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The Mind of the Artist: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism, Asperger Syndrome & Depression

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Authors: Michael Fitzgerald (Trinity College)
Book Description:
This is a provocative and novel investigation of the psyches of sixty artists, predominantly from the world of film, theatre and television/radio – writers, actors, producers and directors ranging from Shakespeare and Voltaire to major late-twentieth-century figures such as Spike Milligan, Sam Peckinpah and Frank Sinatra, by way of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Orson Welles and Judy Garland. Irish artists featured include Oliver St. John Gogarty, Jimmy O’Dea and Richard Harris.
The chapters, which range from quite brief vignettes to more in-depth studies, examine the background of each individual before considering their personality, social relationships and work. Professor Fitzgerald brings his expertise to bear in elucidating the psychological factors, strengths and frailties that shaped the lives and careers of these prominent creators, many of whom are regarded as geniuses.
The lives of extraordinary artists are of interest in themselves; when their stories are told from the perspective of expert psychological insight, the results are fascinating and revealing. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents:
Synopsis pp.xi

Acknowledgments pp.xv

The Psychology of Stage and Screen pp.xvii-xxvii

Creativity and Actors pp.xxix-xxxiii

Identity, Diffusion, Postmodernism and Creativity pp.xxxv-xlvii

Part I: Actors pp.1

Chapter 1. Henry Irving pp.3-8

Chapter 2. David Garrick pp9-12

Chapter 3. Orson Welles pp.13-28

Chapter 4. John Gielgud pp.29-32

Chapter 5. Rudolph Valentino pp.33-36

Chapter 6. Michael Redgrave pp.37-40

Chapter 7. Charles Laughton pp.41-44

Chapter 8. Frank Sinatra pp.45-48

Chapter 9. Richard Burton pp.49-52

Chapter 10. James Stewart pp.53-56

Chapter 11. Alec Guinness pp.57-60

Chapter 12. James Mason pp.61-64

Chapter 13. Micheál Mac Liammóir pp.65-68

Chapter 14. Harry Houdini pp.69-72

Chapter 15. Richard Harris pp.73

Chapter 16. David Niven pp.75-78

Chapter 17. Ellen Terry pp.79-82

Chapter 18. Greta Garbo pp.83-86

Chapter 19. Leni Riefenstahl pp.87-90

Chapter 20. Judy Garland pp.91-94

Chapter 21. Mata Hari pp.95-98

Chapter 22. Groucho Marx pp.99-102

Chapter 23. Peter Sellers pp.103-106

Chapter 24. Tony Hancock pp.107-110

Chapter 25. Kenneth Williams pp.111-114

Chapter 26. W. C. Fields pp.115-118

Chapter 27. Spike Milligan pp.119-122

Chapter 28. Jimmy O’Dea pp.123

Part II: Directors pp.125

Chapter 29. Cecil B. DeMille pp.127-132

Chapter 30. Constantin Stanislavski pp.133-138

Chapter 31. Federico Fellini pp.139-142

Chapter 32. Tyrone Guthrie pp.143-146

Chapter 33. Alfred Hitchcock pp.147-150

Chapter 34. Luis Buñuel pp.151-156

Chapter 35. Walt Disney pp.157-162

Chapter 36. Otto Preminger pp.163-166

Chapter 37. Sergei Eisenstein pp.167-170

Chapter 38. John Schlesinger pp.171-174

Chapter 39. Sam Peckinpah pp.175-178

Chapter 40. Frank Capra pp.179-182

Chapter 41. George Cukor pp.183-186

Part III: Composers and Conductors pp.187-188

Chapter 42. Leonard Bernstein pp.189-194

Chapter 43. Leopold Stokowski pp.195-198

Part IV: Writers pp.199-200

Chapter 44. Anton Chekov pp.201-206

Chapter 45. Henrik Ibsen pp.207-214

Chapter 46. Luigi Pirandello pp.215-218

Chapter 47. John Osborne pp.219-222

Chapter 48. T. S. Eliot pp.223-226

Chapter 49. F. Scott Fitzgerald pp.227-230

Chapter 50. Friedrich Schiller pp.231-234

Chapter 51. Voltaire pp.235-238

Chapter 52. Truman Capote pp.239-242

Chapter 53. Oliver St. John Gogarty pp.243

Chapter 54. Ian Fleming pp.245-248

Chapter 55. Philip K. Dick pp.249-254

Chapter 56. William Shakespeare pp.255-258

Part V: Producers/Financiers pp.259

Chapter 57. Sam Spiegel pp.261-264

Chapter 58. William Randolph Hearst pp.265-270

Chapter 59. Samuel Goldwyn pp.271-276

Chapter 60. Howard Hughes pp.277-282

References pp.283-300

Index pp.301-313

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