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_r_news (forbindelse til Evernote) (koster 70 dollar pr. år; men der er ingen auto-betaling ved årsskifte, kun en reminder),
Feed43 engine converts free-form HTML or XML documents to valid RSS feeds by extracting snippets of text or HTML by means of applying search patterns, and then joining these snippets together using output templates to form user-friendly content of feed's items. The principle of extracting specific data from source documents is also known as “HTML scraping”.
The procedure of setting up a feed is the following:

  1. Find a web page with the content that interests you.
  2. Create a new feed on our site, which points to that web page.
  3. In feed parameters, define search patterns and output templates for this feed, and get the link to your feed.
  4. Subscribe to this feed using your favorite feed reader (aggregator).
  5. Optionally, protect your feed with password so no one could alter it.

Once the feed is set up, the service works as follows:

  1. Your feed reader sends request to our server to download the feed.
  2. Feed43, in it's turn, downloads the original source URL, processes it, converts to valid RSS feed on the fly, and returns it to feed reader application.
  3. Feed reader displays the contents of this feed to you.

Search patterns are used to extract snippets of text or HTML from source documents. Search patterns can be treated as regular expressions, yet very easy to understand and write.
Output templates are used to join these snippets together to form user-friendly content of feed's items.
Here is the simple example that describes this idea.
Let's say, we need to create a feed that reports current weather, and have found a web page with the following source code:


…[content goes here]…


…[content goes here]…

<h1>Weather in Washington</h1>

…[content goes here]…

<div class="content">
UV Index: 1 Low<br/>
Wind: From SSE at 9 mph<br/>
Humidity: 69%<br/>
Pressure: 30.02 in.<br/>
Dew Point: 46&deg;F<br/>
Visibility: 10.0 miles<br/>

…[content goes here]…

We can create the following search pattern:
<h1>{%}</h1>{*}<div class="content">{%}</div>This means: take everything between <h1> and </h1> as a first snippet (which can be referred as {%1} in output template), then take everything between <div class="content"> and </div> as a second snippet (referred as {%2}).
If we apply this pattern to the above html source, we will get the following list of snippets:
{%1} = Weather in Washington
{%2} = UV Index: 1 Low<br/> Wind: From SSE at 9 mph<br/> Humidity: 69%<br/> Pressure: 30.02 in.<br/> Dew Point: 46&deg;F<br/> Visibility: 10.0 miles<br/>
Now we can define output template, which combines these snippets together:
<b>{%1}</b><br/>{%2}Here {%1} is substituted with the first snippet, and {%2} — with the second.
Thus, we get the resulting html code:
<b>Weather in Washington</b><br/>UV Index: 1 Low<br/> Wind: From SSE at 9 mph<br/> Humidity: 69%<br/> Pressure: 30.02 in.<br/> Dew Point: 46&deg;F<br/> Visibility: 10.0 miles<br/>

    Scientific American – News.

Get breaking science news from one of the oldest and most respected science news magazines with this feed.

    Basic Science RSS Feeds.

Subscribe to one of the many feeds listed here that include topics such as cloning, Earth science, genetics, and how things work.

    Science News RSS Feeds.

Science News offers feeds on specific features from their online magazine or on specific science topics.

    Science Daily.

Get up to six news items a day from ScienceDaily Magazine.

All News:
Top News:
Top Science:
Top Health:
Top Technology:
Top Environment:
Top Society:
Strange & Offbeat:
Most Popular:

    EurekAlert! RSS Feeds.

Select one of these 19 feeds to get specialized news in fields such as agriculture, archaeology, technology, and oceanography, or choose Breaking News to get news from all the topics.

    Science News Daily.

This news aggregator delivers only the most popular science and technology news. Get their RSS feed by clicking on the link at the lower right part of the page.

    Science RSS Feeds.

Science Magazine provides these feeds on general science news as well as more specific scientific topics.

    AAAS RSS Feeds.

Get headlines from AAAS or feeds from related sites here.

    New Scientist Online News.

New Scientist provides online science news when you sign up for this feed.

    Today on New Scientist – Short Sharp Science.

If you want to get headline updates rather than full news stories, then this feed is a great one to follow.

    LA Times – Science.

Find all the latest science news from the LA Times on their feed.

    NYT Science.

Get science news as it is reported by the New York Times here. Science & Technology RSS Feeds.

This government site offers feeds that provide weather information, space news, Earth science, and research information.

    Lab Spaces.

Click on their RSS button on the home page to get news from biological sciences, physical sciences, space, technology, medicine, and more.

    National Academies’ RSS News Feeds.

Scientific and technological information is this organization’s business, so follow their feeds for the latest in medicine, technology, and engineering.

    BBC News Science & Environment.

See what science news is coming out of the UK with this feed.

    NPR Topics: Science.

NPR provides health and science news via this feed.

    News from The Scientist.

Focusing specifically on the life sciences, The Scientist delivers excellent news through their feed.

    AP RSS News Feeds.

The Associated Press offers both science and technology news feeds here.

    Christian Science Monitor Science.

Get plenty of hard science news from this publication.

    RSS feeds on

Scroll down this page to find several different options for RSS feeds on science and technology from MSNBC.

    NOVA scienceNOW Podcasting and RSS.

Learn about the stories being presented on NOVA’s scienceNOW program through their RSS feed.

    Reuters: Science News.

Find all types of science news from this reputable news source.

    Popular Mechanics: RSS.

Scroll through all these available feeds to find a wide range of science topics.


Find science stories from Slashdot compiled here.

Physical Sciences

Keep up with news from the physical sciences, including chemistry, physics, and Earth sciences.

    New Scientist – Physics & Math.

Find tons of great information from this feed from New Scientist. all content.

You’ll get RSS feeds from this monthly publication when you subscribe here.

    Physics Today News Picks.

Get all the top news stories selected by the editors of Physics Today.

    AMNH Science News RSS feed.

Get news from the American Museum of Natural History here.

    American Institute of Physics RSS feeds.

Subscribe to any of these feeds that bring news and updates from magazines and professional journals.

    NatureNews – Physics.

If you are interested in the field of physics, then this feed will keep you updated with the latest news.

    NatureNews – Chemistry.

You will discover plenty of chemistry news when you follow this feed.

    Chemical & Engineering News: Latest News.

Get the latest from the popular Chemical & Engineering News.

    Chemistry World.

Click on the link at the top right to follow the news from Chemistry World.

    cerncourier: CERN Courier.

Get physics news from this international professional journal.

Biological Sciences

From biotechnology to genetics to anthropology, these feeds all bring news from the biological sciences.

    NatureNews – Archaeology and anthropology.

Stay updated with news from the archaeology and anthropology fields here.

    NatureNews – Evolution and palaeontology.

If you like your anthropology news narrowed down to evolution and paleontology, then subscribe to this feed.

    NatureNews – Biotechnology.

If biotechnology is your field of interest, then check out this feed.

    NatureNews – Cell and molecular biology.

Learn about the latest news and research going on in molecular biology.

    Evolution RSS Feeds.

Find feeds on creationism, anthropology, paleoanthropology, and more.

    Biological Sciences (BIO) – News.

Get a wide range of news from the biological sciences here.

    Biology News Net RSS Feeds.

Choose from 12 specific topics or one feed that features news from all of the topics from Biology News Net.

    Biology RSS Feeds.

These feeds from Scientific American include topics such as animals, biodiversity, and cloning.

    Biology/Biochemistry News.

Get biological science news from Medical News Today.

    ScienceBlogs Channel: Life Science.

When you subscribe to this feed, you will get posts from a variety of blogs focusing on the life sciences.

Space and Astronomy

See what’s happening in the science occurring beyond the Earth with these feeds.

    NASA Science RSS Feeds.

Get the latest from one of the top space news makers with the feeds available here.

    Space RSS Feeds.

These feeds include topics such as black holes, dark matter, cosmology, and human space exploration that each have their own feed.

    New Scientist – Space.

Get all the latest space news when you sign up for this feed.

    NYT Space & Cosmos.

Learn what the New York Times has to report on the latest news about space here.

    Yahoo! Space.

Find out what Yahoo! has to offer in the way of space news with their feed.

    NatureNews – Space and astronomy.

This source offers news on space research and exploration.

    NPR Topics: Space.

Astronomy, astrophysics, and space exploration are the news topics you’ll find here. – Science & Space.

Get space news from CNN when you subscribe to this feed.


This online magazine offers an RSS feed to keep you current right in your reader.

This site offers three different feeds to stay current on space news.

    Bad Astronomy.

Subscribe to this feed and you will not only stay current on astronomy and other science news, you will also be reading one of the more popular science blogs on the Internet.

nvironment and Sustainability

Subscribe to these feeds to get the latest news concerning the environment and sustainability.

    Energy & Sustainability RSS Feeds.

Whether you want to stay on top of particular subjects such as clean air or coral reefs, or if you would rather get more general news on the environment, ecology, or other related topics, there is a feed for you here.


This feed provides climate science news and analysis from real climate scientists.

    New Scientist – Environment.

Get all the latest news on the environment from New Scientist on this feed.

    NYT Environment.

The New York Times reports their news on the environment and posts updates on their RSS feed here.

    Yahoo! Environment.

Yahoo! will keep you updated on environmental news with their feed.

    NatureNews – Earth and Environment.

Keep up with news updates from NatureNews on the Earth and environment.

    NPR Topics: Environment.

Stay on top of the news items touching on climate science, endangered species, pollution, and the environment.

    Reuters: Environment.

Environmental news from Reuters is what you’ll get from subscribing to this feed.

    The Environmental News Network RSS.

Get stories on everything from green building to ecosystems to climate science.

    Grist – the Latest from Grist.

Grist provides plenty of environmental news and analysis, so sign up for their feeds to get them straight to your reader.


Scroll to the very bottom left to find their RSS subscription button so you get news on sustainability and the environment.

Neurology and Brain-Related News

If you are interested in the brain and mind, then these feeds offer something for you.

    Mind & Brain RSS Feeds.

Find news feeds on everything from neurological disorders to language and linguistics to depression here.

    Mind Hacks.

Sign up for the RSS feed for this popular blog that covers neuroscience and psychology topics.

    NatureNews – Brain and Behavior.

Read popular news on the human brain and behavior on this feed.


Either subscribe to the feed for the current issue of this respected peer-reviewed journal or subscribe to the feed that features items from recent issues.

    Journal of Child Neurology.

Select from articles that are most frequently read, most frequently cited, from recent issues, or from the current issue of this journal.


Scroll to the bottom of this blog that features tons of neurology and neuroscience news stories to subscribe to the RSS feed.

    Neuroscience News.

The RSS feeds here will keep you updated on the latest news from the field of neuroscience.

    Medscape Neurology Headlines.

Stay on top of research making the news with this feed from Medscape.

    MedWorm Nature Neuroscience.

This feed brings you news updated hourly from a variety of reputable sources.

    The Frontal Cortex.

Get posts from this popular blog sent straight to your reader when you subscribe here.

    World of Psychology.

This blog has a feed you can follow to keep up on the latest in popular psychology news stories.


Stay on top of the latest news on health, medicine, and health care with these RSS feeds.

    Health & Medicine RSS Feeds.

Find a wide variety of topics available here, including allergies, drug resistance, and medical ethics.

    New Scientist – Health.

Get all the latest health news straight to your RSS reader with New Scientist’s health news feed.

    NatureNews – Health and medicine.

Read results of research as well as other health and medical news items here.

    NPR Topics: Health Care.

This feed delivers news on the current state of health care, policy, insurance, and health news. – Health.

This health news tends toward items for a wider variety of audiences.

    Reuters: Health News.

From medical research to healthy living choices, find a range of news items here.

    Collective Imagination.

This blog frequently explores ways that science and technology can change health care and you can get it all in this feed.

    White Coat Underground.

This practicing internist posts about the current state of medical affairs.

    Open Medicine.

This blog and its RSS feeds feature peer-reviewed, open-access information on the field of medicine.

    Effect Measure.

Cutting-edge medical news and analysis is what you will get when you subscribe to this feed.


Science and technology are the focus of these great feeds.

    Technology RSS Feeds.

Follow these feeds to keep up with nanotechnology, privacy issues, communications, and much more.

    Moreover Technologies Free RSS News Feeds.

This business intelligence and media monitoring service provides free news feeds on science and technology.

    New Scientist – Tech.

Get all the technology news coming through New Scientist when you follow this feed.

    LA Times – Technology News.

Read the latest technology news from the LA Times here.

    NYT Technology.

Find the technology news being reported by the New York Times on this feed.

    Wired RSS Feeds.

Get the latest science and technology news from this popular online magazine.

    NatureNews – Technology.

Find out how science is impacting technology–and the other way around–with the news here.

    NPR Topics: Technology.

Stay current with the latest news from the field of technology with NPR.

    Technology Review.

When you choose to subscribe to feeds from Technology Review, you can customize which tech news you want to receive. – Technology.

CNN delivers technology news through this feed.

    Reuters: Technology News.

Get the technology news delivered by Reuters with their feed here.

    Nanowerk Nanotechnology News Feeds.

Find nanotechnology news from these five feeds.

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