions that cross domains of life have major impacts on ecosystems and human health. Although the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic makes this point with destructive clarity, it is clear that zoonotic pathogens pose a standing threat to our species as demonstrated by Ebola, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS),… 16270 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Operation Warp Speed selects billionaire scientists COVID-19 vaccine for monkey tests Innovative vaccine uses another virus to present two genes from the novel coronavirus 16269 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Only One in Two Americans Say Theyd Take a COVID-19 Vaccine Even when a vaccine for COVID-19 becomes available, many in the U.S. may decide not to take it. At least, that’s the result of a new poll of 1,056 Americans conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Its alarming conclusion: only 49 percent of American adults plan on getting vaccinated against the coronavirus, AP News reports . The results were divided by political 16268 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Online directory makes free science talks easier to find in coronavirus era 16267 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. One-third of American households face troubles paying bills The shutdown triggered by the coronavirus pandemic has caused massive layoffs and substantial financial hardships. A new survey finds that one-third of American households are having trouble paying their bills. 16266 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. One-third of American households face troubles paying bills One-third of American families have lost income since the beginning of shutdown triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, with such losses striking families from all economic groups, according to a new nationally representative survey by the RAND Corporation. 16265 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. One Key Factor in whether COVID-19 Will Wane This Summer Seasonal respite from the pandemic will depend on what happens indoors, not just outdoors — Read more on 16264 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. on the Four Months After First Case, U.S. Death Toll Passes 100,000 Scientists are revising the timeline of how the virus spread. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said she would direct public school districts to share federal aid with private schools. 16263 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Of course technology perpetuates racism. It was designed that way. Today the United States crumbles under the weight of two pandemics: coronavirus and police brutality. Both wreak physical and psychological violence. Both disproportionately kill and debilitate black and brown people. And both are animated by technology that we design, repurpose, and deploy—whether it’s contact tracing, facial recognition, or social media. We often call on technology to help solv 16262 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Odds of edible insects transmitting coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is negligible The odds of insects that are produced for food or feed transmitting COVID-19 is negligible. That is the conclusion drawn by a team of entomologists, virologists, and insect disease experts of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Groningen (UG) and the University of Copenhagen (UC). 16261 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Ocean uptake of carbon dioxide could drop as carbon emissions are cut The ocean is so sensitive to declining greenhouse gas emissions that it immediately responds by taking up less carbon dioxide, says a new study. The authors say we may soon see this play out due to the COVID-19 pandemic lessening global fuel consumption; they predict the ocean could take up less carbon dioxide in 2020 than in 2019. 16260 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Nyt studie fra Italien: Psoriasispatienter i biologisk behandling har ikke øget risiko for COVID-19 Et nyt studie fra Italien indikerer, at psoriasispatienter i biologisk behandling ikke har en øget risiko for at blive alvorligt syge af COVID-19. Der mangler dog fortsat viden om sammenhængen mellem biologisk behandling og virusset. En international database skal skabe grundlaget for mere forskning om psoriasis og COVID-19. 16259 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. NYSE reopens trading floor after two-month shutdown Science
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science 16258 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Ny blodanalys kan ge säkrare dosering av hydroxiklorokin En ny analysmetod för att mäta nivåer av läkemedlet hydroxiklorokin hos patienter med den reumatiska sjukdomen systemisk lupus erythematosus (SLE), kan även visa sig användbar för andra områden inom sjukvården, som vid behandling av covid-19. Hydroxiklorokin användes ursprungligen för att behandla malaria, men visade sig också ha god effekt vid SLE och reumatoid artrit (RA). Idag rekommenderas de 16257 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Nudging out the coronavirus with behavioral economics Human behavior is key in any pandemic. So how can a little nudge in the right direction change our behavior for the better? Researcher Nurit Nobel explains the science behind encouraging good behaviors—and how it can help us during the pandemic. 16256 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Now is the time to renew the German economy A recovery from the pandemic will require reforms and more investment 16255 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Nothing changes: Lockdown gender gap remains firm While the world has been thrown into chaos by COVID-19, gender inequality has survived the pandemic intact, according to a report from Oxford's Department of Sociology, with women still carrying out most housework and childcare, although they are disproportionately exposed to the virus—as the majority of front-line health workers. 16254 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Not sure if youve already had coronavirus? This test can (maybe) tell you Many people are wondering if that bad cold they had back in February or March was actually the new coronavirus. 16253 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Nobody Wants to Have End-of-Life Conversations, but… It’s more important than ever in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic — Read more on 16252 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. No Touch, No Hands-On Learning, for Now, as Museums Try to Reopen Science and children’s museums are studying how to rethink their many tactile exhibits to keep people safe. 16251 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. No lockdown, few ventilators, but Ethiopia is beating Covid-19 The country has harnessed community healthcare to great effect to fight the pandemic 16250 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. No Evidence Hydroxychloroquine Is Helpful In Preventing COVID-19, Study Finds A study of more than 800 health workers, first responders and others finds that taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent COVID-19 is no better than a placebo in preventing the illness. (Image credit: GEORGE FREY/AFP via Getty Images) 16249 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. No Country for Old People – Issue 85: Reopening Sweden did not set out to kill thousands of its older citizens. Nor did any country as COVID-19 swept across the globe. But Sweden’s unique and closely watched approach to the pandemic has spotlighted the tragic toll the coronavirus has taken on the elderly. It has cast a harsh light on the value that societies have placed on the freedoms of some to the expense of others. In March, when many Euro 16248 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. No 10 says scientific advisers will return to Covid-19 briefings Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance have been regulars at Downing Street daily updates Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Downing Street has insisted that England’s chief medical officer, Prof Chris Whitty, and the chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, will reappear at Downing Street briefings “in the next few days”, amid the continuing furore over Dominic Cummi 16247 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. NIH-halted study unveils its massive analysis of bat coronaviruses But survey in China doesn’t pinpoint animal source of COVID-19 16246 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. NIH grapples with rush to claim billions in pandemic research funds Researchers face confusing rules, worries about quality of science 16245 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. NIH Director Hopes For At Least 1 Safe And Effective Vaccine By Years End Dr. Francis Collins says some candidates for a coronavirus vaccine will be ready to start large-scale human trials as early as next month. Scaling up production may start before tests are complete. (Image credit: University of Maryland School of Medicine via AP) 16244 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. NHS to increase number of Covid-19 patients receiving antibody therapy All hospital patients with coronavirus in England to be eligible for convalescent plasma Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Hospitals in England will increase the number of people getting blood plasma transfusions from recovered Covid-19 patients this week, to learn whether the antibody-rich serum can help combat the disease. So far few severely ill patients in UK inten 16243 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. NHS moves to protect supplies of critical care equipment Hospitals face temporary ban on ordering key items as number of patients being treated for Covid falls 16242 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. New Zealanders attitudes changed after pandemic lockdown In the first few weeks of the lockdown of New Zealand in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, residents reported a slight increase in mental distress but higher levels of confidence in the government, science and the police, as well as greater patriotism, according to research published by the American Psychological Association. 16241 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. New Zealand government ignores expert advice in its plan to improve water quality in rivers and lakes New Zealand's government has been praised for listening to health experts in its pandemic response, but when it comes to dealing with pollution of the country's waterways, scientific advice seems less important. 16240 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. New visa restrictions will make the US economic downturn worse The Trump administration is expected to set limits on a popular program that allows international students to work in the U.S. after graduation while remaining on their student visas. The restrictions on the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program are designed to help American graduates seeking jobs during the pandemic-fueled economic downturn; however, the move is likely to further hurt the eco 16239 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. New Visa restrictions will make the US economic downturn worse–nvr060320.php Research on visa restrictions designed to help American graduates seeking jobs during the pandemic-fueled economic downturn are likely to further hurt the economy, according to new UC San Diego research on immigrant rights. 16238 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. New tools aim to tame pandemic paper tsunami 16237 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. New test method can offer safer dosages of hydroxychloroquine Researchers at Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital have developed a new method to measure levels of the medication hydroxychloroquine in patients with the rheumatic disease systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). The analysis method may also be useful in other areas, such as in the treatment of COVID-19. The study is being published in Arthritis Research and Therapy. 16236 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. New survey reveals divide in vital uses of internet in southeast Ohio A new Ohio University study brings needed attention to the digital divide issues in Appalachian southeast Ohio, a region lagging behind the rest of the nation. Lack of quality internet access, skills, and motivation are creating even more challenges as the nation and world transition to conducting vital business and communications to online environments during the COVID-19 pandemic. 16235 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. New study: Stroke patients are significantly delaying treatment amid COVID-19 New research published today in the Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery (JNIS) shows ischemic stroke patients are arriving to hospitals and treatment centers an average of 160 minutes later during the COVID-19 pandemic, as compared with a similar timeframe in 2019. These delays, say stroke surgeons from the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery (SNIS), are impacting both survival and recovery. 16234 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. New Study Finds Hydroxychloroquine Did Not Prevent Covid-19 The first carefully controlled trial of hydroxychloroquine given to people exposed to the coronavirus did not show any benefit. 16233 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. New stroke guidelines aim to improve care amid COVID-19 Top stroke experts have issued new guidance to ensure stroke patients receive safe, timely care while preventing the transmission of COVID-19. 16232 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. New Jerseys small, networked dairy farms are a model for a more resilient food system Cow's milk is a major part of many Americans' diets because it contains key vitamins and calcium. But milk consumption has suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with other foods, including beef, eggs, fruit and vegetables. Economic shutdowns have severely disrupted supply chains that move food from farm to fork. 16231 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. New drug combination being tested to conquer COVID-19 ScienceDaily
">" data-uri="subscription/">ScienceDaily 16230 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. New Design Helps N95 Mask Wearers Breathe Easier The device prevents oxygen deprivation in coronavirus-blocking respirators — Read more on 16229 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. New Data Show The Coronavirus Is Less Lethal Than First Thought NPR
">" data-uri="subscription/">NPR 16228 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. New antiviral, antibacterial surface could reduce spread of infections in hospitals The novel coronavirus pandemic has caused an increased demand for antimicrobial treatments that can keep surfaces clean, particularly in health care settings. Although some surfaces have been developed that can combat bacteria, what's been lacking is a surface that can also kill off viruses. Now, researchers have found a way to impart durable antiviral and antibacterial properties to an aluminum a 16227 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. New antibody technology for monitoring MS patients may have potential in COVID-19 testing A new study by Queen Mary University of London has demonstrated the effectiveness of using a novel light technology to monitor anti-drug antibodies in the treatment of MS, which leads to drug resistance and treatment failure. The technology has also been applied to COVID-19 for potential use in antibody testing to determine whether someone has previously been infected with the virus. 16226 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Neutrophil Extracellular Traps May Augur Severe COVID-19 These webs of chromatin and proteins, released by immune cells to control microbial infections, could serve as a therapeutic target in coronavirus infections. 16225 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Neuropathogenesis, neurologic manifestations of coronaviruses Potential tissue targets and routes of entry of SARS-CoV-2 into the central nervous system and reported neurological complications of COVID-19 are identified in this narrative review. 16224 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Network effects govern the evolution of maritime trade [Economic Sciences] Maritime transport accounts for over 80% of the world trade volume and is the backbone of the global economy. Global supply chains create a complex network of trade flows. The structure of this network impacts not only the socioeconomic development of the concerned regions but also their ecosystems. The movements… 16223 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. NEJM places expression of concern on controversial study of drugs for COVID-19 As controversy swirls around two papers that used data from Surgisphere, the New England Journal of Medicine has placed an expression of concern on the relevant paper they published last month. Here’s the expression of concern: On May 1, 2020, we published “Cardiovascular Disease, Drug Therapy, and Mortality in Covid-19,” a study of the effect … Continue reading 16222 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Naturen har blivit svenskarnas kyrka Många svenskar har en andlig relation till naturen, enligt forskare. Det får konsekvenser för allt ifrån hur vi hanterar coronakrisen till hur vi kan skydda miljön. Svenskar är det folk i världen som tar starkast avstånd ifrån organiserad religion. Relativt få av oss går i kyrkan eller kallar oss religiösa. Samtidigt har vi en stark känsla för naturen, där det även finns en existentiell eller and 16221 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Natural antibiotic resists superbugs A newly discovered natural antibiotic, teixobactin, could be effective in treating bacterial lung conditions such as tuberculosis and those commonly associated with COVID-19, according to the new study. As bacteria evolve, they develop strategies that undermine antibiotics and morph into “superbugs” that can resist most available treatments and cause potentially lethal infections. The new work co 16220 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. National survey gives insight into college-to-work experiences of recent college graduates Recent college graduates with disabilities were as likely to be employed as their peers without disabilities with 90 percent of each group holding jobs after college. These findings reflect the pathways that have opened for people with disabilities since the ADA,. The Survey can also guide decision making made more complicated by the COVID economy; for example, encouraging transition-age students 16219 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. National COVID numbers — Benfords law looks for errors 16218 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. NASAs isolation experts: Lockdown lessons from space 16217 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. NASA Had to Chase an Alligator Off the SpaceX Launchpad Star Gator Coronavirus in space? Terrible. Gator in space? Possibly worse. Officials had to chase a six foot alligator away from the historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday — the same day SpaceX was scheduled to make history by launching two NASA astronauts into space. The launch later had to be scrubbed . But while preparations for the launch were still 16216 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Nanosatellite with global mission tested for space ESA's largest antenna test facility remains operational despite the COVID-19 pandemic, performing pre-flight testing for the latest satellite in a constellation to serve the internet of things. 16215 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. My working week: If I take a patient to hospital, it could save them. But it might kill them As a paramedic I’m working harder than ever, and constantly double-guessing whether to risk exposing patients to Covid-19 Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The first two patients of the night are likely Covid-19 cases. I don’t have the answers people want: I don’t know if you have it, I don’t know if your brother will die. We don’t have guidance about which patients to 16214 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. My stay in a Seoul hospital with Covid-19 After testing positive at Incheon airport, the writer spent five weeks in the South Korean capital’s National Medical Center. 16213 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Multinational consortium reports COVID-19 impact on cancer patients People with cancer sickened by COVID-19 have a crude death rate of 13%, according to the largest series of data released thus far from a multinational perspective. The data on more than 900 patients, published May 28 in The Lancet, also revealed cancer-specific factors associated with increased mortality. 16212 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. MSN Fires Journalists, Replaces Them With AI New Algorithm Over the weekend, Microsoft announced that it’s laying off dozens of journalists, editors, and other workers at MSN and its other news divisions. While media layoffs are tragically widespread at the moment, Microsoft said that the layoffs had nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic, The Verge reports . Instead, it’s part of the company’s push over the last few months to automate jo 16211 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Mouse model mimics SARS-CoV-2 infection in humans A mouse model of infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) reproduces features observed in human patients, researchers report. 16210 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Mortality of mechanically ventilated COVID-19 patients is lower than previously reported reveals study in Critical Care Medicine An online first study published in Critical Care Medicine indicates the actual mortality rate of adults with critical illness from COVID-19 is less than what was previously reported. 16209 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. More Patients Seek Abortion Pills Online During Pandemic, But Face Restrictions As more healthcare moves to online and telemedicine, some patients seeking abortions using pills are running into obstacles. (Image credit: Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images) 16208 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. More Blue: An Artwork Shows the Sea Changing During Lockdown A data-driven media installation, created to reflect marine conditions around the world, has altered with the slowing human activity. 16207 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Montefiore and Einstein test a new drug combination to conquer COVID-19 Montefiore Health System and Albert Einstein College of Medicine have begun the next stage of the Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Trial (ACTT), to evaluate treatment options for people hospitalized with severe COVID-19 infection. The new iteration of the trial, known as ACTT 2, is sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health. 16206 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Monster or Machine? A Profile of the Coronavirus at 6 Months Our “hidden enemy,” in plain sight. 16205 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Monkeys steal Covid-19 test samples from health worker in India Blood samples later recovered undamaged after fears incident could have helped spread virus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Monkeys mobbed an Indian health worker and made off with blood samples from coronavirus tests, prompting fears they could have spread the virus in the local area. After making off with the three samples this week in Meerut, near Delhi, the monke 16204 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Modelling predicts COVID-19 resurgence if physical distancing relaxed If physical distancing measures are relaxed too much or too quickly, Ontario could see hospitals overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients as well as exponential growth in deaths, concludes new University of Guelph research. 16203 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Missing Memories of the Universe With observatories shut down due to the pandemic, the photons that reveal the secrets of the cosmos can’t be recorded or decoded — Read more on 16202 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Minister quits in protest over Cummings lockdown trip Scottish MP Douglas Ross resigns from UK government over Johnson’s handling of furore 16201 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Millions in UK miss cancer screenings, tests and treatments due to Covid-19 More than 24,000 cases of cancer have gone undiagnosed according to Cancer Research UK Almost 2.5 million Britons have not been screened, tested or treated for cancer because the Covid-19 pandemic has led to “enormous disruption” of NHS care for the disease, experts have warned. More than 24,000 cases of cancer have gone undiagnosed as a result of the suspension of normal services while delays in 16200 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Mice on Acid – Issue 85: Reopening In the bowels of an animal research facility at Oxford University, mice are stirring in cages. Half of them have been given an injection of saline solution and behave like the docile house pet of your local fifth-grader. The other half have been given DOI, a drug chemically similar to LSD, and are, as the term of art would have it, tripping balls. What exactly a mouse sees when she’s tripping on 16199 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Mexican zoo saves animals endangered by virus crisis Kira, a two and a half year-old tiger, arrived at a zoo in Mexico's northeast in April after her owner could no longer feed her due to the coronavirus-induced economic collapse. 16198 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. MetaviralSPAdes—New assembler for virus genomes When a new virus emerges, biologists rush to reconstruct its genome—a prerequisite for future diagnostic and vaccine development. The challenge with viral sequencing during an outbreak is that a sample from a patient, like saliva from a COVID-19 patient that was used for the very first SARS-COV-2 coronavirus sequencing effort, contains genomes of many other, often harmless, viruses. Not to mention 16197 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Met police twice as likely to fine black people over lockdown breaches – research Clear disproportionality revealed in number of police arrests and fines in London Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The Metropolitan police are facing claims of bias after figures showed that officers enforcing the coronavirus lockdown were more than twice as likely to issue fines to black people than white people. The Met, which covers London, issued 973 fines between 16196 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Merck, one of Big Pharmas biggest players, reveals its COVID-19 vaccine and therapy plans Company bets on vaccines using live viruses and an experimental compound with a dark side 16195 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Merck chief casts doubt on coronavirus vaccine timeframe Ken Frazier calls 12 to 18-month targets ‘very aggressive’ as he announces biotech acquisition 16194 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Merck adopts error catastrophe coronavirus drug Pill that aims to force virus to mutate to self-destruction set for extensive clinical trials in US and UK 16193 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Mental health outcomes among health care workers during COVID-19 pandemic in Italy Symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and insomnia among health care workers in Italy during the COVID-19 pandemic are reported in this observational study. 16192 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Mental health of young physicians in China during COVID-19 outbreak Anxiety, depression, mood and fear of workplace violence were assessed in a group of young physicians in China before and during the COVID-19 outbreak. 16191 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Meet ACE2, the Enzyme at the Center of the Covid-19 Mystery Since January, scientists have published more than 700 studies to figure out the molecule’s link to risk for the disease—and to find possible treatments. 16190 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Medicine in the time of corona: Fundamental molecular research is essential 16189 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Medical Workers Should Use Respirator Masks, Not Surgical Masks The surgical masks used in risky settings like hospitals offer much less protection against the coronavirus, an analysis found. 16188 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Medical Groups Ask FDA To Ease Access To Abortion Pill During The Pandemic Reproductive rights advocates want patients to be allowed to pick up mifepristone at a hospital or clinic. The drug, which was approved 20 years ago, also helps to manage miscarriages for some women. (Image credit: OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images) 16187 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Media literacy lessons a must for schools The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of teaching students the difference between real and fake or misleading news say the authors of a new report into news media literacy education. 16186 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. McLaren losses mount as coronavirus hits supercar sales Company has been forced to cut more than a quarter of 4,000 workforce 16185 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. McCarthy & Stone reports lower coronavirus death rate in its retirement housing UK company urges government to boost investment in housing for elderly 16184 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Masks reduce airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Growing evidence suggests that SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, can be spread by asymptomatic people via aerosols — a reality that deeply underscores the ongoing importance of regular widespread testing, wearing masks and physical distancing to reduce the spread of the virus, say Kimberly Prather and colleagues in a new Perspective. 16183 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Masks probably slow the spread of covid-19 But wearing one is mainly an act of altruism 16182 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Masked karaoke: Japan faces new normal as country reopens More than 100 guidelines on how to avoid the ‘three Cs’: closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings 16181 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Market distress over virus sparked emergency Wall St measures Banks needed two weekend meetings to clear backlogs of failed trades 16180 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Manufacturers call for more state help to save jobs Coronavirus bailout loan schemes still not helping larger, strategically important companies, MPs told 16179 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Managing the coronavirus challenge A look inside companies grappling with the consequences of the pandemic 16178 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Making sense of nonsensical Covid-19 strategy Before criticising their Covid-19 response, we should try to at least understand why the government acted as they did. We take a look at the latest SAGE minutes in an attempt to do so. 16177 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Make Covid-19 recovery green, say business leaders Well-known firms such as Asda and Lloyds Bank are urging ministers to prioritise the environment. 16176 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Major Hydroxychloroquine Trial Shows No Prevention Benefits A large, double-blind study examined 821 people who had been exposed to the virus. The drug was no better at stopping Covid-19 infection than a placebo. 16175 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Major gaps in understanding how land-use changes affect spread of diseases The quest to discover how new diseases—such as COVID-19—emerge and spread in response to global land-use change driven by human population expansion still contains "major gaps", researchers have claimed. 16174 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Major COVID Drug Study Accused of Relying on Falsified Data Last month, an apparent milestone drug trial study published in the esteemed journal The Lancet caught widespread media attention — including at Futurism . The study claimed that the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine — touted by president Donald Trump, among others — is linked to an increased risk of death, citing clinical results involving almost 100,000 patients from around the world. The re 16173 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Mail Handlers Used to Poke Holes in Envelopes to Battle Germs and Viruses The postal service and scientists say there’s no need to sanitize the mail today 16172 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Lægestafetten: De andre specialer har udvist stor respekt for os Da valget stod mellem at blive læge eller dyrlæge, valgte infektionsmediciner Karina Kirk menneskekontakten. Under coronakrisen har hun haft mange ekstravagter i frontlinjen, men hun synes, at det er fascinerende, hvordan en lille organisme kan lægge en hel verden ned. 16171 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Lægeapp runder 500.000 downloads Min Læge-appen har med hastige skridt rundet 500.000 downloads. COVID-19 og videokonsultationer har givet appen et stort boost, siger PLO-direktør. 16170 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Lyme Disease Season Is Here. These Are Tips on How to Avoid It. The basic symptoms mirror Covid-19, and that’s a worry nobody needs. Plus, a serious illness like Lyme could put you at greater risk from Covid. 16169 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Lungemedicinere: Risiko for permanente lungeskader efter COVID-19 skal afklares COVID-19 kan skabe varige skader i lungerne, selv om patienten er erklæret rask. Derfor er det ifølge flere lungemedicinerne vigtigt, at der bliver fulgt op på alle de patienter, der bliver udskrevet. Flere steder er der sat gang i forskning på området, og et af dem er i Region Midtjylland. 16168 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Loss of smell, taste changes associated with COVID-19: Canadian study Loss of smell (anosmia) and changes in taste (dysgeusia) were strongly associated with SARS-CoV-2, according to a Canadian study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) 16167 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Loss of Smell in COVID-19 Can Present with Brain Alterations MRI scans of a coronavirus patient suggest how SARS-CoV-2 might invade the brain — Read more on 16166 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Loosened lockdowns, corporate debt, SpaceX flight Hopes of a quick economic recovery gave global stocks a lift on Tuesday 16165 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Locked out: UK records sunniest month on record in May Britain's national weather agency has confirmed what most people cooped up at home during the coronavirus lockdown may have guessed—May was the sunniest month on record. 16164 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Lockdown will leave big holes on the UK high street The pandemic has changed shopping habits for ever 16163 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Lockdown stress puts paid to a coronavirus baby boom Couples reported their relationships improved in the pandemic, even if they had less sex 16162 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Lockdown relaxation may be moving too fast for safety, scientists warn Public health experts say new infections are still too numerous to risk lifting restrictions further 16161 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Lockdown leaves UK waste collectors feeling the pinch Overall levels of rubbish down as businesses shut and consumers stay at home 16160 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Lockdown i Valby: Version2 stresstester internettet Til trods for to teenagesønner med hang til gaming og mange videomøder har familien Heide klaret coronakrisen med en 100/20 Mbit/s-forbindelse. Ingeniørens test illustrerer hvorfor. 16159 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Lockdown countdown: a farmer and a fruit-picker face the future with hope — and trepidation In this FT series, people share their stories of this extraordinary time 16158 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Live World Updates on the Coronavirus Pandemic The World Health Organization temporarily stopped testing hydroxychloroquine, citing safety concerns. A key adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson created a furor after traveling in violation of the government’s rules. 16157 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus Updates: New Cases Multiply Worldwide The geography of the illness is changing. Brazil now has nearly as many deaths a day as the United States, and Egypt is seeing exponential growth in patients. 16156 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus Updates Asian nations are balancing reopenings against new infections. China’s virus apps are inching toward becoming a permanent fixture of life, with troubling implications. 16155 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus News: World Updates A fire tore through a Covid-19 ward in Bangladesh, killing five. And scientists are revising the timeline of when the virus reached Europe and the United States. 16154 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus News Updates “You see mass gatherings that could potentially be infecting hundreds and hundreds of people after everything we have done,” New York’s governor said. Hong Kong has banned an annual Tiananmen Square vigil, citing the virus. 16153 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus News and Updates Mixed messages have left many workers and their communities in the dark about the extent of the spread of the coronavirus. Crime has fallen in many U.S. cities during the pandemic. 16152 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus Global News Tracker: Latest Updates Americans took a varied approach to the holiday, with pool parties in some places and shuttered beaches in others. Social distancing measures could spur a last-minute venue change for the R.N.C. 16151 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Listen: Is Anyone Else Not Showering? James Hamblin spent years writing a book on hygiene beliefs and the new science of the skin microbiome. In it, he suggests that some people overuse cleansers and soaps, and may benefit from doing less. But now there’s a pandemic, and he also really wants to remind people to wash their hands. Jim tries to explain the nuances of good cleaning and bad cleaning—and why he does not shower in the tradi 16150 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Listen: Is America Going to Make It? If you watch the news, the country seems deeply divided about the coronavirus. But polls have shown an uncommon unity among Americans. On this episode of the podcast Social Distance , the staff writer James Fallows joins to share some historical perspective and answer the question he’s found himself grappling with across his decades-long career: Is America going to make it? Listen to the episode 16149 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Listen: How Limiting Protests Will Spread the Virus Protests responding to the killing of George Floyd have now spread to every state in the country and even internationally. Public-health experts have warned that the protests will lead to a spike in coronavirus infections, but what role does the policing of the protests play in that dynamic? Staff writer James Hamblin and executive producer Katherine Wells discuss on the podcast Social Distance : 16148 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Leveraging mobile phones to attain sustainable development [Social Sciences] For billions of people across the globe, mobile phones enable relatively cheap and effective communication, as well as access to information and vital services on health, education, society, and the economy. Drawing on context-specific evidence on the effects of the digital revolution, this study provides empirical support for the idea… 16147 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Let your kids be bored—its healthy. Let them have some iPad time. (iStock/) Nermeen Dashoush, Ph.D., is a mother of two and a clinical assistant professor of Early Childhood Education at Boston University. She was a classroom teacher for over 10 years in New York City. This story originally featured on Working Mother . I have given a lot of advice to parents during my career as a New York City classroom teacher and professor of ear 16146 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Lessons of lockdown help disabled people at work Remote working shows how businesses can become more inclusive 16145 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Less worry may mean more COVID-19 risk for older men Older men may be at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 because they worry less about catching or dying from it, according to a new study. This is a concern because older men are already more at risk of severe or fatal COVID-19 infections. Data from the CDC show the fatality rate of COVID-19 steadily rises with age, and that men are more at risk than women. To test levels of worry and protective 16144 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Learn from Rwandas success in tackling COVID-19 16143 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Law firms cut hiring to ride out pandemic Poaching from rivals has dried up as firms prioritise the most essential roles 16142 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Lavt smittetryk truer maskeforsøg: »Hvis sygdommen forsvinder, er det svært at undersøge« PLUS. Tirsdag stopper dansk forskningsprojekt med 6000 deltagere. Håbet er, at det endeligt kan fastslå, om brug af ansigtsmasker beskytter mod samfundssmitte med covid-19 eller ej. 16141 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Latam Airlines files for bankruptcy after collapse in demand Latin America’s biggest carrier is latest casualty of coronavirus crisis 16140 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Largest Study Yet Finds Chloroquine Increases Risk of Death in COVID-19 Patients It spanned 671 hospitals and 6 continents. 16139 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Landmark Manchester pub says 2-metre rule to reopen doesnt work Owner of Britons Protection says city centre pub needs 70% of usual patrons to break even Two months after the Britons Protection pub in Manchester city centre had to close its doors, the business’s owner, Mark West, doesn’t know when it will reopen, a source of frustration for him and his furloughed staff. The specialist ale and whisky pub, which has been serving the city’s drinkers including ar 16138 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Lancet, NEJM Retract Surgispheres Studies on COVID-19 Patients All authors other than company founder and CEO Sapan Desai were "unable to complete an independent audit of the data," The Lancet states. 16137 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Lancet, NEJM retract controversial COVID-19 studies based on Surgisphere data Two days after issuing expression of concerns about controversial papers on Covid-19, The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine have retracted the articles because a number of the authors were not granted access to the underlying data. The Lancet paper, “Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19: a … Continue reading 16136 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Kronik om forskning: Samarbejde med Kina skal foregå på et reflekteret og informeret grundlag Covid-19 afgav tid til at analysere de dansk-kinesiske samarbejder inden for forskning og uddannelse for Thomas Trøst Hansen i hans første tid som ny dansk innovationsattaché i Shanghai. 16135 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Kim Jong Un demands money from North Koreas elite Pyongyang issues rare bond as coronavirus and sanctions batter economy 16134 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Killing the Coronavirus With UV Light Shows Promise We’ve known for a century that UVC light, a highly energetic shortwave form of UV light, is capable of destroying viruses on a cellular level — and scientists are hopeful the same technology could be used against the coronavirus that causes COVID. China has been leading the charge, using UVC light to clean bank notes , disinfect public buses , and zap viruses inside hospitals . US cities are also 16133 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Killing coronavirus with handheld ultraviolet light device may be feasible A personal, handheld device emitting high-intensity ultraviolet light to disinfect areas by killing the novel coronavirus is now feasible, according to researchers. 16132 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Kenya farmers face uncertain future as Covid-19 cuts exports to EU Horticulture industry losing $1m a day even as restrictions in European markets ease 16131 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Kemoterapi efter COVID-19-diagnose øger risikoen for dødsfald Patienter, der bliver behandlet for lungekræft med kemoterapi inden for tre måneder fra diagnose COVID-19, har øget risiko for at dø. Det viser nye forskning, som netop er præsenteret på ASCO. 16130 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Kazakhstans new leadership, faced with concurrent challenges of volatile oil prices and the coronavirus pandemic, has approved nineteen new renewable energy projects worth $1.1 billion in the countrys latest effort to go green and diversify its energy supply. 16129 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Kan beteendeekonomi hjälpa oss ur coronakrisen? Hur vi människor beter oss under en pandemi är centralt för hur väl vi klarar oss ur den. Så hur kan en liten knuff påverka vårt beteende i rätt riktning? Forskaren Nurit Nobel förklarar vetenskapen bakom att uppmuntra bra beteenden – och hur det kan hjälpa oss i coronatider. Puffning, eller nudge -teori, är ett begrepp som används i beteendeekonomi och som beskriver olika sätt att påverka männis 16128 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. K number: what is the coronavirus metric that could be crucial as lockdown eases? The K value sheds light on how the transmission rate varies and can help identify clusters Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage When deciding how and when lockdown restrictions will be lifted across the UK, the government has said the R value , denoting how many people on average one infected person will themselves infect, is crucial. But experts say another metric is bec 16127 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Junk bond nightmare of hair roots and split ends In a fresh Covid-19 wave, Sally Beauty may beg for cash with nothing left for collateral 16126 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Junior researchers hit by coronavirus-triggered hiring freezes 16125 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Johnson stops advisers commenting on Cummings lockdown trips UK prime minister says it would be wrong for chief scientific and medical officers to discuss ‘political’ matter 16124 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Johnson outlines phased reopening of shops and schools Groups of up to 6 able to meet outdoors in England from Monday while maintaining social distancing 16123 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Johnson blocks top scientists from talking about Cummings PM gags Vallance and Whitty when they are asked if Cummings breached lockdown Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson has blocked his two most senior scientific advisers from answering questions on whether his senior aide, Dominic Cummings, broke the lockdown. At No 10’s daily press conference , the prime minister twice prevented questions from journalists who 16122 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Joe Biden Names His Enemies Paul Spella / The Atlantic* No other major-party nominee in history has called the political forces whipped up by a sitting president of the United States enemies of America . But that’s what Joe Biden did today. “My fellow Americans, we’re facing formidable enemies. They include not only the coronavirus and the terrible impacts to the lives and livelihoods, but also the selfishness and fear that 16121 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Jared Diamond: lessons from a pandemic The coronavirus crisis should usher in an age of global co-operation, argues the Pulitzer Prize-winning geographer 16120 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Japans birth rates, contact tracing in India Japanese couples are putting off parenthood over coronavirus concerns 16119 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Japan model has beaten coronavirus, Shinzo Abe declares Prime minister lifts state of emergency nationwide after seven weeks of shutdown 16118 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Japan ends its state of emergency The country’s COVID-19 countermeasures relied on voluntary social distancing and limited testing 16117 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Japan delays approval of Fujifilm drug for treating coronavirus Prime minister Shinzo Abe had indicated that Avigan could be given go-ahead for use this month 16116 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Jane Goodall: humanity is finished if it fails to adapt after Covid-19. Primatologist calls for overhaul of food habits to prevent a future pandemic 16115 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Jane Goodall: humanity is finished if it fails to adapt after Covid-19 Primatologist calls for overhaul of food habits to prevent a future pandemic Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Humanity will be “finished” if we fail to drastically change our food systems in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis, the prominent naturalist Jane Goodall has warned. She blamed the emergence of Covid-19 on the over-exploitation of the 16114 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. It-sikkerhed efter corona: Byg mure rundt om brugeren – ikke arbejdspladsen! Der er grund til at lære af det nye trusselsbillede og post-corona vælge en ny strategisk tilgang, hvor sikkerheden følger brugeren. 16113 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Its tough to get seeds, but you can garden with scraps Some of the fruits and vegetables you buy have seeds in them. Can you plant those? It depends. Here are answers to that question, courtesy of Chris Gunter , a professor of horticultural science at North Carolina State University and vegetable specialist for NC State Extension: There’s been a dramatic surge in interest in gardening during the COVID-19 pandemic—and that’s made it hard for home gard 16112 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Its Not Whether You Were Exposed to the Virus. Its How Much. The pathogen is proving a familiar adage: The dose makes the poison. 16111 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Its game on for an EU of common purpose What the new coronavirus recovery plan does and does not do 16110 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Italys seas speak: No tourists or boats mean cleaner water Pollution from human and agriculture waste spilling into the seas off Rome has decreased 30% during Italy's coronavirus lockdown, preliminary results from a nationwide survey of seawater quality indicate. 16109 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Italien trodser privacy-bekymringer og lancerer corona-app Mange italienerne virker modvillige til at tage den nye corona-app i brug. 16108 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Italian bonds gain on EUs coronavirus recovery plans Proposals help country’s debt narrow gap with its German benchmark 16107 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. It may take up to a year to get through elective surgeries due to COVID-19 A new study by Johns Hopkins researchers found that it may take between seven and 16 months for surgeons to complete the backlog of elective orthopaedic surgeries that have been suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic. This accounts for more than a million surgeries in the US for spinal fusion and knee and hip replacements. 16106 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Israel battles surge in coronavirus infections in schools Almost 10,000 students and teachers go into quarantine 2 weeks after schools reopen 16105 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Is This the Worlds Worst Virus-Tracking App? To track those who may have caught the coronavirus, the city of Moscow implemented a “Social Monitoring” app. The app is supposed to ensure that residents stay in the safety of their homes by demanding selfies at random intervals. It also tracks their location using GPS. Those who don’t upload a selfie proving they’re still at home face a fine of about $56 each time, according to the Associated P 16104 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Is the “science” behind the lockdown any good?–following-the-science—but-is-the-science-any-good–/ (Spoiler: it’s a lot better than nothing. But it should not be followed at the expense of all else.) 16103 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Is it ethical to infect people for COVID-19 vaccine research? A new paper outlines a set of guidelines to guide researchers on an ethical approach to deliberately infecting volunteers who have been given a vaccine candidate with COVID-19. This may significantly speed up the process of vaccine development and potentially save many lives, according to the paper. “…it is incorrect to rule out human challenge experiments as unethical in relation to COVID-19 vac 16102 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Ireland plunged back into fight against deficit and job losses Coronavirus hit to growth stokes tensions over spending as parties attempt to form coalition 16101 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Investor plans £15bn support for UK companies toiling with crisis loans Business Growth Fund proposes state-backed scheme to aid indebted companies emerging from pandemic 16100 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Introducing the Zoom interview: tips for job hunting during the coronavirus pandemic 16099 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Interventional radiologists modify protocol for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic Radiologists who perform cross-sectional interventional procedures can take several steps to minimize the risks to patients and radiology personnel, including screening referred patients to decide which procedures can be postponed, using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), minimizing the number of people involved in procedures, preserving PPE when possible, and applying proper room an 16098 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Insurers should be willing to negotiate coronavirus claims to avoid courts being overwhelmed, study Insurers should be open to negotiating coronavirus claims to avoid courts becoming overwhelmed with disputes, a new study warns. 16097 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. In-person retail therapy may be gone for good Retail isn’t going back to normal, says a professor of marketing and psychological science. For merchants, expecting a return to pre-pandemic business is not a strategy for success, says Eric Spangenberg, dean of the University of California, Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business. Those who can innovate and put together the best alternatives to business as usual, he says, will be in the stronge 16096 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Inhibitory antibodies identify unique sites of therapeutic vulnerability in rhinovirus and other enteroviruses [Biophysics and Computational Biology] The existence of multiple serotypes renders vaccine development challenging for most viruses in the Enterovirus genus. An alternative and potentially more viable strategy for control of these viruses is to develop broad-spectrum antivirals by targeting highly conserved proteins that are indispensable for the virus life cycle, such as the 3C… 16095 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Indias draconian lockdown gives way to a sudden easing With the economy collapsing, New Delhi is lifting restrictions — as the death toll rises 16094 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. India expands use of controversial drug for coronavirus despite safety concerns 16093 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. India evacuates 10,000 from homes, virus hospital ahead of cyclone More than 10,000 people, including some coronavirus patients, were moved to safer locations Tuesday as India's west coast braced for a cyclone, the first such storm to threaten Mumbai in more than 70 years. 16092 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. In wake of global shutdowns, researchers expect water quality to improve Researchers have mapped declines in air pollution after lockdowns were imposed around the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but those are not the only environmental impacts they expect to see. They think the cleaner air could also mean cleaner water—at least in the short term. 16091 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. In virus-hit South Korea, AI monitors lonely elders 16090 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. In a technology-reliant time, researcher studies why people with disabilities are less likely to use technology In a time when people are self-isolating due to COVID-19 restrictions, technology allows people to work from home through Zoom and to chat with friends and family through social media. This is not so for many individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). 16089 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Impact of COVID-19 infection in blood cancer patients One of the first studies to investigate the outcome of COVID-19 infection in patients with blood cancer has been conducted by clinical researchers from Queen Mary University of London and Barts Health NHS Trust. 16088 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Immunology with Pam — lockdown silver lining 16087 ….. ( Hentet: 21. maj 2020 ) ….. Immunity to coronaviruses: What do we know so far? A new article discusses the existing knowledge about immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses, and how this could be used to inform virus control strategies. 16086 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Images in neurology: Brain of patient with COVID-19, smell loss This case report describes a 25-year-old female radiographer with no significant medical history who had been working in a COVID-19 ward who presented with a mild dry cough that lasted for one day, followed by persistent severe anosmia (loss of smell) and dysgeusia (an impaired sense of taste). 16085 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Im an NHS consultant. Were exhausted – and a second surge is on its way We have learned a lot about coronavirus, but UK hospitals face huge challenges ahead Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Now that the dust has settled and we have time to reflect, what have we learned from the first peak of Covid-19? And how will we cope with another one? We now understand this illness a lot better than we did. We know what it does to people who are sick 16084 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Im 21 and have had chemotherapy during lockdown. I was one of the lucky ones Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, many hospitals have suspended routine cancer surgeries and chemotherapies Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage When I was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the beginning of February, my mind immediately turned not to the illness and pain I knew would have to endure, but to the sadness of putting my life on pause. I cou 16083 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Illinois taps Federal Reserve for $1.2bn emergency funding First loan from $500bn municipal liquidity facility aimed at easing virus impact 16082 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. If you took to growing veggies in the coronavirus pandemic, then keep it up when lockdown ends The COVID-19 pandemic produced a run on the things people need to produce their own food at home, including vegetable seedlings, seeds and chooks. 16081 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. I would not recommend this. A scientists hydroxychloroquine trial—and his advice to Trump A study found the drug doesn’t prevent COVID-19 in people who were in close contact with a patient 16080 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. I Will Miss What I Wanted to Lose (Courtesy of Rosanne Cash) N ear the end of my tour, in March, the coronavirus cases were rising back home in New York, and the emergency declarations kept coming, as we left California, as we left Colorado, as we got to Idaho. “I just want to go home,” I told John, my husband and musical partner, over and over. On the day of our Boise show, the Idaho governor declared a state of emergency. John 16079 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. I had an active life: How are shielders surviving lockdown? Millions of people with underlying health conditions have not left the house for more than two months Global coronavirus updates – live Coronavirus latest: at a glance “Shielding is lonely, hard work and stressful,” says Vicki Milner, 26, in Bristol. Her asthma means Milner’s lung capacity is that of someone in their 50s. She is one of millions of people with underlying health conditions in the U 16078 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. I Didnt Have Any Graduation Wisdom. So I Asked 19 Smart People Instead. Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series of commencement addresses commissioned by The Atlantic for students who will not be able to attend their graduations because of the pandemic. Find the collection here . In late January, I agreed to give a commencement speech at the high school I went to. I had vague ideas about what I might say—probably something about the perils of following predef 16077 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. I Cant Breathe: Braving Tear Gas in a Pandemic The first time I was teargassed, in Istanbul, Turkey, I thought I was going to die. Overwhelming pain flooded my eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. I couldn’t breathe. The most recent time I was teargassed, in November in Hong Kong, I paused to assess the situation, and nonchalantly reached for my mask in my backpack. I had ducked into a building in the middle of Hong Kong’s swirling protests and had 16076 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Hyper-innovation: COVID-19 will forever change the way we teach kids Long-held structures in the education system, like classroom confines and schedules, have held back innovation for a long time, says education leader Richard Culatta. In the coronavirus era, we have been able to shake some of those rigid structures loose, making way for creativity and, ultimately, a more open mindset. When creativity and technology combine, learning can become so much more than d 16075 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Hydroxychloroquine isnt the miracle COVID-19 treatment many hoped it would be In a large review in The Lancet, people who took hydroxychloroquine had a higher mortality rate than those with COVID-19 who didn’t take the medication. (Pixabay/) Hydroxychloroquine has had a bit of a notorious reputation since the drug was first proposed as a treatment for COVID-19. Without much experience to go on, researchers and doctors jumped into trials in the hopes that the medicine would 16074 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Hydroxychloroquine doesnt prevent COVID-19 after exposure Hydroxychloroquine is not effective in preventing the development of COVID-19 when taken after exposure to prevent infection, clinical trial results show. The trial is the first completed double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of hydroxychloroquine for disease prevention. “While we had hope this drug would work in this context, our study demonstrates that hydroxychloroquine is no bett 16073 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Hydroxychloroquine Does Not Protect Against COVID-19, Clinical Trial Suggests No better than a placebo, and in some ways, worse. 16072 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Hydrogen-Powered Trains Promise for Green Economy in India. The year 2020 is expected to become the year of the hydrogen fuel cells in India. 16071 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Hver sjette kernebruger af offentlig transport stiger om efter covid-19 PLUS. En del af de frafaldne tager nu bilen, og den grønne omstilling af transporten og kampen mod trængsel er sat tilbage på ubestemt tid. 16070 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Hvad er det lige, der sker? Færre føder for tidligt under corona, og ingen ved hvorfor Nyt studie viser et stort fald i antallet af meget for tidligt fødte børn. 16069 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Hundar kan lukta sig till coronaviruset Hundar kan avslöja om en person har covid-19, med stor säkerhet, enligt finska forskare. Se videon på hur det går till när hundarna nosar upp viruset. 16068 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Human neutralizing antibodies elicited by SARS-CoV-2 infection 16067 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. How would Ursula von der Leyen’s coronavirus recovery fund work? Science
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science 16066 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. How Will We Remember the Coronavirus Pandemic? Years later, our memories of the pandemic may be somewhat distorted because of the way our brain processes emotions and events. 16065 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. How will the UKs new 14-day coronavirus quarantine work? MPs raise concerns about potentially limited impact of measures compared with damage they could do to industry Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage All international arrivals into the UK, including returning British residents, will be required to self-isolate for 14 days . Continue reading… 16064 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. How will Englands coronavirus test-and-trace system work? NHS system relies upon an increase in testing and for people to be required to self-isolate Government unveils test-and-trace strategy Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage England’s new “NHS test-and-trace” system kicks in when a patient receives a positive test result for coronavirus. Continue reading… 16063 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. How were turning local environmental problems into global issues by engineering nature The current coronavirus pandemic is a poignant example of our hyperconnected planet. A small, localized infection in Wuhan, China, rapidly spread around the world on transcontinental flight paths in a remarkable and transformative fashion. 16062 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. How to Use Masks during the Coronavirus Pandemic What kinds of face coverings work for protection against COVID-19? How do you use them safely? A series of simple steps outlines the answers — Read more on 16061 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. How to Recover From Covid-19 at Home Rest and fluids are essential, but not always enough. Here are some more things you can do to feel better. 16060 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. How to Read a Coronavirus Study, or Any Science Paper Published scientific research, like any piece of writing, is a peculiar literary genre. 16059 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. How to quickly scale up contact tracing across the US | Joia Mukherjee Contact tracing — the process of identifying people who may have been exposed to the coronavirus in order to slow its spread — is a fundamental tool in the fight against COVID-19. How can we scale this critical work across the entire United States? Joia Mukherjee, chief medical officer of Partners in Health, discusses how her team is working with public health agencies to ramp up contact tracing 16058 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. How to Make Your Virtual Jam Session Sound—and Look—Good You know those videos of musicians rocking out from their living rooms, laid out in a grid? Here's how they're made. 16057 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. How to keep supply chains reliable when the worlds upended In March, as COVID-19 cases spiked across the United States, hospitals faced a harrowing shortage of crucial medical supplies, from face masks and ventilators to the nasal swabs and chemicals needed for testing kits. In the ensuing weeks, there's been a growing concern over wider drug shortages, since—according to FDA figures—72% of active-ingredient manufacturing for medicines sold in the U.S. is 16056 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. How to get kids through the ambiguous loss of rituals With rituals like graduations canceled or moving online during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jennifer Greif Green, Alissa Greif Ovadia, and Geoffrey L. Greif explain how you can help your children handle the “ambiguous loss” that comes with those changes: Rituals provide societies honored methods of coming together to celebrate accomplishments, to mark commitments, and to say goodbye. We know to throw o 16055 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. How the U.S. Fought the 1957 Flu Pandemic The story of the medical researcher whose quick action protected millions of Americans from a new contagion 16054 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. How the coronavirus increases terrorism threats in the developing world As the coronavirus reaches developing countries in Africa and Asia, the pandemic will have effects beyond public health and economic activity. As the disease wreaks its havoc in areas poorly equipped to handle its spread, terrorism likely will increase there as well. 16053 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. How the coronavirus could be prevented from invading a host cell–htc052920.php How might the novel coronavirus be prevented from entering a host cell in an effort to thwart infection? A team of biomedical scientists has made a discovery that points to a solution. The scientists, led by Maurizio Pellecchia in the UC Riverside School of Medicine, report in the journal Molecules that two proteases — enzymes that break down proteins — located on the surface of host cells and r 16052 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. How tech companies can help combat the pandemic and reshape public health | Karen DeSalvo Karen DeSalvo, the chief health officer at Google, explains the partnership between big tech and public health in slowing the spread of COVID-19 — and discusses a new contact tracing technology recently rolled out by Google and Apple that aims to ease the burden on health workers and provide scientists critical time to create a vaccine. (This virtual conversation, hosted by current affairs curato 16051 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. How small-scale fishers are struggling amid COVID-19 crisis As COVID-19 affects global food systems, tremendous impacts are being felt by coastal communities and small-scale fishers, many of whom are self-employed and rely on the catch to feed their own households or local communities. 16050 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. How scientific conferences will survive the coronavirus shock 16049 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. How pandemics past and present fuel the rise of mega-corporations In June 1348, people in England began reporting mysterious symptoms. They started off as mild and vague: headaches, aches, and nausea. This was followed by painful black lumps, or buboes, growing in the armpits and groin, which gave the disease its name: bubonic plague. The last stage was a high fever, and then death. 16048 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. How New Zealand Used Evidence-Based Policies to Beat The Pandemic No new cases for 5 days. 16047 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. How lockdown is changing shopping for good In a warehouse in Secaucus, New Jersey, a handful of people stand around the base of a white box as big as a house. Every few seconds a plastic bin emerges from an opening in its sleek walls. Someone reaches in and grabs an item of lingerie or swimwear, and then the bin is gone again—whisked back inside the box to be restacked among 33,000 others arranged in row upon row of floor-to-ceiling tower 16046 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. How hydroxychloroquine causes heartbeat problems Researchers have used an optical mapping system in animal models to observe exactly how the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine creates serious disturbances in the electrical signals that govern heartbeat. The malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which some people have promoted as a potential treatment for COVID-19, is known to have potentially serious effects on heart rhythms. The new research found tha 16045 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. How has Cummings harmed the fight against coronavirus? Heres the scientific answer | Rowland Kao Boris Johnson’s adviser is a fan of game theory, so he should know how selfish decisions sabotage the common good Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Much of the attention over Dominic Cummings’ family trip from London to Durham has focused on the moral and legal questions. Did his actions obey the letter of lockdown restrictions , which require every person to stay clos 16044 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. How Fitness Will Change Forever Editor’s Note: This article is part of “ Uncharted ,” a series about the world we’re leaving behind, and the one being remade by the pandemic. It’s Day One of the reopened future, and as people have always done when it’s time for a new start, you head to the gym. Well, hold on. We should begin before Day One, because you’ll actually have booked this time slot the week before. It’s good for 90 min 16043 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. How Fear Spreads Coronavirus Photographs by Tony Luong O n a Friday afternoon in mid-April, Gladys Vega received a disturbing message: A woman hospitalized with COVID-19 needed food for the 11-year-old daughter she’d left at home. Worried that the girl would go hungry, Vega rushed out of her office and into the tangle of downtown Chelsea, Massachusetts, a 1.8-square-mile city across the Mystic River from Boston. The 52-year- 16042 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. How Europes CHEOPS satellite will improve the hunt for exoplanets While the planet has been on lockdown the last two months, a new space telescope called CHEOPS opened its eyes, took its first pictures of the heavens and is now open for business. 16041 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. How ecotourism can harm indigenous communities Let's time travel to the post-COVID future. It's almost time for summer vacation and you're scrolling on your laptop looking for vacation ideas. Suddenly, an ad pops up from a travel agency: Join the environmentally conscious community and invest in ecotourism! 16040 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. How do you motivate workers who are managed by an algorithm? Many businesses turned to remote workers to continue their operations after states issued stay-at-home orders to reduce COVID-19 infections. It's a trend that is likely to continue long after the coronavirus is controlled. 16039 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. How do land-use changes affect the spread of diseases between animals and people? Most new viruses and other pathogens that arise in humans are transmitted from other animals, as in the case of the virus that causes COVID-19. A recent review published in Mammal Review examines how changes in land-use–such as deforestation, urbanization, and conversion to agriculture–have affected such transmission. 16038 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. How do dogs help us adjust to social distancing and other COVID-19 challenges? Brian Hare, Ph.D. professor of evolutionary anthropology and director of Duke Canine Cognition Center, discussed how dogs help people to adjust to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. 16037 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. How countries are using genomics to help avoid a second coronavirus wave 16036 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. How Cognitive Tech Can Prevent a Food Crisis The pandemic is threatening the food supply chain, but automation can fill crucial gaps — Read more on 16035 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. How can any scientists stand by this government now? | Richard Horton The Cummings saga has made it plain that scientific advisers are shielding the government’s collapsing reputation on coronavirus • Richard Horton is a doctor and edits the Lancet Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Dominic Cummings predicted the events that have threatened both him and the government he serves. Writing on his blog in 2014, in an essay he called The Hollo 16034 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. How Anti-Science Attitudes Have Impacted the Coronavirus Pandemic in Brazil A leading Brazilian scientist discusses the challenges faced by the country, which has the world’s third-highest number of COVID-19 cases — Read more on 16033 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. How an Immunology Blog Became a Covid-19 Guide to Going Out With lockdowns ending, people have a lot of questions about how to calculate the risks of returning to everyday activities. Erin Bromage has answers. 16032 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. How African feminists are helping to sustain peace in a pandemic Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, African feminists have been essential in responding with care to the challenges facing their communities. COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Africa, but not at the exponential rate experienced in other parts of the world, suggesting the success of early prevention measures. Yet, grassroots feminists also point out that the pandemic has laid bare inequalities that hav 16031 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. How a lab happiness programme is helping me through the COVID-19 crisis 16030 ….. ( Hentet: 24. maj 2020 ) ….. How a global Manhattan Project could end pandemics 16029 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. How a Crowdsourcing Challenge Turbocharged Brain Research During Lockdown “I had a dream my paintbrush split while I was picking up brain slices. Nightmare scenario, right? Then I woke up and thought: I really miss the lab,” a neuroscientist friend of mine recently lamented over a virtual happy hour. She’s not alone. As the pandemic spread across the US, neuroscience labs shuttered their doors, leaving behind half-finished experiments, aging lab animals, and precious b 16028 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. HLH research points to treatment for COVID-19 cytokine storms ScienceDaily
">" data-uri="subscription/">ScienceDaily 16027 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. His Body Doesnt Belong to Me I’m proud of my partner’s work as a doctor during Covid-19. So why is it giving me flashbacks to my experiments with open relationships? 16026 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. High-speed rail on Australias east coast would increase emissions for up to 36 years Bullet trains are back on the political agenda. As the major parties look for ways to stimulate the economy after the COVID-19 crisis, Labor is again spruiking its vision of linking Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane with high-speed trains similar to the Eurostar, France's TGV or Japan's Shinkansen. 16025 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Higher education system faces the inequities COVID-19 exposes The COVID-19 pandemic has created a crisis across higher education, for both institutions and learners. But these new challenges are coming to rest on old inequalities that kept many low and middle-income Americans from attending college or earning a degree. 16024 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. High rates of COVID-19 on American Indian reservations – water and language barriers affect risk Early in the pandemic, American Indian Reservations have experienced a disproportionately high incidence of COVID-19 infections: four times higher than in the US population, reports a study in the July/August issue of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. The special issue of JPHMP focuses on COVID-19, with commentaries and scientific articles describing the pandemic in the United 16023 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. High blood pressure linked to increased risk of dying from COVID-19 EurekAlert! – Breaking News
">" data-uri="subscription/">EurekAlert! – Breaking News 16022 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Heres what we have to do to show a coronavirus vaccine works The moonshot program to come up with a vaccine against covid-19 is advancing faster than anyone could have hoped. At least four experimental vaccines have been shown to protect monkeys, and three of those are already being given to brave human volunteers. The aim is a vaccine by January, and money is no object. On May 21, the US said it would throw $1.2 billion behind a vaccine from Oxford Univer 16021 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Heres How Wuhan Tested 6.5 Million for Coronavirus in Days The Wuhan government is close to completing its citywide testing drive. Thousands of medical and other workers were mobilized in a feat that some health experts and residents questioned. 16020 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Heat and coronavirus can be twin killers 16019 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Heart surgery stalled as COVID-19 spread In two recent journal articles, Dr. Marc Ruel explores how hospitals worldwide scaled back on heart surgeries as the pandemic hit, and how they can resume those operations in a world still plagued by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 16018 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Health experts fear US protests will lead to coronavirus surge Crowds, chanting and mass arrests are risk factors that could fuel spread of Covid-19 16017 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Head of UK test and trace system warns wont be world-class at start Programme to avert new spike in coronavirus infections set to launch on Thursday 16016 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Happy-Go-Lucky in the Time of COVID-19 New research highlights the risks of unrealistic optimism during the coronavirus pandemic — Read more on 16015 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Hancock: it is publics civic duty to follow test-and-trace instructions in England If voluntary advice to stay at home for 14 days fails government will enforce compliance says health secretary How will England’s test-and-trace system work? Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Matt Hancock exhorted the public to do their “civic duty” and stay at home when instructed, as he launched a new test and trace system in the face of warnings from council leaders 16014 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Hancock criticised by regulator over UK coronavirus testing figures Daily numbers ‘far from complete and comprehensible’, says head of statistics body 16013 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Hackers targeting UK research labs amid vaccine race – GCHQ chief China among hostile states believed to be trying to steal secrets during pandemic Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Britain’s intelligence agencies are working urgently to prevent hackers from hostile states, including China, trying to steal the secrets of a potential coronavirus vaccine, the head of GCHQ has said. Giving a rare interview to the Cheltenham science fest 16012 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. GSK to produce 1bn doses of coronavirus vaccine booster in 2021 World’s largest vaccine maker in talks with governments over manufacturing expansion Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage GlaxoSmithKline plans to produce 1bn doses of vaccine efficacy boosters, or adjuvants, next year for use in Covid-19 treatment. The world’s largest vaccine maker said it was in talks with governments to back a manufacturing expansion that would help to 16011 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. GSK targets production of 1bn doses of coronavirus vaccine booster Drugmaker says adjuvant would allow for more doses and offer longer-lasting immunity 16010 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. GSA publishes articles on COVID-19 and aging; plus infographics on agesim and immunity The Gerontological Society of America's highly cited, peer-reviewed journals are now publishing scientific articles on COVID-19, and all are free to access. The Society has also released two new infographics on ageism and immunity. 16009 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Growing evidence that minority ethnic groups in England may be at higher risk of COVID-19 Evidence available to date suggests that minority ethnic groups in England, particularly black and south Asian people, may be at increased risk of testing positive for Covid-19, compared to people from white British backgrounds, according to a study published in the open access journal BMC Medicine. 16008 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Groups of up to six people allowed to meet in England from Monday Boris Johnson announces further easing of coronavirus lockdown measures including reopening of dentists Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Up to six friends or relatives will be able to gather in parks and gardens from Monday, two metres apart, Boris Johnson has said in a cautious easing of lockdown restrictions in England. Dentists will also be able to reopen from 8 Ju 16007 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. Grief, lockdown and coronavirus: a looming mental health crisis Science
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science 16006 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Grief on the Front Line–and Beyond In their own voices, health care workers from across the country reflect on coping with the coronavirus — Read more on 16005 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Green bailouts: relying on carbon offsetting will let polluting airlines off the hook The coronavirus pandemic has grounded thousands of aircraft, contributing to the largest-ever annual fall in CO₂ emissions. At some point though, the planes will soar again and with them, global emissions. 16004 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. GPs not warned of lockdown easing for shielded groups Family doctors say additional freedoms were announced without any consultation 16003 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Governments stimulus program to boost consumer spending The world has been experiencing an unprecedented economic downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A significant number of economic activities have shut down. With increasing unemployment, economists are devising and proposing economic measures that could help ensure a sustainable increase in consumer spending and circumvent a long-term economic recession. However, whether the proposed economic meas 16002 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Government target of 200,000 Covid-19 tests meaningless Senior scientists say published data on testing doesn’t adhere to basic rules of statistics Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The government’s target of hitting 200,000 Covid-19 daily tests by Monday has been described as “meaningless” by senior scientists, who say that the published data on testing does not adhere to the basic rules of statistics. Experts told the Gua 16001 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Government defends decision to ease English lockdown restrictions But foreign secretary says the country is at ‘sensitive moment’ 16000 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Got my fingers crossed. As ITER fusion project marks milestone, chief ponders pandemic impact First major piece of huge machine installed 15999 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Going Viral, or Not, in the Milky Way Is the pandemic a rehearsal for our own cosmic mortality? 15998 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Glucocorticoids are harmful in treating viral respiratory infections Glucocorticoids, which are widely used as treatment in intensive care, can nearly quadruple the death rate of patients suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome. Researchers at the University of Turku, Finland, discovered the reason for the higher mortality. The findings are also important in the fight against COVID-19 disease. 15997 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Global stocks rise as lockdown easing boosts sentiment Loosening of coronavirus restrictions helps investors shrug off US-China tensions 15996 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Global report: WHO says the Americas are centre of pandemic as cases surge Pan American Health Organization warns of ‘very tough’ weeks ahead; US approaches 100,000 deaths; New Zealand has fifth day with no cases Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The Americas have emerged as the new centre of the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said, as a US study forecast deaths surging in Brazil and other Latin American countri 15995 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Global report: US suspends travel from Brazil as schools reopen in parts of Australia Chile’s president says hospitals are ‘very close to limit’, France records lowest number of daily Covid-19 cases since March, India restarts domestic flights Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage President Donald Trump has further limited travel to the US from the world’s coronavirus hotspots by denying entry to foreigners coming from Brazil , which is second to the US in 15994 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Glimpses of the post-pandemic world Shake-up of industrial landscape gives us an idea of the new normal 15993 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Gig economy may hold some hope for jobs in age of COVID-19 Hundreds of thousands of Australians are out of work as a result of COVID-19, but a QUT expert says some may find new jobs through digital platforms, particularly in areas like food delivery, writing, law, accountancy, home maintenance, IT or graphic design. 15992 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Get in line: British shoppers set for lengthy waits as high streets reopen Consumers urged to stay calm and carry on spending as lockdown eases 15991 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Germanys Covid-19 spikes present fresh challenges as lockdown lifts Outbreaks after family parties in Göttingen illustrate the problems of containing virus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Several gatherings of extended families in the north-western German city of Göttingen two weekends ago have resulted in a local spike of the coronavirus, which authorities say has highlighted the need to stick to physical distancing rules. Continue 15990 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. George Osborne urges UK to write off Covid-19 business debt Science
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science 15989 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Genetics is not why more BAME people die of coronavirus: structural racism is | Winston Morgan Yes, more people of black, Latin and south Asian origin are dying, but there is no genetic ‘susceptibility’ behind it From the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an attempt to use science to explain the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on different groups through the prism of race. Data from the UK and the US suggests that people categorised as black, Hispanic (Latino) and south 15988 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Genetic study reveals similarities and differences of COVID-19 and SARS viruses Researchers have identified specific portions of the genetic codes of the COVID-19 and SARS viruses that may promote the viruses' lifecycles. The new technique is researchers' first tool for determining what genetic sequences stored as RNA — DNA's chemical cousin — are more stable. The research team named their technique Fate-seq because it aims to determine the fate of a genetic sequence, wheth 15987 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Genes May Leave Some People More Vulnerable to Severe Covid-19 Geneticists have turned up intriguing links between DNA and the disease. Patients with Type A blood, for example, seem to be at greater risk. 15986 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Gang of Monkeys Steals COVID Blood Samples in India It sounds like the opening of a bad apocalyptic zombie movie. A gang of monkeys in India stole a batch of blood samples taken from patients who tested positive for COVID-19, according to Reuters . We shouldn’t have to tell you why this is bad news. The monkeys raided a lab at a state owned medical college in Meerut, an Indian city. “Monkeys grabbed and fled with the blood samples of four COVID-19 15985 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Fynsk robotløsning poder automatisk for covid-19 Robotforskere fra Syddansk Universitet har udviklet en løsning så en robotarm kan pode for covid-19 uden menneskelig indblanding. Prototypen har med succes podet flere forskere. 15984 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. FTSE 100 faces big reshuffle as pandemic takes its toll EasyJet and Carnival expected to drop out after chaos in travel industry 15983 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. From behind the Coronavirus Mask, an Unseen Smile Can Still Be Heard Emotion researcher Ursula Hess explains why a facial expression can be detected when obscured by a face covering — Read more on 15982 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. French tests show mild infection protects strongly against coronavirus Study will help ease concerns those with mild forms of disease do not develop robust immunity 15981 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. French tests show even mild coronavirus illness leads to antibodies Study raises hope of immunity even for those without severe symptoms Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A medical study in France suggests even mild cases of coronavirus infection, not requiring hospital treatment, produce antibodies in almost all patients, with the body’s defences against the virus increasing during the weeks of recovery. The research, led by a team fr 15980 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. French cafés reopen: We are alive again Customers take first taste of normal life in weeks, but recovery will be slow 15979 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. France further eases coronavirus lockdown Prime minister relaxes travel curbs and says schools and cafés can reopen 15978 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. France Bans a Malaria Drug From Coronavirus Treatments: Live Coverage Nissan and Renault and trying to reset their troubled relationship. An E.U. recovery plan could bring the bloc closer to a shared budget. 15977 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Forest visits in Switzerland affected by coronavirus lockdown The lockdown that began in mid-March to contain the coronavirus epidemic had a marked effect on the forest visiting habits of the Swiss population, according to a unique comparison of two surveys conducted by the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) before and during the crisis. 15976 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Foresight is 2020. Lets talk about the future of learning. Today is the launch of The Future of Learning , a series by Z-17 Collective in collaboration with Big Think. Over the next several weeks, we will be releasing interviews and articles with education thought leaders, examining how the coronavirus era will forever change the way we teach and learn. How can we future-proof our schools so that they better serve our children and our communities? We are 15975 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Ford Software Update Lets Cop Cars Bake Away Coronavirus Heat Soak Ford is trying something different to keep its lineup of Police Interceptor Utility vehicles sanitary in a global pandemic. A new software update, called “Interior Cabin Heat Soak,” allows the vehicles to heat their interior cabins to neutralize any infected surfaces, The Drive reports . Easy Bake The heating system on Ford vehicles isn’t powerful enough, so the system redirects hot coo 15974 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. For worlds poorest, coronavirus loss of income threatens ability to eat The world's poorest—who have lost their incomes from illness or because of lockdowns—are disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and, unless they receive enough support, hunger levels will soar and some countries may see rising violence, experts say. 15973 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. For Johnson, Covid-19 is now an economic crisis For all the talk of ‘following the science’, the decisions have always been political 15972 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Food aid effort faulted for neglecting US north-east Federal programme to ease hunger during pandemic is described as ‘absolute disaster’ 15971 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Flawed data casts cloud over Spains lockdown strategy Erratic numbers create uncertainties for policymakers and the public 15970 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Five exquisite, easy martinis you can make at home All you need to whip up these classic cocktails at home is a mixing glass (or a Mason jar) and a butter knife. (Erik Delanoy/) This story was originally featured on Saveur . In the midst of the rampant, countrywide shuttering of bars and restaurants due to COVID-19, there are few ties left to the proverbial night out. Some places are permitting the sale of to-go cocktails, but most of us are stuc 15969 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. First US Outbreak of COVID-19 Seeded in Mid-February: Preprint A modeling study counters initial interpretations that the cluster began with someone who flew to Seattle in mid-January. 15968 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. First to close — first to reopen: Denmarks gain from virus response Copenhagen turns its attention to health of economy as it emerges from lockdown 15967 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. First the trade war, then the pandemic. Now Chinese manufacturers are turning inward. Ask Zhu Kaiyu about his factory, and he can rattle off a series of statistics meant to impress: 15,000 square meters, 800 employees, 300 machines, 5 million articles of clothing sold per year. Zhu opened his factory for knitted apparel in Dongguan, in China’s Guangdong province, in 2002. He’s proud to be the trusted manufacturing partner for foreign companies like Full Beauty Brands, the owner of 15966 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. First study of COVID-19 patients with diabetes shows that 10% die within seven days of hospital admission EurekAlert! – Breaking News
">" data-uri="subscription/">EurekAlert! – Breaking News 15965 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. First observation of a transitioning Type II solar radio burst using LOFAR Type II solar radio bursts are believed to be excited by shock waves. They are often linked to shocks driven by solar eruptive events like coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and solar flares, and are characterized by a slow drift from high to low frequencies thought to reflect the speed with which the shock propagates away from the sun. Shock-excited emissions that show very little or no frequency drif 15964 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. First cases of COVID-19 in New York City primarily from European and US sources In New York City, the first confirmed COVID-19 cases arose mostly through untracked transmission of the virus from Europe and other parts of the United States, a new molecular epidemiology study of 84 patients reports. 15963 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. First Came the Virus. Next Come the Storms. In March, as the country watched a strange new disease spread from coast to coast, leading researchers at Colorado State University released their annual forecast for the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season. Their predictions were not comforting: an “above average” season, with an estimated four major storms (Category 3 or higher) and a nearly 70 percent chance that at least one of those major sto 15962 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. First Antibody Trial Launched in COVID-19 Patients–67604 In record time, scientists have gone from harvesting antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 from survivors of coronavirus infections to testing the antibodies' safety as a drug in humans. 15961 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Firmaer udnytter coronakrisen til at sælge indgribende overvågningsteknologier Overvågningsfirmaer udnytter coronakrisen til at sælge teknologier, der kan holde øje med, om medarbejdere overholder kravene til afstand, eller om de holder sig hjemme i karantæne. 15960 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Finding working capital is key to small businesses efforts as reopening accelerates Small businesses are suffering affer a long pandemic shutdown and they are worried about what will be needed as they begin to reopen. Interviews with a select group of small business owners found that access to working capital is key to reopening, as well as clear guidance from government or trade organizations about how to reopen safely during the pandemic. 15959 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Finding food security underwater A key to solving global hunger—which is predicted to intensify during the COVID-19 pandemic—may lie in the ocean. In fact, the ocean could produce up to 75 percent more seafood than it does today, and drive sustainable economic growth, according to Stanford's Rosamond Naylor and Jim Leape. 15958 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Fibernet tæt på at overhale kobbernettet PLUS. Internetforbindelsen i de danske hjem kommer i stigende grad fra fibernet, mens kobber bliver udfaset. Corona-krisen ser ud til at sætte ekstra turbo på teknologiskiftet. 15957 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Fear of COVID-19 keeping more than half of heart attack patients away from hospitals The number of heart attack patients seeking urgent hospital care has dropped by more than 50% during the COVID-19 outbreak, according to an extensive worldwide survey by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). The findings are published in European Heart Journal – Quality of Care and Clinical Outcomes (EHJ-QCCO)1 and shown graphically online. 15956 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Fatal cases of COVID-19 deepen our understanding of the diseases progression Identifying risk factors underlying fatal COVID-19 cases is critical to understanding – and treating – the deadly disease. In Wuhan, China, researchers studied 18 patients who did not survive COVID-19, most of whom were men over the age of 65 with underlying conditions, and many of whom became co-infected with other respiratory viruses, bacteria, and mycoplasma over the course of the illness. The 15955 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Famotidine, Histamine, and the Coronavirus Here’s a new preprint on a drug-repurposing effort that many people have been wondering about: famotidine , the histamine antagonist that is sold under the brand name of Pepcid. There have been some retrospective data that have suggested that famotidine use can have a beneficial effect on the course of the disease, and a controlled trial is currently underway in New York. The idea is an attractiv 15954 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Famine risk for millions in second locust wave A second wave of desert locusts in Africa and Asia is threatening famine for millions as critical resources are directed towards the COVID-19 crisis, scientists warn. 15953 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Extra choline may help pregnant women decrease negative effects of COVID-19 on their newborns Pregnant women who take extra choline supplements may mitigate the negative impact that viral respiratory infections, including COVID-19, can have on their babies, according to a new study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research. 15952 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Experts: Spotlight on art is one upside of lockdowns One benefit of this extended stay-at-home period during the COVID-19 pandemic is a spotlight on the importance of arts in everyday life, experts argue. Art of all types has proven to be a key outlet for millions of Americans looking for entertainment and fulfillment while isolating, working, and educating at home. Several weeks of social distancing and lockdown have left many scrambling for ways 15951 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Experts worry about false COVID-19 antibody test results False positive results from COVID-19 antibody testing are cause for concern, researchers argue. As stay-at-home orders lift around the country and public life begins to return, health experts continue to emphasize the importance of testing for COVID-19 to prevent a second—and potentially worse—wave of infections. There are two kinds of COVID-19 tests, both critical to controlling the pandemic. Mo 15950 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Experts sound alarm over lack of Covid-19 test kits in Africa Global competition for kits and national constraints cause concern as lockdowns ease Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Public health experts have warned about the risks of low supplies of coronavirus test kits as lockdowns in African countries begin to ease and urban populations become more mobile. Different countries on the continent have adopted a range of testing st 15949 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Experts Question Whether Dental Offices Are Reopening Too Fast The American Dental Association supports dental offices reopening — with added precautions — in states where Covid-19 cases are declining. It’s welcome news for many of the dental practices that have been hit hard by the pandemic, but many health experts question whether states are moving too fast. 15948 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Exclusive: big pharma rejected EU plan to fast-track vaccines in 2017 World’s top drug firms turned down proposals for work on pathogens like coronavirus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The world’s largest pharmaceutical companies rejected an EU proposal three years ago to work on fast-tracking vaccines for pathogens like coronavirus to allow them to be developed before an outbreak, the Guardian can reveal. The plan to speed up the dev 15947 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Evolution of pandemic coronavirus outlines path from animals to humans A team of scientists studying the origin of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that has caused the COVID-19 pandemic, found that it was especially well-suited to jump from animals to humans by shapeshifting as it gained the ability to infect human cells. 15946 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Evolution Is the Greatest Show on Earth – Issue 85: Reopening Science can be a peculiar source of joy—the joy, largely unique to human beings, of understanding the universe in which we live. For some, the joys of science are readily accessible; they get hooked on it as children, then get to enjoy a regular fix of science for the rest of their lives. For others, though, it’s not so easy. Many people could get hooked on science, but for one reason or another 15945 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Evidence supports physical distancing, masks, and eye protection to help prevent COVID-19 The systematic review was conducted by a large, international collaborative of researchers, front-line and specialist clinicians, epidemiologists, patients, public health and health policy experts of published and unpublished literature in any language. 15944 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Evidence shows cloth masks may help against COVID-19 The international research team examined a century of evidence including recent data, and found strong evidence showing that cloth and cloth masks can reduce contamination of air and surfaces. 15943 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Evidence from internet search data shows information-seeking responses to news of local COVID-19 cases [Economic Sciences] The COVID-19 outbreak is a global pandemic with community circulation in many countries, including the United States, with confirmed cases in all states. The course of this pandemic will be shaped by how governments enact timely policies and disseminate information and by how the public reacts to policies and information…. 15942 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Europes virus-stricken economy shows tentative signs of recovery Business and consumer confidence starts to rebound from record lows 15941 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. European stocks rise even as protests roil US Rally resumes in face of Covid-19 crisis and further disturbances in America 15940 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Europe bets R&D spending will bring jobs to battered economy 15939 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. EU watchdog hopeful most banks can absorb €380bn pandemic hit Buffers ‘should be sufficient’ to protect lenders in short term, says European Banking Authority 15938 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Ethical guidelines for COVID-19 tracing apps 15937 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Etching the road to a hydrogen economy using plasma jets Hydrogen is a clean energy source that can be produced by splitting water molecules with light. However, it is currently impossible to achieve this on a large scale. In a recent breakthrough, scientists developed a novel method that uses plasma discharge in solution to improve the performance of the photocatalyst in the water-splitting reaction. This opens doors to exploring a number of photocatal 15936 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Estonia Already Lives Online—Why Cant the United States? For one corner of the world, life during the coronavirus pandemic has stayed shockingly the same. Like much of the globe, people there are dealing with cabin fever, a lack of physical contact, and collective grief, for both the loved ones they’ve lost and a way of life they may never see again. But they’re exempt from the crashing halt of state services, the bumbling distribution of relief funds, 15935 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Epidemiology, clinical features, disease severity in pediatric patients with COVID-19 Epidemiology, clinical and laboratory features of 50 children hospitalized with COVID-19 in New York are examined in this case series. 15934 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Epidemic of wipes and masks plague sewers, storm drains Mayor Jim Kenney kicked off a recent briefing on Philadelphia's coronavirus response with an unusual request for residents: Be careful what you flush. 15933 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. English hospital shuts its doors as coronavirus cases surge Boris Johnson’s government expected to announce further loosening of lockdown curbs 15932 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Englands deputy medical chief urges public to play by the rules Van Tam warns lockdown easing will only work if government advice is followed to the letter 15931 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. England rolls out Test and Trace program to combat COVID-19 The program currently involves 25,000 contract tracers who are capable of tracing 10,000 contacts per day. Participation in the program is voluntary, though officials said it may become mandatory if necessary. The program will eventually include a smartphone app that records who you've come in close proximity to. England started a test-and-trace program on Thursday that aims to contain the spread 15930 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. England risks Covid-19 surge without test-and-trace safety net One scientist says Cummings affair ‘not a recipe for public trust’ at key stage of lockdown Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The government is facing increasing pressure from its scientific advisers over the decision to ease England’s lockdown, with one warning that the Dominic Cummings affair has eroded trust in its authority. Prof Robert West, a member of the Scient 15929 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. End of globalisation post COVID-19 – and the rise of self-sufficient cities 15928 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. En spraydusch i näsan kan bli framtidens coronavaccin Ett coronavaccin i form av en nässpray som triggar igång exakt rätt immunceller. Genom ett brett samarbete mellan flera lärosäten och externa aktörer försöker ett pilotprojektpå Chalmers hitta ett nytt sätt att tackla såväl covid-19 som andra virus som angriper våra celler. Ett coronavaccin i form av en nässpray som triggar igång exakt rätt immunceller. Det hoppas forskarna i ett nytt Chalmerslet 15927 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Employers could face legal action over COVID-19 exposure, expert warns Employers across the UK could face legal action from employees who return to work and contract the COVID-19 virus, a leading health and safety expert has warned. 15926 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Emirates cuts jobs as coronavirus hammers aviation Airline employs about 60,000 people but did not identify total number of redundancies 15925 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Emerging Technologies in the New Normal: The world post-pandemic will be more virtual, more local and even more data-driven. Here are the technologies being accelerated by this change. 15924 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Effective test, track and tracing can reduce lost working hours by 50% UN research shows strong systems can reduce public fear and minimise workplace disruption Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage An effective track-and-trace system to prevent a second coronavirus peak will not only save lives, it could reduce the number of working hours lost to illness by as much as 50%, according to a major global study. The International Labour Organisat 15923 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Economic Giants Are Restarting. Heres What It Means for Climate Change. Want to know whether the world can avert catastrophe? Watch the recovery plans coming out now in Europe, China and the United States. 15922 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Easing the lockdown: how will we know if infections bounce back? Analysis of rate of transmission, NHS 111 calls and Google location data will inform next steps Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The government’s plan to ease the lockdown will be confirmed in an official review that Downing Street expects will give the all clear for schools to begin reopening next week. No 10 said the proposed steps for England should be outlined at 15921 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Ease restrictions on U.S. blood donations 15920 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. E.U.s Coronavirus Recovery Plan Also Aims to Fight Climate Change The proposed package would boost clean energy and transport to help the continent become carbon neutral by 2050 — Read more on 15919 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. E.R. Visits Drop Sharply During Pandemic People even with heart problems are avoiding emergency rooms because they are worried about possible coronavirus infection, according to a C.D.C. report. 15918 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Dr. Fauci: Good chance we have COVID-19 vaccine by end of 2020 Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, made the remarks on April 27 while speaking to CNN. There are currently ten COVID-19 vaccines in clinical trials, according to the World Health Organization. A new report warns that people who refuse to get vaccinated could jeopardize the success of a COVID-19 vaccine. The U.S. could have a vaccine for COVID 15917 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Dont Thank the Virus for Saving the Climate Yet There are lessons to be learned — and some benefits already — but it’s complicated. (Of course!) 15916 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Dont Be Fooled by Covid-19 Contact-Tracing Scams Fraudsters have found yet another way to take advantage of the pandemic. 15915 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Domestic violence reports on the rise as COVID-19 keeps people at home, study shows Researchers have found an increase in domestic violence reports in Los Angeles and Indianapolis since the stay-at-home restrictions were implemented in March. 15914 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Doctors race to understand inflammatory condition in kids 15913 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Doctor Answers Listener Questions About The Latest Information On The Pandemic Dr. Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, answers listener questions about immunity, the probability for another pandemic and the latest information on the coronavirus. 15912 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Do Runners Need to Wear Masks? Some people have taken to yelling (online and off) at people exercising without masks. But does it really matter? 15911 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Do political beliefs affect social distancing? Experts say voluntary physical distancing in the United States was essential to slowing the spread of COVID-19 in the early days and weeks of the pandemic, even before such measures were mandatory. A group of researchers across four schools at Penn was interested in learning whether people's political beliefs influenced their decisions to stay home during that time. 15910 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Do face coverings reduce risk and spread of coronavirus? As UK announces compulsory face coverings on public transport, what is scientific evidence behind measure? Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Related: Face coverings to be made compulsory on public transport in England Continue reading… 15909 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Distance learning poses challenges for some families of children with disabilities At a time when schools are closed due to COVID-19, many parents are juggling work, finances, child care and distance learning. It's a lot to manage. For parents of children with disabilities, some unique challenges have emerged. 15908 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Disease Historian: US COVID Response “Incomprehensibly Incoherent” For medical historian John Barry, looking at how the U.S. government has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic is a frustrating endeavor. Barry, who was part of President George W. Bush’s pandemic preparedness team and wrote extensively about the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, told The Washington Post that the Trump Administration’s messaging and response to the coronavirus has been “incomprehensibly in 15907 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. Discovery of long-sought tiny explosions that super-heat the suns corona
">" data-uri="subscription/"> 15906 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Discovery of long sought tiny explosions on the Sun The mechanism responsible for heating the corona to two million degrees, especially for the quiet Sun, has remained an enduring mystery. Scientists have now found the first direct observational evidence in support of one of the proposed mechanisms for heating the quiet corona. They have discovered tiny flashes of radio light from all over the Sun, smoking guns for tiny magnetic explosions which co 15905 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Digital contact tracing for COVID-19: an analysis of strengths and limitations An article in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) analyzes the strengths and limitations of digital contact tracing for people infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) to help governments decide if and how they might adopt this technology. 15904 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Didier Raoult: Fin de Partie? As chloroquine miracle cure for COVID-19 is discredited by day, what will become of its inventor, Didier Raoult? 15903 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Did insomnia cause Aprils spike in suicidal thoughts? Evidence from surveys shows that there may have been a spike in suicidal thoughts in the United States during the wide lockdown period in April. The harmful effects of COVID-19 may go beyond the body, whether you’ve contracted the disease or not, according to the research, which focused on the impact of the novel coronavirus on mental health. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s telephone n 15902 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Detection of air and surface contamination by SARS-CoV-2 in hospital rooms of infected patients 15901 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Detecting methane emissions during COVID-19 While carbon dioxide is more abundant in the atmosphere and therefore more commonly associated with global warming, methane is around 30 times more potent as a heat-trapping gas. Given its importance, Canadian company GHGSat have worked in collaboration with the Sentinel-5P team at SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research to investigate hotspots of methane emissions during COVID-19. 15900 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Designing insurance for the next pandemic The industry is already planning for the next crisis — and the threat of a second wave means it might be only months away 15899 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Describing clinical characteristics of patients with asymptomatic vs symptomatic COVID-19 in China Clinical characteristics of patients with asymptomatic or symptomatic COVID-19 are described in this case series from Wuhan, China. 15898 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Dementia gene raises risk of severe COVID-19 Having a faulty gene linked to dementia doubles the risk of developing severe COVID-19, according to a large-scale study. 15897 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Demands grow for green industrial revolution Campaigners demand the government prioritises the environment in any post-Covid-19 stimulus package. 15896 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Death rates for UK ethnic minorities up to double that of whites Matt Hancock acknowledges that background is ‘major risk factor’ in pandemic 15895 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. D-Day for donors as vaccines summit aims to raise $7.4bn Coronavirus impact, Ugandan minister of health Jane Aceng, Trump and the WHO 15894 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Davos aims to coax elite out of isolation in January World Economic Forum tests desire for networking in a post-coronavirus world 15893 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Daily briefing: How scientific illustrators have made the coronavirus visible 15892 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Cyprus study shows big pollutant drop during lockdown Researchers in Cyprus offered more evidence on Thursday that a two-month lockdown benefited the Mediterranean island nation's environment. 15891 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Cyclone lashes Indias business capital, 100,000 evacuated (Update) A cyclone made landfall Wednesday south of India's financial capital of Mumbai, with storm surge threatening to flood beaches and low-lying slums as city authorities struggle to contain the coronavirus pandemic. 15890 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Cut air pollution to help avoid second coronavirus peak, MPs urge Cross-party group highlights new evidence on how dirty air may worsen infections Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Air pollution must be kept at low levels to help avoid a second peak of coronavirus infections, according to a cross-party report from MPs. There is growing evidence from around the world linking exposure to dirty air and increased infections and deaths fr 15889 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Cummingss Durham trip could harm test-and-trace coronavirus strategy, experts say Science | The Guardian
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science | The Guardian 15888 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. CU Anschutz surgeons study guidelines for treating cancer patients during pandemic Today, new research published in Annals of Surgery from the University of Colorado Department of Surgery at the Anschutz Medical Campus provides guidance on clinical decision-making in regards to treating pancreatic cancer patients during the covid-19 pandemic. 15887 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. CT findings of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in children often negative The newest article in the American Journal of Roentgenology's open-access COVID-19 collection revealed a high frequency (77%) of negative chest CT findings among pediatric patients (n=30; 10 months-18 years) with COVID-19, while also suggesting that bilateral, lower lobe-predominant ground-glass opacities are common in the subset of children with positive CT findings. Consistent with reported symp 15886 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Cricket-mad Australia welcomes back the game after Covid-19 stopped play T20 tournament offers hope to a sport struggling to cope with intense financial stress 15885 ….. ( Hentet: 22. maj 2020 ) ….. Cracking the Cryptic: sudoku solvers become unlikely YouTube sensation – video A YouTube channel dedicated to solving tricky sudoku puzzles has become an unlikely viral hit. Cracking the Cryptic has become a lockdown fixture for millions who tune in to watch Simon Anthony and Mark Goodliffe work through seemingly impossible puzzles. The channel's latest hit is The Miracle Sudoku, a strangely compelling 25-minute video in which Anthony takes on what he believes to be an impo 15884 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19: the role of vitamin D Sarah Boseley talks to Prof Susan Lanham-New about vitamin D and whether it could play a role in protecting us against Covid-19. Help support our independent journalism at 15883 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Covid-19: Social bubbles unlikely to be allowed soon in the UK Social “bubbles” that would allow small groups of family or friends to have close contact indoors during the covid-19 crisis look unlikely to begin any time soon in the UK, judging from new minutes of government meetings and modelling by researchers 15882 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Covid-19: Lancet retracts paper that halted hydroxychloroquine trials Retraction made after Guardian investigation found inconsistencies in data How doubt snowballed over Covid-19 drug research Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The Lancet paper that halted global trials of hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 because of fears of increased deaths has been retracted after a Guardian investigation found inconsistencies in the data. The lead auth 15881 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Covid-19: is a second wave inevitable? Ian Sample talks to Prof Carl Heneghan about the uncertainties in predicting future outbreaks of Covid-19 and what we can do to prevent them. Help support our independent journalism at 15880 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. COVID-19, fake science, and conspiracy theories What past scientific fraud is at the heart of some current anti-vaccine and anti-COVID-19 conspiracy theories? 15879 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 Vaccine, Monkeys and Bumblebees A month’s worth of cool science stories, summed up COVID-19 Vaccine, Monkeys and Bumblebees Video of COVID-19 Vaccine, Monkeys and Bumblebees Creature Wednesday, June 3, 2020 – 13:45 Alistair Jennings, Contributor (Inside Science) — In this monthly recap, Alistair Jennings from Inside Science sums up some of the most interesting recent science topics: Researchers working hard on a COVID-19 vacc 15878 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 Vaccine Researchers Mindful of Immune Enhancement There is no evidence that any of the coronavirus vaccines in development worsen a coronavirus infection rather than confer immunity to it, but the phenomenon is something scientists are closely monitoring. 15877 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 vaccine development: New guidelines for ethical approach to infecting trial volunteers Allowing consenting volunteers to be deliberately infected with COVID-19 for the purposes of developing a vaccine could be done ethically and potentially speed up its development, a University of Warwick researcher has argued in new research. 15876 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 Vaccine Developers Search for Antibodies That First Do No Harm Biotechs and pharma want to protect patients without triggering immune system havoc — Read more on 15875 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 transmission rate stable for third week, says ONS Snapshot survey suggests about 133,000 people infected in England in last two weeks Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The number of people with Covid-19 has remained stable for the third week in a row, according to the Office for National Statistics , with an estimated 133,000 people infected in England in the last two weeks. The findings raise questions about whether 15874 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 tests exceed 200,000 a day target, government claims Testing capacity hit 205,634 on Saturday but full figures for tests carried out not released Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The government claims to have exceeded its goal of a daily Covid-19 test capacity of 200,000 by the end of May. Boris Johnson set a target 200,000 tests a day earlier this month , but aides later said this referred to operational capacity rathe 15873 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 Testing Is Expensive. It Doesnt Have to Be The diagnostics industry favors wealthy countries, but the rest of the world needs tests, too. Stanford bioengineer Manu Prakash thinks "frugal science can help. 15872 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 study on hydroxychloroquine use questioned by 120 researchers and medical professionals Surgisphere issues public statement defending integrity of coronavirus study published in the Lancet More than 120 researchers and medical professionals from around the world have written an open letter to the editor of the Lancet raising serious concerns about a large and widely publicised global study that prompted the World Health Organisation to halt several Covid-19 clinical trials. On Thurs 15871 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 spurs increase in self-care, new survey shows The vast majority of U.S. adults (80%) say they will be more mindful about practicing self-care regularly once the pandemic is over, according to a new survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Samueli Integrative Health Programs. Nearly half of Americans (46%) also report that they are struggling to find ways to maintain their whole health (i.e., physical, mental, and spiritual health) dur 15870 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 spreading too fast to lift UK lockdown – Sage adviser Scientist says 8,000 daily infections in England makes relaxing restrictions too risky Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Government advisers have voiced unease over the decision to lift the lockdown while there are still thousands of people becoming infected with the coronavirus every day, warning that loosening restrictions could easily lead to a second wave. “We cann 15869 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 spilling out of hospitals and care homes, says UK expert Prof Neil Ferguson tells Lords committee cases will remain steady until September Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Coronavirus infections in hospitals and care homes are spilling into the community and sustaining the outbreak to the point that cases will remain steady until September, a leading scientist has warned. Prof Neil Ferguson, the head of the outbreak modelli 15868 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 should be treated as a thrombotic disease, Brazilian pulmonologist argues Dr. Elnara Negri, who works in São Paulo City at the largest hospital complex in Latin America, advocates the use of the anti-coagulant drug heparin to treat complications caused by novel coronavirus. 15867 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 research in Africa 15866 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 puts Polish logistics and transport groups to the test Virus crisis disrupts business models of big national economic success stories 15865 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 patients who undergo surgery are at increased risk of postoperative death Patients undergoing surgery after contracting coronavirus are at greatly increased risk of postoperative death, a new global study reveals. Researchers found that amongst SARS-CoV-2 infected patients who underwent surgery, mortality rates approach those of the sickest patients admitted to intensive care after contracting the virus in the community. 15864 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 patients who undergo surgery are at increased risk of postoperative death Patients are at increased risk of dying after surgery if they contract COVID-19. Non-critical surgery should be postponed during COVID-19 outbreaks. Investment is urgently needed to increase safety of surgery during COVID-19 outbreaks. 15863 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 pandemic uniting Canadians like no other event in decades A new study by researchers from McGill University and the University of Toronto finds a cross-partisan consensus on battling COVID-19 in Canada. Unlike in the U.S., this consensus is fostering broad agreement on the threats posed by the pandemic and the actions necessary to contain it—all of which is crucial to efforts to fight the virus. 15862 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 outbreak lasts days longer for each days delay in social distancing A new analysis of COVID-19 outbreaks in 58 cities has found that places that took longer to begin implementing social distancing measures spent more time with the virus rapidly spreading than others that acted more quickly. Epidemiological researchers have published research finding every day a city delayed implementing social distancing measures after the appearance of a first case added 2.4 days 15861 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 news: People in the UK are sleeping less well under lockdown The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 15860 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 news: One in seven people in the UK have had visitors at home The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 15859 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 news: NHS Test and Trace not tracing enough to be effective The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 15858 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 news: Health experts say UK contact tracing not robust enough The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 15857 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 news: England test and trace system not fully operational The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 15856 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 news: Death in severe cases are 70 times higher in over 80s The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 15855 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 news: Boris Johnson admits UK was unprepared for pandemic The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 15854 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine Serodiagnostics for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Related Coronavirus-2. 15853 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine 1. Prevalence of Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection2. Where Is the ID in COVID-19? 15852 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine ACP Leaders suggest using 'New Vision' to guide US health care reform during and after COVID-19 pandemic. 15851 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine 1. Risk for COVID-19 Resurgence Related to Duration and Effectiveness of Physical Distancing in Ontario, Canada 2. Use of Hydroxychloroquine or Chloroquine in COVID-19 15850 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine Mental Health Treatment for Front-Line Clinicians During and After COVID-19 15849 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine The COVID-19 pandemic has spread worldwide rapidly. Commonly reported symptoms, such as fever, cough, dyspnea, fatigue, and myalgia, are nonspecific, and the lack of testing in some European countries may make the diagnosis of COVID-19 challenging. However, two distinctive symptoms were identified recently: loss of smell and loss of taste. The authors from University of Mons; Mons, Belgium and Uni 15848 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 may make universal basic income more palatable. Thats a good thing 15847 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 Makes the Case for More Meatpacking Robots The coronavirus has hit meat processing plants hard. But not in Denmark, where automation makes for safer slaughterhouses. 15846 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 Is Historys Biggest Translation Challenge Services like Google Translate support only 100 languages, give or take. What about the thousands of other languages—spoken by people just as vulnerable to this crisis? 15845 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 in pediatric surgical patients at 3 US childrens hospitals This study assessed how many pediatric patients presenting for surgery at three tertiary care children's hospitals across the US had COVID-19. 15844 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 Flares Up in Americas Polluted Sacrifice Zones Researchers find that areas with high levels of airborne dust or toxic chemicals also have more deaths from the coronavirus. 15843 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 expert Karl Friston: Germany may have more immunological “dark matter” The neuroscientist who advises Independent Sage on Covid-19 discusses the predictive power of his mathematical modelling and the risk of a second wave Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Neuroscientist Karl Friston , of University College London, builds mathematical models of human brain function. Lately, he’s been applying his modelling to Covid-19, and using what he le 15842 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 ends Australia’s run of record growth Science
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science 15841 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 drug development could benefit from approach used against flu A new study has found that some antivirals are useful for more than helping sick people get better — they also can prevent thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of virus cases if used in the early stages of infection. 15840 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 drug development could benefit from approach used against flu A new study from researchers at The University of Texas at Austin has found that some antivirals are useful for more than helping sick people get better — they also can prevent thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of virus cases if used in the early stages of infection. 15839 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 death rate in England higher among BAME people People of Bangladeshi origin face greatest danger of dying in pandemic, according to PHE Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Death rates from Covid-19 in England have been higher among people of black and Asian origin than any other ethnic group, a government-ordered inquiry has found. In addition, those people of black backgrounds are the ethnic group most likely to be 15838 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 crisis reveals supply chain vulnerability Although flexible networks have held up well, parts of the food chain are struggling 15837 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 Creates Long, Anxious Waits for Fertility Treatments As fertility clinics gradually reopen, patients and doctors must weigh the risks of seeking pregnancy during a pandemic—or waiting too long to try. 15836 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 could be a seasonal illness with higher risk in winter A study conducted in Sydney, Australia, during the early epidemic stage of COVID-19 has found an association between lower humidity and an increase in locally acquired positive cases. Researchers discovered a 1 percent decrease in humidity could increase the number of COVID-19 cases by 6 percent. 15835 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 clusters emerge as lockdowns ease across Europe Governments warn of threat of second wave of cases amid local spikes in infections Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Several European countries a few weeks ahead of the UK on the road out of lockdown have experienced local spikes in coronavirus infections, but all have maintained an overall downward trend in new daily cases of the virus. Most governments, though, conti 15834 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 Can Last for Several Months F or Vonny LeClerc , day one was March 16. Hours after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson instated stringent social-distancing measures to halt the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, LeClerc, a Glasgow-based journalist, arrived home feeling shivery and flushed. Over the next few days, she developed a cough, chest pain, aching joints, and a prickling sensation on her skin. After a week of bed rest, she sta 15833 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. COVID Has Changed Soundscapes Worldwide The Silent Cities project is collecting sound from cities around the planet during the coronavirus pandemic to give researchers a database of natural sound in areas usually filled with… — Read more on 15832 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. COVID generation faces dark age of low social mobility—young Britons at risk of long-term damage to future life The unprecedented economic and educational shocks of the COVID-19 pandemic could inflict long-term damage to young people's prospects in life, a new study finds. 15831 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Covering Coronavirus 15830 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Countering COVID-19 impacts on children from low-income households The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the social, educational and health care disparities already plaguing the nearly 40 million Americans the US Census Bureau estimates are living in poverty. Perhaps the hardest hit members of that population, say three pediatricians at Johns Hopkins Children's Center and Children's National Hospital, are children from low-income households. 15829 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Could nearly half of those with Covid-19 have no idea they are infected? As studies confirm many infected people show no symptoms, contact tracing and face masks assume even greater importance Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage When Noopur Raje’s husband fell critically ill with Covid-19 in mid-March, she did not suspect that she too was infected with the virus. Raje, an oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, had been caring 15828 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Could manufacturing aid Australias economic recovery? Following a federal government call for the reignition of domestic industrial activity, University of Sydney experts comment on the role of advanced manufacturing and boosting the digital workforce in Australia's post-coronavirus economy. 15827 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. Could Covid-19 have reached the UK earlier than thought? Science | The Guardian
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science | The Guardian 15826 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Could an early antiviral block COVID-19 transmission? Some antivirals can not only help sick people get better, but can also prevent hundreds of thousands of virus cases if people get them in the early stages of infection, researchers report. The study focused on influenza but also has implications for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. By modeling the impact of a pair of leading flu drugs, the team found significant differences in effects betwee 15825 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Corporate events get creative to beat lockdown doldrums Planners move beyond video conferences to entertain clients without meeting in person 15824 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: UK farmers face brutal test ahead of Brexit The pandemic has exposed tensions over food security that are now playing out in the UK- EU trade talks 15823 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: The mystery of asymptomatic silent spreaders Scientists have discovered more evidence about a strange and worrying feature of the coronavirus 15822 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: Public told to cut water use amid surge in lockdown demand Water companies are urging people to avoid using sprinklers and paddling pools during the lockdown. 15821 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: Drivers plan to walk more to keep cleaner air of lockdown – survey Survey suggests British motorists are ready to change their behaviour to protect the environment. 15820 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: Can we stay safe as lockdown eases? As lockdowns ease, what are the risks of getting infected as people come into closer contact again? 15819 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: Can superspreading be stopped? Identifying superspreading events could be crucial in the fight against the virus, scientists say. 15818 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: Belgian zoo comes back to life from lockdown After two months without visitors, Pairi Daiza is welcoming the public back, but in smaller numbers. 15817 ….. ( Hentet: 23. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: Baffling observations from the front line Doctors on the front lines are observing things that they have never encountered before – and it's a challenge. 15816 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: an architect on how the pandemic could change our homes forever Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our homes have been serving as makeshift workplaces, schools, gyms and pubs. And many of us are spending more time in them than ever before. 15815 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: a growing number of people are avoiding news When the coronavirus pandemic really started to take hold in the UK in March, news consumption increased, as in many other countries. But, since then, our research shows that an increasing share of the UK population is switching off from the news. 15814 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Vaccine Update, May 26 We have a lot more vaccine news to catch up on, and I’ll use this as a new “frontrunning vaccine candidates” post, replacing this one (and updates therein) from about a month back. That one will give you some more general information on most of the projects below; if you haven’t read it, it’ll be a good intro. A general vaccine background post is here , and here’s a recent one one covering some o 15813 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus UK map: the latest deaths and confirmed cases in each region Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many confirmed cases have been reported in each of England’s local authorities Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How to protect yourself from infection Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report sympt 15812 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Therapy Update (Remdesivir and Tocilizumab) Let’s circle back to remdesivir. We already have the results of the remdesivir Phase II trial that led to its Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA. But now come the first Phase III results , and it’s safe to say that they’re not making anyone happier. The news isn’t bad, but you can’t say it’s particularly good, either. This was an open-label randomized trial comparing a 5-day course of the dru 15811 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus test and trace system creating false sense of security Ministers accused by city leaders and local councils of launching operation before it is ready to contain local outbreaks Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Ministers have been accused of creating a “false sense of security” by launching a test and trace system that is not yet capable of controlling local outbreaks. A series of concerns have been raised over the gaps in 15810 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Spread Speeds Up, Even as Nations Reopen: Live Coverage In just the last week, even as come countries move to reopen, 700,000 new infections have been reported as the virus takes firmer hold in Latin America and the Middle East. 15809 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus shows we must get serious about the well-being of animals COVID-19 raises crucial questions about how best to move forward from the pandemic and its many effects. We are reassessing key political and economic assumptions and perceptions of what is possible and desirable. 15808 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Roundup, May 23-May 29 Pandemic news highlights for the week — Read more on 15807 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Rips Into Regions Previously Spared As the West settles into a grinding battle with the disease, the virus surges across the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and South Asia. 15806 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Pandemic: Live World Updates After weeks of scrutiny over a coronavirus death toll so low that Russian officials labeled it a “miracle,” Moscow health authorities now say they have “improved” their count of April deaths. 15805 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: Medical care in an adaptive healthcare system The German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina has issued a fourth ad-hoc-statement on the coronavirus pandemic. It is dedicated to the topic: 'Medical Care and Patient-Oriented Research in an Adaptive Healthcare System'. The paper focuses on short- and medium-term aspects of medical and care services under the conditions of a sustained pandemic and identifies long-term measures that lead to a 15804 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus modelling — boost developing world capacity 15803 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus misinformation needs researchers to respond 15802 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Lockdowns May Raise Exposure to Indoor Air Pollution Smarter cooking and cleaning can lessen the risk — Read more on 15801 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus lockdown wildlife recordings appeal Scientists want people to send them recordings of their wildlife experiences under the lockdown. 15800 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live: Global Updates The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a California church’s challenge to public gathering restrictions. President Trump said the United States would end its relationship with the W.H.O. 15799 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live: Global Updates Doctors fear a lockdown that began two months ago is being eased too soon. In Indonesia, the caseload has doubled since early May to nearly 25,000. 15798 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Testing in the U.S. Becomes Major Campaign Issue Testing becomes a campaign issue: President Trump would leave it to the states, while Joseph R. Biden Jr. said he would create a national program. Even the hardest-hit cities are far from herd immunity. 15797 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Parallel Plagues Ravage the U.S. Cities across the U.S. smoldered after a chaotic night of protests over police violence. President Trump postponed the G7 summit after Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said she would not attend in person. 15796 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Pandemic to Cost U.S. Economy $7.9 Trillion Over 10 Years Michigan’s governor lifted a stay-at-home order as other states announced steps to reopen. For a second day, Wuhan reported no new infections. 15795 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: How the C.D.C. Failed to Keep Up Epidemiologists said protests around the United States would almost certainly lead to more cases. Republicans are seeking a new city to host their convention. 15794 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Hong Kong Bans Tiananmen Vigil, Citing Covid-19 Threat It is the first time the June 4 event, which has been held annually since 1990, has been blocked. Protests in the United States have raised concerns about a second wave of infections. 15793 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Cases Climb as U.S. Approaches 100,000 Deaths The national death toll is expected to reach 100,000 soon. For renters who’ve survived financially with help from the government and laws barring eviction, time is running out. 15792 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: C.D.C. Suggests Radical Changes to the American Office Space New federal guidance on how to safely reopen businesses would transform the corporate work experience. Epicenters of the pandemic shift both across the U.S. and around the world. 15791 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: WHO drops hydroxychloroquine trial as Mexico death toll questioned UK PM’s senior adviser won’t apologise for lockdown breach; White House brings Brazil travel restrictions forward two days; Follow the latest updates Mexico City records thousands more deaths than usual, amid doubt over official Covid-19 toll Dominic Cummings refuses to resign or apologise for lockdown breach WHO halts hydroxychloroquine trial for coronavirus amid safety fears Australia coronavir 15790 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: US bars travel from Brazil as British PMs adviser reported to police over lockdown breach Boris Johnson backs Dominic Cummings despite outcry; France sees lowest daily cases and deaths since lockdown; India resumes domestic flights. Follow the latest updates US bars travellers who have been in Brazil in last two weeks Dominic Cummings facing possible police investigation as pressure mounts Johnson’s defence of Cummings sparks anger from allies and opponents Australia coronavirus – liv 15789 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: Trump criticised over preventable crisis as US passes 100,000 deaths 61 Tory MPs defy UK PM over Dominic Cummings lockdown breach; European commission proposes €750bn coronavirus recovery fund; Kenya records highest one-day case rise. Follow the latest updates Global report: EU countries block hydroxychloroquine, South Korea fears new spike US passes 100,000 coronavirus deaths as states relax lockdown measures Tory anger at Dominic Cummings grows as 61 MPs defy Bo 15788 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: Spain begins 10 days of mourning as global deaths pass 350,000 Longest official mourning period in Spain’s democracy; unrest grows in UK PM’s party over Dominic Cummings lockdown breach; WHO says Americas are new Covid-19 epicentre. Follow the latest updates Global report: Germany to relax travel curbs as Spain mourns Covid-19 victims Tory unrest increases pressure on PM to sack Dominic Cummings Australia coronavirus – live Coronavirus latest: at a glance 2. 15787 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: India evacuates Covid-19 patients ahead of cyclone as Brazil deaths pass 30,000 Yemen aid funding falls short by US$1bn ; Zoom profits double; global cases pass 6.3m. Follow the latest updates India evacuates 100,000 from homes, virus hospital ahead of cyclone Brazil deaths pass 30,000 after record daily rise China withheld data on coronavirus from WHO, recordings reveal Global report: Germany eases travel ban and cafe culture returns to Paris Coronavirus latest: at a glance 15786 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: Global cases pass 6 million as Brazil sees record one-day increase Brazil cases near 500,000; Pope asks world leaders to provide Covid relief; lockdown eased for clinically vulnerable in UK. Follow the latest updates Pope Francis calls on world leaders to provide coronavirus relief Global cases pass 6 million Brazil sees record one-day increase in cases Senior UK adviser has broken trust in policy, say top scientists Coronavirus latest: at a glance 2.19am BST Be 15785 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: Dr Fauci says he hasnt spoken to Trump in two weeks as Pakistanis told to live with virus UK’s 14-day quarantine rules criticised as ‘ridiculous’ ; Global deaths pass 375,000; Spain reports no new deaths for the first time since March . Follow the latest updates Fauci says he and Trump no longer in regular contact Pakistanis urged to ‘live with the virus’ Australia coronavirus updates – live Coronavirus latest: at a glance See all our coronavirus coverage 2.38am BST The ongoing corona 15784 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: deaths surge in Brazil and Russia as Trump says US is quitting WHO President claims body has ‘failed to reform’; UK expert says country not ready to ease lockdown; Australia to relax rules on 1 June. All the developments live Trump announces severing of ties with WHO Coronavirus latest: at a glance 1.41am BST Primary school students in Melbourne, Victoria have been placed into home quarantine after one member of the grade two class at the Holy Eucharist primary 15783 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus linked to stroke in otherwise healthy young people Preliminary observations suggest a high incidence of COVID-19 in stroke patients, including younger patients who were otherwise healthy. 15782 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus linked to stroke in otherwise healthy young people ScienceDaily
">" data-uri="subscription/">ScienceDaily 15781 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: UK unveils £160m scheme to house rough sleepers 15780 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: UK statistics body criticises government testing figures 15779 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: South Koreas Celltrion says Covid-19 treatment shows signs of promise 15778 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: South Korea reports sharp increase in cases 15777 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: Modi declares India on path to victory over pandemic 15776 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: Indias Covid-19 death toll surpasses Chinas 15775 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: Indias confirmed case load climbs above 200,000 15774 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: ECB head Lagarde says eurozone to fall twice as hard as in 2008 15773 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: China to ease restrictions on foreign airlines 15772 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: at a glance A summary of the biggest developments in the global coronavirus outbreak Follow our latest coronavirus blog for live news and updates Key developments in the global coronavirus outbreak today include: Continue reading… 15771 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Isnt Keeping Florida Crowds From SpaceX Launch Many beachside hotels along the state’s Space Coast were already at capacity before Wednesday’s scheduled launch, a local tourism executive said. 15770 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus is a defining test for Thailands powerful business families Clans that dominate economy have been urged by government to ‘do more’ 15769 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus in nonhuman primates 15768 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus in England: half of those with symptoms not isolating Science | The Guardian
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science | The Guardian 15767 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus hit to eurozone set to dwarf financial crisis GDP expected to shrink by 8 to 12 per cent this year, ECB president Christine Lagarde warns 15766 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus has changed our sense of place, so together we must re-imagine our cities Is it time to re-imagine our fundamental relationship with cities? 15765 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus halted years of research, and Canada needs a strategy to fight back Many graduate students across Canada are in limbo with their research after they had to end experiments in progress or abandon field work when coronavirus closures halted years of work in mid-March. These students are facing an uncertain future and huge stressors. 15764 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Global News Tracker: Live Updates The program is aimed at replacing a nationwide lockdown in Britain with individual isolation or localized restrictions. And in Mexico, the pandemic is straining a hobbled health care system. 15763 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Global News Tracker: Latest Updates Some lessons: We will live with the virus for a long time and you should be wearing a mask. Paris is reopening cafe terraces. 15762 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus gives us a chance to transform our approach to the climate Covid-19 has given us a glimpse of a world in which ways of life can be radically altered – it can be a turning point in our approach to the climate, if we choose to make it happen 15761 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus excess deaths: UK has one of highest levels in Europe Data since start of Covid-19 crisis shows almost 60,000 additional deaths, a fifth higher than usual Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Britain’s excess death toll at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic was the highest among 11 countries analysed by the Guardian. The UK had the biggest spike among countries including Sweden, France, Germany and Spain. At its peak the UK d 15760 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Epidemics Began Later Than Believed, Study Concludes In Washington State and Italy, the first confirmed cases were not linked to the outbreaks that followed, the analysis found. The epidemics were seeded later. 15759 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus diaries: rejection under lockdown 15758 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus crisis provides fertile ground for online fraudsters Surge in number of scammers exploiting global scramble for protection equipment 15757 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus conversations: Science communication during a pandemic 15756 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Antibody Therapies Raise Hopes–and Skepticism Some experts caution we should temper our expectations about the much-touted approach — Read more on 15755 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus and the Flu: A Looming Double Threat The two could come together, making things worse—or our new hygiene habits may actually reduce the flu’s spread — Read more on 15754 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus and Brexit are a poisonous combination for UK business With many companies reliant on state support, speaking out against the government may seem foolhardy 15753 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus accelerates shift away from cash Pandemic encourages more businesses to move to contactless payments 15752 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. blokeret for danskere i udlandet: Rigspolitiet melder om cyberangreb Politiets websider er blokeret for adgang fra lande uden for rigsfællesskabet og Tyskland. 15751 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Coronapod: The divisive hydroxychloroquine study thats triggering mass confusion 15750 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Coping with coronavirus: an Italian factory returns to work Pandemic trauma overshadows lifting of lockdown for family-owned business the FT is following through the crisis 15749 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. COP 26: New date agreed for UN climate summit in Glasgow The COP26 UN summit, which was postponed due to coronavirus, will now take place between 1 and 12 November 2021. 15748 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Controlling COVID-19 will carry devastating economic cost for developing countries Many African countries quickly closed their borders and imposed lockdown. This meant that, until the beginning of May, no African country had more than 10,000 people affected, with South Africa, Egypt, Morocco or Algeria being the hardest hit. 15747 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Confronting a Pandemic, 1957 Microbiologist Maurice Hilleman foresaw the global spread of a novel influenza strain in 1957. His vaccine saved hundreds of thousands of lives. 15746 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Concerns Build Over Surgispheres COVID-19 Dataset NEJM and The Lancet issue expressions of concern as researchers question where the company got its data on thousands of coronavirus patients. 15745 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Comparative pathogenesis of COVID-19, MERS, and SARS in a nonhuman primate model The current pandemic coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome–coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), was recently identified in patients with an acute respiratory syndrome, coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). To compare its pathogenesis with that of previously emerging coronaviruses, we inoculated cynomolgus macaques with SARS-CoV-2 or Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)–CoV and compared the path 15744 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Companies and investors are under-estimating the coronavirus tax Future earnings will be hit as companies pay the bill for emergency state support 15743 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Colleges considering learning cocoons, where students learn and live in same building — How are colleges and universities preparing for a fall semester during the ongoing pandemic? College presidents from Howard University and Rice University join Steve Kornacki. 15742 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Collecting race-based data during coronavirus pandemic may fuel dangerous prejudices Brian Sinclair wheeled himself into a Winnipeg emergency room in September 2008 seeking assistance with his catheter bag. He had a bladder infection, but instead of receiving treatment, remained in the waiting room for 34 hours until his body—now lifeless—finally received medical attention. 15741 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. CO2 levels in atmosphere hit new highs despite lockdowns Accumulation of warming gas reaches record level despite brief environmental respite 15740 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. CO2 levels hit record high despite emissions dip from coronavirus Global lockdown has done little to slow the rise in atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, meaning that the coronavirus pandemic will have no impact on climate change 15739 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Clues to COVID-19 in the brain uncovered in new study A study reviewing neuroimaging and neurological symptoms in patients with COVID-19 may shed light on the virus's impact on the central nervous system. 15738 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Clinical, immune features of hospitalized pediatric patients with COVID-19 The immunologic features of mild and moderate COVID-19 in pediatric patients is described and compared in this case series. 15737 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Clean tech and climate policies could cut fossil fuel profits by two thirds. The fossil fuel industry is approaching terminal decline, a disruption that is being hastened by the impacts of Covid-19 driving falling demand for fuels such as oil. 15736 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. City Bulletin: UK economy shows sign of recovery UK recovery; Trump’s social media review; airline job cuts 15735 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Cities in Poorer Countries Are at Risk as Covid-19 Spreads Hot spots are emerging in urban areas across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, where social distancing is challenging and missing work can mean not eating. 15734 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Cincinnati childrens HLH research points to treatment for COVID-19 cytokine storms A transgenic mouse developed at Cincinnati Children's to model the deadly childhood immune disease HLH (hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis) may play a key role in saving lives during the COVID-19 virus pandemic. One of the genetically engineered mouse strain's inventors–Cincinnati Children's cancer pathologist Gang Huang, PhD– is co-investigator on a small clinical trial that successfully tested 15733 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Chris Whitty vetoed lowering of coronavirus alert level No 10 says England’s chief medical officer was responsible for keeping it at level four Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The decision for England’s official coronavirus alert level to remain at four despite this week’s easing of some lockdown restrictions was made by the chief medical officer, Downing Street has said, indicating he vetoed the government’s wish for it 15732 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. China rounds up Wuhans citizen journalists for provoking quarrels Questioning the Communist party’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis is risky 15731 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Chapman University national study highlights wide-ranging effects of COVID-19 pandemic The Chapman University National COVID-19 and Mental Health Survey (Spring 2020) examined the experiences of 4,149 adults living in the United States, asking questions about how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting mental health, physical health, romantic relationships and encounters of prejudice. The study was led by David Frederick, an associate professor of health psychology at Chapman University, 15730 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Cell entry mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2 [Microbiology] A novel severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-like coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is causing the global coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Understanding how SARS-CoV-2 enters human cells is a high priority for deciphering its mystery and curbing its spread. A virus surface spike protein mediates SARS-CoV-2 entry into cells. To fulfill its function,… 15729 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Caring for patients on COVID-19 units: an approach for hospitals Toronto and Spanish physicians describe in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) an approach to create dedicated COVID-19 patient units, infection control protocols and care teams to help other hospitals safely care for patients. 15728 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Careers advice for class of 2020 The graduate jobs market has been turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic. Navigating the months ahead to ensure your long-term career prospers could be tricky, if not daunting. Here are some expert tips on how to make a positive start. 15727 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Care home staff could be asked to work without PPE under council plan Proposals suggest seeking volunteers to look after coronavirus patients without protective gear Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Health and social care workers could be asked to volunteer to look after people with Covid-19 without wearing protective equipment in the event of extreme shortages, according to proposals seen by the Guardian. Councils oversee a range of se 15726 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Cape Town emerges as African Covid-19 hotspot Infections may yet pick up pace in a region that is still early to the pandemic 15725 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Cant resist splurging on online shopping? Heres why The demand for online shopping has obviously increased since COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. 15724 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Cancerprogression øger risikoen for dødsfald hos patienter med COVID-19 Patienter med COVID-19 og en samtidig kræftdiagnose, havde i en ny analyse højere uafhængig risiko for at dø, hvis de oplevede sygdomsprogression i deres kræft. 15723 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Canadian study of critically ill patients with COVID-19 found lower death rate A Canadian case series of all patients with COVID-19 admitted to six intensive care units (ICUs) in Metro Vancouver found patient outcomes were substantially better than reported in other jurisdictions. The paper is published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) 15722 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Canadas farmland is a wise investment—during and after the coronavirus COVID-19 has put the world's economies on pace for the most dramatic contraction since the Great Depression. With the world's major economies on track for the largest quarterly decline in history, Canadian farmland is an increasingly stable and resilient investment. 15721 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Can you solve it? The Zoom puzzle How the ubiquitous app places our faces UPDATE: Solutions now up here. Today’s first puzzle concerns Zoom. For those of you who have been hiding under a stone all lockdown, it is a video-conferencing app. 1) Deduce the Zoom algorithm for placing four faces, using the three screengrabs below taken from three different people’s computers during the same meeting. For those who have never used Zoom b 15720 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Can you catch coronavirus twice? What we know about Covid-19 so far Your questions answered based on current knowledge and the latest research from scientists Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage That remains unclear. A key question is whether antibodies produced by the body following an infection with the coronavirus provide some level of immunity, and if so, for how long. Continue reading… 15719 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Can plasma from COVID-19 survivors help save others? Small studies suggest transfusions with antibody-laden blood plasma may help patients fight the virus 15718 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Can New York avoid a coronavirus exodus? As it prepares to reopen, the city will have to reinvent itself to keep talented people 15717 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Can coronavirus affect eyesight? Evidence is lacking, say experts Medics including Royal College of Ophthalmologists say cases of impaired vision alongside coronavirus infection ‘rare’ See all our coronavirus coverage Speaking to the press on Monday, Dominic Cummings said he drove, with his wife and child, on a 30-mile trip to Barnard Castle during lockdown to see if he could drive safely, concerned that his eyesight might have been affected by coronavirus. In 15716 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Calculating Your Way to Antivirals My intent is to start mixing in some non-coronavirus posts along with my pandemic science coverage – you know, like the blog used to be way back earlier in the year (!) Today’s subject might be a good transitional one – it’s an article in the New England Journal of Medicine on coronavirus drug discovery, but the points it raises are generally applicable. “How to Discover Antiviral Drugs Quickly” 15715 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Buildings consume lots of energy – heres how to design whole communities that give back as much as they take Although the coronavirus pandemic has dominated recent headlines, climate change hasn't gone away. Many experts are calling for a "green" economic recovery that directs investments into low-carbon energy sources and technologies. 15714 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Brussels wants €750bn borrowing power to fund virus recovery European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen must win backing from reluctant capitals 15713 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Brussels looks to new taxes to pay off pandemic recovery debt Corporate and green levies could help raise money for EU borrowing if member states agree 15712 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. British Land suffers £1bn hit from retail tumult Property company dented by coronavirus impact and boom in ecommerce 15711 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Britains quarantine plan for travellers is too little too late | Devi Sridhar As countries that implemented travel bans early on in the coronavirus pandemic begin to open up, the UK is only just getting started Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage When the next pandemic hits – and it’s a question of when, not if – it will be vital that we did all we could at this moment to learn the lessons taught to us by coronavirus. One key lesson has been the e 15710 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Britain, Host of U.N. Climate Talks, Proposes Full-Year Pandemic Delay The postponement, expected to be approved, could result in national recovery plans with high environmental costs, some diplomats say. 15709 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Britain is out of step with its partners on quarantine The pandemic has led to patchwork travel restrictions across the globe 15708 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Brazils first-quarter GDP falls 1.5% as Covid-19 cases climb Dismal figures add to woes for Latin America’s largest economy 15707 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Brazils chloroquine battles: They were saying they were going to kill me Scientists criticising the use of the antimalarial drug for Covid-19 receive death threats from Jair Bolsonaro’s followers 15706 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Boris Johnson urges UK public not to flout lockdown rules Test-and-trace chief Dido Harding unable to give data on how new system is working 15705 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Boris Johnson urged to publish BAME Covid-19 review immediately Keir Starmer says government must ‘stop the excuses’ amid claims delay is due to fears it could stoke tensions Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson is under pressure to immediately publish the findings of an inquiry into why black and minority ethnic groups have been disproportionately affected by coronavirus, after accusations that it has been delayed over 15704 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Boris Johnson sorry for confusion over Cummings trip Prime minister stands by aide and announces new plans to reopen shops next month 15703 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Boris Johnson creates new teams to oversee coronavirus recovery Two committees formed as ministers fear cabinet has been sidelined during pandemic 15702 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Bolstering Africas coronavirus detection efforts 15701 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Blood vessel attack could trigger coronavirus fatal second phase Damage to vessel lining may drive mysterious clotting disorders, inflammation 15700 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. Blaming China for Pandemic, Trump Says U.S. Will Leave the W.H.O. 15699 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Beware of false negatives in diagnostic testing of COVID-19 Researchers at Johns Hopkins have found that the chance of a false negative result — when a virus is not detected in a person who actually is, or recently has been, infected — is greater than 1 in 5 and, at times, far higher. 15698 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Better prepared for future crises Although there were early warnings of an exponentially growing pandemic, most policymakers around the world were unprepared and reluctant to act when Covid-19 first spread from China around the world. In an article published in the Journal of Risk Research, Aengus Collins, Marie-Valentine Florin (both EPFL International Risk Governance Center) and IASS Scientific Director Ortwin Renn analyze the k 15697 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Better patient identification could help fight the coronavirus In a peer-reviewed commentary published in npj Digital Medicine, experts from Regenstrief Institute, Mayo Clinic and The Pew Charitable Trusts write that matching patient records from disparate sources is not only achievable, but fundamental to stem the tide of the current pandemic and allow for fast action for future highly contagious viruses. 15696 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Benefits of social networks to disaster response questioned Faced with a common peril, people delay making decisions that might save lives, fail to alert each other to danger and spread misinformation. Those may sound like behaviors associated with the current pandemic, but they actually surfaced in experiments on how social networks function in emergencies. 15695 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Belgium — concerns about coronavirus contact-tracing apps 15694 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Behavioural science advisers express concern over Cummings crisis Leading behavioural scientists have expressed concern that the Dominic Cummings scandal could encourage people to disregard the UK’s coronavirus restrictions 15693 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Beating COVID-19 through genomic research Next-generation sequencing of the COVID-19 virus is providing powerful metagenomic data, which, combined with clinical data, will inform the search for effective treatments. 15692 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Beach Towns Are Next to Take the Hit C oney Island on Memorial Day was a shadow of its usual summer self. The Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel—the iconic roller coaster and Ferris wheel—stood idle. The line for hot dogs at the nation’s first Nathan’s seemed long, but only because masked customers stood a few extra feet apart. A limited number of other restaurants and bars served carryout only, but there was nary a wait anywhere else. Th 15691 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. BBVA calls for easing of coronavirus restrictions Spanish bank’s chairman Carlos Torres says move is needed to kick-start economy 15690 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Battered Caribbean prepares for hurricanes amid pandemic Hurricanes. Earthquakes. COVID-19. 15689 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Banks determined to lock in Covid-19 tech changes Pandemic is forcing progress in a security-conscious field — but can it be maintained? 15688 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Balancing the economy while saving the planet If you make your bio-product 100% sustainable it may be way too expensive to produce. If you make it less environmentally friendly, you may, at some point, end up having a feasible product that can compete on market terms. But is it still sustainable? 15687 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Back from extinction: a world first effort to return threatened pangolins to the wild Pangolins are one of the most illegally trafficked animals on the planet and are suspected to be linked to the current coronavirus pandemic. 15686 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Aviation industry prepares for sweeping changes in post-pandemic travel Flying experience will be radically different as industry warns of rising prices and long queues 15685 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Average Workers Cant Bear Any More Risk As economies reopen across the United States, tens of millions of Americans who can’t work remotely have become armchair actuaries, forced to figure out for themselves just how risky clocking in to their jobs might be. Of course, for many, the calculation is largely hypothetical. In April, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that declared virus-plagued meatpacking plants “essential i 15684 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Australia given short shrift by China over US ties and virus stance Canberra’s warmth towards Trump and Beijing’s growing global influence put relations under strain 15683 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. At work, school and seeing friends: How to lower your coronavirus risk Many countries are relaxing coronavirus restrictions. If you’ve been asked to return to work or school, how can you reduce the risk of infection to yourself and your family? 15682 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. At an HIV Clinic in Queens, N.Y., a Sense of Home Hangs in the Balance Health care workers at the city hospital hit hardest by the pandemic go beyond their job description in tending to a vulnerable population — Read more on 15681 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Asymptomatic coronavirus: how common is it and can its spread be contained? Though they display less viral shedding, asymptomatic people can still spread Covid-19 Since the Covid-19 outbreak began, many have been concerned about asymptomatic spread – that is, people who have the virus but show no symptoms, so therefore don’t take measures to quarantine themselves. As the virus spreads throughout the world more research can be gathered, and scientists are learning more ab 15680 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Astronomers find cosmic golden needle buried for two decades Astronomers made innovative use of their time while sheltering at home due to the pandemic by combing through W. M. Keck Observatory and NASA archive data. They rediscovered the first Einstein ring and found the distance of its source was never measured. The researchers are the first to make the calculation and found the quasar to be 10 billion light-years away, or a redshift of z=1.849. 15679 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Astronauts ring opening bell for Nasdaq from space station The astronauts launched into orbit by SpaceX joined in the ringing of the opening bell for the Nasdaq on Tuesday to mark "a pivotal moment" for the space economy. 15678 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Association of COVID-19 outbreak with enrollment in cancer clinical trials How the COVID-19 pandemic is associated with national enrollment in cancer clinical trials is investigated in this study. 15677 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. As the Pandemic Hits Campus Finances, Faculty Face Layoffs Many colleges and universities across the US have lost millions of dollars in revenue due to COVID-19. 15676 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. As others pull together on a coronavirus vaccine, why is the UK siding with big pharma? | Nick Dearden The UK has refused to support a WHO initiative to make Covid-19 treatments patent-free Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage “The most urgent shared endeavour of our lifetimes,” is how Boris Johnson described the search for a coronavirus vaccine just a month ago. At the time, the prime minister urged countries to pull together and share their expertise. Yet if his governme 15675 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. As Indias lockdown ends, exodus from cities risks spreading COVID-19 far and wide States scramble to deal with millions of jobless migrant workers returning home 15674 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. As Hot Spots Shift, Pandemic Enters a New Phase Some Americans face economic ruin with government aid set to end. Masks become a flash point for businesses, and the C.D.C. proposes changes that would remake the workplace. 15673 ….. ( Hentet: 24. maj 2020 ) ….. As governments move to leverage technology to fight COVID-19, we should be mindful that this scramble could open the door to technologies that will impact society in ways that are more profound and far-reaching than the pandemic itself. 15672 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. As businesses reopen, its crucial we wear masks, safely distance–abr052720.php In a perspective piece published today in the journal Science, UC San Diego experts describe in detail the growing evidence that SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, can be spread by asymptomatic people via aerosols — a reality that deeply underscores the ongoing importance of regular widespread testing, wearing masks and physical distancing to reduce the spread of the virus. 15671 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Artificial intelligence can improve how chest images are used in care of COVID-19 patients According to a recent report by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers, artificial intelligence (AI) should be used to expand the role of chest X-ray imaging — using computed tomography, or CT — in diagnosing and assessing coronavirus infection so that it can be more than just a means of screening for signs of COVID-19 in a patient's lungs. 15670 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Armchair Virologists Pretending to be a javelin aficionado is one thing. Professing to have real insight into the ongoing pandemic is quite another. 15669 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Are we heading into another Depression? Economists and analysts give their views on the global economy as countries relax coronavirus lockdowns 15668 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Are Ultraviolet Sanitizing Lights Safe for Humans? Called "far-UVC," this light is supposed to thwart pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 without harming humans — but some researchers would like to see more evidence. 15667 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Are masks the new face of our society? Science and the changing landscape of human expression As masks become the norm in a post-COVID-19 world, experts discuss adapting to new social cues, facial recognition and even security concerns. 15666 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Architect of Swedens coronavirus strategy admits too many died Anders Tegnell defends strategy but says there is ‘potential for improvement’ Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Sweden’s chief epidemiologist and the architect of its light-touch approach to the coronavirus has acknowledged the country has suffered too many deaths from Covid-19 and should have done more to curb the spread of the virus. Anders Tegnell, who has previousl 15665 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Aquaculture industry set to be a boon for Northern Australian economy Northern Australian aquaculture is set to increase its production five-fold to exceed $1.34 billion in value and produce more than five times its current volume of fish, prawns and other seafood products within the next decade—according to a new Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) report published today. 15664 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Applying symptom tracking to COVID-19 outpatient care using famotidine Researchers are developing methods to test COVID-19 treatments on non-hospitalized patients. The Northwell-CSHL team of clinicians/researchers used famotidine as a proof-of-concept that outpatient symptom tracking may accelerate prioritization of effective drug regimens to be pursued more rigorously in clinical trials. 15663 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. App weighs risks of cancer treatment delay during COVID-19 A new app compares the long-term risks of delaying treatment for cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic to the risk of potential infection if someone undergoes surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation. As the COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed health care systems across the country, doctors have postponed surgery and other treatments for thousands of patients with cancer. These delays may las 15662 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. App determines COVID-19 disease severity using artificial intelligence, biomarkers A new mobile app can help clinicians determine which patients with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are likely to have severe cases. Created by researchers at NYU College of Dentistry, the app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assess risk factors and key biomarkers from blood tests, producing a COVID-19 'severity score.' 15661 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. App could let patients self-monitor COVID-19 symptoms A new app called CovidCare could help people in isolation self-monitor COVID-19 symptoms and also identify mental health needs, researchers report. The app measures things like heart rate, body temperature, and shortness of breath to provide self-monitoring support to patients with symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID-19. CovidCare also asks users questions about their emotional needs and how they’re 15660 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Antivaxxers launch a preemptive disinformation war against a COVID-19 vaccine that doesnt yet exist We don't yet have a vaccine against COVID-19, but that hasn't stopped the antivaccine movement from launching a preemptive disinformation war on social media against it. Unfortunately, as a recent study demonstrates, on Facebook at least, they have been so successful that it is possible that antivaccine messaging will surpass pro-vaccine messaging on FB within a decade. 15659 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Angrynomics, by Eric Lonergan and Mark Blyth An ingenious solution for an unequal world brought into sharp relief by the coronavirus pandemic 15658 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Anger over Dominic Cummings actions has encouraged lockdown rule-breaking Government scientific adviser warns rejection of guidance raises risk of virus resurgence Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A scientific adviser to the government has warned that public anger over the conduct of Dominic Cummings has encouraged some people to break lockdown rules, raising the risk of a resurgence in coronavirus infections. Related: Tory revolt grows as 15657 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. An Onslaught of Crises Has Created a Modern Paradox Never before have humans lived more comfortably. And yet today we're overwhelmed by crises, be it inequality or economic collapse or Covid, all exacerbating one another. 15656 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. An incomplete list of COVID-19 quackery Possibly the only thing spreading faster than COVID-19 is the pseudoscience about COVID-19. 15655 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. An important new tool for developing COVID-19 treatments, vaccines Scientists have a new resource to help them better understand COVID-19 as they develop treatments and vaccines. 15654 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. An important new tool for developing COVID-19 treatments, vaccines Biomedical scientists working with COVID-19 have a new tool to help them better understand the virus and feel confident about the structural models they are using in their research. 15653 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. An imperative for psychiatrists to act now How psychiatrists can contribute to diminish the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is discussed. 15652 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. AMP releases preliminary results to nationwide SARS-CoV-2 molecular testing survey The Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP), the premier global, molecular diagnostic professional society, today released the preliminary results of its April 2020 SARS-CoV-2 Testing Survey for clinical laboratories. The anonymous survey was created and administered to document clinical laboratory efforts and experiences. The results will be used to help inform future advocacy and clinical prac 15651 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Amid Covid-19 Confusion, Autocrats Seek to Consolidate Power China sought to tighten restrictions on the semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong this week — though it was far from alone. As human rights advocates have long warned, leaders in Myanmar, Cambodia, Turkey and other countries, appear to be using public health measures as a pretext for authoritarian politics. 15650 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Americans deepening financial stress will make the coronavirus a lot harder to contain Preventing deaths from COVID-19 depends on people who get it seeking treatment—which also allows authorities to track down whom they came in contact with to reduce spread. 15649 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Americans Arent Getting the Advice They Need In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the government of the Netherlands made an unusual suggestion to single people: Get a quarantine seksbuddy . Many individuals who aren’t in a relationship still need physical intimacy, and having one consistent sex partner is much less likely to promote the spread of the coronavirus than having multiple partners is. Dutch public-health officials were simpl 15648 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Alzheimers Gene Linked to Higher Risk of Severe COVID-19 Two copies of the APOE4 variant, which confers a higher risk of dementia, doubles the risk of severe symptoms as a result of infection with SARS-CoV-2, according to a study. 15647 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Altered sense of taste present in half of COVID-19 cases A systematic review of COVID-19 cases finds nearly half of patients reported changes to or complete loss of their sense of taste. The finding furthers the evidence that changes in taste are a valid screening tool for COVID-19. 15646 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Almost 30,000 invalid UK coronavirus tests had to be redone Consignment sent back from the US as void last month after issues at a British lab Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Tens of thousands of Britons had to be retested for coronavirus after the government sent their swabs to the US. Nearly 30,000 tests were found to be invalid after being flown out following problems at a UK laboratory last month. Continue reading… 15645 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Air travel is slowly rebounding in the US Delta Airlines is increasing flights to many regions of the world from its hubs. (Miguel Angel Sanz/Unsplash/) This story originally featured on Flying Magazine . While it’s certainly not time to claim victory of any sort for airline travel over the COVID-19 virus, metrics released last week does at least offer a bit of encouraging news to people who depend on air carriers. Transportation Safety 15644 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Air bridge linking UK to Portugal may be agreed by end of June Portuguese foreign minister confirms talks with UK as experts express safety fears Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage An “air bridge” between the UK and Portugal could be agreed by the end of June, allowing tourists to bypass quarantine restrictions. It comes amid calls for blanket quarantine plans to be scrapped to aid the flailing tourism and hospitality sectors, desp 15643 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. AI management can benefit the growing online workforce USC research shows that gig workers and others in the new crowdwork economy need more autonomy and clear purpose in online tasks to perform at a high level — advantages that AI assistance offers. The findings are significant for an economy changed by coronavirus pandemic. 15642 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. AI could help scientists fact-check covid claims amid a deluge of research An experimental tool helps researchers wade through the overwhelming amount of coronavirus literature to check whether emerging studies follow scientific consensus. Why it matters: Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a flood of relevant preprints and papers, produced by people with varying degrees of expertise and vetted through varying degrees of peer review. This has mad 15641 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. After coronavirus closures, reopening schools demands collaboration Across Canada, many parents, educational policy experts and educators are now looking at possibly late August or early September as they consider how schools can safely reopen amid the unknowns of the coronavirus pandemic. 15640 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. After 6 Months, Important Mysteries About Coronavirus Endure Times journalists summarize some of the most critical things that scientists and public health officials have yet to understand. 15639 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Afskaf udokumenterede behandlingsgarantier og lad lægerne prioritere En genindførelse af 30-dages garantien virker helt urealistisk i et sundhedsvæsen, der allerede inden COVID-19 var hårdt presset på økonomien, skriver formand og næstformand i Dansk Ortopædisk Selskab. 15638 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Africas COVID-19 recovery should harness the benefits of nature and conservation
">" data-uri="subscription/"> 15637 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. African nations fail to find coronavirus quarantine escapees There are more than 130,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the continent Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Police across swathes of Africa have failed to find more than a fraction of hundreds of people who have escaped from often unsanitary and uncomfortable Covid-19 quarantine centres in recent weeks. There are more than 130,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Africa, 15636 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. A Virus-Hunter Falls Prey to a Virus He Underestimated Peter Piot, 71, one of the giants of Ebola and AIDS research, is still battling a coronavirus infection that hit him “like a bus” in March. 15635 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. A trial is under way of the first new antibody medicine developed to treat covid-19 The news: Patients have started to receive the first antibody drug developed specifically to treat covid-19. It’s being tested in 32 patients at various doses in hospitals in the US. If it’s shown to be safe, the drug, referred to as LY-CoV555, will be studied in non-hospitalized coronavirus patients later this summer. The big idea: The drug was developed in just three months. Researchers used bl 15634 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. A Tokyo Hospital Is Livestreaming Surgeries in Virtual Reality In order to protect medical students and doctors during the coronavirus pandemic, a hospital in Tokyo has started livestreaming surgical procedures in virtual reality for students stuck at home. At Tokyo Women’s Medical University, which is known for experimenting with medical robots and AI algorithms , surgeons are now performing operations under the watchful eye of a giant, 8K virtual reality c 15633 ….. ( Hentet: 4.juni 2020 ) ….. A strategic approach to COVID-19 vaccine R&D Science current issue
">" data-uri="subscription/">Science current issue 15632 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. A roadmap for effective treatment of COVID-19 Researchers from the US Food and Drug Administration have reviewed the available scientific literature on COVID-19 and systematically outlined key immunological factors underlying COVID-19 disease severity. Based on these factors, the researchers indicate a range of approved and available drugs, as well as drugs currently under clinical investigation, as possible candidates for treatment. 15631 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. A risk-tailored approach to reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic A tailored public health approach that accounts for variation in risks across populations, places and time could guide the next phase of Canada's coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) response, argue authors in a commentary in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). 15630 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. A revival stalled: coronavirus in Americas rust-belt The unemployment rate has soared in cities such as Detroit, which now face intensifying protests against police brutality 15629 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. A return to the Licence Raj will stall Indias reopening The pandemic has become an unwelcome flashback to the red tape and slow growth of the past 15628 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. A Reddit Community Has Become a Memorial for Covid-19 Victims Amid a pandemic, users have turned the subreddit r/LastImages into a digital shrine to remember loved ones lost to the disease. 15627 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. A Rare and Mysterious Inflammatory Syndrome in Children is Linked to COVID-19 A mysterious inflammatory condition, likely caused by COVID-19, is affecting a small number of children. We don't know much about it yet, but we are certain to see additional cases and to learn more about why this is happening. Still, it's not time to panic. 15626 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. A potential new weapon in the war against superbugs Researchers have shown that a newly discovered natural antibiotic, teixobactin, could be effective in treating bacterial lung conditions such as tuberculosis and those commonly associated with COVID-19. 15625 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. A Passion for Beetles (and Spiders) in the Time of Coronavirus Although schools are closed for now, nature is still open for exploration and learning — Read more on 15624 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. A new approach to UK resilience needed Leading academics from across Cranfield University are calling for a new approach to UK resilience. Writing in today's Financial Times, the academics believe that as well as lessons learnt from the response to COVID-19 there is a much wider lesson to be learnt about how the UK identifies, prepares and responds to threats and risks, such as to our safety, our national security and from climate chan 15623 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. A near full-length HIV-1 genome from 1966 recovered from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue [Evolution] With very little direct biological data of HIV-1 from before the 1980s, far-reaching evolutionary and epidemiological inferences regarding the long prediscovery phase of this pandemic are based on extrapolations by phylodynamic models of HIV-1 genomic sequences gathered mostly over recent decades. Here, using a very sensitive multiplex RT-PCR assay, we… 15622 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. A mysterious companys coronavirus papers in top medical journals may be unraveling Scientists and journals express concern over influential studies of COVID-19 patient data that evaluated possible treatments such as hydroxychloroquine 15621 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. A Monday Is a Tuesday Is a Sunday as COVID-19 Disrupts Internal Clocks A global natural experiment examines the time warp of life under quarantine — Read more on 15620 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. A major study just found hydroxychloroquine doesnt prevent COVID-19 The anti-malarial pills may be a bust when it comes to COVID-19 (Julie Viken/Pexels/) Follow all of PopSci’s COVID-19 coverage here , including tips on cleaning groceries , ways to tell if your symptoms are just allergies , and a tutorial on making your own mask . The final nail doesn’t seem to be in the coffin yet for hydroxychloroquine , but more evidence now suggests that the anti-malarial dru 15619 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. A Human-Centric World of Work: Why It Matters, and How to Build It Long before coronavirus appeared and shattered our pre-existing “normal,” the future of work was a widely discussed and debated topic. We’ve watched automation slowly but surely expand its capabilities and take over more jobs , and we’ve wondered what artificial intelligence will eventually be capable of. The pandemic swiftly turned the working world on its head, putting millions of people out of 15618 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. A human neutralizing antibody targets the receptor binding site of SARS-CoV-2 15617 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. A Hidden COVID-19 Risk Factor: Your Boss Editor’s Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . When the coronavirus first hit the United States, some politicians referred to it as the “ great equalizer ” because it supposedly didn’t discriminate. But very soon, that proved not to be true. People of color are disproportionately affected by COVID-19, for example, and l 15616 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. A drug that cools the bodys reaction to Covid-19 appears to save lives In an advance toward conquering covid-19, doctors in Michigan say an antibody drug may sharply cut the chance patients on a ventilator will die. The problem: The pandemic viral disease is infecting millions, and for those who end up on a ventilator in an ICU, the odds are grim. More than half are dying. The drug: Doctors at the University of Michigan set out to control the haywire immune reaction 15615 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. A disunited UK emerges from the lockdown The Westminster government has not carried other nations with it 15614 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. A Day in the Life of a COVID-19 Physician The pandemic challenges a young critical care doctor in ways he could never have imagined — Read more on 15613 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. A COVID-19 exit strategy to end lockdown and reopen the economy | Uri Alon How can we return to work without spurring a second surge of coronavirus infection? Biologist Uri Alon shares a thought-provoking strategy: four days at work followed by 10 days of lockdown, a cycle that would exploit a weakness in the virus's biology and potentially cut its reproductive rate to a manageable level. Learn more about this approach — which has already been adopted by both companies 15612 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. A convicted felon wants people to enroll in a COVID-19 clinical trial. What could go wrong? Richard Fleming, a felon convicted of health care fraud who has been debarred by the US Food and Drug Administration, would like to invite you to participate in a clinical trial. Fleming has registered a study on to evaluate what he calls the “Fleming Method for Tissue and Vascular Differentiation and Metabolism” — a … Continue reading 15611 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. A communitys fecal matter could give early warning of COVID-19 outbreaks, study finds By studying sewage at a New Haven wastewater treatment facility, a team of Yale researchers has determined that genetic code embedded in feces could be used as an early warning sign of COVID-19 outbreaks. 15610 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. A Brief History of Human Coronaviruses Milder, cold-causing members of this pathogenic viral family long remained under the radar, although they aren't entirely harmless. 15609 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. A better model for neutrophil-related diseases Neutrophils are critical immune cells for antimicrobial defense, but they can exacerbate a number of diseases, perhaps including COVID-19. The traditional approaches to study neutrophils in animal models are limited in specificity and effectiveness. Scientists have now identified the problem and have developed a new, optimized model for studying the role of neutrophils in the context of disease. 15608 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Maintaining Tourist Sites During COVID-19 Despite closures, essential workers are the ones holding down the fort at these popular travel destinations 15607 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. 80 Million Children at Risk as Pandemic Disrupts Global Vaccination Efforts "Any suspension of childhood vaccination services is a major threat to life." 15606 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. 7 tips to cope with kids stuck at home this summer With the school year drawing to a close and many camps cancelled due to COVID-19, parents are facing new challenges keeping kids at home occupied and on track. Here, experts from Georgia State University’s College of Education and Human Development share how families can consider their child’s needs while fostering growth and connection this summer: 1. Keep your plans flexible While structure is 15605 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. 5 Ways You Can Help Stop The Coronavirus Infodemic Thats Hurting Everyone ScienceAlert – Latest
">" data-uri="subscription/">ScienceAlert – Latest 15604 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. 5 Takeaways on the C.D.C.s Coronavirus Response Early mistakes in testing, aging data systems, clashes with President Trump and an overly cautious culture shook confidence in the nation’s premier public health agency. 15603 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. 4 Non-Obvious Trends That Matter During This Pandemic Last year at South By Southwest, author and entrepreneur Rohit Bhargava spoke to a packed auditorium about trends that, though they may not be obvious, are playing a serious role in shaping the future. Each year Bhargava spends untold hours figuring out which trends are going to be the most relevant and impactful, then puts out a book on them as part of his “Non-Obvious” series . He was planning 15602 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. 3 ways your pets feel the COVID-19 anxiety, too The COVID-19 pandemic is creating emotional stress and anxiety for humans—but chances are, their furry companions are likely feeling the same way. Pets could be feeling secondhand anxiety from their owners who are coping with lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic, says Niwako Ogata, an associate professor of veterinary behavior medicine in Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Pe 15601 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. 3 Ways Scientists Think We Could De-Germ a Covid-19 World Researchers want to know if we can create an antiviral infrastructure that would protect humans from transmission. Here are a few ideas. 15600 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. 1ST COVID autopsy series by LSUHealthNO pathologists reveals new cardiopulmonary findings LSU Health New Orleans pathologists performed the first series of autopsies on African Americans who died from COVID-19 in New Orleans, and their findings provide new and critical information to guide patient management. The findings are published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine. 15599 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. 1-day delay in social distancing led to 2.4 days of COVID spread Places that took longer to begin implementing social distancing measures spent more time with the coronavirus rapidly spreading than did others that acted more quickly, a new analysis of outbreaks in 58 cities shows. In the new paper that will appear in Emerging Infectious Diseases , researchers studied cities throughout China and analyzed when first cases were detected, when social distancing me 15598 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. 16 Health Workers Talk About Their Battles With the Pandemic WIRED’s video team reached out to doctors, physician assistants, and paramedics, and asked them about their experiences treating Covid-19 patients. 15597 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. 124 coronavirus vaccines are in development – but will any work? Ten experimental vaccines for covid-19 are already being trialled in people but we don’t know yet if it’s possible to induce long-lasting immunity with a vaccine 15596 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. 2040 After an absurd period with a real-life gloomy corona pandemic, lock-down and unrest, it was quite refreshing to see visions for a sustainable future in a new documentary ‘ 2040 ‘ ( link to trailer ). Its message, through the voice of Damon Gameau, is about hope and is based on rational thinking. The video takes us to twenty years fast-forward to an imagined future. It makes good use of effects t 15595 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Your Brain, Free Will and the Law Stanford University neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky talks about human behavior, the penal system and the question of free will. — Read more on 15594 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Yes, your dog wants to rescue you Imagine you're a dog. Your owner is trapped in a box and is crying out for help. Are you aware of his despair? If so, can you set him free? And what's more, do you really want to? That's what researchers wanted to know when they gave dogs the chance to rescue their owners. 15593 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Worth their salt: Researchers report first case of hexagonal NaCl Skoltech and MIPT scientists have predicted and then experimentally confirmed the existence of exotic hexagonal thin films of NaCl on a diamond surface. These films may be useful as gate dielectrics for field effect transistors in electric vehicles and telecommunication equipment. The research, supported by the Russian Science Foundation, was published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 15592 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Worlds oldest bug is fossil millipede from Scotland A 425-million-year-old millipede fossil from the Scottish island of Kerrera is the world's oldest 'bug' — older than any known fossil of an insect, arachnid or other related creepy-crawly. 15591 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Work needed to reduce the negative effects of heat stress on Australian dairy cows, research reveals Researchers have investigated the impact of heat stress in Australian dairy cows grazing summer pastures, revealing high temperature and humidity leads to a significant drop in milk production, but that this can be rectified through the provision of shade and more water troughs. 15590 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Women with Neandertal gene give birth to more children One in three women in Europe inherited the receptor for progesterone from Neandertals—a gene variant associated with increased fertility, fewer bleedings during early pregnancy and fewer miscarriages. This is according to a study published in Molecular Biology and Evolution by researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany and Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. 15589 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Winds spread PFAS pollution far from a manufacturing facility Concerns about environmental and health risks of some fluorinated carbon compounds used to make non-stick coatings and fire-fighting foams have prompted manufacturers to develop substitutes, but these replacements are increasingly coming under fire themselves. To get a handle on the scope of the problem, scientists have been studying how widely these chemicals have contaminated the environment. No 15588 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Wildlife managers use pup fostering to boost wolf genetics A record number of captive-born wolf pups has been placed into the wild as part of an effort by federal and state wildlife managers to boost the genetic diversity among Mexican gray wolves in the Southwestern United States. 15587 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Wildfires can alter Arctic watersheds for 50 years Climate change has contributed to the increase in the number of wildfires in the Arctic and can dramatically shift stream chemistry. Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have found that some of the aftereffects, like decreased carbon and increased nitrogen, can last up to five decades and could have major implications on vital waterways like the Yenisei River and the Arctic Ocean. 15586 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Why you may need to encourage social distancing around your bird feeder People in Britain feed up to 196 million birds a year with 60,000 tonnes of bird food, at a total cost of £300 million. All those garden feeders have helped boost populations of dozens of bird species, including the garden regular, the blue tit, whose numbers have increased by 26% in the last 50 years. 15585 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Why developing nerve cells can take a wrong turn Loss of ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme leads to impediment in growth of nerve cells. A link has been found between cellular machineries of protein degradation and regulation of the epigenetic landscape in human embryonic stem cells. 15584 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Why are we still failing to stop deforestation? While national and international efforts to reverse the trend of deforestation have multiplied in recent years, there is still no clear evidence to suggest that these initiatives are actually working. A new paper published in One Earth, calls for a radically different approach that focuses on our understanding of how individuals make their choices about forests and livelihoods. 15583 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Who were the Canaanites? New insight from 73 ancient genomes The people who lived in the area known as the Southern Levant—which is now recognized as Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Lebanon, and parts of Syria—during the Bronze Age (circa 3500-1150 BCE) are referred to in ancient biblical texts as the Canaanites. Now, researchers reporting in the journal Cell on May 28 have new insight into the Canaanites' history based on a new genome-wide analy 15582 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. When did modern humans first arrive in Europe? New archaeological discoveries in the Bacho Kiro cave in Bulgaria have revealed that modern humans co-existed with Neanderthals for several thousand years. Nicola Davis speaks to Prof Jean-Jacques Hublin about the excavations, and what their findings tell us about when modern humans first arrived in Europe. Help support our independent journalism at 15581 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. What information is coded in bird alarm calls—a new study from Korea Have you seen small birds nervously jumping up and down the branches and calling at a cat in a park? For a long time, scientists have been interested in what type of information about predators is coded in alarm calls; is it predator's species identity? Or their size? Or how dangerous it is? A recent study published in Ethology provides new discoveries in this field. 15580 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. What heading back to the office means for our pets As we head back to the office, and our time spent at home slowly lessens, we need to consider how our pets will fare with this change and what we can do to help them through the process. 15579 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. What Australian birds can teach us about choosing a partner and making it last Love, sex and mate choice are topics that never go out of fashion among humans or, surprisingly, among some Australian birds. For these species, choosing the right partner is a driver of evolution and affects the survival and success of a bird and its offspring. 15578 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. What are the risks and benefits of low-dose aspirin? Low-dose aspirin significantly lowers cardiovascular disease risk but increases the risk of bleeding, according to a review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 15577 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Western Canadian scientists discover what an armoured dinosaur ate for its last meal More than 110 million years ago, a lumbering 1,300-kilogram, armour-plated dinosaur ate its last meal, died, and was washed out to sea in what is now northern Alberta. This ancient beast then sank onto its thorny back, churning up mud in the seabed that entombed it–until its fossilized body was discovered in a mine near Fort McMurray in 2011. 15576 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Well begun is half done? Skoltech researchers study the recipe for efficient protein synthesis Skoltech scientists and their colleagues have studied more than 30 thousand variants of genetic sequences encoding two fluorescent proteins in order to determine which characteristics of mRNA and of the first dozen or so codons in it can increase the efficiency of translation. Among other things, they found that rare codons at the beginning of the sequence do not seem to enhance translation, contr 15575 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Wayward whale takes city break in Montreal A young humpback whale that swam up one of Canada's major rivers and has been exploring the waters off Montreal for a few days was likely led astray while on a hunting trip, authorities have said. 15574 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Warming climate is changing where birds breed: study Spring is in full swing. Trees are leafing out, flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and birds are singing. But a recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that those birds in your backyard may be changing right along with the climate. 15573 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Wading birds: shorebirds with unusual social structures ,Waders like wet conditions. They look for insects and other creepy-crawlies in the damp earth. Some species, such as the Mexican snowy plover or the ruff have developed fascinating behavioural patterns. Clemens Küpper and his working group at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Seewiesen is conducting long-terms studies of the social behaviour of these birds. Here, the issue of biodiversi 15572 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Visionary Science Takes More Than Just Technical Skills The ability to come up with truly revolutionary ideas is crucial—and extremely rare — Read more on 15571 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Virtual metabolic humans, Harvey and Harvetta, novel computational models for personalised medicine We are all unique. Our health is determined by our inherent genetic differences combined with our lifestyles and the environments in which we live. This unique identity means that a "one size fits all" approach is no longer accepted as the best way to manage our individual health. There is a demand for new "personalised" approaches to better manage our health and to target therapies to achieve opt 15570 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Users of high-potency cannabis four times more likely to report associated problems Users of high-potency cannabis are four times more likely to report associated problems, and twice as likely to report anxiety disorder, than users of lower-potency strains, according to new research. 15569 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Urge to merge: Understanding how cells fuse Scientists have known for a decade that cells that fuse with others to perform their essential functions—such as muscle cells that join together to make fibers—form long projections that invade the territory of their fusion partners. But how the thin and floppy polymers involved in this process propel mechanically stiff protrusions has been unknown. 15568 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Urban green spaces can help pollinators — new research provides basic recommendations Bee populations are experiencing a global decline as a result of climate change, parasites and pathogens, and pesticide exposure, as well as a lack of foraging resources due to human land use. The good news is that gardens and parks can be valuable sites for providing foraging resources to these urban pollinator communities because of their low pesticide use, complex landscapes, and protected envi 15567 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Unique insight into development of the human brain: Model of the early embryonic brain Stem cell researchers from the University of Copenhagen have designed a model of an early embryonic brain. The model will increase our understanding of how the human brain develops and can thereby help to accelerate the development of stem cell treatments for brain disorders such as Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and dementia. 15566 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Ultra-bright X-ray source awakens near a galaxy not so far away A new ultra-bright source of X-rays has awakened in between our galactic neighbours the Magellanic Clouds, after a 26-year slumber. This is the second-closest such object known to date, with a brightness greater than a million Suns. The discovery is published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 15565 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Two vital buffers against climate change are just offshore A new study finds that about 31 million people worldwide live in coastal regions that are 'highly vulnerable' to future tropical storms and sea-level rise driven by climate change. But in some of those regions, powerful defenses are located just offshore, in the forms of mangroves and coral reefs, key buffers that could help cushion the blow against future tropical storms and rising waters, accord 15564 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Two lefties make a right — if you are a one-in-a-million garden snail A global campaign to help find a mate for a left-coiling snail called 'Jeremy' has enabled scientists to understand how mirror-image garden snails are formed.The findings, published today in the journal Biology Letters, show that the rare left-spiralling shell of some garden snails is usually a development accident, rather than an inherited condition. 15563 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Two bacteria allow spittlebugs to thrive on low-nutrient meals A new study examines the symbiotic relationship between two types of bacteria and spittlebugs that helps the insect live on very low-nutrient food. The bacteria use a metabolic "trick" also employed by cancer cells to create the right conditions for converting the poor food into the necessary building blocks for survival. 15562 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Turn off the porch light: 6 easy ways to stop light pollution from harming our wildlife As winter approaches, marine turtle nesting in the far north of Australia will peak. When these baby turtles hatch at night, they crawl from the sand to the sea, using the relative brightness of the horizon and the natural slope of the beach as their guide. 15561 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Tuning the surface gives variations to metal foils Researchers reported how to give variations to single crystalline metal foils. Via the oxidation-led annealing plus seeded growth strategy, they obtained over 30 types of copper foils the size of A4 paper, which is roughly the same size as US legal paper. 15560 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Triggered by light, a novel way to switch on an enzyme In living cells, enzymes drive biochemical metabolic processes. It is this very ability which allows them to be used as catalysts in biotechnology, for example to create chemical products such as pharmaceutics. Researchers have identified an enzyme that, when illuminated with blue light, initiates a reaction that was previously unknown in enzymatics. 15559 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Tracking fossil fuel emissions with carbon-14 Researchers from NOAA and the University of Colorado have devised a breakthrough method for estimating national emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels using ambient air samples and a well-known isotope of carbon that scientists have relied on for decades to date archaeological sites. 15558 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Tracking cancers immortality factor Canadian scientists have achieved a first in the study of telomerase, an essential enzyme implicated in aging and cancer. 15557 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Toxin family binds to sugar receptors on human cells to cause damage New Griffith University research has found that sugars decorating human cells allow toxins, produced by disease-causing bacteria, to bind to human cells and cause damage or death. 15556 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Towards a climate neutral Europe: The land sector is key Land use choices can have a significant impact on climate change mitigation and help meet the increased ambition foreseen by the 'European Green Deal'. It is time to step up efforts to quantify the land sector's carbon emissions and removals. A study, which includes the CMCC Foundation's participation, analyses the EU regulations in force on the subject, which to date still place limits on the con 15555 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Topology sheds new light on synchronization in higher-order networks Research led by Queen Mary University of London, proposes a novel 'higher-order' Kuramoto model that combines topology with dynamical systems and characterises synchronization in higher-order networks for the first time. 15554 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Topology control of human fibroblast cells monolayer by liquid crystal elastomer Eukaryotic cells within living tissues can affect important physiological processes such as apoptosis and cell migration based on dynamic pattern formation with spatially varying orientations. However, it is yet challenging to project a predesigned map of orientational order onto a growing tissue in the lab. In a new study now published on Science Advances, Taras Turiv and a research team in chemi 15553 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Topological insulators feature lossless conduction at the edges Atomically thin layers of the semimetal tungsten ditelluride conduct electricity losslessly along narrow, one-dimensional channels at the crystal edges. The material is therefore a second-order topological insulator. By obtaining experimental proof of this behavior, physicists from the University of Basel have expanded the pool of candidate materials for topological superconductivity. The findings 15552 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Todays atmospheric carbon dioxide levels greater than 23 million-year record A common message in use to convey the seriousness of climate change to the public is: 'Carbon dioxide levels are higher today than they have been for the past one million years!' This new study used a novel method to conclude that today's carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are actually higher than they have been for the past 23 million years. 15551 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Title: Two-dimensional MXene as a novel electrode material for next-generation display Researchers in the US and Korea reported the first efficient flexible light-emitting diodes with a two-dimensional titanium carbide MXene as a flexible and transparent electrode. This MXene-based light-emitting diodes (MX-LED) with high efficiency and flexibility have been achieved via precise interface engineering from the synthesis of the material to the application (Advanced Materials,2020, 200 15550 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Tiny, self-assembling traps capture dangerous pollutants, PFAS A study shows that self-assembling molecular traps can be used to capture PFAS — dangerous pollutants that have contaminated drinking water supplies around the world. 15549 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. There is no escaping from climate change, even in the deep sea Even though the deeper layers of the ocean are warming at a slower pace than the surface, animals living in the deep ocean are more exposed to climate warming and will face increasing challenges to maintain their preferred thermal habitats in the future. 15548 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Theoretical breakthrough shows quantum fluids rotate by corkscrew mechanism Scientists performed simulations of merging rotating superfluids, revealing a peculiar corkscrew-shaped mechanism that drives the fluids into rotation without the need for viscosity. 15547 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. The Tragedy of the Compost Most food waste gets thrown into landfills rather than being recycled—but one abandoned dump is getting a makeover — Read more on 15546 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. The sensitive strain sensor that can detect the weight of a feather Physicists have created the most sensitive strain sensor ever made, capable of detecting a feather's touch. 15545 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. The most popular textbook example of punctuated evolution debunked Evolutionary biologists have for a long time disagreed on the rate of evolution when new species emerge. Are new species the result of gradual changes—as Charles Darwin suggested—or is evolution speeding up for short periods of time when new species evolve? 15544 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. The Milky Way has one very hot halo, astronomers find The halo that surrounds our own Milky Way galaxy is much hotter than scientists once believed—and it may not be unique among galaxies. 15543 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. The Leadbeaters possum finally had its day in court. It may change the future of logging in Australia The Federal Court last week ruled that VicForests—a timber company owned by the Victorian government—breached environmental laws when they razed the habitat of the critically endangered Leadbeater's possum and the vulnerable greater glider. 15542 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. The human factor limits hope of climate fixes Engineering the climate can help lower temperatures and reduce climate change impacts. New research shows that when accounting for human behaviour, climate engineering leads to significant economic and social risks. In a first-of-its-kind laboratory experiment, researchers found that both rational and irrational factors in the decision to fix the climate leads to welfare losses and increased inequ 15541 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. The health of ecosystems based on the ground beetle EPFL scientists just published an open tool for predicting the dynamics of ground beetle populations—important bioindicators for sustainable park management and for monitoring ecosystems—in Italy's Gran Paradiso National Park. The tool incorporates satellite and other remote sensing data. 15540 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. The first 3-D map of the hearts neurons The normal functioning of our hearts is maintained by our body's control center—the brain—via an intricate network of nerves. When this communication is disrupted, it results in heart disease, including heart attacks, sudden cardiac death and problems in blood supply. As an added layer of safety, the heart has its own 'little brain', called the intracardiac nervous system (ICN) to monitor and corr 15539 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. The evolutionary puzzle of the mammalian ear The vertebrate ear is a remarkable structure. Tightly encapsulated within the densest bone of the skeleton, it comprises the smallest elements of the vertebrate skeleton (auditory ossicles) and gives rise to several different senses: balance, posture control, gaze stabilization, and hearing. Nowhere else in the vertebrate skeleton are different functional units packed so close together and jointly 15538 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. The deep ocean is warming slowly—but dramatic changes are ahead The world's deep oceans are warming at a slower rate than the surface, but it's still not good news for deep-sea creatures according to an international study. 15537 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. The constant addition of nutrients into our ecosystems is depleting biodiversity Many low-nutrient ecosystems are particularly rich in species. Are added nutrients therefore detrimental to diversity? "That's true for many habitats," says Sönke Zaehle from the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena. The scientist is studying how nutrients impact the material cycle in ecosystems, and how the atmosphere and the surface of the ground influence each other. 15536 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. The chemical messenger that controls flower power The dazzling floral displays of early spring are starting to draw to a close. But wily gardeners know that they can keep plants in flower for longer by removing fruit and seeds as soon as they form. 15535 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. The cascade to criticality Combined theoretical and experimental work unveils a novel mechanism through which criticality emerges in quasiperiodic structures — a finding that provides unique insight into the physics on the middle ground between order and disorder. 15534 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. The broken mirror: Can parity violation in molecules finally be measured? Scientists have long tried to experimentally demonstrate a certain symmetry property of the weak interaction—parity violation—in molecules. So far, this has not been possible. A new interdisciplinary effort led by a research group at the at the PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and the Helmholtz Institute Mainz (HIM) has now shown a realistic path to demons 15533 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. The asteroids Ryugu and Bennu were formed by the destruction of a large asteroid What is the origin of the asteroids Bennu and Ryugu, and of their spinning-top shape? Numerical simulations of large asteroid disruptions show that during such events, fragments are ejected and then reaccumulate forming aggregates, some of which have a spinning-top shape. Scientists conclude that the overall properties of Bennu and Ryugu could directly result from the disruption of their parent bo 15532 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. The Art of Transfection and Transduction Download this poster to learn how optimized transfection and transduction achieve gene delivery success 15531 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Terrestrial bacteria can grow on nutrients from space As inevitable fellow travellers on the bodies of astronauts, spaceships, or equipment, terrestrial microorganisms will undoubtedly come into contact with extraterrestrial environments. Researchers now describe how bacteria can survive on an 'extraterrestrial diet', which affected their pathogenic potential. 15530 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Terahertz radiation can disrupt proteins in living cells Researchers from the RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics and collaborators have discovered that terahertz radiation, contradicting conventional belief, can disrupt proteins in living cells without killing them. 15529 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Ten years of ecosystem services matrix: Review of a (r)evolution In recent years, the concept of Ecosystem Services (ES): the benefits people obtain from ecosystems, such as pollination provided by bees for crop growing, timber provided by forests or recreation enabled by appealing landscapes, has been greatly popularised, especially in the context of impeding ecological crises and constantly degrading natural environments. 15528 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Taming CRISPRs collateral damage CRISPR-Cas9 can alter genes at pre-defined sites in specific ways, but it does not always act as planned. An LMU team has now developed a simple method to detect unintended "on-target" events, and shown that they often occur in human stem cells. 15527 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Taking a deep look into animals Advances in neuroscience research and microscopy: a new technique makes it possible to clear a wide variety of different animals, making them transparent and allowing researchers to look deep into their organs and nervous systems. 15526 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Synthetic red blood cells mimic natural ones, and have new abilities Scientists have tried to develop synthetic red blood cells that mimic the favorable properties of natural ones, such as flexibility, oxygen transport and long circulation times. Now, researchers have made synthetic red blood cells that have all of the cells' natural abilities, plus a few new ones. 15525 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Survey identifies learning opportunities related to health impacts of climate change An international survey of Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education (GCCHE) membership found that the majority of members — health professions schools and programs, including medical, nursing, and public health — offer learning opportunities related to the health impacts of climate change, yet many also encountered challenges in instituting or developing curricula. The results of the su 15524 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Superworms digest plastic, with help from their bacterial sidekicks Resembling giant mealworms, superworms (Zophobas atratus) are beetle larvae that are often sold in pet stores as feed for reptiles, fish and birds. In addition to their relatively large size (about 2 inches long), these worms have another superpower: They can degrade polystyrene plastic. Now, researchers have linked this ability to a strain of bacteria that lives in the larvae's gut. 15523 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Supercomputing aids scientists seeking therapies for deadly bacterial disease Francisella tularensis, a bacterium that causes the illness tularemia (also known as "rabbit fever"), is one of the most hostile organisms on the planet. Once the bacterium enters the body and tularemia sets in, an infected person can experience a range of symptoms, from ulcers to tonsillitis to pneumonia that can turn fatal. 15522 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Summer forage capabilities of tepary bean and guar in the southern great plains Perennial warm-season grasses do not provide high-quality forage during mid to late-summer, which limits yearling stocker cattle from maintaining high rates of growth in the Southern Great Plains. This shortage has resulted in a continual search by researchers for annual legumes that can provide sufficient amounts of nutritious forage during August through September. 15521 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Sugars could be the key to an earlier, more accurate test for prostate cancer A new type of test that uses complex sugars to detect prostate cancer earlier and with greater accuracy. 15520 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Sugar turns brown algae into good carbon stores Brown algae are important players in the global carbon cycle by fixing large amounts of carbon dioxide and thus extracting this greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. Moreover, because microbial decomposition of dead brown algae is slower than that of other marine plants, carbon dioxide fixed by brown algae remains much longer in the sea. Scientists from Bremen therefore explored why brown algae degr 15519 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Study: Reflecting sunlight to cool the planet will cause other global changes Study finds reflecting sunlight to cool the planet will weaken extratropical storm tracks, causing other global changes. 15518 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Study shows erosion of ozone layer responsible for mass extinction event Researchers at the University of Southampton have shown that an extinction event 360 million years ago, that killed much of the Earth's plant and freshwater aquatic life, was caused by a brief breakdown of the ozone layer that shields the Earth from damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This is a newly discovered extinction mechanism with profound implications for our warming world today. 15517 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Study reveals first evidence inherited genetics can drive cancers spread Scientists have long struggled to understand what drives a tumor to seed itself elsewhere in the body. New research implicates own pre-existing genetics. 15516 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Study reveals continuous pathway to building blocks of life Researchers have long sought to understand the origins of life on Earth. A new study conducted by scientists at the Institute for Advanced Study, the Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI), and the University of New South Wales, among other participating institutions, marks an important step forward in the effort to understand the chemical origins of life. The findings of this study demonstrate how " 15515 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Study resolves controversy surrounding tumor suppressor genes role in pluripotent ESCs The gene p53 is extremely important in cell biology and, hence, the world of cell replacement therapy. Its role is to regulate the cell cycle and halt the formation of tumors, leading to its nickname the "tumor suppressor gene." However, previous efforts to determine whether p53 is behind programmed cellular death (apoptosis) induced by DNA damage in pluripotent embryonic stem cells (ESCs) produce 15514 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Study investigates the nature of binary system 7 Vulpeculae An international team of astronomers has conducted spectroscopic and photometric observations of a binary star known as 7 Vulpeculae. The new study, described in a paper published May 22 on, discloses more information about the properties of 7 Vulpeculae, shedding more light on the nature of this system. 15513 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Study in twins finds our sensitivity is partly in our genes Some people are more sensitive than others — and around half of these differences can be attributed to our genes, new research has found. 15512 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Study finds gender differences in active learning classrooms Men participated more in an active learning course in science, technology, engineering and math, while women reported lower perceptions of their scientific abilities, were more aware of gender identity and more likely to feel judged based on gender, a new Cornell-led study has found. 15511 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Study finds electrical fields can throw a curveball MIT researchers have discovered a phenomenon that could be harnessed to control the movement of tiny particles floating in suspension. This approach, which requires simply applying an external electric field, may ultimately lead to new ways of performing certain industrial or medical processes that require separation of tiny suspended materials. 15510 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Study decodes the complex autotetraploid cultivated alfalfa genome Improvement of cultivated alfalfa (Medicago sativa), a perennial herbaceous legume and one of the most important forage crops, might be accelerated if agronomically beneficial mutations could be easily incorporated into modern varieties. However, obtaining mutants of the autotetraploid and self-incompatible cultivated alfalfa through traditional phenotypic selection is challenging. No mutant of th 15509 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Study charts developmental map of inner ear sound sensor in mice A team of researchers has generated a developmental map of a key sound-sensing structure in the mouse inner ear. Scientists at the the NIH National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, and their collaborators analyzed data from 30,000 cells from mouse cochlea, the snail-shaped structure of the inner ear. The results provide insights into the genetic programs that drive the form 15508 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Student-school mismatch Capable school graduates sometimes choose low-ranking universities which do not match their abilities. According to the findings of HSE University researchers, up to one-quarter of school graduates in Moscow enroll in low-quality universities despite scoring highly on their USE (Unified State Exam, the final school exam and a standard university admission mechanism in Russia). This academic mismat 15507 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Statistical models and ranger insights help identify patterns in elephant poaching The illegal wildlife trade is one of the highest value illicit trade sectors globally, threatening both human well-being and biodiversity. A prominent example is ivory poaching, leading to an estimated 30% decline in African elephant populations between 2007 and 2014 and costing African states an estimated US$25 million annually in lost tourism revenues. 15506 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Stanford team develops an inexpensive technique to show how decisions light up the brain A technique called COSMOS will help researchers understand how our brains work and aid in the development of new drugs. The inventors have created an instructional website to help other researchers build their own relatively-inexpensive COSMOS systems. 15505 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Stanford study shows dry air drives overlooked changes in how plants drink and breathe New research suggests dry air combined with warmer temperatures may prompt bigger than expected changes in how water moves through plants. The adjustment may allow plants to survive with less water in future droughts, while downshifting how much carbon they absorb. 15504 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Stable and functional dyes for near-infrared fluorescence imaging of living subjects Scientists can monitor biomolecular processes in live tissue by noninvasive optical methods, such as fluorescence imaging. However, the fluorescent dyes used for that purpose are often rather unstable, and photobleaching, lack of specificity, and poor pharmacokinetics are recurrent issues. US scientists have developed a molecular shield that stabilizes near-infrared fluorescent dyes and enhances t 15503 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Squid studies suggest new route to therapy for ALS, targeting synaptic dysfunction Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is one of the most devastating adult-onset neurodegenerative diseases. Patients, including the late actor/playwright Sam Shepard, become progressively weaker and eventually paralyzed as their motor neurons degenerate and die. 15502 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. SpaceXs Starship Prototype Just Erupted in a Dramatic Fireball During Testing Here's what you need to know. 15501 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. South Sudan: an unexplored Eden of biodiversity The light plane banked sharply to circle back over the plains. The pilot had spotted something below: antelope, first one, then many, the stragglers of a million-strong migration across this vast wilderness. 15500 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Solar cells, phone displays and lighting could be transformed by nanocrystal assembly method Smart phones, tablets and laptop displays, camera lenses, biosensing devices, integrated chips and solar photovoltaic cells are among the applications that could stand to benefit from an innovative method of nanocrystal assembly pioneered by Australian scientists. 15499 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Social status, not size, determines reproductive success for female mountain gorillas Dominance rank among female mountain gorillas is not related to body size but does increase their reproductive output according to research publishing June 3, 2020 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE, led by Edward Wright from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany, and colleagues. 15498 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Smartphones empowering women in sub-Saharan Africa, evidence suggests An international team of researchers has found evidence that shows giving women in sub-Saharan Africa smartphones leads to increased use of contraception, increased HIV testing and lower infant mortality rates. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group describes their study of data from a wide variety of sources that document women's health and economic 15497 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Smart sponge could clean up oil spills Researchers have developed a highly porous smart sponge that selectively soaks up oil in water. It can absorb more than 30 times its weight and be reused many dozens of times. 15496 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Small see-through container improves plant micrografting A type of plant grafting that requires a tremendous amount of precision and skill has now been made faster and easier thanks to a simple transparent container. Researchers at Nagoya University have developed a micrografting device that guides seedling growth and facilitates the grafting of the embryonic shoots of one plant onto the tiny stalks of another. The new device shows potential for facilit 15495 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Small protein, big impact: ProQ found to aid in DNA repair Meningococci are bacteria that can cause life-threatening meningitis and sepsis. These pathogens use a small protein with a large impact: The RNA-binding protein ProQ is involved in the activation of more than 250 bacterial genes. 15494 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Single pixel vision in fish helps scientists understand how humans can spot tiny details Recently discovered 'single-pixel vision' in fish could help researchers understand how humans are able to spot tiny details in their environment — like stars in the sky. 15493 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Simplified model assumptions artificially constrain the parameter range in which selection at the holobiont level can occur [Letters (Online Only)] van Vliet and Doebeli (1) present a multilevel selection framework simulating host–microbiome evolutionary dynamics. The model explores the conditions under which the association between hosts and their “helper” microbiome—microbes that developed a trait that provides a benefit to the host at a cost to themselves—is strong enough to allow for… 15492 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Showtime for photosynthesis Using a unique combination of nanoscale imaging and chemical analysis, researchers have revealed a key step in the molecular mechanism behind the water splitting reaction of photosynthesis, a finding that could help inform the design of renewable energy technology. 15491 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Should Ecologists Treat Male and Female Animals like Different Species? Creatures from albatross to loggerhead turtles will use different habitats, depending on their sex—a factor that is often not accounted for in conservation plans — Read more on 15490 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Sheep eyes are the window to their stressed out souls Thermal imaging technology is being used by AgResearch scientists to gain greater insights into how livestock experience stress, and how that knowledge can help enhance animal welfare. 15489 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Severely damaged sea urchin shows astonishing resilience Together with his colleague Christian Neumann of the Natural History Museum in Berlin, Senckenberg scientist Max Wisshak documented a sea urchin's fight for survival on the ocean floor off Spitsbergen. In their study, recently published in the scientific journal Polar Biology, the researchers show that despite traumatic injuries—more than one third of its shell and several vital organs had been lo 15488 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Self-assembling, biomimetic composites possess unusual electrical properties Sometimes, breaking rules is not a bad thing. Especially when the rules are apparent laws of nature that apply in bulk material, but other forces appear in the nanoscale. 15487 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Seeing the Unseen: The Art of Microscopy Download this eBook to learn how works of art are advancing research! 15486 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Seagrasses will benefit from global change Researchers show that seagrasses will benefit from increases in the temperature and CO2 in the oceans because their capacity to acquire nitrogen will be enhanced, not limiting their growth. 15485 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Sea snakes have been adapting to see underwater for 15 million years Sea snakes first entered the marine environment 15 million years ago and have been evolving ever since to survive in its changing light conditions, according to a new study. 15484 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Sea snail, human insulin hybrid could lead to better diabetes treatments Nearly a century after insulin was discovered, an international team of researchers report that they have developed the world's smallest, fully functional version of the hormone, one that combines the potency of human insulin with the fast-acting potential of a venom insulin produced by predatory cone snails. The finding, based on animal studies, could jumpstart the development of insulin treatmen 15483 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Scratching is contagious when solitary orangutans are in groups If someone around you yawns, the chances are that you too will soon yawn. In orangutans it has now been found that scratching is very contagious. This is what cognitive psychologists from Leiden discovered at Apenheul Primate Park. Publication in American Journal of Primatology. 15482 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists take first census of Arctic freshwater molluscs in 130 years Based on previously released data and their own investigations, researchers at the St Petersburg University Laboratory of Macroecology and Biogeography of Invertebrates have assessed the diversity of freshwater molluscs in the Circumpolar region of the World. In total, they registered 104 species of these invertebrates living in waters within the Arctic Circle. Their hermaphroditism, their ability 15481 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists synthesize tick spit protein for first time Using the properties of naturally occurring proteins offers huge potential for new medicines. Charlotte Franck in Professor Richard Payne's lab has for the first time made the anti-inflammatory evasin proteins found in tick saliva. 15480 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists reveal new fundamental principles governing diving in animals Diving as a lifestyle has evolved many times in the animal kingdom, and the ecology of all diving animals is essentially shaped by how long they can hold their breaths. 15479 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists report on animal welfare in aquaculture Scientists at the University of Stirling have authored a new report providing guidance on identifying and strengthening best practices for animal welfare in aquaculture. 15478 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists pinpoint areas in boreal forests that offer refuge to plants and animals as climate gets warmer and drier North America's boreal forests are warming and drying from climate change, but they still hold places that can offer refuge for plants and animals, according to University of Alberta scientists who have taken the lead in creating a guide to identify those areas. 15477 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists find optimal age of stem cells Biophysicists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Clinical Research Institute have determined the optimal age of reprogrammed stem cells suitable for restoring heart tissue. It spans the period roughly from day 15 until day 28 of maturation. The research findings were published in Scientific Reports. 15476 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists find genes to save ash trees from deadly beetle An international team of scientists have identified candidate resistance genes that could protect ash trees from the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), a deadly pest that is expected to kill billions of trees worldwide. 15475 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists find a switch to flip and turn off breast cancer growth and metastasis Researchers have identified a gene that causes an aggressive form of breast cancer to rapidly grow. More importantly, they have also discovered a way to "turn it off" and inhibit cancer from occurring. The animal study results have been so compelling that the team is now working on FDA approval to begin clinical trials. 15474 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists engineer human cells with squid-like transparency Octopuses, squids and other sea creatures can perform a disappearing act by using specialized tissues in their bodies to manipulate the transmission and reflection of light, and now researchers at the University of California, Irvine have engineered human cells to have similar transparent abilities. 15473 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists discover new forms of feldspars In high-pressure experiments, scientists have discovered new forms of the common mineral feldspar. At moderate temperatures, these hitherto unknown variants are stable at pressures of Earth's upper mantle, where common feldspar normally cannot exist. The discovery could change the view at cold subducting plates and the interpretation of seismologic signatures, as the team around DESY scientist Ann 15472 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists discover how cells respond to fasting As modern life-styles and high calorie diets drive the UK's obesity levels up, researchers from the University of Warwick have found how cells respond to fasting and activate the process called autophagy, which means a healthier lifestyle can be promoted to help people maintain a healthy body weight. 15471 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists detect crab nebula using innovative gamma-ray telescope The prototype Schwarzschild-Couder Telescope (SCT)–developed by scientists at the Columbia University in collaboration with researchers from other institutions–is part of an international effort, known as the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), which aims to construct the world's largest and most powerful gamma-ray observatory, with more than 100 similar telescopes in the northern and southern hemi 15470 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientists decipher the role of carbon and the break-up of continents An international collaboration has led scientists to new insights into the storage and dynamic transfer of carbon below thick and very old continental crust. 15469 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Scientist captures new images of Martian moon Phobos to help determine its origins Christopher Edwards, assistant professor in Northern Arizona University's Department of Astronomy and Planetary Science, just processed new images of the Martian moon Phobos that give scientists insight into the physical properties of the moon and its composition. 15468 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Science News Briefs from All Over Here are some brief reports about science and technology from around the planet, including one about an incredibly well-preserved horned lark (Eremophila alpestris), like the one pictured, that lived… — Read more on 15467 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Royal jelly does not a queen make What makes a queen? For bees, it's long been believed that queenliness depends on a special diet of royal jelly—a milky white secretion of protein, water and fat that oozes from the heads of nurse bees. 15466 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Robert May (1936-2020) and the Future of Scientific Research He was utterly unpretentious, without guile or dissimulation, and candid to the point of tactlessness—qualities in unfortunately short supply today — Read more on 15465 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Rivers help lock carbon from fires into oceans for thousands of years The extent to which rivers transport burned carbon to oceans—where it can be stored for tens of millennia—is revealed in new research led by the University of East Anglia (UEA). 15464 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Revealing how flies make decisions on the fly to survive Many insects process visual information to make decisions about controlling their flying skills and movements- flies must decide whether to pursue prey, avoid a predator, maintain their flight trajectory or land based on their perceptions. Why is understanding this process important? We move every day and perceive the world differently as a result. These neurons correspond to descending neurons in 15463 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Return of the Blob: Surprise link found to edge turbulence in fusion plasma Correlation discovered between magnetic turbulence in fusion plasmas and troublesome blobs at the plasma edge. 15462 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Restoring nerve-muscle communication in ALS A new study finds that restoring the protein SV2 in a genetic form of ALS can correct abnormalities in transmission and even prevent cells from dying, providing a new target for future therapies. 15461 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers use geometry and dynamics to better understand tissue organization Embryogenesis—how an organism arises from a single cell—is one of the most mysterious and complex processes in nature. The large-scale, coordinated and collective movements of cells in a tissue during embryogenesis resemble the complex and chaotic flows of fluids in the ocean or atmosphere. But how do these movements determine which cells are destined to become part of the brain, the gut or the li 15460 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers use drones, machine learning to detect dangerous butterfly landmines Using advanced machine learning, drones could be used to detect dangerous 'butterfly' landmines in remote regions of post-conflict countries, according to research. 15459 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers trigger enzymes with light Enzymes are the central drivers for biochemical metabolic processes in every living cell, enabling reactions to take place efficiently. It is this ability that makes them useful as catalysts in biotechnology, for example, to create chemical products such as pharmaceutics. A topic that is currently being widely discussed is photoinduced catalysis, in which researchers harness the ability to start b 15458 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers track how bacteria purge toxic metals Bacteria have a cunning ability to survive in unfriendly environments. 15457 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Researchers study genetic outcomes of translocating bighorn sheep Translocation is an important management tool used for nearly 100 years to increase bighorn sheep population numbers in Wyoming and to restore herds to suitable habitat throughout their historical range. Yet, translocation also can alter the underlying genetic diversity of managed wildlife species in both beneficial and detrimental ways. 15456 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Researchers reveal traits of distribution and life-form spectra of alien species across China The role of invasve species in China has attracted wide attention because noxious alien invasive species significantly threaten biodiversity, environment, and economies of the country. Therefore, studying the regional distribution and life-form spectra of alien species is essential to understand the process of invasion and to develop measures to manage alien species. 15455 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Researchers improve method that links genome to function for environmental single-cells Cells are a little easier to understand, thanks to improved technology developed by a team of researchers based in China. Using a method called Raman-activated cell ejection and sequencing (RACE-Seq), the scientists were able to improve the success of identifying and sequencing individual cells from our environments to understand the cells' functions. 15454 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Researchers find Wyoming pronghorn exhibit little genetic variation despite landscape obstacles A University of Wyoming researcher led a study that showed Wyoming pronghorn exhibit little-to-no population genetic differentiation even though their range spans hundreds of kilometers, multiple mountain ranges and three major interstate highways. 15453 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers find CBD improves arthritis symptoms in dogs A team led by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in collaboration with Medterra CBD conducted the first scientific studies to assess the potential therapeutic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) for arthritic pain in dogs, and the results could lead the way to studying its effect in humans. Researchers focused first on these animals because their condition closely mimics the characteristics of hum 15452 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers explore potential treatment for mitochondrial diseases Huntington's. Parkinson's. Muscular dystrophy. Lou Gehrig's. These diseases share a common cause that devastatingly robs sufferers of their energy, muscle control, and in the case of Huntington's, their sanity. But now, a group of researchers from UConn describes how a possible therapy might work. 15451 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers discover new sex hormone When University of Ottawa biologists Kim Mitchell and Vance Trudeau began studying the effects of gene mutations in zebrafish, they uncovered new functions that regulate how males and females interact while mating. We sat down with senior author Professor Trudeau, Research Chair in Neuroendocrinology at the Faculty of Science, to learn more. 15450 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers discover new high-pressure material and solve a periodic table puzzle In the periodic table of elements there is one golden rule for carbon, oxygen, and other light elements. Under high pressures they have similar structures to heavier elements in the same group of elements. Only nitrogen always seemed unwilling to toe the line. However, high-pressure researchers have actually disproved this special status. 15449 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Researchers discover a system essential for limb formation during embryonic development Researchers at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC) have discovered a system that provides cells with information about their position within developing organs. This system, studied in developing limbs, tells cells what anatomical structure they need to form within the organ. The article, published today in Science Advances, shows that malfunctioning of this system causes 15448 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Researchers discover a new type of matter inside neutron stars A Finnish research group has found strong evidence for the presence of exotic quark matter inside the cores of the largest neutron stars in existence. They reached this conclusion by combining recent results from theoretical particle and nuclear physics to measurements of gravitational waves from neutron star collisions. 15447 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers develop the ultimate cell sorter In medicine and biology, there is great interest in efficient and inexpensive methods for identifying and separating different cell types, for example for medical diagnostics or for regenerative therapies using stem cells. Up to this point, the method of choice has been the so-called flow cytometry, in which cells are labeled with fluorescent antibodies and then identified as they flow through a c 15446 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Researchers develop poisoned arrow to defeat antibiotic-resistant bacteria Poison is lethal all on its own—as are arrows—but their combination is greater than the sum of their parts. A weapon that simultaneously attacks from within and without can take down even the strongest opponents, from E. coli to MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus). 15445 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Researchers develop biotechnological process for jasmonic acid production Plants produce the hormone jasmonic acid as a defense response when challenged, making their leaves taste bad to predators. Biologists want to determine whether biological precursors and other variants of jasmonic acid lead to similar or different effects. But such derivatives of the hormone have so far been too expensive for experiments and difficult to come by. Researchers from the Faculties of 15444 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Researchers develop a sustainable method for extracting vanillin from wood processing waste Scientists at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) in Germany have developed a new sustainable method of extracting the flavoring agent vanillin from lignin, a component of wood. Large quantities of waste lignin accumulate during the production of pulp, an important raw material for making paper. The process the researchers describe in their article in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 15443 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers capture rarely heard narwhal vocalizations With the help of Inuit hunters, geophysicists recently recorded the various calls, buzzes, clicks and whistles of narwhals as they summered in a Greenland fjord. The recordings help scientists better understand the soundscape of Arctic glacial fjords and provide valuable insight into the behavior of these shy and mysterious creatures, according to the researchers. 15442 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Research highlights the economic costs of workplace bullying Findings from a new NUI Galway study on workplace bullying, led by Dr. John Cullinan of the Discipline of Economics and Dr. Margaret Hodgins from the Discipline of Health Promotion, has been published in the journal Occupational Medicine. 15441 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Research explores the impact of invasive grasses on South Texas landscapes Scientists writing for the journal Invasive Plant Science and Management say several exotic grass species once grown in South Texas for livestock forage and erosion control have expanded from the areas where they were planted and have become invasive. They now are reducing the region's biodiversity and the habitats available for wildlife. 15440 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Research empowers efforts to plan smarter, more resilient cities Over the past 200 years, the population of the United States has grown more than 40-fold to an estimated 328 million, with 81% of the population living in an urban area. Cities, as we know them, are constantly changing and up until now, the absence of long-term data has limited our understanding of how our cities have become what they are today. 15439 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Report on New Caledonias coral reefs offers a glimmer of hope for the future A new report from the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation (KSLOF) provides a promising assessment of the status of coral reefs in New Caledonia. Released today, the Global Reef Expedition: New Caledonia Final Report summarizes the Foundation's findings from a research mission to study the health and resiliency of the coral reefs of New Caledonia, part of KSLOF's larger efforts to study the 15438 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Reintroduction of wolves tied to return of tall willows in Yellowstone National Park The reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park is tied to the recovery of tall willows in the park, according to a new study. 15437 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. RDE-3 found to add pUG tails to targets of RNA interference and to transposon RNAs A team of researchers from Harvard Medical School, Nanjing Agricultural University and the University of Wisconsin has found that the protein RDE-3 in nematode worms adds pUG tails to targets of RNA interference and transposon RNAs. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the group describe their findings and the ways their work could impact the study of gene silencing through generations. 15436 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Quantum simulators for gauge theories To simulate in a laboratory what happens in particle accelerators has been an ambitious goal in the study of the fundamental forces of nature pursued by high-energy physicists for many years. Now, thanks to research conducted by the groups of statistical physics of SISSA—Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati and the "Abdus Salam" International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), tha 15435 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Protein Synthesis Enzymes Have Evolved Additional Jobs Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases, which help translate the genetic code into protein, also function in angiogenesis, fat metabolism, and more. 15434 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Protected areas location may hinder conservation efforts of refugee species The tendency to place protected areas in habitats that are less attractive to humans because they are not very productive may be the reason why many species remain threatened and continue to decline. 15433 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Pronghorn exhibit little genetic variation despite landscape obstacles While previous research shows landscape features such as major highways restrict the daily and seasonal movements of pronghorn and increase mortality risk, this study found little, if any, evidence that these barriers affect genetic connectivity among Wyoming pronghorn. 15432 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Promising new method for producing tiny liquid capsules Microcapsules for the storage and delivery of substances are tiny versions of the type of capsule used for fish oil or other liquid supplements. A new method for synthesizing microcapsules, reported in AIP Advances, creates microcapsules with a liquid core that are ideal for the storage and delivery of oil-based materials in skin care products. They also show promise in some applications as tiny b 15431 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Problems with alcohol? 29 gene variants may explain why A genome-wide analysis of more than 435,000 people has identified 29 genetic variants linked to problematic drinking, researchers report. 15430 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Probing the secret forces of pericytes Leiden researchers found a way to measure the tiny forces exerted by pericytes, one of the most elusive, hard to research cell types, which occur in tiny blood vessels. Building on this fundamental science, researchers may eventually find treatments for medical conditions like ischaemia. 15429 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Previously claimed memory boosting font Sans Forgetica does not actually boost memory It was previously claimed that the font Sans Forgetica could enhance people's memory for information, however researchers have found after carrying out numerous experiments that the font does not enhance memory. 15428 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Preventing infectious swine disease spread with field-based portable device The impact of swine diseases and other livestock disease outbreaks extends beyond animal sickness and mortality in a highly interconnected world, causing major problems. Following the initial disease outbreak, laboratory confirmation of the aetiologic infectious agent can take several weeks or even months. Hence, the development of rapid and accurate diagnostic methods is crucial for achieving eff 15427 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Predator snails fend off the invasion of barnacles in Japan Introduced species can have tremendous ecological effects and can become a major threat to ecosystems. Invasion biology tries to understand the mechanisms that can limit and control the impacts of introduced species. 15426 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Precision spray coating could enable solar cells with better performance and stability Although perovskites are a promising alternative to the silicon used to make most of today's solar cells, new manufacturing processes are needed to make them practical for commercial production. To help fill this gap, researchers have developed a new precision spray-coating method that enables more complex perovskite solar cell designs and could be scaled up for mass production. 15425 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Plum pickings: ancient fruit ripe for modern plates A little-known indigenous fruit, which is one of the earliest-known plant foods eaten in Australia, could be the next big thing in bush foods. 15424 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Plant science discovery may help treat allergies and immune deficiencies A collaboration led by Texas A&M AgriLife researchers has identified an early immune response step that could have broad-ranging implications for crop, animal and human health. 15423 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Plant detectives develop new way to trace global spread of major plant disease A team led by Oregon State University scientists has developed a way to potentially thwart the spread of a disease-causing bacterium that harms more than hundred plant species worldwide, an advance that could save the nursery industry billions of dollars a year. 15422 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Pinpointing the origins of Jerusalems Temple Mount Integrating radiocarbon dating and microarchaeology techniques has enabled more precise dating of the ancient Wilson's Arch monument at Jerusalem's Temple Mount, according to a study published June 3, 2020 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Johanna Regev from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, and colleagues. 15421 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Physicists measure a short-lived radioactive molecule for first time Researchers have combined the power of a super collider with techniques of laser spectroscopy to precisely measure a short-lived radioactive molecule, radium monofluoride, for the first time. 15420 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. People who work in offices with more daylight sleep better at night When employees work in an office with more natural light they perform better in strategic thinking tests and sleep 37 minutes more per night on average 15419 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. People who compare themselves with others spend longer on Facebook People who are prone to comparing themselves with others spend more time on Facebook, and the social network is considering changes that might remind people to avoid such comparisons 15418 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. People more likely to accept nudges if they know how they work and how effective they are The more people know about when and why behavioural interventions are being used and their effectiveness, the more likely they are to accept their use to change their behaviour. 15417 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Patterns in crop data reveal new insight about plants and their environments A new study unearthed patterns in datasets collected on rice plants across Asia that allowed researchers to develop a matrix to predict the traits of rice plants depending on their genetics and environment. The approach could lead to better predictability in crop production. 15416 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Parasitic worms in your shellfish lead a creepy but popular lifestyle If you're an oyster lover, seeing a shaggy worm slither across your appetizer is revolting—even though such worms are harmless to people. An internet search using the keywords "oyster" and "worm" will bring up a large cache of images, each one less palatable than the next. 15415 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Paper-based technology advances earlier cancer detection Washington State University researchers have developed a technology that is more than 30 times more sensitive than current lab-based tests in finding early stage cancer biomarkers in blood. 15414 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Orbital ordering triggers nucleation-growth behavior of electrons in an inorganic solid A new study found that orbital ordering in a vanadate compound exhibits a clear nucleation-growth behavior. Their observation is the first of its kind, where electrons in an inorganic solid created two soft phases, and where the nucleation-growth behavior was observed due to the surface tension created between the phases. 15413 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Oncotarget: Anticancer effect of physical activity is mediated Volume 11, Issue 22 of Oncotarget reported that the goal of this study was to explore the involvement of mi RNAs in beneficial effects exerted by physical activity in breast cancer prevention. 15412 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. On the hunt for megafauna in North America Research from Curtin University has found that pre-historic climate change does not explain the extinction of megafauna in North America at the end of the last Ice Age. 15411 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Oil platforms fishy future Marine biologists forecast the effects of oil platform decommissioning on fish communities. 15410 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Novel switch protein that turns on sperm for fertilization For a sperm to fertilize an egg, the sperm must first mature in a man's epididymis. Now, an international team of researchers has identified a chain of events in which a protein secreted by the testis travels in the luminal fluid, binds to a receptor on the epididymis to induce its differentiation and secretion of a second protein that matures the sperm and enables each sperm to be motile in femal 15409 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Novel insight reveals topological tangle in unexpected corner of the universe In a recent theoretical study, scientists discovered the presence of the Hopfion topological structure in nano-sized particles of ferroelectrics — materials with promising applications in microelectronics and information technology. 15408 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Novel electric impulses relieve the pain Chronic pain can be reduced by stimulating the vagus nerve in the ear with electrodes. In a microanatomic study, the human ear has now been analyzed on a micrometer scale. A computer model was created, allowing scientists to find optimal spots and optimal pulse shapes for electric stimulation. The results have now been successfully tested on patients. 15407 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. No laughing matter A new study involving a scientific analysis of the prevalence of 'LOL' in students' text messages demonstrates important potential applications for classroom learning. The study, 'Linguistics in General Education: Expanding Linguistics Course Offerings through Core Competency Alignment,' will be published in the June 2020 issue of the scholarly journal Language. An advance version of the article m 15406 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Next frontier in bacterial engineering From bacteria-made insulin that obviates the use of animal pancreases to a better understanding of infectious diseases and improved treatments, genetic engineering of bacteria has redefined modern medicine. Yet, serious limitations remain that hamper| progress in numerous other areas. 15405 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. New Zealand blue whale distribution patterns tied to ocean conditions, prey availability Oregon State University researchers who recently discovered a population of blue whales in New Zealand are learning more about the links between the whales, their prey and ocean conditions that are changing as the planet warms. 15404 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. New whirling state of matter discovered in an element of the periodic table The strongest permanent magnets today contain a mix of the elements neodymium and iron. However, neodymium on its own does not behave like any known magnet, confounding researchers for more than half a century. Physicists have now shown that neodymium behaves like a so-called 'self-induced spin glass,' meaning that it is composed of a rippled sea of many tiny whirling magnets circulating at differ 15403 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. New view on how tissues flow in the embryo Watching and measuring what happens in tissues inside the human embryo is currently not possible, and it's difficult to do in mammalian models. Because humans and the fruit fly Drosophila share so many biological similarities, researchers tackled this problem by focusing on fruit flies. The team reports today that they can predict when the tissue will begin to rapidly flow just by looking at cell 15402 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. New understanding of RNA movements can be used to treat cancer Research from Karolinska Institutet published today in Nature shows that an RNA molecule involved in preventing tumour formation can change its structure and thereby control protein production in the cell. The finding can have important clinical implications as it opens for new strategies to treat different types of cancer. 15401 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. New type of coupled electronic-structural waves discovered in magnetite An international team of scientists uncovered exotic quantum properties hidden in magnetite, the oldest magnetic material known to mankind. The study reveals the existence of low-energy waves that indicate the important role of electronic interactions with the crystal lattice. This is another step toward fully understanding the metal-insulator phase transition mechanism in magnetite, and in partic 15400 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. New test of dark energy and expansion from cosmic structures A new paper has shown how large structures in the distribution of galaxies in the Universe provide the most precise tests of dark energy and cosmic expansion yet. 15399 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. New technology enables fast protein synthesis Chemists have developed a protocol to rapidly produce protein chains up to 164 amino acids long. The flow-based technology could speed up drug development and allow scientists to design novel protein variants incorporating amino acids that don't occur naturally in cells. 15398 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. New technique takes 3D imaging an octave higher A collaboration between Colorado State University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign resulted in a new, 3D imaging technique to visualize tissues and other biological samples on a microscopic scale, with potential to assist with cancer or other disease diagnoses.Their technique, which allows specimens to generate light at double the frequency, or half the wavelength, of the incident li 15397 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. New sunspots potentially herald increased solar activity On May 29, 2020, a family of sunspots—dark spots that freckle the face of the sun, representing areas of complex magnetic fields—sported the biggest solar flare since October 2017. Although the sunspots are not yet visible (they will soon rotate into view over the left limb of the sun), NASA spacecraft spotted the flares high above them. 15396 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. New study examines impact of major life events on wellbeing Researchers examined the effect of 18 major life events on wellbeing. 15395 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. New studies show how DNA crossovers can drive healthy, abnormal sperm, egg cell division In the famous words of movie character Forrest Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get." 15394 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. New role assigned to a human protein in transcription and genome stability Transcription of genetic information is a fundamental process for life. If it does not work correctly, the consequences for the organism range from lethality to defects during development, genetic diseases, insufficient response to infections and stresses or propensity to develop cancer, given its pleiotropic effect. For this reason, it is important to know in depth the process by which this 'DNA 15393 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. New research: Perchlorate in drinking water is more dangerous than previously understood Vanderbilt researchers have discovered that perchlorate, an environmental pollutant found in many sources of drinking water in the U.S., inhibits the uptake of iodide, an essential component of thyroid hormones, in a more pronounced and fundamental way than commonly considered. 15392 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. New research reveals cannabis and frankincense at the Judahite shrine of biblical Arad Analysis of the material on two Iron Age altars discovered at the entrance to the 'holy of holies' of a shrine at Tel Arad in the Beer-sheba Valley, Israel, were found to contain cannabis and frankincense, according to new article. 15391 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. New research on endowment effect points to evolutionary roots of cognitive biases New research may explain why we sometimes overvalue items we've acquired—to an irrational degree—irrespective of their market or sentimental value. This phenomenon is called the endowment effect, and researchers have long puzzled over why it occurs, and why the size of the effect can vary so much across items when it does. It's important to understand, however, because the endowment effect can lea 15390 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. New research leads to lighter and greener bridges A recently completed research project revealed the potential for reducing material used for a suspension bridge deck by more than 25 per cent — meaning a saving of up to 30 per cent of CO2 emissions. 15389 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. New research explores horizontal gene transfer In science, as in life, timing can be everything. 15388 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. New NiMH batteries perform better when made from recycled old NiMH batteries A new method for recycling old batteries can provide better performing and cheaper rechargeable hydride batteries (NiMH) as shown in a new study. 15387 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. New model shows how diamond-carrying rocks formed in Northern Alberta A new study by University of Alberta geologists is proposing a new model for explaining the eruption of diamond-bearing kimberlites in Northern Alberta. 15386 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. New microscopy method provides unprecedented look at amyloid protein structure Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are often accompanied by amyloid proteins in the brain that have become clumped or misfolded. A newly developed technique that measures the orientation of single molecules is enabling optical microscopy to be used, for the first time, to reveal nanoscale details about the structures of these problematic proteins. 15385 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. New method reveals where DNA is at risk in the cell Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have developed a new sequencing method that makes it possible to map how DNA is spatially organized in the cell nucleus—revealing which genomic regions are at higher risk of mutation and DNA damage. The technique is described in an article published in the scientific journal Nature Biotechnology. 15384 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. New method predicts spin dynamics of materials for quantum computing Researchers at UC Santa Cruz have developed a theoretical foundation and new computational tools for predicting a material's spin dynamics, a key property for building solid-state quantum computing platforms and other applications of spintronics. 15383 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. New method allows cells to be sampled over time, offering window to responses that evolve At any given moment, a variety of dynamic processes occur inside a cell, with many developing over time. Because current research methods for gene profiling or protein analysis destroy the cell, study is confined to just that one moment in time, and researchers are unable to return to the cell to examine how things change beyond that snapshot. 15382 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. New material, modeling methods promise advances in energy storage The explosion of mobile electronic devices, electric vehicles, drones and other technologies have driven demand for new lightweight materials that can provide the power to operate them. Researchers from the University of Houston and Texas A&M University have reported a structural supercapacitor electrode made from reduced graphene oxide and aramid nanofiber that is stronger and more versatile than 15381 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. New laser system provides 3-D reconstructions of living deep-sea animals and mucus filters Living in an essentially zero-gravity environment, many deep-sea animals have evolved soft, gelatinous bodies and collect food using elaborate mucus filters. Until now, studying these delicate structures has been virtually impossible. A new study published in the journal Nature describes a unique laser-based system for constructing 3-D models of diaphanous marine animals and the mucus structures t 15380 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. New image of a cancer-related enzyme in action helps explain gene regulation New images of an enzyme in action as it interacts with the chromosome could provide important insight into how cells—including cancer cells—regulate their genes. 15379 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. New iguana species found hiding in plain sight This is the tale of two iguanas. Or five iguanas and counting, if you prefer. Bear with us, because this isn't straightforward. 15378 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. New gut-brain link: How gut mucus could help treat brain disorders Gut bacterial imbalance is linked with many neurological disorders. Now researchers have identified a common thread: changes in gut mucus. It's a new gut-brain connection that opens fresh paths for scientists searching for ways to treat brain disorders by targeting our 'second brain' – the gut. 15377 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. New evidence on bed bug burden in urban neighborhoods In the first study to use systematically collected data from multifamily housing inspections to track bed bug infestation, investigators including Christopher Sutherland at UMass Amherst 'confirm what has long been suspected for bed bugs, but also for public health issues in general' — infestations are strongly associated with socioeconomic factors, including neighborhood income, eviction rates a 15376 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. New double-contrast technique picks up small tumors on MRI Early detection of tumors is extremely important in treating cancer. A new technique offers a significant advance in using magnetic resonance imaging to pick out even very small tumors from normal tissue. 15375 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. New discovery could highlight areas where earthquakes are less likely to occur Scientists from Cardiff University have discovered specific conditions that occur along the ocean floor where two tectonic plates are more likely to slowly creep past one another as opposed to drastically slipping and creating catastrophic earthquakes. 15374 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. New database reveals plants secret relationships with fungi Leiden researchers have compiled information collected by scientists over the past 120 years into a database of plant-fungal interactions. This important biological data is now freely available for researchers and nature conservationists. Publication in New Phytologist. 15373 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. New clues to deep earthquake mystery–nct052520.php A new understanding of our planet's deepest earthquakes could help unravel one of the most mysterious geophysical processes on Earth. 15372 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. New biosensor visualizes stress in living plant cells in real time–nbv060120.php Plant biologists have developed a new nanosensor that monitors foundational mechanisms related to stress and drought. The new biosensor allows researchers to analyze changes in real time as they happen involving kinases, enzymes that catalyze key biological activities in proteins. Certain kinases are essential since they are known to be activated in response to drought conditions, triggering the p 15371 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. New approach to some mental disorders Depression, anxiety and PTSD might not be disorders at all, according to biological anthropologists. In the paper, the researchers propose a new approach to mental illness that would be informed by human evolution, noting that modern psychology, and in particular its use of drugs like antidepressants, has largely failed to reduce the prevalence of mental disorders. 15370 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Natures antifreeze provides formula for more durable concrete Secrets to cementing the sustainability of our future infrastructure may come from nature, such as proteins that keep plants and animals from freezing in extremely cold conditions. Researchers have discovered that a synthetic molecule based on natural antifreeze proteins minimizes freeze-thaw damage and increases the strength and durability of concrete, improving the longevity of new infrastructur 15369 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. NASA-NOAA satellite sees Tropical Storm Bertha organizing The second tropical storm of the North Atlantic Ocean hurricane season has formed off the coast of South Carolina. NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite provided forecasters with a visible image of Tropical Storm Bertha as it was organizing. 15368 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. NASA looks at Inland Rainfall from Post Tropical Cyclone Bertha NASA's GPM core satellite analyzed rainfall generated from post-tropical cyclone Bertha as it continues to move toward the Great Lakes. 15367 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. NASA infrared imagery indicates cristobals heavy rainmaking capabilities One of the ways NASA observes tropical cyclones is by using infrared data that provides temperature information and indicates storm strength. The AIRS instrument aboard NASA's Aqua satellite gathered that data and revealed Cristobal has the potential to generate heavy rainfall. That rainfall is now soaking Mexico and portions of Central America as Cristobal meanders. 15366 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. NASA infrared data shows Tropical Cyclone Nisarga strengthened before landfall Satellite data of Tropical Cyclone Nisarga's cloud top temperatures revealed that the storm had strengthened before it began making landfall in west central India. 15365 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. NASA fosters innovative ways to understand biodiversity The yellow-billed cuckoo has soft brown wings, a white belly, a long tail with black and white spots, and is running out of places to live. The cuckoo's population in its native breeding range in the eastern United States has declined in recent decades due to urbanization, heat waves and other factors. Climate change will likely further reduce its suitable habitat. 15364 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. NASA finds Nisargas remnants over Central India Tropical Cyclone Nisarga made landfall in west central India on June 4, and the next day NASA's Terra satellite provided a look at the remnants of the storm. 15363 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. NASA finds heavy rainfall in Tropical Storm Cristobal The third tropical cyclone of the Atlantic Ocean basin has been generating large amounts of rainfall over Mexico's Yucatan and parts of Central America. Using satellite data, NASA analyzed that heavy rainfall and provided forecasters with valuable cloud top temperature data to help assess the strength of the storm. 15362 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. NASA analyzes Gulf of Mexicos reborn tropical depression soaking potential Infrared imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite showed that strong storms from a redeveloped tropical cyclone were soaking parts of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Tropical Depression 03L is expected to generate heavy rainfall in the region. 15361 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Nanoparticles can make home refrigeration more accessible for low-income households Power consumption of a home refrigerator can be cut by 29% while improving cooling capacity. Researchers replaced widely used but environmentally unfriendly R134a refrigerant with the more energy-efficient R600a dosed with multi-walled carbon nanotube nanoparticles (MWCNT). This drop-in refrigerant replacement can be deployed in the field by trained technicians, says an engineer from the Universit 15360 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Nanodevices show how cells change with time, by tracking from the inside For the first time, scientists have introduced minuscule tracking devices directly into the interior of mammalian cells, giving an unprecedented peek into the processes that govern the beginning of development. 15359 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Musical rhythm has very deep evolutionary roots and is present in some animals The musical motives of a song emerge from the temporal arrangement of discrete tones. These tones normally have few durational values, and are organized in structured groups to create metrical patterns. 15358 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Music Synchronizes the Brains of Performers and Their Audience The more people enjoy music, the more similar their brain activity is to that of the musician — Read more on 15357 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Multifunctional e-glasses monitor health, protect eyes, control video game Fitness tracker bracelets and watches provide useful information, such as step count and heart rate, but they usually can't provide more detailed data about the wearer's health. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces have developed smart electronic glasses (e-glasses) that not only monitor a person's brain waves and body movements, but also can function as sunglasses and 15356 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Mothers ensure their offsprings success through epigenetics Parents pass genes along to their offspring which equip them for their future life. In recent years, research has shown that the reality is much more complex and that parents endow much more than just genes. A new study in Cell by the laboratory of Asifa Akhtar at the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics reveals that active epigenetic modifications are also passed from one generat 15355 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. More efficient biosolar cells modelled on nature Potential sources of renewable energy include protein complexes that are responsible for photosynthesis. However, their efficiency in technical applications still leaves much to be desired. For example, they cannot convert green light into energy. A research team has successfully closed this so-called green gap by combining a photosynthesis protein complex with a light-collecting protein from cyan 15354 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. More effective human antibodies possible with chicken cells Antibodies for potential use as medicines can be made rapidly in chicken cells grown in laboratories. Researchers refer to their technique as the human ADLib system, short for autonomously diversifying libraries. The technique automatically builds vast numbers, or libraries, of diverse antibodies using chicken immune system cells' natural method for shuffling their genes. 15353 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Monitoring environmental exposures in dogs could be early warning system for human health Man's best friend may also be man's best bet for figuring out how environmental chemicals could impact our health. Researchers from North Carolina State University and Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment used silicone dog tags as passive environmental samplers to collect information about everyday chemical exposures, and found that dogs could be an important sentinel species for t 15352 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Molecular effects of exercise detailed A simple blood test may be able to determine how physically fit you are, according to a new study. 15351 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Molecular circuitry: International team breaks one-diode-one resistor electronics An international team has cracked a challenge that could herald a new era of ultra-high-density computing. For years engineers and scientists around the world have been trying to make smaller and faster electronics. Many teams are working on combining the diode and resistor into a single device. An international team of scientists and engineers have now done it. 15350 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Modern problems, primitive solutions: A glimpse into archaic protein synthesis systems In cells, protein is synthesized based on the genetic code. Each protein is coded by the triplet combination of chemicals called nucleotides, and a continuous reading of any set of triplet codes will, after a multi-step process, result in the creation of a chain of amino acids, a protein. The genetic code is matched with the correct amino acid by a special functional RNA aptly named transfer RNA o 15349 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Modern biomechanical techniques used to explore ergonomic design of earliest human tools Kent's School of Sport and Exercise Sciences (SSES) and School of Anthropology and Conservation (SAC) have collaborated on a research project to investigate the design of Lower and Middle Palaeolithic stone tools from a modern ergonomic perspective. 15348 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Minute molecular movements might lead to more efficient biofuel cells Leiden researchers have found minute movements in the laccase enzyme. This discovery could lead to the development of much more efficient biofuel cells. Publication in Biophysical Journal. 15347 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Miniature rock art expands horizons Australian archaeologists have discovered some of the most detailed examples of rare, small-scale rock art in the form of miniature stencils in a rockshelter traditionally owned by the Marra people. The research, published in the journal Antiquity, examined the unusual art found in the Yilbilinji rockshelter at Limmen National Park in the southwest Gulf of Carpentaria region of northern Australia. 15346 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Microbial cyborgs: Bacteria supplying power Electronic devices are still made of lifeless materials. One day, however, 'microbial cyborgs' might be used in fuel cells, biosensors, or bioreactors. Scientists of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have created the necessary prerequisite by developing a programmable, biohybrid system consisting of a nanocomposite and the Shewanella oneidensis bacterium that produces electrons. The material 15345 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Mice are shrinking, but are climate change and cities to blame? According to a well-studied but controversial principle known as Bergmann's Rule, species tend to be larger in cold climates and smaller in warm ones. As human impacts heat the planet, will animals shrink over time? 15344 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Methodology for credibility assessment of historical global LUCC datasets A study of the methodology for credibility assessment of historical global LUCC datasets has been published in Science China Earth Sciences. The corresponding author is professor Fang Xiuqi of Beijing Normal University. 15343 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Metasurface design methods can make LED light act more like lasers UC Santa Barbara researchers continue to push the boundaries of LED design a little further with a new method that could pave the way toward more efficient and versatile LED display and lighting technology. 15342 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Mergers between galaxies trigger activity in their core Active galactic nuclei (AGNs) play a major role in galaxy evolution. Astronomers from the University of Groningen and SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research have now used a record-sized sample of galaxies to confirm that galaxy mergers have a positive effect on igniting AGNs. They were able to compile about ten times more images of merging galaxies than previous studies by using a machine-l 15341 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Mercury levels in shark fins illegal and dangerous to human health Shark fins recently sampled from markets in China and Hong Kong contained dangerously high levels of mercury. 15340 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Medicinal chemistry breakthrough could lead to better pharmaceuticals Medications are developed to work well for most people, but those whose genetic makeup causes them to metabolize medicine too quickly often need higher doses of the drugs they take in order for them to be effective. For others, the metabolism process can create toxic byproducts, often leading to unpleasant side effects. 15339 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. MdSUT4.1 participates in regulation of fruit sugar accumulation in apples Apples are an economically important fruit crop worldwide. Sugar content is an essential component of fruit organoleptic quality, especially fruit sweetness, and thus is given a high priority in apple breeding programs. However, details on the complex molecular mechanism underlying fruit sugar accumulation remain scarce. 15338 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. MAVEN maps electric currents around mars that are fundamental to atmospheric loss Five years after NASA's MAVEN spacecraft entered into orbit around Mars, data from the mission has led to the creation of a map of electric current systems in the Martian atmosphere. 15337 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Mathematician helps resolve question first asked 60 years ago An Irish mathematician, Dr. Martin Kerin, from the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics at NUI Galway, has had a research article published in the Annals of Mathematics, widely regarded as the top journal for pure mathematics in the world. The article, written in collaboration with Professor Sebastian Goette of the University of Freiburg and Professor Krishnan Shankar of the U 15336 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Matching fossil fuel emissions to carbon-14 measurements Study findings take a dramatic step towards a greenhouse gas information system that can fundamentally change the way cities, states and the nation tackle the climate change problem. 15335 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Marine species are outpacing terrestrial species in the race against global warming Global warming is causing species to search for more temperate environments to which to migrate, but it is marine species that are leading the way by moving up to six times faster towards the poles than their terrestrial congeners, according to the latest results of a Franco-American study mainly involving scientists from the CNRS, Ifremer, the Université Toulouse III—Paul Sabatier and the Univers 15334 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Marine biologists forecast the effects of oil platform decommissioning on fish communities Biologists and fishermen alike know that offshore oil platforms function as de facto habitats for fish. The structures climb hundreds of feet into the water column, creating a prefab reef out in open water. But many of these platforms will soon be decommissioned, and government agencies are considering the potential ecological effects in deciding how this will be done. 15333 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Mangrove trees wont survive sea-level rise by 2050 if emissions arent cut Mangrove trees—valuable coastal ecosystems found in Florida and other warm climates—won't survive sea-level rise by 2050 if greenhouse gas emissions aren't reduced, according to a Rutgers co-authored study in the journal Science. 15332 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Low vaccination rates and measles parties fueled 2019 measles outbreak in NYC An analysis of the 2018-2019 measles outbreak in New York City identifies factors that made the outbreak so severe: delayed vaccination of young children combined with increased contact among this age group, likely through 'measles parties' designed to purposely infect children. 15331 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Love the parasite youre with—the entertaining life of unwelcome guests from flea circuses to Aliens Bloodsucker, leech, tick—few things have a reputation worse than parasites. But these biological hangers-on also have a comic cultural history. 15330 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Loss of land-based vertebrates is accelerating, study finds In 2015, Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich coauthored a study declaring the world's sixth mass extinction was underway. Five years later, Ehrlich and colleagues at other institutions have a grim update: the extinction rate is likely much higher than previously thought and is eroding nature's ability to provide vital services to people. 15329 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Loss of land-based vertebrates is accelerating Analysis of thousands of vertebrate species reveals that extinction rates are likely much faster than previously thought. The researchers call for immediate global action, such as a ban on the wildlife trade, to slow the sixth mass extinction. 15328 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Long childhoods and extended parenting help young crows grow smarter Humans are unusual, even among primates, in the length of our "extended childhood." Scientists think that this period of childhood and adolescence, which gives us lots of time to explore, create, and learn, is a key reason why we are smart enough to learn skills that take years to master. But humans are not the only species with an extended childhood. Elephants, some bats, whales, dolphins, and so 15327 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Loggerhead sea turtles host diverse community of miniature organisms There is a world of life on the backs of loggerhead sea turtles, and it's more abundant and diverse than scientists knew. 15326 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Limits on evolution revealed by statistical physics What is and is not possible for natural evolution may be explained using models and calculations from theoretical physics, say researchers in Japan. To explain this the limits of evolution, researchers simplified the natural world to fit idealized physics models and searched for any mathematical structure within biological complexity. 15325 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Lessening water quality problems caused by hurricane-related flooding June 1 is the start of hurricane season in the Atlantic, and with 2020 predicted to be particularly active, residents in coastal regions are keeping watchful eyes on the weather. Flooding is often the most damaging effect of tropical storms, and it can disproportionately affect vulnerable people and ecosystems. Now, in ACS' Environmental Science & Technology, researchers study water quality impact 15324 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Latest climate models show more intense droughts to come An analysis of new climate model projections shows southwestern Australia and parts of southern Australia will see longer and more intense droughts due to a lack of rainfall caused by climate change. But Australia is not alone. Across the globe, several important agricultural and forested regions in the Amazon, Mediterranean and southern Africa can expect more frequent and intense rainfall drought 15323 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Larger streams are critical for wild brook trout conservation The Latin name for brook trout—Salvelinus fontinalis—means "speckled fish of the fountains," but a new study by Penn State researchers suggests, for the first time, that the larger streams and rivers those fountains, or headwaters, flow into may be just as important to the brook trout. 15322 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Large simulation finds new origin of supermassive black holes Computer simulations conducted by astrophysicists have revealed a new theory for the origin of supermassive black holes. In this theory, the precursors of supermassive black holes grow by swallowing up not only interstellar gas, but also smaller stars as well. This helps to explain the large number of supermassive black holes observed today. 15321 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. K-State study reveals asymmetry in spin directions of galaxies The patterns formed by spiral galaxies show that the universe may have a defined structure and suggest that the early universe could have been spinning, according to a Kansas State University computational astronomer. 15320 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. JCESR lays foundation for safer, longer-lasting batteries Researchers sped-up the motion of lithium ions in solid-state batteries using the paddlewheel effect. 15319 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Japan insect enthusiast puts cricket ramen on the menu In a steamy Tokyo kitchen, a roasted scent wafts through the air as Yuta Shinohara prepares soup stock for ramen, derived not from pork or chicken, but crickets. 15318 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Its a trap! Study finds effects of weather, time on wildlife sightings Since the early 1900s, ecologists and conservationists have glimpsed wildlife via camera traps: temporary photo stations that capture evidence of whatever animals wander by. As a low-investment and unobtrusive technique, the camera trap has increasingly informed efforts to estimate the prevalence and geographic range of species, especially the elusive and endangered. 15317 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. International researchers discover ongoing and future tropical diversity decline How can patterns in the marine biodiversity of the past help us to understand how it may change in the future? A recent research by Drs Moriaki Yasuhara and Timothy C Bonebrake (School of Biological Sciences and Swire Institute of Marine Science, the University of Hong Kong) and numerous international collaborators finds that the tropical diversity decline now seen in the ocean is not purely human 15316 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Interfacing gene circuits with microelectronics through engineered population dynamics The ability to detect the growth of a bacterial colony by monitoring changes in impedance (a measure of resistance) across time reflects the impressive scientific progress connecting bacterial behavior with electrodes via synthetic biology. In a new report, M. Omar Din and a research team at the BioCircuits Institute, department of bioengineering and molecular biology at the University of Californ 15315 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Integrating satellite and socioeconomic data to improve climate change policy Bangladesh is on track to lose all of its forestland in the next 35-40 years, leading to a rise in CO2 emissions and subsequent climate change, researchers said. However, that is just one of the significant land-use changes that the country is experiencing. A new study uses satellite and census data to quantify and unravel how physical and economic factors drive land-use changes. Understanding thi 15314 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Initial Upper Paleolithic technology reached North China by ~41,000 years ago A wave of new technology in the Late Paleolithic had reached North China by around 41,000 years ago. 15313 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Inexpensive retinal diagnostics via smartphone Retinal damage due to diabetes is now considered the most common cause of blindness in working-age adults. In low- and middle-income countries, an eye examination via smartphone could help to detect changes at an early stage. This is shown by a new study carried out by scientists from the University of Bonn together with colleagues from Sankara Eye Hospital Bangalore (India). The results are publi 15312 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Indian drones pursue locusts as swarms destroy swathes of crops Huge swarms of desert locusts are destroying crops across western and central India, prompting authorities Tuesday to step up their response to the country's worst plague in nearly three decades. 15311 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Increased usability and precision in vascular imaging Researchers at the University of Zurich have developed a new X-ray contrast agent. The contrast agent is easier to use and distributes into all blood vessels more reliably, increasing the precision of vascular imaging. This reduces the number of animals required in research experiments. 15310 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. In stressed ecosystems Jurassic dinosaurs turned to scavenging, maybe even cannibalism Among dinosaurs of ancient Colorado, scavenging and possibly cannibalism were responses to a resource-scarce environment, according to a study published May 27, 2020, in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Stephanie Drumheller of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and colleagues. 15309 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. In planet formation, its location, location, location Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope are finding that planets have a tough time forming in the rough-and-tumble central region of the massive, crowded star cluster Westerlund 2. Located 20,000 light-years away, Westerlund 2 is a unique laboratory to study stellar evolutionary processes because it's relatively nearby, quite young, and contains a large stellar population. 15308 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. In chimpanzees, females contribute to the protection of the territory In many social species, including humans, even if large group sizes provide competitive advantages over smaller neighboring groups, the preponderant role of adult males in territoriality has often been put forward, most likely biased by an anthropocentric perspective. 15307 ….. ( Hentet: 31. maj 2020 ) ….. Impact of childrens loneliness today could manifest in depression for years to come A rapid review into the mental health impacts of loneliness on children and young people concludes that there could be a spike in demand for mental health services in the years to come. 15306 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Immune from chronic stress? Limit inflammatory signaling to specific brain circuits Chronic stress is associated with the pathogenesis of psychological disorders such as depression. A study is the first to identify the role of a neuronal receptor that straddles the intersection between social stress, inflammation, and anxiety in rodent models of stress. Findings suggest the possibility of developing better medications to treat the consequences of chronic stress by limiting inflam 15305 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Immune cells multiply and diversify in mouse lungs at birth An explosion in the number and types of immune cells in the lungs of newborn mice likely helps them adapt to breathing and protects them from infection, says a new study. 15304 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Imaging reveals unexpected contractions in the human placenta High-resolution imaging of the human placenta provides new insights into blood circulation patterns that are crucial for fetal development, according to a study publishing May, 28 2020 in the open-access journal PLOS Biology by Penny Gowland of the University of Nottingham, and colleagues. These findings improve our understanding of the functioning of this understudied organ, both in healthy pregn 15303 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Ignorance would be bliss: the family ties that grind The ability to recognize relatives can make life more dangerous for the female of the species, new research carried out at the University of St Andrews, the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse and the University of Valencia has shown. 15302 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Humans have beneficial bacteria uniquely adapted for life in our noses Beneficial strains of bacteria residing in our guts, genital tracts, and skin have been shown to play a role in human health, and now, researchers publishing May 26 in the journal Cell Reports suggest that some of these "good" bacteria also have a niche in our noses. They found that people with chronic nasal and sinus inflammation had fewer lactobacilli in their upper respiratory tract than health 15301 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Humans and Neanderthals: Less different than polar and brown bears Ancient humans, Neanderthals and Denisovans were genetically closer than polar bears and brown bears, and so, like the bears, were able to easily produce healthy, fertile hybrids according to a study, led by the University of Oxford's School of Archaeology. 15300 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Human waste could help combat global food insecurity Researchers from Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Canadian Light Source (CLS) at the University of Saskatchewan have proven it is possible to create nitrogen-rich fertilizer by combining the solid and liquid components of human waste. 15299 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Human growth hormone treatment after ACL injury may prevent loss of muscle strength A new study finds the use of HGH treatment in patients that have undergone ACL reconstructive surgery may prevent the loss of muscle strength and weakness. 15298 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Human activity threatens vertebrate evolutionary history A new study maps for the first time the evolutionary history of the world's terrestrial vertebrates: amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles. It explores how areas with large concentrations of evolutionarily distinct species are being impacted by our ever-increasing 'human footprint.' 15297 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. How toxic protein spreads in Alzheimers disease Toxic versions of the protein tau are believed to cause death of neurons of the brain in Alzheimer's disease. A new study shows that the spread of toxic tau in the human brain in elderly individuals may occur via connected neurons. The researchers could see that beta-amyloid facilitates the spread of toxic tau. 15296 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. How to Recognize and Avoid Common Thinking Traps Your clever brain can work overtime building worst-case scenarios. Here’s how to recognize and avoid common thinking traps so you don't get stuck — Read more on 15295 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. How to ensure quality wheat: check for sulfur in the soil A common obstacle to bountiful wheat harvests in the Central Plains is more pervasive than many growers realize, but a study led by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) spells out how it can be readily overcome. 15294 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. How to build better highways in plants As a plant grows, it moves cellular material from its version of manufacturing sites to the cell wall construction zone. Transporter proteins, called motor proteins, are thought to move these cell wall cargo via a complex highway system made up of microtubule tracks. The position of these tracks must be stabilized so that cargo are delivered to the correct locations. 15293 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. How seasonal allergies affect your pet With an uptick in pollen comes the torturous sneezing and watery eyes. Pets get seasonal allergies, too, but they exhibit discomfort in different ways. 15292 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. How It Felt to Give My First Pelvic Exam As a medical student, I found it surprisingly comfortable, because my “patient” was also my very patient instructor — Read more on 15291 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. How exposure to negative feedback in influences goal-directed consumer behaviors Threats to self-esteem and negative feedback are pervasive in today's society. Social media researchers, for example, have shown a link between frequent usage of social media websites and upward social comparison and negative affect. 15290 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. How drones can monitor explosive volcanoes Due to high risk for researchers, the imaging of active volcanoes has so far been a great challenge in volcanology. Scientists used a drone for a series of repeated survey flights with optical and thermal imaging cameras at the Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala. A regular and systematic survey of dangerous volcanoes with drones seems to be close. 15289 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. How bacteria fertilize soya Plants need nitrogen in the form of ammonium if they are to grow. In the case of a great many cultivated plants, farmers are obliged to spread this ammonium on their fields as fertiliser. Manufacturing ammonium is an energy-intensive and costly process—and today's production methods also release large amounts of CO2. 15288 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. How a new biotech rule will foster distrust with the public and impede progress in science In May, federal regulators finalized a new biotechnology policy that will bring sweeping changes to the U.S. food system. Dubbed "SECURE," the rule revises U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations over genetically engineered plants, automatically exempting many gene-edited crops from government oversight. Companies and labs will be allowed to "self-determine" whether or not a crop should undergo 15287 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Hot stars are plagued by giant magnetic spots Astronomers using European Southern Observatory (ESO) telescopes have discovered giant spots on the surface of extremely hot stars hidden in stellar clusters. Not only are these stars plagued by magnetic spots, some also experience superflare events, explosions of energy several million times more energetic than similar eruptions on the Sun. The findings, published today in Nature Astronomy, help 15286 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Honeybees: Pesticides disrupt nursing behavior and larval development A newly developed video technique has allowed scientists to record the complete development of a honey bee in its hive. Researchers discovered that certain pesticides — neonicotinoids — changed the behavior of the nurse bees: they fed the larvae less often. Larval development took up to 10 hours longer. A longer development period in the hive can foster infestation by parasites. 15285 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. High-strain exercise linked to very early pregnancy loss In women with a history of miscarriage, higher levels of physical activity were associated with a greater risk of subclinical, or very early, pregnancy loss, according to new research. Among women with confirmed pregnancy, physical activity and miscarriage risk were unrelated. 15284 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. High-speed atomic video A team including researchers from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Tokyo has successfully captured video of single molecules in motion at 1,600 frames per second. This is 100 times faster than previous experiments of this nature. They accomplished this by combining a powerful electron microscope with a highly sensitive camera and advanced image processing. This method could aid man 15283 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Here be methane: Scientists investigate the origins of a gaping permafrost crater Researchers from Skoltech and their colleagues spent more than two years studying a 20-meter wide and 20-meter deep crater in the Yamal Peninsula in northern Russia that formed after an explosive release of gas, mostly methane, from the permafrost. They were able to deduce potential formation models for the discovered crater that has implications for geocryology and climate change studies. Two pap 15282 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Herding wild buffalo and cattle from space More than 1000 feral buffalo and unmanaged cattle roaming Northern Australia will be tagged and tracked as part of the world's largest satellite herd-tracking program, announced today by Australia's national science agency, CSIRO. 15281 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Heightened interaction between neolithic migrants and hunter-gatherers in Western Europe This study reports new genome-wide data for 101 prehistoric individuals from 12 archaeological sites in today's France and Germany, dating from 7000-3000 BCE, and documents levels of admixture between expanding early Neolithic farmers and local hunter-gatherers seen nowhere else in Europe. 15280 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Heavy metals present in snake livers raise environmental concerns Tiger snakes living in Perth's urban wetlands are accumulating toxic heavy metals in their livers, suggesting that their habitats—critical, local ecosystems—are contaminated and the species may be suffering as a result. 15279 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Have resistance, will travel Around the world, pest insects like mosquitoes often become resistant to the insecticides meant to control them, causing problems for agriculture and public health. 15278 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Hairy, lab-grown human skin cell model could advance hair loss research A new, hair-sprouting dollop of human skin created in the lab might one day help prevent hair loss. An article describes the hairy creation as the first hair-baring human skin organoid made with pluripotent stem cells, or the master cells present during early stages of embryonic development that later turn into specific cell types. 15277 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Graphene and 2D materials could move electronics beyond Moores Law A team of researchers based in Manchester, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and the USA has published a new review on a field of computer device development known as spintronics, which could see graphene used as building block for next-generation electronics. 15276 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Good night? Satellite data uncovers dolphins on the move at nighttime More than 1,000 bottlenose dolphins live in the Indian River Lagoon year-round. This estuarine system along the southeast coast of Florida is a narrow and convoluted ecosystem with interconnected bodies of water, a handful of ocean inlets, and numerous small rivers, creeks and canals that release freshwater into the lagoon. While this population of dolphins in the lagoon has been studied extensive 15275 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Gold mining with mercury poses health threats for miles downstream Small-scale gold mining in the Peruvian Amazon poses a health hazard not only to the miners and communities near where mercury is used to extract gold from ore, but also to downstream communities hundreds of kilometers away where people eat mercury-contaminated river fish as part of their diet. Downstream children under 12 with the highest levels of mercury in their bodies were found to have lost 15274 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. gnomAD Consortium releases its first major studies of human genetic variation For the last eight years, the Genome Aggregation Database (gnomAD) Consortium (and its predecessor, the Exome Aggregation Consortium, or ExAC), has been working with geneticists around the world to compile and study more than 125,000 exomes and 15,000 whole genomes from populations around the world. Now, in seven papers published in Nature, Nature Communications, and Nature Medicine, gnomAD Consor 15273 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. GmSWEET10a and GmSWEET10b coordinately regulate yield and quality Cultivated soybeans were domesticated from wild soybeans in China over a period of 5,000 years, and then widely spread all over the world. Soybean has been a major, multiuse crop that globally makes up 56% of oilseed production and more than 25% of the protein used in food and animal feed. With the increase of world population and the change of diet structure, the global demand for soybeans is inc 15272 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Global warming will heighten agriculture weed threat Working with computer models to predict the likely impact of climate change on invasive weed propagation, Dr. Farzin Shabani from Flinders University's Global Ecology Lab found a likely increase in areas of habitat suitability for the majority of invasive weed species in European countries, parts of the US and Australia, posing a great potential danger to global biodiversity. 15271 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Global environmental changes leading to shorter, younger trees Ongoing environmental changes are transforming forests worldwide, resulting in shorter and younger trees. Researchers found that a range of factors, including rising temperatures and carbon dioxide levels, have caused a dramatic decrease in the age and stature of forests. 15270 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Genomic analysis shows long-term genetic mixing in West Asia before worlds first cities Scientists analyzed DNA data from 110 skeletal remains in West Asia dated 3,000 to 7,500 years ago. The study reveals how a high level of human movement in West Asia during the Neolithic to late Bronze Age not only led to the spread of ideas and material culture but to a more genetically connected society well before the rise of cities, not the other way around, as previously thought. 15269 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Genomic analysis in samples of Neanderthals and modern humans shows a decrease in ADHD-associated genetic variants The frequency of genetic variants associated with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has decreased progressively in the evolutionary human lineage from the Paleolithic to the present day, according to new research. 15268 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Genetic discovery sheds light on sodium accumulation in barley crops An international team of scientists have identified a naturally occurring gene variation that influences sodium content in barley crops. The finding could help to advance the development of barley varieties with greater yield and better resilience to varying salt conditions. 15267 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Gene found that causes eyes to wither in cavefish In a new study led by University of Maryland researchers, scientists discovered a gene that prevents blood flow to blind cavefish eyes during development. It is the same gene responsible for homocystinuria in humans. 15266 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Gap between rich, poor neighborhoods growing in some cities New research provides insight into how housing prices and neighborhood values have become polarized in some urban areas, with the rich getting richer and the poor becoming poorer.The results of the study, done in Columbus, Ohio, suggest that some of the factors long thought to impact neighborhood values – such as the distance to downtown, nearby highways, or attractions such as city parks – no lon 15265 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. From dark to light in a flash: Smart film lets windows switch autonomously Researchers have developed a new easy-to-use smart optical film technology that allows smart window devices to autonomously switch between transparent and opaque states in response to the surrounding light conditions. 15264 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Forget murder hornets, European wasps in Australia decapitate flies and bully dingoes The impacts of invasive mammals such as feral horses and feral cats have featured prominently in the media over the years. 15263 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Footage captured of cephalopod at deepest ocean level ever observed A pair of researchers, one with Newcastle University in the U.K, the other the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C., has captured video footage of a cephalopod at the deepest ocean level ever observed. In their paper published in the journal Marine Biology, Alan Jamieson and Michael Vecchione describe how they used "landers" to capture video remotely at the bottom of the Indian Oc 15262 ….. ( Hentet: 30. maj 2020 ) ….. Flying people to the Space Station will be SpaceXs biggest deal yet It ought also to end NASA’s old way of commissioning hardware 15261 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. FloChiP, a new tool optimizing gene-regulation studies In the cell, proteins often interact directly with DNA to regulate and influence the expression of genes. For this to happen, proteins need to travel into the cell's nucleus where the DNA is tightly twisted and packed as chromatin, which forms the well-known chromosomes. 15260 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Fishing less could be a win for both lobstermen and endangered whales A new study by researchers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) found that New England's historic lobster fishery may turn a higher profit by operating with less gear in the water and a shorter season. The findings could provide a path forward for the lobster fishing industry, which is under pressure to move away from traditional pot fishing that uses long vertical lines of rope known to 15259 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. First optical measurements of Milky Ways Fermi Bubbles probe their origin Using the Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper telescope, astronomers have for the first time measured the Fermi Bubbles in the visible light spectrum. The Fermi Bubbles are two enormous outflows of high-energy gas that emanate from the Milky Way and the finding refines our understanding of the properties of these mysterious blobs. 15258 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Finding a genus home for Alaskas dinosaurs A re-analysis of dinosaur skulls from northern Alaska suggests they belong to a genus Edmontosaurus, and not to the genus recently proposed by scientists in 2015. 15257 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Fighting parasites with poo Sheep poo could hold the key to developing the next generatation of antiparasitic treatments that could protect Australian livestock and save the industry millions of dollars a year. 15256 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Felixer, the grooming trap, works to control feral cats The Felixer, an autonomous device that can target and cull feral cats in the wild, could be key in rebuilding Australia's decimated native animal populations. 15255 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Fast, accurate way to check peanut plants for healthy traits The lengthy process of breeding better peanut plants can be sped up by using a biophysics technique, Raman spectroscopy. 15254 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Extracellular vesicles play an important role in the pathology of malaria vivax Extracellular vesicles (EVs) play a role in the pathogenesis of malaria vivax, according to a study led by researchers from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) and the Germans Trias i Pujol Health Science Research Institute (IGTP). The findings, published in Nature Communications, indicate that EVs from P. vivax patients communicate with spleen fibroblasts promoting the adhesion o 15253 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Expression of certain genes may affect vulnerability to post-traumatic stress disorder A new study suggest that whether certain genes are expressed may play a role in susceptibility to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 15252 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Exposure to good bacteria during pregnancy buffers risk of autism-like syndrome Giving beneficial bacteria to stressed mothers during the equivalent of the third trimester of pregnancy prevents an autism-like disorder in their offspring, according to a new animal study. 15251 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Exploring the use of stretchable words in social media An investigation of Twitter messages reveals new insights and tools for studying how people use stretched words, such as 'duuuuude,' 'heyyyyy,' or 'noooooooo.' Tyler Gray and colleagues at the University of Vermont in Burlington present these findings in the open-access journal PLOS ONE on May 27, 2020. 15250 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Exploring the neurological impact of air pollution Air pollution has become a fact of modern life, with a majority of the global population facing chronic exposure. Although the impact of inhaling polluted air on the lungs is well known, scientists are just now beginning to understand how it affects the brain. A new article in Chemical & Engineering News, the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society, details how researchers are connect 15249 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Evolutionary flaws disprove the theory of intelligent design Evolution has produced countless amazing life forms, but you need look no further than to the human body to find examples showing that evolution has also produced a number of poor constructions."The many flaws of evolution makes it impossible to believe in the theory of intelligent design," says Professor Glenn-Peter Sætre at the University of Oslo. 15248 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Evolution: why it seems to have a direction and what to expect next The diversity and complexity of life on Earth is astonishing: 8 million or more living species—from algae to elephants—all evolved from a simple, single-celled common ancestor around 3.5 billion years ago. But does that mean that evolution always and inevitably generates greater diversity and complexity, having a predictable direction? 15247 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Even natural products can be harmful for the unborn child Plant products ingested by pregnant women through their diet are broken down by the intestinal microbiota into chemical substances, some of which can cross the placental barrier and reach the fetus. These foreign substances can harm the unborn child, even if they are of 'natural origin'. Researchers at the Department for BioMedical Research (DBMR) at the University of Bern and Inselspital, Univers 15246 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Ethicists: We need more flexible tools for evaluating gene-edited food Is there now a way to genetically engineer crops to create food that people can confidently consider natural? 15245 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. ESPRESSO confirms the presence of an Earth around the nearest star The existence of a planet the size of Earth around the closest star in the solar system, Proxima Centauri, has been confirmed by an international team of scientists including researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE). The results, published in Astronomy & Astrophysics, reveal that the planet in question, Proxima b, has a mass of 1.17 Earth masses and is located in the habitable zone of its 15244 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Environmental groups moving beyond conservation Although non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have become powerful voices in world environmental politics, little is known of the global picture of this sector. A new study shows that environmental groups are increasingly focused on advocacy in climate change politics and environmental justice. How they do their work is largely determined by regional disparities in human and financial resources. 15243 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Environmental filtering structures functional strategies of bryophytes in cloud forest The distribution and performance of bryophyte species vary with vertical gradients, as a result of changes in environmental factors, especially light. However, the role of functional traits in bryophyte species distribution, especially vertical distribution in forests, is fairly unknown, especially in subtropical forests. Furthermore, for bryophytes, very few studies have fully analyzed ecological 15242 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Enabling functional genomics studies in individual cells Although the first complete sequence of the human genome was reported more than 15 years ago, the biological functions of large parts of the genome are not yet known. Scientists working in the field of functional genomics try to understand these functions, and how our genome determines our individual traits and the course of diseases. High-throughput methods, such as CRISPR–Cas9 genome editing, al 15241 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Emerald predators: Ohlone tiger beetles reclaim territory with the help of local scientists For the first time in over a decade, endangered Ohlone tiger beetles roam a preserve near Soquel and await their chance to pounce on unsuspecting prey. Their metallic emerald bodies appear iridescent in the sunlight as they scurry across the bare earth. 15240 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Egg-based coating preserves fresh produce Eggs that would otherwise be wasted can be used as the base of an inexpensive coating to protect fruits and vegetables. 15239 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Editing plant chromosomes using molecular scissors The CRISPR/Cas molecular scissors work like a fine surgical instrument and can be used to modify genetic information in plants. The research teams of Professor Holger Puchta of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Professor Andreas Houben from the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) in Gatersleben have now been the first to not only exchange single genes, but t 15238 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Early African Muslims had a halal — and cosmopolitan diet — discovery of thousands of ancient animal bones shows Early Muslim communities in Africa ate a cosmopolitan diet as the region became a trading centre for luxury goods, the discovery of thousands of ancient animal bones has shown. 15237 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Ear infections discovered in remains of humans living in Levant 15,000 years ago Researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered evidence of ear infections in the skull remains of humans living in the Levant some 15,000 years ago. 15236 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. DNA-barcoded microbial spores can trace origin of objects, agricultural products Every year, an estimated 48 million Americans get sick from foodborne illnesses, resulting in some 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This public health problem is compounded by billions in economic damage from product recalls, highlighting the need to rapidly and accurately determine the sources of foodborne illnesses. 15235 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. DNA robbery in progress in Australias copperback quail-thrush Quailthrush are a group of songbirds unique to our region. They are widespread throughout Australia and New Guinea and there are eight recognized species. 15234 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. DNA crossovers can drive healthy, abnormal sperm, egg cell division Human genetic diversity wouldn't be possible without DNA crossovers in egg and sperm cells. Two studies provide new insights into how crossovers go right — and wrong, leading to infertility, miscarriages and birth defects. 15233 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Disorder in fish shoals may reap rewards at dinner time The advantages of animals foraging in an orderly group are well-known, but researchers have now found an element of unruly adventure can help fish in the quest for food. 15232 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Discovery of proteins that regulate interorganelle communication Korea Brain Research Institute (KBRI headed by Suh Pann-ghill) announced on June 2nd that a joint research team of KBRI (team led by Dr. Mun Ji-young), Seoul National University, and Pohang University of Science and Technology discovered proteins that engage in the formation of mitochondria associated membranes (MAMs), which are the cellular signaling hub. 15231 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Discovery of ancient super-eruptions indicates the Yellowstone hotspot may be waning Throughout Earth's long history, volcanic super-eruptions have been some of the most extreme events ever to affect our planet's rugged surface. Surprisingly, even though these explosions eject enormous volumes of material—at least 1,000 times more than the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens—and have the potential to alter the planet's climate, relatively few have been documented in the geologic rec 15230 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Discovery of a novel gene involved in DNA damage repair and male fertility A research group from the Institute of Molecular Embryology and Genetics (IMEG) at Kumamoto University, Japan has discovered that the gene C19ORF57 plays a critical role in meiosis. The gene appears to be related to the cause of male infertility and could be a big step forward for reproductive medicine. 15229 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Directed protein evolution with CRISPR-Cas9 "Directed evolution" is the process by which scientists produce tailor-made proteins for cell biology, physiology and biomedicine in the laboratory. Based on this method, Max Planck researchers from Martinsried have now developed a method to optimize proteins directly in mammalian cells. Using the new method, the scientists have produced the fluorescent protein mCRISPRred, which fluoresces brightl 15228 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Dinosaur-dooming asteroid struck earth at deadliest possible angle New simulations from Imperial College London have revealed the asteroid that doomed the dinosaurs struck Earth at the 'deadliest possible' angle. 15227 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Did life emerge in the primordial soup via DNA or RNA? Maybe both Scientists have long debated which genetic information carrier—DNA or RNA—started life on Earth, but a new study suggests life could have begun with a bit of both. The research, led by scientists from the Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB), in Cambridge, shows for the first time how some of the building blocks of both DNA and RNA could have spontaneously formed an 15226 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Device simulates filtering and ion transport functions of human kidney Chemical engineering researchers at the University of Arkansas have developed a device that simulates the blood filtering and ion transport functions of the human kidney. The technology could transform treatment options for people in the final stage of renal disease. 15225 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Development of electrode material improving the efficiency of salinity gradient energy Dr. Jeong Nam-Jo of Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER) Marine Energy Convergence and Integration Research Team developed synthesis technologies of electrode material that can directly synthesize molybdenum disulfide thin films on the electrode current collector surface to contribute improving the efficiency and economic feasibility of salt gradient power generation using reverse electrodialy 15224 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Developing a digital holography-based multimodal imaging system to visualize living cells A Kobe University research group has successfully created 3D fluorescence and phase imaging of living cells based on digital holography. This technology will form a foundation for living cell imaging, which is indispensable in the life sciences field. It is also expected that using this technology to visualize stem cell processes in plants will increase our understanding of them. 15223 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Decoding the Universe An insider’s look at the history and sociology of modern cosmology — Read more on 15222 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Dear Therapist: My Daughter Doesnt Care That I Want Her to Live Closer to Home Editor’s Note: Every Monday, Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers about their problems, big and small. Have a question? Email her at . Dear Therapist, Our daughter is engaged to a very nice man who is neither American nor of her religion. They are living together and working in his country. She is beautiful and talented, and has a graduate degree. She had a 15221 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Dead Sea Scrolls puzzle pieced together with DNA Ancient DNA extracted from Dead Sea Scrolls permits a rare, unanticipated glimpse into world of Second Temple Judaism. 15220 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Cyclones can damage even distant reefs Big and strong cyclones can harm coral reefs as far as 1000 kilometres away from their paths, new research shows. A study led by Dr Marji Puotinen from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) sounds a warning about the way strong cyclone winds build extreme seas that affect coral reefs in Australia and around the world. 15219 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Cultural diversity in chimpanzees Termite fishing by chimpanzees was thought to occur in only two forms with one or multiple tools, from either above-ground or underground termite nests. By carefully observing the techniques required to termite fish at ten different sites, researchers have created a catalog of behaviors for each chimpanzee in the study. 15218 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. CSIC researchers use whole living cells as templates to seek for bioactive molecules A study performed by researchers at the Institute for Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC-CSIC) from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) pioneers the use of whole living cells (human lung adenocarcinoma) in dynamic combinatorial chemistry systems. This research, published in the journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition, proposes a new methodology to discover new bioactive molecul 15217 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Cosmic bursts unveil universes missing matter Astronomers have used mysterious fast radio bursts to solve a decades-old mystery of 'missing matter', long predicted to exist in the Universe but never detected — until now.The researchers have now found all of the missing 'normal' matter in the vast space between stars and galaxies, as detailed today in the journal Nature. 15216 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Correction for Sharma et al., Posttranscriptional regulation of interleukin-10 expression by hsa-miR-106a [Corrections] IMMUNOLOGY Correction for “Posttranscriptional regulation of interleukin-10 expression by hsa-miR-106a,” by Amit Sharma, Manish Kumar, Jyotirmoi Aich, Manoj Hariharan, Samir K. Brahmachari, Anurag Agrawal, and Balaram Ghosh, which was first published March 23, 2009; 10.1073/pnas.0808743106 (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 106, 5761–5766). The authors note that Fig. 4C and Fig…. 15215 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Correction for Pedercini et al., Harvesting synergy from sustainable development goal interactions [Corrections] SUSTAINABILITY SCIENCE Correction for “Harvesting synergy from sustainable development goal interactions,” by Matteo Pedercini, Steve Arquitt, David Collste, and Hans Herren, which was first published October 30, 2019; 10.1073/pnas.1817276116 (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 116, 23021–23028). The authors note that the following statement should be added to the Acknowledgments: “D.C…. 15214 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Correction for Namouchi et al., Integrative approach using Yersinia pestis genomes to revisit the historical landscape of plague during the Medieval Period [Corrections] MICROBIOLOGY Correction for “Integrative approach using Yersinia pestis genomes to revisit the historical landscape of plague during the Medieval Period,” by Amine Namouchi, Meriam Guellil, Oliver Kersten, Stephanie Hänsch, Claudio Ottoni, Boris V. Schmid, Elsa Pacciani, Luisa Quaglia, Marco Vermunt, Egil L. Bauer, Michael Derrick, Anne Ø. Jensen, Sacha Kacki,… 15213 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Controlling artificial cilia with magnetic fields and light Researchers have made artificial cilia, or hair-like structures, that can bend into new shapes in response to a magnetic field, then return to their original shape when exposed to the proper light source. 15212 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Contaminated soils determine root characteristics Tree roots have multiple essential functions for their growth and survival. Acquiring nutrients and water from the soil, storing food and anchoring the plant in a substratum are what keep plants alive. In addition, root traits adapt themselves to physical limitation: they grow longer and thinner in dry soils in order to seek faraway water and they stay shorter in compact soils. Thanks to these pow 15211 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Construction of new learning spaces calls for interaction between stakeholders and development of schools operational culture New modern physical school spaces require open communication between stakeholders in order to be transformed into meaningful learning environments, a new study from the University of Eastern Finland shows. Pre-existing pedagogies or good practices as such cannot be transferred from one space to another. 15210 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Conserving biodiverse slow lanes in a rapidly changing world The notion of conserving climate change refugia—areas relatively buffered from current climate change that shelter valued wildlife, ecosystems, and other natural resources—is only about 10 years old, but the field has matured enough that a leading journal has prepared a special issue on the topic. 15209 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Configurable circuit technology poised to expand silicon photonic applications Researchers have developed a new way to build power efficient and programmable integrated switching units on a silicon photonics chip. The new technology is poised to reduce production costs by allowing a generic optical circuit to be fabricated in bulk and then later programmed for specific applications such as communications systems, LIDAR circuits or computing applications. 15208 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Computer vision and uncertainty in AI for robotic prosthetics Researchers have developed new software that can be integrated with existing hardware to enable people using robotic prosthetics or exoskeletons to walk in a safer, more natural manner on different types of terrain. The new framework incorporates computer vision into prosthetic leg control, and includes robust artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that allow the software to better account for un 15207 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Combined cediranib and olaparib presents similar activity to standard of care treatment Results of the NRG Oncology phase III clinical trial NRG-GY004 indicated that the addition of the investigational agent cediranib to olaparib and standard platinum-based chemotherapy did not improve progression-free survival (PFS) outcomes for women with platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer;, however, activity between the treatments were similar in patients. 15206 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Combination therapy well-tolerated and highly effective for patients with IDH1-mutated AML A combination therapy of ivosenidib (IVO) plus venetoclax (VEN) with or without azacitidine (AZA) was found to be effective against a specific genetic subtype of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in a Phase Ib/II trial. 15205 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Colorful Corals Beat Bleaching Exposed to mildly warmer waters, some corals turn neon instead of bleaching white. The dramatic colors may help coax symbiotic algae back. Christopher Intagliata reports. — Read more on 15204 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Cold-adapted enzymes can transform at room temperature Enzymes from cold-loving organisms that live at low temperatures, close to the freezing point of water, display highly distinctive properties. Scientists have now used large-scale computations to explain why many cold-adapted enzymes stop functioning at around room temperature. 15203 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Climate could cause abrupt British vegetation changes Climate change could cause abrupt shifts in the amount of vegetation growing in parts of Great Britain, new research shows. 15202 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Climate change presents African grazers with tricky decision Lions limit their prey, such as zebra and gnu, in their options for adapting to global warming. This is what Leiden researcher Michiel Veldhuis, from the Institute of Environmental Sciences, and a group of international colleagues have discovered. The research was published today in Nature Ecology & Evolution. 15201 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Climate change could dramatically reduce future US snowstorms A new study led by Northern Illinois University scientists suggests American winters late this century could experience significant decreases in the frequency, intensity and size of snowstorms. Under an unabated greenhouse gas emissions scenario, the study projects 28% fewer snowstorms on average per year over central and eastern portions of North America by the century's last decade. 15200 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Climate change an imminent threat to glass sponge reefs Warming ocean temperatures and acidification drastically reduce the skeletal strength and filter-feeding capacity of glass sponges, according to new UBC research. The findings, published in Scientific Reports, indicate that ongoing climate change could have serious, irreversible impacts on the sprawling glass sponge reefs of the Pacific Northwest and associated biodiversity — the only known reefs 15199 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Clever computing puts millions into charities hands Charities can now begin accessing millions of pounds more in donations thanks to a small shift in how people can donate. 15198 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Clean without scrubbing and using chemicals Dresden scientists have developed a self-cleaning metallic surface. A project team of Technische Universität Dresden and the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS structured an aluminium plate with a laser process in such a way that water droplets no longer adhere and dirt particles can be removed from the surface – completely without chemical cleaning agents or additional effo 15197 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Class of stellar explosions found to be galactic producers of lithium A team of researchers, led by astrophysicist Sumner Starrfield of Arizona State University, has combined theory with both observations and laboratory studies and determined that a class of stellar explosions, called classical novae, are responsible for most of the lithium in our galaxy and solar system. 15196 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. City foxes are becoming more similar to domesticated dogs as they adapt to their environment Urban red foxes are becoming more similar to domesticated dogs as they adapt to their city environment, according to a new analysis. 15195 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Circadian oscillation of a cyanobacterium doesnt need all three Kai proteins to keep going Circadian rhythms are driven by a highly autonomous, self-sustaining circadian clock within cells, telling us when to sleep or wake up in a 24-hour cycle. 15194 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Chromosomal speciation in wild house mice A new look into the genomes of natural populations of the common house mice by a team of researchers suggests that large-scale chromosomal rearrangements play an important role in speciation. 15193 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Chinese pterodactyl wings its way to the United Kingdom The first ever specimen of a pterodactyl, more commonly found in China and Brazil, has been found in the United Kingdom. 15192 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Chimpanzees help trace the evolution of human speech back to ancient ancestors One of the most promising theories for the evolution of human speech has finally received support from chimpanzee communication. 15191 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Childrens temperament traits affect their motor skills A recent study among 3- to 7-year-old children showed that children's motor skills benefitted if a child was older and participated in organized sports. Additionally, the study provided information about the importance of temperament traits for motor skills. 15190 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Charting metabolic maps in the pursuit of new vaccines and antimicrobials A study in Cell Reports maps genes essential for the metabolic function of M. agalactiae and M. pneumoniae, two common bacteria that infect livestock and humans respectively. The map of M. agalactiae reveals insights that unlock routes to explore new vaccines and antimicrobials for veterinary applications. The results can also be used to finetune a re-engineered version of M. pneumoniae so that it 15189 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Characterizing materials that might eventually help store energy In order to identify materials that can improve storage technologies for fuel cells and batteries, you need to be able to visualize the actual three-dimensional structure of a particular material up close and in context. Researchers have now done just that, developing new techniques for characterizing complex materials. 15188 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Changes in cropping methods, climate decoy pintail ducks into an ecological trap After a severe drought gripped the Prairie Pothole Region of the U.S. and Canada in the 1980s, populations of almost all dabbling duck species that breed there have recovered. But not northern pintails. Now, a new study suggests why — they have been caught in an ecological trap. 15187 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Cellular players get their moment in the limelight In order to understand our biology, researchers need to investigate not only what cells are doing, but also more specifically what is happening inside of cells at the level of organelles, the specialized structures that perform unique tasks to keep the cell functioning. However, most methods for analysis take place at the level of the whole cell. Because a specific organelle might make up only a f 15186 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Caveolin binding motif in Na/K-ATPase required for stem cell differentiation in animals New findings reveal the importance of the Na/K-ATPase protein in stem cell differentiation and organogenesis, in a study led by scientists at Marshall University that involves the scaffolding function of the Na/K-ATPase. 15185 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Catch and release: Collagen-mediated control of PEDF availability Cells are like tiny self-contained machines that are constantly fine-tuned in response to both internal and external signals. Some of these signals are induced by extracellular ligands, specialized proteins that bind to specific receptors on the cell surface, stimulating signaling pathways and altering gene expression. 15184 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Can interactive technology ease urban traffic jams? Traffic congestion is a serious problem in the United States, but a new analysis shows that interactive technology — ranging from 511 traffic information systems and roadside cameras to traffic apps like Waze and Google Maps — is helping in cities that use it. 15183 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Can e-learning help stem the threat of invasive alien species such as Japanese Knotweed? E-learning could be a crucial tool in the biosecurity fight against invasive alien species such as Japanese Knotweed, Zebra Mussels and Signal Crayfish according to a new study. 15182 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Can copying your friends help you achieve your goals? Consumers often struggle to achieve self-set life improvement goals, but what if deliberately emulating the successful strategies used by their friends could help them? 15181 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Bumblebees speed up flowering When pollen is in short supply, bumblebees damage plant leaves in a way that accelerates flower production, new research reveals. 15180 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Bullying is common factor in LGBTQ youth suicides, Yale study finds Researchers at the Yale School of Public Health have found that death records of LGBTQ youth who died by suicide were substantially more likely to mention bullying as a factor than their non-LGBTQ peers. The researchers reviewed nearly 10,000 death records of youth ages 10 to 19 who died by suicide in the United States from 2003 to 2017. 15179 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Building Kids Resilience through Play Is More Crucial Than Ever It helps with social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills—and with schools closed, it’s more important than ever — Read more on 15178 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Bug vacuum captures unidentified flying insects—and valuable data The third week of May, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists Doris Lagos-Kutz and Glen Hartman venture to a nearby field to set a timer on a smokestack-like device that rises 20 feet into the air and serves a single purpose: to capture winged insects such as aphids (notably, soybean aphids), thrips and other potential soybean pests. 15177 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Bristol scientists see through glass frogs translucent camouflage Glass frogs are well known for their see-through skin but, until now, the reason for this curious feature has received no experimental attention. A team of scientists from the University of Bristol, McMaster University, and Universidad de Las Américas Quito, sought to establish the ecological importance of glass frog translucency and, in doing so, have revealed a novel form of camouflage. 15176 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Bricks made from plastic, organic waste Revolutionary 'green' types of bricks and construction materials could be made from recycled PVC, waste plant fibres or sand with the help of a remarkable new kind of rubber polymer discovered by Australian scientists. The rubber polymer, itself made from sulfur and canola oil, can be compressed and heated with fillers to create construction materials of the future, say researchers in the Young Ch 15175 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Breaking up is hard to do (especially for sex chromosomes) As chromosomes go, X and Y make an unlikely pair. The X is large and contains thousands of genes critical for life. The Y, by contrast, is little more than a nub. Its main purpose is to provide the instructions for initiating male development and making sperm. Yet these two very different chromosomes must work together if they are to meet and pair up properly during meiosis—the special form of cel 15174 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Breaking the mold: An unusual choice of material yields incredibly long-lasting batteries Scientists have developed a novel silica-based cathode for lithium-sulfur batteries, thereby enabling the realization of batteries that can last for over 2000 charge/discharge cycles. The possibility of successfully using the unconventional silica could spark a paradigm shift in rechargeable battery designs. 15173 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Blue crab stock remains within healthy range Results from the latest Blue Crab Winter Dredge Survey—conducted annually by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and Maryland Department of Natural Resources—show the Chesapeake Bay's blue crab stock remains resilient and within healthy ranges. 15172 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Blood markers predict Humboldt penguin nest type, reproductive success From March to December every year, Humboldt penguins nest in vast colonies on the Peruvian and Chilean coasts. The lucky ones find prime habitat for their nests in deep deposits of chalky guano where they can dig out sheltered burrows. The rest must look for rocky outcrops or other protected spaces that are more exposed to predators and environmental extremes. 15171 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Birds, bees and butter: Biodiversity critical for shea crop in Africa A new study shows that shea yields are higher in more diverse habitats in sub-Saharan Africa, which has important implications for a crop that is typically harvested and sold by women in rural areas, and which helps finance education for children. 15170 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Biotechnology: Metal collector made of bacteria Bacteria, fungi and plants sometimes produce metal-binding substances that can be harnessed, for example for the extraction of raw materials, for their separation, for cleaning soils or for medical purposes. Researchers now outline how these natural substances or modified semi-artificial variants of them can be produced according to genetic information. 15169 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Biophysicists reveal how optogenetic tool works An international research team has for the first time obtained the structure of the light-sensitive sodium-pumping KR2 protein in its active state. The discovery provides a description of the mechanism behind the light-driven sodium ion transfer across the cell membrane. 15168 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Biophysicists elucidate mechanisms of neutral solute carriers Some of the most essential processes on the planet involves water and energy entering and leaving cells. 15167 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Bioluminescence Helps Prey Avoid Hungry Seals Prey animals flash biochemically produced light to confuse elephant seals hunting in the dark, but at least one seal turned the tables. — Read more on 15166 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Big vegetarians of the reef drive fish evolution A new study reveals the diets of reef fish dictate how fast different species evolve. The breakthrough adds another piece to the fascinating evolutionary puzzle of coral reefs and the fishes that live on them. 15165 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Beyond the garnish: Will a new type of produce get the microgreen light? Microgreens. They're leafy green vegetables that are relatively new to the dining room, but a study by a Colorado State University team indicates that they will be welcome company at the table. 15164 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Behaviors and traits that influence social status, according to evolutionary psychologists Beyond fame and fortune, certain traits and behaviors may have pervasive influence in climbing the social ladder, according to a study by evolutionary psychologists. 15163 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Bees grooming each other can boost colony immunity Honeybees that specialize in grooming their nestmates (allogroomers) to ward off pests play a central role in the colony, finds a new UCL and University of Florence study. 15162 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Be still, my beating wings: hunters kill migrating birds on their 10,000km journey to Australia It is low tide at the end of the wet season in Broome, Western Australia. Shorebirds feeding voraciously on worms and clams suddenly get restless. 15161 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Bangladeshi eggplant farmers reap rewards via genetics Farmers in Bangladesh achieved significantly higher yields and revenues by growing insect-resistant, genetically engineered eggplant, a new Cornell study has found. 15160 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Bacteria show their metal: An evolutionary path to survival An investigation of two closely related proteins from a pathogenic bacterium has illustrated for the first time how evolution can shape the use of essential metals by enzymes. 15159 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Bacteria fed by algae biochemicals can harm coral health Though corals worldwide are threatened due to climate change and local stressors, the front lines of the battle are microscopic in scale. Under stress, many reefs that were formerly dominated by coral are shifting to systems dominated by turf and fleshy algae. A new study, published in PNAS on June 1 and led by researchers at the University of Hawai'i (UH) at Mānoa and San Diego State University ( 15158 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Bacteria breakthrough could lead to new biomaterials Physicists at the Australian National University (ANU) have found a way to manipulate the growth of bacterial biofilms—one of the most abundant forms of life on earth. 15157 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Backyard gardeners around the world are helping to save Australias deeply ancient Wollemi pine As bushfires blackened forests last summer, one tree species was protected by a specialist team of firefighters: the Wollemi pine. 15156 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Babies know when you imitate them — and like it Six-month old infants recognize when adults imitate them, and perceive imitators as more friendly, according to a new study. The babies looked and smiled longer at an adult who imitated them, as opposed to when the adult responded in other ways. Babies also approached them more, and engaged in imitating games. 15155 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Australias ancient geology controls the pathways of modern earthquakes New research near Uluru in Australia's arid centre shows that rock structures formed deep within the ancient Gondwana supercontinent controlled the rupture pathways of one of Australia's largest modern earthquakes. 15154 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Atomic blueprint of molecular machine reveals role in membrane protein installation Van Andel Institute scientists have revealed the first known atomic structure of a 'molecular machine' responsible for installing critical signaling proteins into cellular membranes. The findings, published today in Nature, shed new light on how this process works, and lay the foundation for potential future therapies for diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's and cystic fibrosis. 15153 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. Astronomers see cosmic ring of fire, 11 billion years ago Astronomers have captured an image of a super-rare type of galaxy—described as a "cosmic ring of fire"—as it existed 11 billion years ago. 15152 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Astronomers predict bombardment from asteroids and comets in other planetary system The planetary system around star HR8799 is remarkably similar to our solar system. It has four gas giants in between two asteroid belts. A research team led by RuG and SRON used this similarity to model the delivery of materials by asteroids, comets and other minor bodies within the system. Their simulation shows that the four gas planets receive material delivered by minor bodies, just as in our 15151 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Astronomers discover new class of cosmic explosions Analysis of two cosmic explosions indicates to astronomers that the pair, along with a puzzling blast from 2018, constitute a new type of event, with similarities to some supernovae and gamma-ray bursts, but also with significant differences. 15150 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Astronomers create cloud atlas for hot, Jupiter-like exoplanets–acc052620.php As astronomers ramp up study of the atmospheres of hot, Jupiter-like planets around other stars, they encounter clouds that obscure study of atmospheric gases. A new computer model looks at the proposals for cloud compositions — from smog to rubies — and finds that the most likely, over a large range of temperatures, are silicate clouds: aerosols of silicon and oxygen, like molten quartz or sand 15149 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Astronomers capture a pulsar powering up A Monash-University-led collaboration has, for the first time, observed the full, 12-day process of material spiralling into a distant neutron star, triggering an X-ray outburst thousands of times brighter than our Sun. 15148 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Association between outdoor light at night & breast cancer risk among postmenopausal women Outdoor light at night was linked to a higher risk of breast cancer in a study published in the International Journal of Cancer. 15147 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Asian tiger mosquito gains ground in Illinois Researchers report that the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, has become more abundant across Illinois in the past three decades. Its spread is problematic, as the mosquito can transmit diseases—like chikungunya or dengue fever—to humans. 15146 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. As hospitals walk the tightrope of patient data-sharing, one system offers a new balance Every major medical center in America sits on a gold mine of patient data that could be worth millions of dollars to companies that could use it to develop new treatments and technologies. A new framework could help them do so more responsibly, going beyond the minimum legal requirements and respecting patients by giving them more say in how their individual data may be used. 15145 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. Artificial tissue used to research uterine contractions Advanced tissue engineering technologies allow scientists to mimic the structure of a uterus, enabling crucial research on fertility and disease. 15144 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Artificial intelligence reveals mechanism for kin selection in a wild primate More like mom or dad? Human babies always get this curious look on their face combined with the question whom the child resembles most. The answers vary depending on the degree of kinship, gender and the time of assessment. Mandrills, monkeys living in Equatorial Africa, may recognize facial features coding relatedness better than humans. Scientists at the German Primate Center—Leibniz Institute f 15143 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. Anti-malarial drug shows promise for brain cancer treatment Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is an aggressive form of cancer in the brain that is typically fatal. But new findings by VCU Massey Cancer Center and VCU Institute of Molecular Medicine (VIMM) researchers could help increase the effectiveness of the most common current treatments with the addition of lumefantrine, an FDA-approved drug used to treat malaria. 15142 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. Antarctic ice sheets capable of retreating up to 50 meters per day The ice shelves surrounding the Antarctic coastline retreated at speeds of up to 50 metres per day at the end of the last Ice Age, far more rapid than the satellite-derived retreat rates observed today, new research has found. 15141 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Another Asian giant hornet found in northwestern Washington A dead Asian giant hornet has been found in Washington state, and officials said Friday they were trying to learn if the honey bee predators have established colonies here. 15140 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. Anisotropy of spin-lattice relaxations in molecular magnets Scientists from IFJ PAN in cooperation with researchers from the Nara Women's University (Japan) and the Jagiellonian University (Poland) took another important step towards building a functional quantum computer. Using material containing terbium ions and dedicated experimental tools, they performed a detailed analysis of dynamic magnetic properties in individual molecular magnets concerning thei 15139 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Animals that can do math understand more language than we think It is often thought that humans are different from other animals in some fundamental way that makes us unique, or even more advanced than other species. These claims of human superiority are sometimes used to justify the ways we treat other animals, in the home, the lab or the factory farm. 15138 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Anesthesias effect on consciousness solved, settling century-old scientific debate How does general anesthesia cause loss of consciousness? Despite its 175-year-history of use by the U.S. medical system, science has been unable to definitively answer that question, until now. The lipid-based answer could open other brain mysteries. 15137 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Ancient genomes link subsistence change and human migration in northern China Northern China is among the first centers in the world where agriculture developed, but its genetic history remains largely unknown. Researchers have now analyzed 55 ancient genomes from China, finding new correlations between the intensification of subsistence strategies and human migration. This work provides a comprehensive archaeogenetic overview of northern China and fuels the debate about th 15136 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. An under-researched mechanism in the fast-moving field of epigenetics A key epigenetic mark can block the binding of an important gene regulatory protein, and therefore prohibit the gene from being turned off, a new UNSW study in CRISPR-modified mice—published this month in Nature Communications—has shown. 15135 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Alien frog invasion wreaks havoc on natural habitat Indiscriminate feeding by an alien population of the carnivorous spotted-thighed frog—could severely affect the native biodiversity of southern Australia according to a new study by the University of South Australia. 15134 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Airborne science discovers complex geomorphic controls on Bornean forests Tropical forests contain some of the most biodiverse and dynamic ecosystems in the world. Environmental conditions such as precipitation, temperature, and soils shape the biota of the landscape. This influence is especially noticeable when comparing the towering trees found in low elevation forests to the hardier, shorter ones found at the top of tropical mountains. Together, these factors create 15133 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. Age, gender and culture predict loneliness Young people, men and people in 'individualistic' societies report higher levels of loneliness, according to a large-scale global study. 15132 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. Active particles with light-switchable propulsion direction and reversible interactions Researchers from the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw, ETH in Zurich and the University of Cambridge have synthesized and analysed active microparticles self-propelling in a fluid and reversing their propulsion direction depending on the wavelength of illuminating light. A research article summarising their work has recently been published in Nature Communications. 15131 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. Active material created out of microscopic spinning particles Researchers have created a new kind of self-healing active material out of 'microspinners,' which self-assemble under a magnetic field to form a lattice. 15130 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. Across the cell membrane Aquaporins and glucose transporters facilitate the movement of substances across biological membranes and are present in all kingdoms of life.Biophysicists used a supercomputer to explore the atomic behavior of these proteins. The research suggests glucose transporters function by using a gate on the extracellular side that opens and closes based on body temperature. 15129 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. A tiny arctic shrub reveals secrets of plant growth on Svalbard The polar willow (Salix polaris) may not seem like much when you look at it—just a jumble of tiny green leaves in a dense mat that pokes out of the tundra. 15128 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. A small twist leads to a big reaction In proteins, amino acids are held together by amide bonds. These bonds are long-lived and are robust against changes in temperature, acidity or alkalinity. Certain medicines make use of reactions involving amide bonds, but the bonds are so strong they actually slow down reactions, impeding the effectiveness of the medicines. Researchers devised a way to modify amide bonds with a twist to their che 15127 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. A single proton can make quite a difference Scientists have shown that knocking out a single proton from a fluorine nucleus — transforming it into a neutron-rich isotope of oxygen — can have a major effect on the state of the nucleus. 15126 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. A satisfying romantic relationship may improve breast cancer survivors health Breast cancer survivors in romantic relationships who feel happy and satisfied with their partners may be at lower risk for a host of health problems, new research suggests. 15125 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. A promise to restore hearing For the first time, researchers have used base editing to restore partial hearing to mice with a recessive mutation in the gene TMC1 that causes complete deafness, the first successful example of genome editing to fix a recessive disease-causing mutation. 15124 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. A potential explanation for urban smog: Aerosol particle growth higher in cold climates The effect of nitric acid on aerosol particles in the atmosphere may offer an explanation for the smog seen engulfing cities on frosty days. Under laboratory conditions, researchers at CERN in Switzerland observed the formation of atmospheric aerosols and discovered new information on the link between nitrogen oxides originating in traffic and the energy industry, and the climate and air quality. 15123 ….. ( Hentet: 29. maj 2020 ) ….. A new view on how tissues flow in the embryo As embryos develop, tissues flow and reorganize dramatically on timescales as brief as minutes. This reorganization includes epithelial tissues that cover outer surfaces and inner linings of organs and blood vessels. As the embryo develops, these tissues often narrow along one axis and extend along a perpendicular axis through cellular movement caused by external or internal forces acting differen 15122 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. A new law in laser physics could make eye surgery simpler Revisiting simple soliton lasers and their relationship to light dispersion has allowed scientists to ramp up their power. They hope these quartic-soliton lasers could have uses in eye and heart surgery and in the engineering of delicate materials. 15121 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. A new Critically Endangered frog named after the man from the floodplain full of frogs A new species proposed to be classified as Critically Endangered of miniaturised stump-toed frog of the genus Stumpffia, found in Madagascar, is named Stumpffia froschaueri after "the man from the floodplain full of frogs", Christoph Froschauer. The namesake of the new frog is famous for being the first, and European wide renowned, printer from Zürich, famous for printing "Historia animalium" and 15120 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. A litmus paper for CO2: Scientists develop paper-based sensors for carbon dioxide A new sensor for detecting carbon dioxide can be manufactured on a simple piece of paper, according to physicists. 15119 ….. ( Hentet: 03 Jun 2020 ) ….. A Hydrogen Iceberg from a Failed Star Might Have Passed through Our Solar System The interstellar visitor ‘Oumuamua, discovered in 2017, may represent an entirely new type of astrophysical object, two astronomers say — Read more on 15118 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. A good egg: Robot chef trained to make omelettes A team of engineers have trained a robot to prepare an omelette, all the way from cracking the eggs to plating the finished dish, and refined the 'chef's' culinary skills to produce a reliable dish that actually tastes good. 15117 ….. ( Hentet: 02 Jun 2020 ) ….. A genome-scale map of DNA methylation kinetics While the first genome-wide DNA methylation map in mammalian cells was established over 10 years ago, such maps only provide snapshots and do not inform about the actual dynamics of this epigenetic mark. Researchers from the Schübeler group now quantified actual rates of methylation and demethylation for 860,404 individual CpGs in mouse embryonic stem cells. Their study reveals highly variable and 15116 ….. ( Hentet: 04 Jun 2020 ) ….. A Civil Rights Expert Explains the Social Science of Police Racism Columbia University attorney Alexis J. Hoag discusses the history of how we got to this point and the ways that researchers can help reduce bias against black Americans throughout the legal system — Read more on 15115 ….. ( Hentet: 25. maj 2020 ) ….. A childs brain activity reveals their memory ability A child's unique brain activity reveals how good their memories are, according to research recently published in JNeurosci. 15114 ….. ( Hentet: 01 Jun 2020 ) ….. A boost for cancer immunotherapy MIT engineers have found a way to boost the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy drugs called checkpoint inhibitors. They showed that if they treated mice with these drugs along with new nanoparticles that stimulate the immune system, the therapy became more powerful than checkpoint inhibitors given alone. 15113 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. A bio-inspired addition to concrete stops the damage caused by freezing and thawing Concrete is one of the most durable building materials used in modern-day infrastructures, but it has a weakness — ice — which can cause it to crumble. Now, inspired by organisms that survive in sub-zero environments, researchers in Colorado are introducing polymer molecules with anti-freezing abilities into concrete. The method, which tests if the new concrete can stop the damage caused by free 15112 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. A better way to split water molecules to produce hydrogen using sunlight A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in Japan has developed a better way to split water molecules to produce hydrogen using sunlight. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the group describes their technique and how well it worked. Simone Pokrant with Inscripta, Inc. has published a News and Views piece outlining the problems that scientists have faced in trying to 15111 ….. ( Hentet: 27. maj 2020 ) ….. A (much) earlier birth date for tectonic plates Yale geophysicists reported that Earth's ever-shifting, underground network of tectonic plates was firmly in place more than 4 billion years ago—at least a billion years earlier than scientists generally thought. 15110 ….. ( Hentet: 28. maj 2020 ) ….. 4,000 years of contact, conflict & cultural change had little genetic impact in Near East The Near East was a crossroad for the ancient world's greatest civilizations, and invasions over centuries caused enormous cultural changes. However, a new study of the DNA of ancient skeletons spanning 4,000 years has revealed that only three time periods during this had a long-term effect on the genetics of the local population of Beirut. This shows the value of using genetics alongside archaeol 15109 ….. ( Hentet: 26. maj 2020 ) ….. 3-D printed egg whites outperform existing flexible electronics materials Devices flexible enough to be worn in comfort, sensitive enough to measure a pulse and transparent and thus barely noticeable are an attractive prospect for a range of applications from monitoring biometrics to hands-free user interfaces. However, the material properties required remain a tall order. Much research has focused on the possibilities of synthetic conductive polymers or conducting nano

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