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Sandsynligvis den letteste app at lave selv.

  • 26 nov 2013 mail fra Google – årsag dette:
    If you have received a notice from Google Play that your app is in violation of Google Play policy, the issue is that apps built with Andromo v3.2.5 (October 17, 2013), v3.2.6 and possibly v3.2.7 incorporated a data analysis SDK that was previously compliant with Google Play, but changing rules made it non-compliant and must be removed.
  • Andromo v3.2.8 (Nov 5, 2013) removed this SDK from any apps built since then.
  • The technical analysis of apps messaged to NON-COMPLIANT WITH GOOGLE POLICY reflected an active non-compliant implementation,
  • If these properties are only controlled by the developer updating an SDK or Appayable component and re-publishing, we recommend that you message any publishers of the non-compliant version of your framework to update as soon as possible to avoid enforcement (The Google Play Team)

How to update the app:

1. Rebuild your app right now using the most recent release of Andromo (v3.2.8/248 or higher). You can check the version from the About dialog if you are not sure. [I DID NOT FIND ANY "ABOUT DIALOG" ON THE SITE]

2-3. Upload this new version of your app to Google Play. Make sure you upload the correct file — it must be built with v3.2.8/248 or higher.

4. Contact Google and tell them you have updated the app to be fully compliant. Reply to their email ( and also open a support ticket with Google Play ( and tell them that you have updated/replaced your app in Google Play and that it is 100% compliant. Identify your app by package name along with your developer account information.

That's it. Go do it now!

Colin Adams, President
Indigo Rose Software

What about adding any policies? . It's a good idea and I think Google will eventually want you to show a EULA, but it doesn't sound like you need to at this very moment.

If you want to be on the safe side, you could enable the 'Show License Agreement' screen on the App Info tab. We added that several months ago in response to 'recommended' practices from Google. Technically Google wants you to disclose that your app has advertising in it, if you use the GPS (ie Maps, Amazon ads) etc. If you don't have any text of your own yet, the following resources make it easy to simply read & edit as you go, and download a completed notice:

  • You can't delete old APK's on GP. This is what got in trouble all the PingJam users. One guy on another forum used it only once for a day and got banned for it eventually.

I know you want to hear this from Colin, but all you need to do is press the Build button. No duplicating stuff is necessary.

  • data like described in 4.3..

"An app downloaded from Google Play (or its components or derivative elements) which transmits this information off of the device without making this clear to the user and obtaining the user’s explicit consent are regarded….

  • The association between admob and gplay is the problem. If one ban leads to the other, I kinda wish I had never ever uploaded something at GP.

PingJam folks also received a similar message from GP – "just re-build your apps, re-upload them, and you'll be fine". As we all know, that didn't go well…

I can't help but think that the message sent to Andromo was from a "customer support" person, who doesn't know anything about the in-depth GP bot workings, and isn't in contact with devs at all. I've seen this type of stuff way to many times, on-line and off-line.

There is nothing to stop you from copying and pasting the reply from Google Play to Andromo and including it in your reply email and support ticket.
Wording would be something like this…
As per your reply to dated November 26th 2013 quoted herewith…

"We can confirm that many apps utilizing the Appayable SDK were notified of their non-compliance with Google Play policy. The technical analysis of apps messaged to this effect reflected an active non-compliant implementation, therefore were sent the warning. If the apps are detected to be in a non-compliant state via subsequent checks after the warning period expires, we reserve the right to enforce the policies. If these properties are only controlled by the developer updating an SDK or Appayable component and re-publishing, we recommend that you message any publishers of the non-compliant version of your framework to update as soon as possible to avoid enforcement
We appreciate the spirit of your reaching out and will be in contact.
The Google Play Team"

OK, you guys are going to want to rebuild your apps for EVERY app store, not just Google Play. Someone just sent me a screenshot of an Adware alert they got on their phone, identifying Appayable and recommending they uninstall my app.

I don't know if un-publishing will help. Someone here said that he received a warning for an un-published app, so who knows.

I've just talked to a US based friend and even if his GP account was banned (almost a year ago), his AdMob account remained intact.

He's using it in his other apps now (he bought a new GP account), and everything is fine.

Everything is automated at Google
One Australian publisher said that when he called Google HQ in Australia, even a live person acted like a robot. She didn't want to tell him her name, she didn't want to forward him anywhere, and she was just constantly repeating, that he should send them an email. =)

We encourage you to update your apps on Google Play using the current version of Andromo (v3.2.8/248 or higher) as soon as possible.

FYI – We have doubled our build server hardware capacity as of yesterday morning in order to accommodate the increased load and reduce build times.
Colin @ Andromo

The reason there was still a problem after the pingjam issue was because we were violating the same rule by still having the appayable sdk in our app.

Spent all morning drafting two replies about this issue as advised by Colin, then sent them only to get a reply…
"Thank you for your email. At the moment we're only able to respond to the emails submitted through our contact form in the Developer Help Center.

For assistance, please visit Google Play Android developer Help Center at

Google Play is simply looking for the mere existence of the Appayable JAR file in apps. Any license agreement, EULA, privacy policy etc isn't being scanned.There is no human intervention going on at Google to run your app, read a document or anything like that. It's the library/SDK itself that has been banned.

The support ticket is viable only after your app is removed, not while you only have a notification from them.

  • GET_ACCOUNTS for example is required by AirBop because it uses the GCM API (Google Cloud Messaging) and GCM won't work without it.

I've never heard of anyone getting an email from Google Play saying 'all OK'. I think it's remarkably rare to get any response from Google Play beyond a form letter. I also think it would be wise for you to respond to each of the emails they sent you to let them know you received them, have updated your app and are in 100% compliance.

  • I placed Privacy Policies on all my AdSense sites!

All done and dusted now. Wait until Tuesday and after.

Apple is better because they have the review process. They are less likely or not going to ban your app because they've already reviewed and it has passed guidelines.
That's the difference. Google allows anything to go live asap so instead they have bots flag apps and ban them if they so choose. None of it is done manually or handled on a case by case basis.


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