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Thank you for showing interest in our organization. Perfect if you could join our volunteer team with knowledge in your area.

As a start, we would be interested in engaging you with sorting the (in your opinion) most interesting news for social media such as our Blog, Facebook, Twitter etc.

We are currently making a new website, with a more user-friendly interface and with specific scientific areas.

You would be finding the stories yourself, there are no specific requirements, as long you find them interesting and that they are at an acceptable scientific level 🙂

Maybe we would send you a suggestion for a story, but if you don’t find it interesting just decline it 🙂 The normal routine would be that you write the story and send it to us, we will then review it, make changes and publish it.

As you might know, we also have a Magazine. (In Danish)

We look forward collaborating with you sharing science to the world.

Kind regards

Your 1. job: Please pick all news which are interesting enough (in your opinion) to dig deeper into. (Send this info to Follow the link below.

Please see BioNyt's lists of new science topics here BioNyt
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